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sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon's personality resonates with the public as she has managed to put her family first, be disarmingly honest and yet successfully navigate the male dominated waters of the music industry to become the most revered woman in the business. In fact, Kerrang Magazine (UK) named her the most influential person in rock music. Sharon Osbourne is many things: a devoted wife and mother, a highly respected music manager, a concert producer, an Emmy Award-winning producer, a daytime talk show host, a cancer survivor and a supporter of many charitable organizations including her own Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai. She likes to say she's "lived 50 lives in 50 years" and that is no exaggeration. Now 51, Sharon grew up in the music business and went on to building a music and television empire of her own. Sharon Osbourne has always done things her way. And as a result, she has earned her reputation by overcoming insurmountable obstacles with her patented honesty, charm, sense of humor, great instincts, and a keen eye for business. Sharon's ingenuity and creative flair is well documented. When other music festivals would not add her husband Ozzy to the line-up, she created her own summer festival, OZZfest that has out grossed and out lasted all others. She masterminded groundbreaking reality series, "The Osbournes," and in the process changed the landscape of television and earned an mmy for her efforts. She took a stab at the talk show world which she says was "an incredible and valuable experience," making many friends along the way.

This Fall, Sharon combines all her talents as music mogul and mother in her role in the ITV program, "The X-Factor,"airing in the UK. Competing against teams headed by Idol bad boy Simon Cowell and music manager Louis Walsh, Sharon grooms and grows her team of musical performers to win in the hit TV show.

Sharon began her career in the music industry at 15 years of age as a receptionist for her father Don Arden's management company. It was while working for her father that she first met Black Sabbath and its lead singer Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon was 17 when she first met Ozzy and their paths would cross on and off over the coming years. It wasn't until 1979 that Sharon began managing Ozzy's career. At the time he had been fired from Black Sabbath, but Sharon believed in his talent and became the mastermind behind his spectacular 24-year solo career guiding his ascension to become one of rock music's true icons.

Eventually their business relationship turned personal and Sharon and Ozzy were married on July 4, 1982. They had three children -- Aimee, Kelly and Jack. Because of Ozzy's touring schedule, the couple raised their kids on the road. Sharon refused to let anyone else raise her children and it wasn't uncommon for the back of the tour bus to be converted into a nursery. Sharon and Ozzy's union has had its ups and downs over the years but after 22 years, their marriage is strong and has defied the myth that rock and roll marriages don't last.

During her 36 year career, Sharon's work ethic has given her the strengt h to juggle an international company, Sharon Osbourne Management, run two record labels, become a concert tour producer, film producer, 5 day a week talk show host, start a charity and -- nurture her family.

After establishing Ozzy as a multi-platinum recording artist, she searched for a vehicle that would allow Ozzy to do what he loves most, perform. Sharon's vision for the perfect summer concert festival was set in motion with the 1996 launch of OZZfest, headlined by Ozzy which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2005. Under Sharon's direction, OZZfest has become the king of festivals and has propelled many of today's rock stars to superstardom. Every summer OZZfest tours the states and internationally to bring the very best rock music has to offer to fans everywhere.

Whatever the success of The OZZfest, it was no match for the most unanticipated media phenomenon of the last few years: 'The Osbournes." When Sharon first approached MTV execs with the idea of doing a "reality series" based around her family, no one expected the impact it would have on the "reality" television genre. "The Osbournes" featuring Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack, garnered the highest ratings in MTV history. Moreover, "The Osbournes" won an Emmy for Best Reality Show presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the 2002 Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles - MTV's first Emmy in its 20 year history. The show was renewed for three seasons and continues to be a huge success for MTV.

The phenomenon of the Osbournes changed the family's life, especially Sharon's. She immediately hit a chord with fans that identified with her as a mother, wife, and friend. Before long, Sharon was featured in Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Spin, and on the covers of Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Blender, People, to name a few. She was even named one of People Magazine's "50 most beautiful people" in 2002. Sharon's one-hour interview with Barbara Walters was the highest rated "20/20" program in the last two years. She quickly became a favorite television guest with numerous appearances on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," "Live with Regis & Kelly," "Late Show with David Letterman," "Good Morning America," and "The Today Show."

Sharon, however, did not find her life in the wake of "The Osbournes" success to be without pitfalls. Diagnosed with colon cancer in July 2002, Sharon spent the rest of the year coming to grips with her own mortality as she was ravaged by chemotherapy and its attendant sickness. Her bold move to let the MTV cameras document her illness during the filming of "The Osbourne's" second season, helped to shed light on the disease. Now, fully recovered and with the cancer in remission, she started the The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedar's Sinai to provide support to those in her community who were suffering from this disease.

Sharon Osbourne's philosophy is simple: "live everyday to the fullest, and don't save for tomorrow what you can do today." She is honest and not afraid to talk about her own personal issues with weight, her plastic surgery, or her family. Her spirited approach to life, love, and business has given her many blessings. Through hard work and dedication she's raised a loving family, created successful businesses in music and television, and won her battle with cancer.

Sharon was born on October 9, 1952 in London, UK .
Her occupation are : Music manager, businesswoman, reality-TV star, talk-show host.

Her awards: 2002 Emmy Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Program (Reality), for "The Osbournes"
In Her Words: "After two weeks [of the MTV show ], I was, like, I can't put makeup on every day! I'm going nuts!"


Sharon Osbourne discusses 'The Osbournes'

Although the last episode of MTV's "The Osbournes" will quietly air Monday, Sharon Osbourne said the first celebrity family of reality TV has already moved on.

The persnickety bride of rocker Ozzy Osbourne is pondering putting their gothic California home, made famous by the show, on the real estate market. Rebellious youngsters Kelly and Jack are in the process of moving out.

"We're thinking of selling it," Sharon told The Associated Press Friday. "It's really sort of become our office. It's not like coming home. Everybody knows where we sleep. Everybody knows what our bed is like. It would be nice to have something that's kind of more ours than the world's."

For four seasons, the Osbournes gave themselves to the world. Right up there with "The Real World" and "Survivor," they carved out the familial reality TV niche. The revealing first "Osbournes" season had everyone screaming "Shaaaron!!!!" but subsequent seasons saw sagging ratings. Over the course of three years, the series captured Sharon's bout with cancer, Ozzy's near-fatal bike accident and Jack and Kelly's separate jaunts into rehab.

"You have to end on top," Osbourne said. "You can't milk it. The thing is, I think we made a great statement. We made a great impact. We opened the doors for so many other people, and it's just time for us to move on."

Sharon said the worst part of the ongoing experience was giving up privacy, but in the same breath, she extols the fame she and two of her children were granted. (Aimee, the eldest Osbourne offspring, didn't participate in the show.) Now, celebrities with a reality show is just another genre, according to the woman who once threw a ham at her noisy neighbors.

"You can get arrested, you can serve time, you can break the law and then you get your own reality show," said Osbourne.

"The Osbournes" won't be ending with any pomp or circumstance. No fireworks. No live finale. No tribute from Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Just another episode.

"To us, it wasn't a big hurrah that it's over," said Osbourne. "It's kind of bittersweet. It's just time."

In the finale, airing Monday at 10:30 EST, self-help guru Phil "Dr. Phil" McGraw visits the Osbourne's abode to provide his dissertation on the whole !%#@-ing family. Osbourne said she was cynical about listening to McGraw dispense his tell-it-like-it-is brand of therapy. After meeting with him, she now has "lots of respect for the man," even going so far as to call his critique "spot on."

"He gave me criticism which I felt was correct," said Osbourne. "I didn't give my kids a lot of structure when they were growing up, and I should have put more guidelines down with them. I definitely should have done that. I sort of knew that within myself but never admitted it."

Despite opening the doors for celebreality, as VH1 has dubbed it, Osbourne admits she's not a fan of reality TV, especially A&E's "Growing Up Gotti." Instead, she favors dramas like "24" and "Nip/Tuck."

"I don't see doing a reality show on somebody because their father was a hood," said Osbourne. "I'm sorry. I just don't get it. I detest anything to do with violence. Not saying that she's a violent woman, but she stems from a very violent family. And I just don't like it. It's just further evidence that, in the world of TV, bad behavior gets rewarded. Martha Stewart goes into prison, she comes out and she's got yet another TV show. Maybe if I rob a bank I can get a new show."

The Osbournes" Bleeps Off

It's all over but the cussing.

The final episode of MTV's The Osbournes airs Monday night, three years after the nuclear-meltdown family paved the way for the Gottis, the Gastineaus and the Lacheys.
"You have to end on top," matriarch Sharon Osbourne told the Associated Press in an interview distributed Monday.

Though their influence as the first familial notables to make their lives a prime-time gawkfest will long reign, Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly's run as ratings stars is long over.

Viewership this season was about one-fifth of what it was during the show's heyday in 2002, when upwards of 8 million tuned in each week to see the profanity-favoring heavy-metal clan cope with dog poop, dentistry and noisy neighbors.

In Monday's New York Post, patriarch Ozzy likened the show's trajectory to a subject on which he presumably is well-informed: Parties.

"At the beginning, it was great," the rock star said in the paper. "But you know, if you're going to a party every night, the first couple of nights, you go, 'Hey, hey, this is fun!' But on the third night, you're going to be like, [Bleeping] hell, another party.' Eventually you're going to get pissed off."

For the Osbournes, the money was plentiful--they reportedly netted as much as $20 million just to reup with MTV when the show hit it big back in 2002, even winning the family an Emmy for Best Reality Show--but the fun was short-lived.

Within weeks of the first-season finale, in the midst of the family's pop-culture "It" moment, Sharon Osbourne was diagnosed with cancer. Her battle against the disease was chronicled on the show, as was a myriad of other major and minor disasters: Kelly's rehab stint (which followed Jack's rehab stint); Ozzy's ATV accident (which preceded Ozzy's admission he was overmedicated); and Sharon's talk show.

Monday's non-hyped series finale will see Dr. Phil McGraw go all Dr. Phil on the Osbournes, and dissect the mostly functioning dysfunctional family.

Unlike the rest of the shows from the fourth season, featuring footage shot last year, the Dr. Phil episode was taped just weeks ago. Because of the layoff between shoots, Ozzy Osbourne had almost forgotten what it was like to be trailed by MTV's cameras. The feeling came back fast.

"I got kind of hot around the collar," Ozzy told the Post. "I thought, [Bleeping] hell, how did we live with that for all that time."

Now that the show has wrapped, Sharon Osbourne said the family is considering selling the Beverly Hills mansion featured in The Osbournes, saying it feels more like an office than a home.

With the cameras off, the clan is scattering. Jack, 19, and Kelly, 20, are moving out of the 90210 digs for good, Sharon told the AP. Ozzy, 56, is back in record stores Tuesday with the box set, Prince of Darkness.

The swear words, presumably, are forever.

Sharon Osbourne went into therapy because she thinks she's a bad mother

Sharon Osbourne has confessed she has been in therapy because she thinks she's a bad mother.

The 'X-Factor' host, who has three children with rock star husband Ozzy Osbourne, admitted that she underwent an intensive three-hour appointment over Christmas in a bid to improve her parenting skills.

She is quoted by Britain's News of the World newspaper: "I don't think I'm a good mum. I tried my best but there are no schools for mums."
The reality TV host says she blames herself for problems in the eccentric family which have included her youngest son, Jack and 20-year-old daughter Kelly battling addictions to drink and drugs.

But the 53-year-old star, who managed her husband's rock group Black Sabbath, says most of her guilt stems from her decision to continue working when her children were growing up.
She added: "I am seriously f**ked up. "But you learn by your mistakes and I've made some terrible ones."

The TV-talent-show judge also revealed that she is still battling with an eating disorder and has just splashed out more than £30,000 on plastic surgery.

Troubled Sharon has been beset by problems since the family opened the doors of their Los Angeles mansion top MTV cameras for hit show 'The Osbournes'.

Last year, the red-haired star successfully fought off colon cancer while husband Ozzy was nearly killed in a quad bike accident in the grounds of their British pad.

Sharon Osbourne gets axed for 'sex with sheep' question

Sharon Osbourne has revealed she got axed from her US chat show for asking a guest if he had sex with sheep.

The outspoken reality TV star only presented one series of her popular programme 'The Sharon Osbourne Show', claiming at the time she was quitting to spend more time with husband Ozzy.

However, the 'X Factor' judge has now confessed TV bosses fired her because of the lewd question she asked one stunned guest, and other remarks she made which were deemed to risqué for daytime television.
She said: "They said I was loose cannon. The last straw was when there was this actor from New Zealand coming on the show. New Zealand is a vast country with not that big a population but about 10billion sheep, so I cut right to the chase and said, 'Tell me are you a sheep-s*****r?'

"And he said, 'Excuse me?' And I said, 'You know, do you have sex with sheep?' His mouth dropped and he didn't know what to say.
After that, they basically told me to go home."

Kelly Slams Sharon Osbourne


Rocker KELLY OSBOURNE has slammed her own mother SHARON for her embarrassing drunken antics at Wednesday's (09FEB05) BRIT AWARDS.

The CHANGES star, 20, attended the annual music event with her 52-year-old mother, but was appalled by the way the rock matriarch played up to the cameras after just one glass of alcohol.
She says, "Mum gets pissed on one glass of wine. I never know what to do with her.

"The other thing is that Mum's always performing and always strikes the same pose."


Sharon Osbourne has more plastic surgery

Sharon Osbourne has undergone more plastic surgery - to perk up her breasts. The acid-tongued 'X Factor' host says she was so miserable with her down-pointing nipples, she decided to correct it.

So the 52-year-old wife of rocker Ozzy checked into an exclusive clinic, where she has already had a string of operations to create her perfect bust. She said: "They're now pointing in the direction I want, and everything's looking up."

Meanwhile, Sharon - who has also admitted to having a facelift and liposuction - is to stand as an MP. The mum-of-three says she is writing a new reality TV series which will follow her progress as she runs for a place in Britain's Parliament. Sharon - who once quipped she would like to be Prime Minister - will attempt to win a seat in the Commons as an independent candidate. She's quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I'm in the middle of writing a new TV show. It will show me running to be a local MP, it will be in London, but I don't know for sure which borough yet. I will be an independent candidate and I am very excited because it is something so different."

But the outspoken star says her latest project isn't just about making interesting TV - she really does care about Londoners and making the capital a better place to live. She added: "The majority of people do it for themselves, to enhance their egos. To them it is about the perks of the job and little more."


Sharon Osbourne teams up with ASDA

Businesswoman and busy mum Sharon Osbourne has started the new year off with a new mission - to help promote healthy eating choices amongst UK families. The wife and manager of Ozzy Osbourne will be taking part in a £7-million campaign by supermarket chain Asda aimed at fighting obesity.

Sharon who is in remission from colon cancer after waging a battle with the disease two years ago, was asked if she practiced what she preached by encouraging her own family to eat healthily: "I'm starting to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. It's time we wised up for the sake of our kids."

The X-Factor judge will star in the first of up to six new Mums In A Million ads scheduled to air in mid-February. In the spots, she will be seen talking to the staff and testing the produce to see if they measure up for a modern mother.

"Sharon considers herself to be a responsible mum who has a lot to say to other mums. People relate to her and she can get a message over in a way which people understand," says a store executive was quoted as saying.


Top stars unveiled for Osbourne's tsunami single

The megastar line-up for Sharon Osbourne's tsunami charity single has finally been revealed.

Sir Elton John, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart and actor Robert Downey Jr are some of the many showbiz stars who will be singing a cover of Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven.

The roster also includes Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale, Aerosmith's Steve Tyler, Josh Groban and tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The music will be provided by Rock band Velvet Revolver.

Sharon and her family had planned a holiday in the affected area, but she was moved by the tsunami tragedy and decided to record the track.

She said: "My heart goes out to every person affected by this tragedy and that is why I am putting this together in the hope of raising more funds to help these people rebuild their lives, especially the children.

"Everyone has come together for this project and offered their time and full commitment without question."

All proceeds from the record will go to Save the Children although a release date has not been confirmed.

Security hired for Osbournes bust-up with Cowell

TV chiefs at the British Comedy Awards are hiring extra security in a bid to stop Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne having a bust-up with Simon Cowell.

The music guru has not spoken to Sharon since the final of British talent TV show 'X Factor' when she branded Simon's prot駩, and eventually winner, Steve Brookstein a "creepy smirker".

The astonishing outburst left the star fuming and was the latest attack in the pair's long-running feud - during which Simon cruelly quipped the recent break-in at the Osbournes' UK home, in which £2million worth of "irreplaceable" jewellery was stolen, was a publicity stunt.
With Jack and Kelly also going along to the ceremony, bosses at the prestigious ceremony decided to beef-up security when the 'Pop Idol' judge and Sharon and Ozzy present awards at the televised event, which is being held in London on Wednesday night .

Executive producer for the ceremony, Michael Hurll, said: "We were worried that the tension has been rising since the 'X Factor' final and, with the whole Osbourne family in tow, we felt extra security was definitely needed."

The situation is such a concern for organizers that Sharon and her husband have been given a changing room at the opposite end of the back-stage area to Simon.

Only last week, Jack further ignited the feud between the stars by branding the music mogul a "slime-ball for the way he has treated his family.


The Osbournes branded the 'family from hell'

The Osbournes have been branded the "family from hell" after they drove their neighbours out of their home.

Charles and Krissy Lewis said their celebrity neighbours had made their once-peaceful lives a nightmare and after months of feuding decided to sell their 5millionGBP Californian mansion.

In the hit TV show 'The Osbournes', son Jack was seen spraying the Lewis' tennis court pink with a paintball gun and playing drums in the garden.

Sharon threw a leg of ham into the neighbours' hedge, Ozzy hurled firewood through their greenhouse while daughter Kelly littered their garden with French bread, pate and stink bombs.
When the police were called the Osbournes said they were retaliating against next door's noise.

Multimillionaire Charles Lewis revealed: "Krissy and I have lived here for a long time. We never had a single complaint before the Osbournes arrived.

Soon after they moved in, the gardener was clearing up with a leaf blower. Sharon started swearing at him from across the fence about the noise."

The Lewis' then sent a letter to the trouble making family begging them to call a truce. They heard nothing from the Osbournes until they were singing with a friend in the garden and they were bombarded with missiles.

Charles added: "They have been very rude. I don't care who they are, they can't treat us like this."

But Sharon retorted: "I want to hold him down and s**t on his head. They make me behave in a way that I don't like."

However, their new neighbour is said to be Sharon's fellow 'X Factor' judge and enemy Simon Cowell and now the Osbournes are said to be packing their bags.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Sharon just wants to sell up and move out to save having to chat to him over the garden fence.

"I don't think they'll go round with a house-warming gift - she can't stand him.

Five Things About Sharon Osbourne

People in the music industry call Sharon Osbourne the "Iron Maiden."

She was selected as one of People magazine's Most Beautiful People of the Year in 2002.

As a child, Osbourne dreamed of being a prima ballerina.

She is a pet lover. Her family has a bulldog, two Pomeranians, two Chihuahuas, two Japanese Chins and one cat.

Osbourne accepted an Emmy Award in 2002 for Outstanding Nonfiction Program (Reality).

Sharon Osbourne Is A Heavy-Metal Matriarch

This savvy businesswoman made her husband a rock legend and steered her family through pop-culture fame.
London-born Sharon Osbourne (née Arden) was the apple of her father's eye. Dad was a music manager who worked with rock icons such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry. At age 15, Osbourne quit school to work full-time for her father as a receptionist. At 23, the ambitious young woman packed her bags for Los Angeles to open another branch of dad's business. One of her first tasks was to collect money from recently fired metal sensation Ozzy Osbourne. When Osbourne found the rock star, he was strung out on alcohol and drugs and knocking on death's door. Sympathetic to his suffering because of her own struggles with alcohol, Osbourne decided to help Ozzy get back on his feet by managing his career.

In 1980, Ozzy released his first solo album, which went platinum. Despite being married, the newly crowned "Prince of Darkness" fell in love with his manager, who had turned his flailing career right side up. In 1981, Ozzy divorced his wife; the following year he exchanged vows with Osbourne in a July 4 ceremony on a beach in Maui. But as one bond formed, another fizzled, as Osbourne and her dad went to war over Ozzy's career. Cut off from her parents, Osbourne decided to create a family of her own. In September 1982, the couple had their first child, daughter Aimee, followed by daughter Kelly in 1984 and son Jack in 1985. Osbourne thrived as a mother, but her life wasn't all peaches and cream. Ozzy was once again hitting rock bottom with his substance abuse. One night in 1989, Osbourne was attacked by her strung-out husband. She pressed attempted-murder charges against him but later dropped them on the condition that Ozzy enter rehab. Afterward, the couple slowly rebuilt their marriage.

In 1995, Osbourne reached new heights of professional success when she launched Ozzfest, a heavy-metal tour headlined by her husband. But on a more personal level, Osbourne was struggling with overeating — the 5'2" businesswoman had ballooned to 224 pounds. Fed up with herself, Osbourne opted for stomach surgery on the eve of her 47th birthday. As a result, she shed 100 pounds. In early 2002, Osbourne, feeling good about herself inside and out, approached MTV with the idea of a reality-TV show based on her family's everyday antics. "The Osbournes" premiered in the spring of 2002, and the edgy series became an instant hit. The second season of the show garnered the kooky family $58 million. Even sweeter for Osbourne was her reconciliation with her father.

However, Osbourne's perfect life came crashing down when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. The doting mother and wife underwent three months of chemotherapy, but she still found it in her heart to take in the teenage son of a friend who had recently died of the same disease. Surrounded by her loving extended family, Osbourne is recouping nicely; she is doing so well that she will begin hosting her own TV talk show in the fall of 2003.


Ozzy's Neighbors Getting Out

Ozzy Osbourne's Beverly Hills neighbors — the ones he tried to engage in a food fight on his MTV reality show — have sold their house for close to its $7.9 million asking price, and they are relocating.

The Mediterranean-style home, next door to the rock star and his family, has five bedrooms and 8 1/2 bathrooms in 8,700 square feet. The three-story house, with an elevator and a rock pool, was built in 1997.

“The Osbournes,” which enjoyed a three-year run on MTV, focused on the neighbors when Sharon Osbourne threw a leg of ham through the hedge separating the two properties. Osbourne's kids, Jack and Kelly, followed by throwing bread, cheese and pate. Ozzy threw a block of firewood.

Beverly Hills police were heard on the TV segment telling the Osbournes to stop throwing things.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are to host MTV Australia's first Video Music Awards in Sydney in March. The MTV series reportedly earned the family $80 million plus $25 million from merchandise.

"Osbournes" Ready for Last Hurrah

The Prince of F---ing Darkness and his kooky clan are fading to black.

MTV announced Thursday that, after a three-year run, The Osbournes is finally coming to an end.
The net's once-signature reality series featuring Ozzy Osbourne and his F-bomb-dropping brood will kick off its fifth and final season on Jan. 17 at 10:30 p.m.

Crazy, but that's how it goes.

"With The Osbournes, we literally created a new format for television," crowed Brian Graden, MTV Networks entertainment chief. "The Osbournes were the first celebrities to let the cameras into their home to film their day to day lives at it happened, and the show has had a huge impact on the larger television landscape. The show's success is due to the personalities of the first family of rock 'n' roll."

While the Emmy-winning show hasn't been the ratings juggernaut it was in its first two seasons--when viewers couldn't get enough of the behind-the-scenes family life of Ozzy, his feisty manager-wife, Sharon, son Jack and pink-haired popster-wannabe daughter Kelly--The Osbournes is still a top draw for the music channel, especially among the youth set.

Before the fourth season finale last May, the fate of The Osbournes was up in the air, with both Ozzy and Sharon saying they were through with the show. And given the hardships the family has faced over the past two years--Sharon's cancer battle, Ozzy's continuing efforts to stay sober, stints in rehab for both Jack and Kelly, and Ozzy's near-fatal ATV crash--who could blame them?

But every great drama has comic relief, and the Osbournes felt there was still plenty of lighthearted moments amid the crises to share with loyal fans. It also came in handy that MTV still had a season's worth of episodes already filmed and in the can.

"After three years, the MTV cameras became part of the family, documenting what is possibly the most dramatic year we have had," Sharon Osbourne said in a statement. "Though it was rough sometimes, we are truly blessed to have had this amazing experience."

Meanwhile, in the wake of the tsunami tragedy, Ozzy and Sharon donated $190,000 to Britain's Disasters Emergency Committee for victims and their families. They also appeared in an MTV-produced television spot asking people to give what they can to those who survived.

"We can save lives and get people back on their feet," Ozzy says in the ad. "We need to give money to help the survivors."

The Osbournes Head Into Final Season on MTV

British rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his raucous, foul-mouthed family launch the fourth and final season of their hit MTV reality show later this month, the cable network announced on Thursday.
"The Osbournes" returns on Jan. 17 to kick off a last batch of 10 episodes chronicling Ozzy's bout with insomnia, daughter Kelly's drug rehab, her budding new commercial TV career, and a family vacation to Hawaii.

The Viacom Inc.-owned network said the Emmy Award-winning show will end its run for good with a final episode set to air March 21.

The bleep-filled series premiered in March of 2002 and instantly became MTV's biggest hit, turning the unruly brood into overnight pop culture icons.

The show's first season followed the daily exploits of the heavy metal star in his off-stage role as a befuddled father puttering around his Beverly Hills house, forever cleaning up after his incontinent dogs, taking orders from his wife, Sharon, and sparring with their teenage children, Jack and Kelly.

The program took a more serious turn in its second season as the family coped with Sharon Osbourne's cancer treatments and Jack's substance abuse rehabilitation. The household also was joined by 18-year-old Robert Marcato, a family friend adopted by the Osbournes after his own mother died of cancer. The third season saw Ozzy Osbourne recover from a near-fatal all-terrain vehicle accident.

While the program has faded in the ratings since its heyday, it has remained one of MTV's most watched programs, averaging more than 3 million viewers per episode.

Although "The Osbournes" will end its run in March, Kelly Osbourne has garnered her own prime-time stint as a co-star of ABC's new coming-of-age drama "Life As We Know It."

Sharon Osbourne was recently featured as a judge on British television's hit talent show "The X Factor" but her U.S.-syndicated talk show was canceled.


Sharon Osbourne buys secret sexy underwear

Sharon Osbourne reportedly splashed out on sexy designer underwear as a secret for her husband.

The 'X-Factor' host was spotted picking up the lacy red lingerie from raunchy designers Agent Provocateur to surprise former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, during a shopping trip in London's trendy department store Selfridges last month.

A source said: "Sharon was joking with the shop assistant about showing Ozzy the se-X factor. "Maybe that's the real reason he's got the shakes."

But onlookers were shocked when the eccentric star also ordered a matching set of underwear for her daughter Kelly.
Meanwhile, the reality TV host also presented her husband with a more bizarre Christmas treat.

The 52-year-old star reportedly spent more than £5000 on a herd of Japanese deer to roam on their British country estate as a festive surprise for her spouse.

A source said: "He was gobsmacked when he drew open his curtains on Christmas Day.

"It was a special gift after a very difficult year for the family which saw Ozzy nearly die in a quad bike accident, Sharon suffer colon cancer and the theft of £2 million of jewels from their home.


Beckhams and Osbournes in vicious butler battle!

Victoria Beckham and Sharon Osbourne have reportedly been locked in a vicious battle over a butler. The ruthless bidding war started when the former Spice Girl became determined to snare a top -ranking servant - the Osbournes' had already chosen - for Christmas Day.

Despite Ozzy's wife offering more cash once she heard Victoria was interested - the Beckhams ended up handing over 3,000GBP to secure the deal.

The butler reportedly carried out his duties to perfection and is now being offered a full-time job at Beckingham Palace - the Beckham's English countryside estate.
A Beckham insider revealed to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper : "The guy they had set their hearts on is just about the best there is - the Osbournes really wanted him, but the Beckhams offered more.

"Sharon's camp came back with an even higher bid but Posh was determined not to lose her man and trumped Sharon with an impressive offer. Posh told him she wants to find a 'rock' like Diana's Paul Burrell."

The Beckhams had reportedly become desperate to find a butler when their long-term home help John Giles-Larkin quit just weeks before Christmas.

The new butler also assisted the family by reportedly helping the Beckhams' sons, Brooklyn, 5, and two-year-old Romeo, open their mountain of presents on December 25 and later confiscated mobiles from family members to ensure a peaceful Christmas lunch.

A spokesperson for Victoria said last night: "The butler they had on Christmas Day is being considered for a permanent role but no decisions have been made."


Sharon Osbourne to star in 'Vagina Monologues'

The reality TV star, who is married to rock legend Ozzy, is being lined up by producers to star in 'The Vagina Monologues' in London's West End.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Sharon saw the play and loved it. It's ballsy and fun.

There's not that much difference from acting and she will play different women at various stages life.

"It could have been written for her - it's women talking frankly. And - what suits Sharon down to the ground - it's very foul-mouthed."
The show, which features women talking about their intimate parts, has been a huge hit on Broadway as well as the West End and other celebrities to star in it include former Spice Girl Mel B and models Sophie Dahl and Jerry Hall.

Earlier this year, Sharon, 51, made a brief appearance on hit US TV show 'Will and Grace', in which she played a lesbian barmaid after impressing producers with her acting ability in American daytime soap 'Days Of Our Lives'.

She said at the time: "They were so stunned by my acting ability they wrote me a special part."


Sharon Osbourne: Simon Cowell moving in next door!

Sharon Osbourne is selling her Los Angeles mansion - because Simon Cowell is moving in next door.

The reality TV star, who clashed with the acid-tongued host when they judged Britain’s ‘X-Factor’ talent show, is reportedly putting the luxury pad on the market after hearing that the millionaire music boss would be her new neighbour.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Sharon just wants to sell up and move out to save having to chat to him over the garden fence.

“I don’t think they’ll go round with a house-warming gift – she can’t stand him.” The pair have had an on-going feud since Simon blasted Sharon’s daughter Kelly’s singing career and suggested that her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, had staged a near-fatal quad bike accident to generate publicity for his Christmas single last year.
But insiders say the record boss, who is planning to move into the lavish six-bedroom pad with girlfriend Terri Seymour next month, is keen to maintain a good relationship with his popular ‘X-Factor’ co-host to ensure she signs up for the next series of the hit TV show.

He said recently: “I know Sharon does not like me but I want her in the next series. “I’m going to call her and tell her she must come in for a chat.

I understand why she might not be keen. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”


Sharon Osbourne Beats Ozzy To Personality Award

Music manager Sharon Osbourne has beaten husband Ozzy to be crowned Radio Rock Personality Of The Year.
The "X Factor" TV talent show judge was awarded the award which her spouse won last year -- after polling 6,000 votes from listeners to Britain's Virgin Radio.

Sir Bob Geldof came second for "re-forming Band Aid and taking on the world again," and Sir Elton John was voted into third place after insulting Madonna and George Michael this year.

Virgin's Most Wanted presenter Ben Jones says, "Sharon took on the pop pansy Simon Cowell at his own game and showed him who the boss was.

"She is a role model for the nation. Speak your mind and say what's what."


Sharon Osbourne Holds New Year's Party For Staff

Sharon Osbourne is throwing a $270,000 New Year's Eve party for everyone special in her life -- including her cleaners.
The rock matriarch plans to host the lavish bash at the London home she shares with her husband Ozzy, and has ensured all her staff are included in the celebrations.

Osbourne, 51, says, "We think it's important to include family and friends -- and most of my staff fall into that bracket. Everybody deserves some kind of reward for their hard work.

"Even the bin men get along with Ozzy and me."

However, not everyone has been invited to the end of year get-together. Osbourne jokes, "It's just as well Simon Cowell isn't going to be in the country because he wouldn't be invited."

Sharon Osbourne to manage Minnelli?

Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne is reportedly desperate to manage ailing diva Liza Minnelli's singing career.

The Osbournes reality TV star is a friend of the 58-year-old music legend, who is currently in a New York hospital after a fall on Monday.

Reports say Osbourne, who has managed several bands and artists including husband Ozzy, is keen to work with Minnelli, who hasn't had a manager since splitting from her husband David Gest last year.

Osbourne says: "I had a long chat with Liza Minnelli. I think I could rescue her.

"She is a massive talent and could still cut it with a younger crowd."

Sharon Osbourne makes TV appeal

Sharon Osbourne made an impassioned appeal on BBC's show, "Crimewatch," hoping to persuade someone to come forward and help police recover her stolen jewelry and arrest the thieves who broke into her home and took it. She and husband Ozzy have offered a £100,000 reward for anyone who helps in this effort. The stolen jewelry is valued at more than £1m.

Sharon Osbourne - a lot of lives in one lifetime

Sharon Osbourne has survived attempted murder, cancer and violent burglary. She describes how it’s taken her a long time to become an all-right person.
ITV’S TALENT competition The X Factor, which reaches its semi-climax tomorrow, began as a blood sport and has ended up dripping in schmaltz. Early on, the delusions of the tuneless were torn apart. Now we stifle tears as we vote to eliminate genuine talent.
Of the judges, nasty Simon Cowell was best in the hope-dashing department and moist-eyed Louis Walsh best at looking sorry. But it is Sharon Osbourne who walks the line between candour and condolence, embodying the tough love she advertised in The Osbournes, the hilarious, savagely edited MTV reality series that starred her own barely functioning family. As a result, Britain has fallen in love with her. With John Peel gone and a plinth therefore vacant, the Brixton girl with the mid-Atlantic accent is my candidate to join our Pantheon of national treasures.

Although the black ensemble she is wearing today at the Dorchester cannot disguise the fact that the apple of her husband Ozzy Osbourne’s eye is shaped like a pear, she is a tiny pear: 5ft 2in (1.58m), with dark red hair and a rather beautiful face (like Cherie Blair’s on the good days she never quite has). Her features so lightly bear the scars of her 52 tough-lived years that many find them a cause for admiration in their own right.

She has observed that her life reads like a Jackie Collins novel, but the comparison doesn’t quite convey its tragi-comic tone. “I’ve lived a lot of lives in one lifetime,” she says. “I’ve been rich and poor so many times. Been involved in plane crashes, death, attempted murder, cancer, drug addiction, alcoholism . . .”

The list is so long you’d weep if you didn’t first laugh, and it is still receiving additions. After she almost died from cancer two years ago, Ozzy had a nervous breakdown.

Recovered from that, he celebrated with a near-death quad-bike experience. Their son, Jack, and younger daughter, Kelly, both went into drug rehab. Last month their house in Buckinghamshire was broken into, the burglar fleeing with £2 million worth of jewellery after an unlikely arm-to-arm struggle with Ozzy. (Where are the cameras when you really need them?)

“I think it has unnerved us all a bit.” One should feel safe in a mansion, I offer. “I mean it’s not even that big. It looks big when you see the pictures on the TV show and on the news, because they do those aerial shots and you think, ‘bloody hell. It looks big’. But we’ve got six bedrooms, it’s not like we have staff quarters or anything. It’s a lovely house and we are lucky to have it, but we don’t feel that safe and I ’m just hoping it’s something that will pass.”

Was she woken by the break-in? “No, not by the burglar. When Ozzy had finished his fight with him, the burglar fell out the window. Ozzy came running into the bedroom and said, ‘I’ve just had a fight with a burglar, call the police.’ So extraordinary. And to think it was just a year ago that Ozzy was in hospital. It’s just like I can’t believe what’s going to happen next. It’s like, if it’s thunder and lightning, I’m not going out. Ten million to one it’ll hit me.”

I’d read that Ozzy’s sister, Gillian, had said Ozzy’s bad karma was to blame because he was once a burglar himself? “He used to burgle when he was 17. And he was put into prison when he was 17. He broke into a local shop, stole two boxes. They were full of yellow baby bonnets. And how does one get rid of however many baby bonnets all yellow? And the next attempt was to steal a black and white TV that he dropped and broke. So, he wasn’t exactly the master criminal.”

Through this crisis, as through it all, Sharon has refused to succumb to bitterness but her recently required reputation for niceness is all the more remarkable given her previous one as her husband’s ball-busting manager, a trasher of offices who once kicked the manager of the band Korn down a flight of stairs and on another occasion threw hot soup over a woman bedding her father, the legendarily unpleasant music manager Don Arden.

“When people piss me off I am really not very nice still,” she reassures me.

Like when? “Well, I sent a horrible letter to one of the producers at the show last week. But just because I go in and I negotiate and represent my family in a certain way doesn’t mean that I’m not a good human being. I do what I have to do for a living and to stay alive, but I go home and I’m like any other woman. I cry at the things everybody else cries at. I laugh at the same things. I’m an all-right person. I wasn’t always, took me a long time. I got to be an all-right person in the end but I was brought up in a certain way, surrounded by a lot of violence as a child, a lot of crime. I mean my father was a two-bit hood.”

So she had to make her own morality? “There were no morals in my home. It was: if you want it, take it. If you want a fur coat, he’d call in the boys and they’d go to some shop and steal it.”

After attending the Italia Conti stage school in Surrey, she worked as a stage manager for her father. On the road she got to know Ozzy, the front man of the occultist rock band Black Sabbath. In 1982 — the same year that Ozzy received medical treatment for rabies after biting off the head of a bat in a moment of artistic frenzy — she married him and replaced her father as his manager.

Arden was furious. When she tried to visit, his dogs savaged her and she miscarried. Pregnant again, she rang her mother and was told to go f*** herself. Later, she claims, her father’s goons would tell her to get out of town if she wanted to see her children again.

What I’d done,” she explains, “was to take their cash cow.”
Ostracised by her scary family, she cannot have found her marriage exactly a safe haven. Early on, Ozzy went Awol for three months on a drinking spree. Another time, he fell into his hotel bed with a groupie, having forgotten Sharon was already in it. In 1989, he tried to strangle her and was sentenced to six months in a drug clinic. He hasn’t, she says, touched her in anger since: “It just shows you what drink and drugs can do.” In compensation, I suspect for her unhappiness, by the mid-Nineties, she had eaten her way to 16 st (101kg). In 1999 she decided to do something about it.

I just kept getting bigger and bigger and more and more uncomfortable and I thought, ‘Oh God, I’m going to die’. Then I heard of this operation that you could have, to bind your stomach so that you can’t eat so much. And I decided to do it. It was the best thing I ever did.”

Before us lies a plate of sandwiches and chips that are barely touched.Soon — or as soon as £120,000 of plastic surgery takes — the MTV reality star was looking fabulous and one of the series’ breakout stars. Enter an unfunny plot line. She was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer and given a one-in-three chance of survival. She continued with the programme so as not to scare her relations, but was very seriously ill, worse than I had realised. She says she was twice resuscitated by electric shock.

“The chemotherapy that I was on had zapped me at one point so much that I had no white blood cell count. I was totally dehydrated and I slipped into a coma and was just going under. My blood pressure is extremely low anyway and I just floored. The next time it was the white blood cell count again and I had to be given five pints of blood. I must say that both times — even when I had the paddles on my chest — I wasn’t scared at all. The one thing from all this is I’m not scared of dying at all.”

In contrast, Ozzy’s response was to hit the bottle and collapse. “He was in a terrible state. Ozzy never slept in the same bed as me for 18 months. He slept on the sofa in my room because he thought I wasn’t going to wake up and he didn’t want to lie in bed with me and wake up and find me dead. That’s a long time not to sleep with your husband.”

And lonely? “Actually, because of the things that you go through when you are sick — and especially where I had it, with my colon — I needed that space. I mean, my husband was amazing, he would carry me out the bed, he would wash me, he would change me, he would carry me back into bed but there were times, you know . . . I didn’t even know that I was going to the bathroom in bed.”

An upside was the goodwill that flowed into her sickroom from the public. The real world, she suddenly realised, was a lot kinder than its showbiz counterpart. We see a camped up version of its unpleasantness in Cowell’s bitchiness. On Saturday, he finally apologised to Kelly Osbourne for calling the then 16-year-old fat and talentless.

Sharon says she has spent the autumn remonstrating with him for crushing teenage contestants’ dreams in the name of entertainment. Anyone that young is vulnerable: “It could change the way they feel about themselves for the rest of their life.”

Why Sharon exposed her own teenage children to the scrutiny of MTV ?

“Not backing out of it, but it was only meant to be three shows. I had no idea the shockwave that would be caused around the world. I thought, oh, it’ll be quite successful on MTV for a couple of weeks. Next! A stepping stone. I didn’t realise that it was going to change the course of TV and change the course of our lives. Ozzy and I still, to this day, go over and over and over it: did we do the right thing? Even for us, did we do the right thing? Professionally and personally. We were doing fine just as we were. Everything was fine. And we still don’t know.”

Everything was soon far from fine for Kelly and Jack — in contrast, significantly perhaps, to their elder sister Aimee, who refused to take part and was seen merely as a ghostly pixilation in the show. Their mother points out, however, that most adolescents experiment with drugs, and Jack and Kelly were at risk because of their father’s addictive personality. She believes they would have ended up addicted with or without four series of The Osbournes sniggering over their shoulders.

“Jack was the worst affected because his drug of choice was a very, very hard drug called OxyContin. It’s heroin-based, created for people with the last stages of cancer. It’s one of the biggest street drugs in America right now and Jack was taking it. But when I got diagnosed with cancer, his father had had a nervous breakdown and it was Jack who was with me those two times when I was revived. Ozzy wasn’t there. Kelly wasn’t there. So if you ’re taking a drug anyway, and you can’t talk to your dad, because your dad’s with a nurse and some psychiatrist trying to keep him together, what do you do? So I don’t blame Jack.”

She is not sure how serious Kelly’s addiction was but with the family’s track record they were taking no chances and she went straight to rehab. They are both now doing well: Kelly is in ABC’s new drama, Life As We Know It, while Jack has “turned into such an incredible young man — rehab was the best thing for him; it has given his life structure.”

But surely, I say, the show was damaging because it made such fun of them? They were sitcomed. “See, it’s very interesting your take on it, because your take on it is Aimee’s take on it and that’s why Aimee hated it. But the majority of people don’t think that, they just think that it was the way we are: honest and loving and just whacky.” So she signed up for three more seasons? “It was like, ‘Hey, this is me. This is what I do in my house. If you want to see more of it, OK, how much?’ It wasn’t hard work. I didn’t have to do anything.”

So how’s Ozzy, I ask, since we seem to have discussed everyone else’s health? Well, she replies, fit enough to take on a burglar, whereas only 12 months ago he was being reassembled by the NHS and no one knew if he would lose an arm or survive at all.
What exactly happened? “Quad bike. Because it was winter, everything’s covered with leaves and there was a big dip and he didn’t see it. So he went down, fell off face down and then the bike bounced off his back. All his ribs and back were broken. Two vertebrae in his neck were broken and his collar bone was totally crushed. The collar bone had severed the arteries to his arm, so there was no blood supply and his arm was technically dead.”

It is awful, I say, but it sounds such a slapstick accident. Comedy seems to hover round their every trauma. “Always. And I think we’ve learned to laugh because it’s the only way to deal with it.”

If laughing at yourself is a step towards wisdom, being happy for others to join in must represent a giant leap. Encouraging the world to laugh at your obviously impaired husband takes us, perhaps, into other territory. I ask if she accepts that Ozzy’s drug and alcohol abuse deprived her, intellectually, of the man she married.

“People use the term ‘wet brain’, I think. It’s like a term that you say about people who have been so drunk in their lives that they’re never right again. It’s a fallacy. That doesn’t physically happen. But it does break down the body when you constantly, constantly abuse your body.”

So did he always speak as he does now? “Ozzy’s always had a stutter. He was born with a nervous stutter and that’s part of his upbringing. He didn’t have the best of upbringings and it started out through nerves. When Ozzy’s nervous or excited, you really hear it come out. But he’s a survivor like I am. He’s been through so much in his life.

“He’s had more tragedy than success and he keeps coming back. It’s like there’s no getting rid of Ozzy. And, you know, it’s only when the press saw Ozzy on the show that they actually ever embraced him.”

Sharon Osbourne is worried about her father

Sharon Osbourne has been hiding a devastating family secret - her father is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

The wife of rock legend Ozzy has flown 78-year-old Don Arden out to America to be near her and her family as his condition worsens. It is believed she and Ozzy, who are desperately worried at Don's condition, are paying for his treatment at an exclusive Los Angeles medical centre.

A friend said: "She is making sure he has 24-hour care. But she is obviously very worried about him." Sharon, 51, had been estranged from top music entrepreneur Don, who used to manage Ozzy's band, Black Sabbath, and were only reunited three years ago.

They fell out when Sharon began taking over Ozzy's career in the early '80s, replacing Don.

Sharon once claimed she never wanted to see her father again and wouldn't allow him to visit her three children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack. Before their reconciliation, she said: "The best lesson I ever had was watching him f**k his business up. He taught me everything not to do. My father's never even seen any of my three kids and, as far as I'm concerned, he never will."

ABC news website apologized to Sharon Osbourne

An American news website mistakenly broadcast an obituary paying tribute to Sharon Osbourne on the internet .

ABC news displayed the pages after an archived outline of the homage, which was being transferred onto a new computer system, was accidentally uploaded live on to the channel's website. The obituary praised Sharon, who was voted the most important person in rock music earlier this year, for her successful management career and her recent fight against cancer.

But the unfinished tribute, which also praised Sharon for helping her husband, rock star Ozzy Osbourne, battle addictions to drugs and alcohol, was littered with blank spaces waiting to be filled out in the event of her death.
The story described 54-year-old Sharon as being "best known as the woman who saved Ozzy Osbourne from himself, XXX of XXX. She was XXX." Last night (11.10.04), ABC apologised for the mistake after it removed the offending article from its site.

A spokeswoman said: "It was a regrettable mistake. We apologise to Mrs Osbourne, her family, friends and fans." But friends of the 'Osbournes' star described the mistake as "tasteless". One said: "It's tasteless. Sharon has battled cancer and Ozzy had that terrible accident - this is quite close to home."

Simon Cowell taunts Sharon Osbourne

Sneering Simon Cowell has infuriated Sharon Osbourne by saying her burglary ordeal was "great publicity". The X-Factor's Mr Nasty told her in a face-to-face row: "It was well worth giving away the diamonds for that coverage.""

TV co-star Sharon fought back tears as she stormed: "It is really awful to say that. I know in my heart we are not doing this for publicity." She said later: "Simon can say what he likes but when you come close to losing your life, the publicity we get just doesn't matter.

"Everyone has something to say about it. It's like people saying, 'why have they got all that jewellery?' - but I've worked hard and I've come from nothing to where I am today. "It's my life and at 52, I think I deserve all the nice things I've got and I've earned the right to spend the money I've worked hard for."

Simon and Sharon clashed as she picked up a gong at the Women of the Year Awards in London on Wednesday night. The pair were already at daggers drawn since last year after he cruelly described her daughter Kelly as "talentless" and "ugly".

And when Sharon's rock star husband Ozzy almost died in a quad bike crash in December, Simon suggested it was a stunt to help Kelly and her dad get the Christmas No1 spot with their duet Changes. He later apologised on Sharon's American chat show after it emerged that Ozzy had been left in a coma. In the recent jewel raid Ozzy bravely grappled with one of two masked raiders who got away with £1million of gems from the Osbournes' Buckinghamshire mansion.

And yesterday Sharon revealed it was the FOURTH time they had been broken into - with thieves sneaking in and helping themselves to garden equipment and bikes. She said: "We had an attempted burglary in January while Ozzy was recovering after his accident but luckily our security intercepted it. "After that, I shipped all the silver and most of our paintings to LA because I thought it would be safer. "But I'm such an idiot, I didn't think to send away the jewellery.

"I don't know if LA is safer than London - but we've never been burgled in LA and been broken into four times here." She reckons the raid has taught her a lesson. "I'm going to keep things simple from now on. I won't be buying the jewels back. "There will be no retail therapy. They're gone and they're irreplaceable. From now on I think I'll start collecting stamps."

But Sharon says there is no way the burglars will drive her out of England. She insisted: "We're planning on spending our time here. This is our home. "I'll just have to buy a great big f***ing lion and put it in the hallway to protect us."

Ozzy Osbourne gives Sharon the Strength

Sharon Osbourne believes she'd have ended up in jail if she didn't leave her family behind to marry rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

The rock matriarch had a dysfunctional relationship with her music manager parents Don and Hope Arden when she was growing up in London, and once she met Ozzy, she decided to severe her ties with them and set up a new life elsewhere. She says: "I loved Ozzy so much. He was the only man I've loved other than my father, and he gave me the strength to leave.

"Ozzy was normal compared to my family. Nobody really knew what was going on behind the scenes in my family. I did everything for my father, who was really shady. I didn't whatever he wanted - lie, sign (papers), whatever - I would do it for him.

"If the s**t hit the fan, everything was in my name; the tax man would have come after me. Every time I signed something (for him), I think I was getting deeper into trouble. "I honestly believe that if Ozzy hadn't come into my life and I hadn't had the courage to leave my family, I would have ended up in jail."

Tabby dedicates her song to Sharon Osbourne

Tabby Callaghan is to dedicate a song to £2million robbery victim Sharon Osbourne on Saturday's X Factor show. Tabby, 23 - the last of Sharon's acts remaining on the programme - said: "I feel like it's happened to my own mum." Tabby, from Sligo in Ireland, said: "I hugged her." Jewellery stolen from Sharon, 52, included her wedding and engagement rings. The robbers also took her treasured "survival ring" - bought the day cancer doctors gave her the all-clear.

David Blunkett - on a visit to Liverpool - rubbished Ozzy's claim that Britain is now more dangerous than Los Angeles. But the Home Secretary said: "I have every sympathy with anyone who finds themselves burgled." Meanwhile, it was revealed Ozzy is to perform for Prince Charles at next month's Royal Variety show.

Sharon would never tell her kids how they should live

Sharon Osbourne has admitted that she once had an abortion when she accidentally became pregnant when she was seventeen.

Sharon speaks about her wild lifestyle of the past, and how her mistakes now give her authority to judge her children when they make theirs, such as Jack and Kelly's need to go into rehab over their drug problems.

Femalefirst report the X Factor judge as saying: "I would drink so much I would wake up to countless men whose names I don't even know. I had an abortion at 17, before I met Ozzy. I didn't want to, but I did. "I would never tell my children how they should live their lives."

Sharon was a bully

Sharon Osbourne is one of a handful of British celebrities who've signed on to appear in a new ad campaign aimed at stopping schoolyard bullying. The Osbourne matriarch told HelloMagazine.com she got involved because her eldest daughter Aimee used to get picked on a lot at school. Ironically, Sharon admitted that, as a kid, she was actually the one doing the bullying, but said she didn't realize the damage she'd done until her own child came home crying from school one day.


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" Who's making the headlines today?! "