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Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

She isn't the brightest kid around, but she's surely famous. One may wonder how this spoiled rich girl gained populairty in the American public. The fact that she does whatever she wants answers the question. Since December 2003, she and her close friend Paris Hilton launched a frivolous reality tv show, called "Simple Life". Nicole Camille Escovedo was born in Berkeley, California, on September 21, 1981. Her biological parents were Peter Michael Escovedo, a member of Lionel Richie's band and brother to '80s pop percussionist Sheila E., and an anonymous backstage assistant. At the age of 3, for financial reasons, Nicole moved in with her father's bandmate Lionel and his then-wife Brenda Harvey-Richie. Six years later, Richie officially adopted Nicole. There are plenty of privileges to being raised in affluent circles. Nicole's formative years were spent at Los Angeles' prestigious Buckley School, where she met and befriended Paris Hilton, the heir to the Hilton empire. But money is also often synonymous with the fast lane, and as a teenager Nicole began partying hard and experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Following her high school graduation in 2000, she decided to go to college. She enrolled in the University of Arizona, the same school as pro basketball player Luke Walton and actress Heather Blair. Nicole dropped out after two years. At this point, with the influences of her youth still fresh in her mind, Nicole decided to become a musician. She founded the rock band Darling with model Josie Maran and socialite sisters Soleil and Sofia Alberti. On her own and on the loose, Nicole never broke out of the pattern of her teenage years. In February of 2003, the police pulled her over in Malibu. She was questioned and it was soon discovered she was driving with a suspended license. Upon searching her Mercedes-Benz, police found heroin in the car and Nicole was immediately arrested. She later plead guilty to all charges. Nicole was sentenced to probation and ordered to attend a drug rehabilitation program. Nicole was first signed on to The Simple Life as a replacement for Paris' sister Nicky, who was approached by FOX executives, but wasn't interested in participating. The show aired in December of 2003 and was successful enough to justify a sequel series, which aired the following summer. The fame that The Simple Life earned her allowed Nicole to branch out. She made appearances on such shows as Eve (starring rapper Eve), Punk'd, Rock Me Baby, and MADtv. She was cast alongside Julie Bowen in Kids In America, and is still working on breaking into the music industry. Living drug-free in Los Angeles, Nicole has been romantically linked to Elijah Blue Allman and Los Angeles-based musician DJ AM.

Meet Nicole Richie

Where you’ve seen her: This celebutante side-kick rose to fame by slummin’ it in Arkansas alongside Paris "Porn Video" Hilton in Fox’s The Simple Life

Where you’ll see her next: Milking the reality-TV cash cow with a second season of The Simple Life

Famous friends and foes: Pals with Paris, dated Aaliyah’s brother, chased Cher’s son and afraid of Aimee Osbourne—oh, and Lionel Richie’s her adopted father, but we won’t hold that against her

What’s the most lewd and lascivious act you’ve ever committed?
I don’t answer sexual questions. I’m a virgin. [Laughs] If Britney can say it, I can say it.

Nicole Richie: The Sinful Life

The Simple Life’s Nicole Richie sheds her sins—and her clothes—in the sexiest confession since we admitted to having a Sex and the City finale party.

There are a lot of rumors floating around about Nicole Richie—about her family, her love interests, her enemies. And then there’s the one about a certain craving. You’ve probably heard it: In a fit of desperation, Nicole lay down in the middle of Sunset Boulevard at 2 A.M. to protest not being able to get a sandwich. “Let me clear that up right now,” Nicole rebuffs. “It was Vine Boulevard, not Sunset!” Consider the rumor quashed!

The sexy socialite has even more gossip to debunk, so let’s get right to it. Hopefully, she’ll also talk about The Simple Life 2, the second season of her hit reality show with pal Paris Hilton, because we hear that this time around, she participates in a robot orgy after marrying an alien. It must be true—we read it on our little brother’s blog.

STUFF: A little birdie told me that you made nasty phone calls to Aimee Osbourne—the eldest sibling, who’s not on the family’s show—because you were both after Elijah Blue, Cher’s son. Should that little birdie be shot?
NICOLE: That is completely untrue. Aimee has a habit of going after every guy I was involved with. She went after my ex Rashaad Haughton, who is Aaliyah’s brother. She’s a very dark person, and it scares me. I think it’s sick that she would try to involve me in her life when all I do is try to stay away from her as much as I can.

Meow! Does a guy have to have a rock-star parent to date you?
No! I look for a sense of humor, number one. I like them to be interesting, and I like them to have a brain. Looks are really not that important to me.

Do you have any guilty reality-TV pleasures?
I’m obsessed with America’s Next Top Model, and I love American Idol.

Does your love of American Idol have anything to do with your rumored engagement to Justin Guarini, former American Idol runner-up?
Absolutely not! I’ve never even been on a date with him. He’s a family friend.

Last season on The Simple Life, you lived in an Arkansas town with a population of 800. How many of them do you think will invite you back for Thanksgiving dinner?
[Laughs] You know, it’s hard to say. We didn’t really know how much [the residents] were told before we got there. We may have pissed people off, but when we were leaving, we said we were sorry. I think people liked that.

What kind of crazy antics will you and Paris get into on The Simple Life 2?
We worked in a nudist colony. I have no problem with nudity at all, but the people there were all really old. Sometimes, we would see people riding their bikes. They had tops on, but no bottoms. I can understand going topless, but bottomless? It’s perverted!

You’ve been BFFs with Paris since age two. Did you have a lot of sleepovers during which you braided each other’s hair and practiced kissing?
I don’t know that we practiced kissing, but to this day, I braid Paris’ hair at night. She’ll wake me up at, like, 3 in the morning and ask me to braid her hair.

If you and Paris were to pillow-fight the chicks on MTV’s Rich Girls, who’d win?
Definitely me and Paris. I mean, we’ve handled cows, so I think we can handle Jaime Gleicher and Ally Hilfiger. I’ve castrated rams, preg-tested horses. I’m sure I could knock out those girls.

They say girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Is that the recipe for Nicole?
Yeah. I’m not an evil girl; I’m a nice girl who just likes to have fun. I cheese out on Britney Spears, but I also love Metallica.

Have you ever met Britney?
I’ve never met her. And she’s the only person I care about meeting. I love her. I’m like a teeny-bopper schoolgirl when it comes to Britney. I’m, like, obsessed.

Do you have any boy obsessions?
When I’m in a relationship, I’m only 50 percent, so I like to respect the other person’s privacy.

So just tell me 50 percent about him.
No! Nothing.

Fair enough. Everyone knows about Paris’ home video. Will any tapes of you ever surface?
Never! No cameras anywhere, except when I’m on a show.

Is it true that Lionel Richie is your adopted father and that your real dad is his former drummer, Peter Escovedo?
As far as I’m concerned, Lionel and [singer-songwriter] Brenda [Harvey Richie] are my parents. I did say that my biological dad was in Lionel’s band. Then three people came forward, saying that they were my dad. No one knows who it is.

When I want to get in the mood, I listen to your dad’s Truly—The Love Songs CD. What would you do if a guy popped that in amid a make-out session?
I would spit on him and slap him in the face and be like, “You are so cheesy!” Listening to my dad serenade me when I make out with a guy? That’s creepy!

When it comes to body piercings, do you pass or puncture?
I have my left nipple pierced. I don’t let anybody touch it, because my hair has snagged on it before, and it hurts so bad that I’ve developed this fear of anybody getting anywhere near it.

Michael Jackson is your godfather. Is he always harping on you about going to church?
No, never. But I will tell you this: I have nothing but amazing memories of my childhood. He was so much fun. We would go [to the Neverland Ranch], and he would let me do whatever I wanted.

What do you think about him being indicted for committing lewd and lascivious acts upon a minor?
I think everyone’s pretty much made up their minds already. I’ve said it a million times: I don’t think he did anything. The thing is, I’m not going to go and make a big deal about it. When somebody asks me, obviously, I’m very supportive.

What’s the most lewd and lascivious act you’ve ever committed?
I don’t answer sexual questions. I’m a virgin. [Laughs] If Britney can say it, I can say it.

Nicole Richie Has Dad Lionel In Tears Over Engagement


Soul veteran LIONEL RICHIE was so thrilled when his daughter NICOLE RICHIE announced her engagement to DJ beau ADAM GOLDSTEIN he was moved to tears.

Earlier this month (FEB05), the reality TV beauty revealed that she and Goldstein, whose professional name is DJ AM, would marry after months of speculation.
And Nicole says her father was elated when Goldstein decided to go the old fashioned route and request her hand in marriage.

Nicole says, "(Adam is) a great fiance. He is old fashioned. He said, 'I really don't want to do this without asking your father's permission.' And I said, 'Why?' He was like, 'Because that's what you do. That's what guys do and it's respectful.' I was like, 'Okay, whatever, I doubt it's gonna be that big of a deal.'
"But he did it and my dad was like tearing up. He thought we were joking because I've joked with him about so many things. He didn't think I was serious.

But he was really excited and he loved that Adam asked him."

Hilton And Richie Dubbed 'Bitches From Hell'

Paris Hilton and best pal Nicole Richie have been dubbed "the bitches from hell" by a man they worked with briefly while filming their reality show THE SIMPLE LIFE 3.

For the third instalment of their hit show, the pair travelled around the northeastern region of America on Greyhound buses, interning in various jobs along the way.

And LARRY LoSCHIAVO, manager of the Quality Auto Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey, was far from impressed with their antics - even when the cameras stopped rolling.

He fumes, "I have nine kids and none of them have ever given me as many problems as these two did in just one day!

"Paris and Nicole were the bitches from hell. After their internship, my wife and I ran into the girls at the Clifton Commons movie theatre.

"Neither one could be bothered to come over and say 'Hi.' All I got from Nicole was a slight flip of her hand in our direction, but apparently she was too busy gabbing on her cell phone to spare a few moments with us."

LoSchiavo, who claims the show's production company had to buy two customers' cars after Hilton and Richie ruined them by backing one into the other, also calls their plan to steal a police car during their stint at his business "totally irresponsible".

Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Rifle Airport Travellers Underwear

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie shockingly emptied travellers suitcases at an airport and tried on their bras and knickers.

The two pampered stars rummaged through the strangers’ belongings while working at a US airport for popular reality TV show 'The Simple Life'.

After cleaning one aircraft’s toilets and runways, the stunning hotel heiress and Nicole, who is the adopted daughter of singing legend Lionel Richie, went into the luggage hold and began dressing up in the racy underwear.

The shocking stunt will be shown on the latest series of the phenomenally successful MTV programme in which the two 23-year-old girls travel around the US taking on menial jobs to see if they can cope.
Meanwhile, Nicole has got engaged to boyfriend Adam Goldstein.

The pretty blonde has been dating the DJ for over a year but as yet no date for the wedding has been decided, although it is set to be a lavish affair with guests including Paris, teen actress Lindsay Lohan and Paris’s sister, Nicky.

Nicole Richie Upsets Tori Spelling By Naming A Rat After Her

Nicole Richie has upset Tori Spelling after she named a pet rat after the 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star.

The daughter of singing legend Lionel Richie gave the rodent to her 'Simple Life' co-star Paris Hilton as a Christmas present, but when Tori found out what Nicole had christened it, she wasn't impressed.

Nicole said: "I gave Paris Hilton a rat called Tori Spelling for Christmas, and Paris loved her. I told Tori about how I named my rat after her and she tried to pretend it was funny, but I could tell it hurt her feelings.

"Tori felt I think her face looks like a rat's, but I actually own six rats and I named each after a character on 'Beverly Hills, 90210', like Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry.
The 23-year-old star admitted she was obsessed with rats, much to her mother’s dismay.

She is quoted by Contact Music as saying: My mother freaks out about my rats and is always trying to make me get rid of them because I am obsessed with them, but I love them and so does Paris.

Last week, it was reported that Nicole had named her pet dog after Beyoncé Knowles.

A source revealed at the time: "Nicole is such a huge fan and thinks Beyonce is a lovely name. She called her pet pooch after her for that very reason."

Nicole Richie's love for scruffy men

Veteran singer Lionel Richie's daughter Nicole has revealed her passion for homeless-looking scruffy men, RateTheMusic.com is quoted Nicole as saying.

The 22-year-old year aspiring singer said that she likes her men to be a little rough like cowboys and has no taste for suave men.

"I love homeless-looking guys. I like them scruffy and I just don't like conventional. I like tattoos and mohawks,".

"I like them to look like they're homeless but not (be homeless). And they can't be tanned - no tan, no muscle. No, no, no!
Like, if I tan then I want my boyfriend to sit with an umbrella and sunscreen. It's so hot! And I love glasses," she added.

Nicole had reportedly deemed herself too old to enjoy all-night parties the fast living and the high life have caused burn out and all at the age of 22.

She admits her premature entrance into Hollywood's party scene has already left her partied out.

Nicole Richie: "Simple" Bride-to-Be

Paris Hilton isn't losing a reality TV costar, she's gaining new material. Nicole Richie, Hilton's Simple Life cohort, has announced her engagement to boyfriend Adam Goldstein. No wedding date has been set, Richie's publicist told E! on Tuesday. The marriage would be the first for both.

Richie, 23, is best known as the craftily edited version of herself on Fox's The Simple Life, the rich-fishes-out-of-water reality series now in its third season.

Goldstein is a thirtysomething deejay on the Los Angeles scene who mixes tunes under the name of DJ AM

Richie and Goldstein have been an item for a year. Last month he provided the music for the shoot of her upcoming Bongo Jeans TV commercial. Other recent credits include a New Year's Eve shindig with Wilmer Valderrama and the Black Eyed Peas in Miami, an inaugural bash in Washington, D.C., and a Simple Life wrap party.

Richie hails from the Hollywood home of pop star Lionel Richie; Goldstein hails from Philadelphia, where, according to his official Website, he learned to keep it real, word.

"Some brothas would run up to jack me, and I would bust a beat box for them," the DJ AM bio reads, "and next thing I knew, it was a freestyle session for an hour."

Prior to her Simple Life debut in December 2003, Richie was busted, not in a beat box way, for drug possession. She subsequently entered rehab, and earned kudos from her sentencing judge for her newfound sobriety.

The Simple Life: Interns, the latest example of Richie and Hilton's collaborative work, scored to its best-ever premiere numbers on Jan. 26.

After spending two seasons tormenting small towns, the duo have been dispatched in Interns to the corporate world. The Richie and Hilton effect on domestic productivity has yet to be determined.

Richie will try to add to her bottom line by launching a music career. A debut album is said to be in the works. It seems she has this in with a deejay...

Nicole Richie's Rat Obsession

Nicole Richie is such a big fan of the '90s hit teen drama "Beverly Hills 90210" she has named her six rats after the show's stars -- much to the chagrin of Tori Spelling.
The daughter of soul star Lionel gave her best friend Paris Hilton a rat named after Spelling, and word quickly got back to the actress -- who played Donna Martin in the show.

Richie says, "I gave Paris Hilton a rat called Tori Spelling for Christmas, and Paris loved her. I told Tori about how I named my rat after her and (she) tried to pretend it was funny, but I could tell it hurt her feelings.

"Tori felt I think her face looks like a rat's, but I actually own six rats and I named each after a character on 'Beverly Hills 90210,' like Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry. My mother freaks out about my rats and is always trying to make me get rid of them because I am obsessed with them, but I love them and so does Paris.'"


Richie Makes Musical Debut On US TV

'Simple life' star Nicole Richie had a nerve-wracking experience yesterday morning (February 2, 2005) when she gave her first ever live musical performance on Tv.
Richie, daughter of soul veteran Lionel Richie, has plans to release an album in the coming months, and she decided to unveil her piano-playing talents on American chat show The View.

She admitted, "I've never played piano on television before and I'm really nervous."

Nervous Richie hit a wrong key as she played, but started her performance again after co-host Star Jones shouted, "Pretend you're naked!"

Richie ended her brief performance by playing a song composed by her father, which won a rapturous applause from the audience.

Nicole Richie Names Chihuahua Beyonce

Pop beauty Beyonce Knowles has inspired Nicole Richie to name her pet Chihuahua after her.
The Crazy In Love singer's name is becoming increasingly popular among newborn babies and Richie, the daughter of soul veteran Lionel Richie, decided to follow suit.

A source says, "Nicole is such a huge fan and thinks Beyonce is a lovely name. She called her pet pooch after her for that very reason."

Nicole Richie shuns surgery

Nicole Richie says she would never get a boob job because she loves being flat-chested.

However, she says she enjoyed her time in a plastic surgeon's office as part of her show The Simple Life.

She says her worst experience of the new season was working as a fortune teller. Instead of reading customers' palms she had to read their bottoms. Apparently one customer showed his opinion of her prediction by passing gas!

The series follows her and Paris Hilton as they tackle a variety of jobs and stay with host families in small towns around America's east coast.

Simply shallow: Paris, Nicole begin 3rd season of laughing at the rest of us

It wouldn't be completely fair to call Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie pampered do-nothings. Oh, they're pampered, all right, but to give credit where it's due, they've succeeded surprisingly well in parlaying their empty personalities and terminal shallowness into a television mini-franchise called The Simple Life, which, for whatever reason, has captured the fancy of a sizable number of viewers during its first two go-rounds on the Fox network.
The latest incarnation of that series, this time called The Simple Life: Interns, kicks off at 9 tonight, and it finds the flighty duo continuing their now-familiar pattern of botching the simplest of jobs, then laughing about the jobs - and, by inference, anybody who would be pathetic enough to actually hold down such menial positions in real life.

Oh, and don't be alarmed by the word Interns in the title. Our little socialite airheads aren't examining sick patients or assisting with surgery at a medical facility. ("Ooh, is that, like, real blood!? How gross!") Even a TV network has limits to its liability insurance. No, as in the first two seasons of The Simple Life, this one features the gals once again trying their well-manicured hands at a series of blue-collar jobs - and being totally overwhelmed by each.

Along the way, they mingle with a succession of bumpkins who are amused, exasperated, and downright flummoxed by these two glamorous creatures - when they're not leering at them.

This time the girls are traveling from town to town in the northeast United States by Greyhound bus, which, needless to say, is a novel experience for both of them. In the first episode, as they wait on a Manhattan street corner with 12 big suitcases and three lapdogs, they catch sight of their bus approaching.

"There's people on it," says one.

Gosh, imagine that. It's not even a private bus!

"There's a dog on the side of it," says the other.

Well, it is, after all, a Greyhound bus, hon. Get it?

For anyone not familiar with the two 23-year-old centerpieces of this program - that is to say, if you don't read People magazine - Paris is a socialite whose greatest accomplishment in life to date is being born the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the hotel chain. Her pal Nicole is slightly less regal, tracing her pedigree only as far back as her dad, singer Lionel Richie.

Neither of the trust-fund tootsies has any experience to speak of in the Neverland of real jobs and tiny paychecks, and it's precisely this fish-out-of-Evian-water aspect of the show that's supposed to make it so, um, funny.

Their first "internship" this season is working for an auto mechanic, where, after showing up two hours late, Nicole tells a caller asking for an estimate: "Normally we charge for that, but you sound hot, so we'll do it for free." When not remarking on the ugliness of their baggy uniforms or the "ickiness" of a car's oil, the two find time to swipe a police cruiser for a joyride and play bumper car with a couple of customers' vehicles.

At the Bayonne, N.J., home of their host family - during their weekly misadventures, the girls are lodged with local families, which often include a hormone-driven teen boy or two to drool over them - Paris and Nicole feel sorry for a woman whose dog recently died. So they go out and buy her a pair of $2,000 Great Danes to make her feel better.

Sure, the dogs are as big as horses and the last thing the woman wants or needs, but gee, what a sweet gesture - until, that is, the breeder who sold them the dogs comes looking for her money from the host family, because - uh-oh - the girls never paid her. Hilarity ensues, or so we're to believe.

The executive producer of The Simple Life is Jonathan Murray, creator of two other successful unscripted TV shows, The Real World and Road Rules, and though this one is probably no more mindless than many of the "reality" shows currently glutting the TV schedule, there's something vaguely insulting about it.

The two young stars' condescending attitude towards anyone they consider beneath them - which would include anybody who doesn't have at least three homes, including a summer place in the Hamptons - is pretty amazing. When not blowing off their assigned tasks, they spend much of their time making fun of people who aren't as cool as they are.

Despite that, some viewers might find something oddly endearing about these two waifs, maybe because they've got their faux-innocent goofiness routine down so well. And there's little doubt that it's a routine. I mean, come on - if they were really as clueless and muddle-headed as they appear to be, it's hard to believe they could find their way off the dance floors of the uber-hip clubs where they hang out when they're not traipsing through the hamlets of America.

Whether it's real or not, though, I'm sure that Hilton and Richie - kind of a latter-day version of the Gabor sisters - are laughing at us as we laugh at them.

And Fox, of course, is laughing at everybody.

Rumor has Paris and Nicole splitting up

U.S. reality show co-stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie may be going their separate ways.

InTouch Weekly reports that Hilton wants to do a show without Richie, her travel companion in "The Simple Life" and friend since childhood.

"I can carry my own show," Paris reportedly said to a friend. The magazine says the third season of the duo's reality show -- which has received some not-so-good reviews -- will be the last.

A spokesman for Hilton denies the report, telling MSNBC, "That's completely not true. That would be like Lucy and Ethel splitting up."

The third season of "The Simple Life" begins Wednesday night on the Fox network.

'Simple Life' stumbles on its third phony road trip

For people who choose to view tabloid party girls Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, the third time may be a lot less charming. The pampered celebutantes -- who became surprise reality TV divas by making fools of themselves on "The Simple Life" -- return for another season of orchestrated, contrived real-world whoopee at 9 tonight on Fox. Since they're nestled into the slot next to "American Idol," Paris and Nicole may still enjoy happy ratings and continued pop-culture fame.

They generated goofball guilty-pleasure entertainment with the first two editions of "The Simple Life," where they made fools of themselves while living with an Arkansas farm family, and then they road tripped through the boondocks from Florida to California. But now Paris and Nicole's pouty princess act might be wearing thin. That's because we've seen it all before. Twice.

Now comes "The Simple Life: Interns," which moves into its regular 8:30 p.m. Wednesday home Feb. 9. The twist? The girls temporarily abandon their first-class lifestyle to ride a Greyhound bus through the cities and towns of the Northeast, where they'll take on and make a mess of intern jobs in funeral homes, auto repair shops and other fun locations.

Shortly after they board the Greyhound in Manhattan for their initial jaunt to -- oh, dear -- unfashionable New Jersey, the girls make with the same old game of playing dumber than they are.

"Do they play movies on this bus like the airplane?" the faux clueless Nicole blurts out to her confused fellow bus riders ... And then she wonders, "Is New Jersey a city or a state?"

OK, we get the idea. You girls are dumber than Donald Trump's hairstylist.

Or at least that's the way Paris and Nicole present themselves, as flamboyantly self-absorbed, slightly dense rich girls who can't be bothered to do an honest day's work.

During their few hours of employment at a Quality Auto Care shop in Bayonne, N.J., the sarcastic scam sisters bend a few fenders, avoid doing oil changes properly and pilfer a police car for a joy ride. And as Paris frets about her fabulous blond hair-do in the grimy garage atmosphere, her boss grows testy.

"Don't worry about the hair," he snaps. "The hair's fine. The car can't tell what you look like."

Yep, I'm with him, Paris and Nicole. I hung with you guys for two seasons of mindless escapism.

But "The Simple Life: Interns" is an ideal example of a guilty pleasure losing its dopey mojo.

The cheap thrill is gone.

Nicole Richie stars in ''The Simple Life''

THE SIMPLE LIFE is the new unscripted series that chronicles two affluent socialites as they struggle to make the transition from uptown to small town.

From the penthouse to the outhouse, this unique series follows hotel heiress PARIS HILTON and her best friend NICOLE RICHIE, daughter of legendary pop icon Lionel Richie, as they leave behind the comforts of their lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles for a chance to live THE SIMPLE LIFE. Armed with a Louis Vuitton bag and a teacup chihuahua named Tinkerbell, Hilton and Richie move in with a hardworking farm family in Altus, AR (pop. 817). Seven family members. Three generations. Two celebutantes. One bathroom. Together they add up to one hilarious half-hour.

The outrageous series focuses on Hilton and Richie, as they roll up their Chanel sleeves and get their manicured hands dirty while they try to adjust and fit into a world far different from the one they are accustomed to. From cleaning chicken coops and pumping gas to hitting the town and picking up guys, Hilton and Richie make waves as this provocative fish-out-of-water series unfolds. The pampered princesses once famous for dancing on tables will now have to clean them. From the inner circle to the quilting circle, the burning questions still remain: Will they survive THE SIMPLE LIFE, and will this small town survive them?

Watch out America: The 'Simple' duo's back

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were back on the "Simple Life 3: Interns" dressed as, ahem, sexy flight attendents at a small Pennsylvania airport.

Fortunately, the pair never made it onto an airplane and instead worked various jobs on the ground at Lehigh Valley Airport near Allentown.

On the show, filmed in early fall, the dynamic duo hit the road in a Greyhound bus to work as interns for a slew of unfortunate businesses ranging from the airport to a small TV station where they take over as weather girls.

The reality series returns to Fox on Jan. 26.

Not so ‘Simple’ in N.J. for Paris and Nicole

After getting the cold shoulder in a rural New Jersey town, Paris Hilton and her reality show are headed for the city.

The hotel heiress and her Fox reality show, “The Simple Life,” whose plans to film at a middle school in nearby Buena Vista Township were dashed, will instead shoot scenes Friday at an Atlantic City fire station.

“Some guys are excited about it,” said fire Capt. William Brooks, who heads an engine company at the Chief John J. Jasper Jr. Memorial Fire Station.

Firefighters have signed waivers and agreed to remain mum about the filming.

The show’s third season, which premieres Jan. 26, has Hilton and co-star Nicole Richie traveling the country working as interns in a series of jobs.

Hilton and Richie banned from school

Socialites-turned-reality TV stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been banned from a New Jersey school after announcing plans to film a segment of their new show there.

The high-living duo had hoped to film an episode of The Simple Life at the JP Cleary Middle School in Minotola, but governors aborted the project after being deluged with protests from parents.

Hilton and Richie were planning to work as substitute teachers at the school - and be filmed trying to keep order.

One angry parent says: "Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's reputation leaves a lot to be desired. What if one of them were to let slip an obscenity? Many parents were left puzzled when the idea was first raised."

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's stint at morgue

Socialite Paris Hilton and her best pal Nicole Richie have undertaken a stint working in a morgue for the new season of their reality TV show, `The Simple Life`.

Season three of the reality show sees the girls traveling America's East Coast, working as interns in a variety of different jobs along the way.

"The worst job was working in the morgue where we had to move bodies and drive the hearse," Paris was quoted by Anannova as saying.

"I don't like dead bodies and that was horrible," Richie added.

Nicole Richie's potty mouth flushed away her live gig

While the Billboard Music Awards were broadcast live from Las Vegas last week, reality TV star Nicole Richie was beamed out taped-delayed.

"I'm not actually allowed to do the show live because I cursed last year," Richie told syndicated entertainment TV show "Access Hollywood" before Wednesday night's show.

Richie, who stars with Paris Hilton on "The Simple Life," added, "That's why I'm here so early. Then I'll stay for the show."

A spokesman for Fox told The Associated Press that the segment was taped minutes before the show. Richie's uncensored expletive at last year's Billboard Awards was cited by some lawmakers in arguing a need to tighten Federal Communications Commission regulations.

Well, whatever keeps Nicole scripted rather than live is fine with us.

Paris and Nicole found simple life too boring

Professionally spoiled celubutantes Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, stars of Fox's television series "The Simple Life 2: Road Trip," spent two days filming in South Mississippi.

Hilton, the hotel heiress, and Richie, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie, spent weeks traveling across the South in a pickup towing a camper. With stops in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, Hilton and Richie were supposedly provided a minimum of money, thereby prodding them into working (albeit briefly) in area businesses.

"Simple Life" episodes were notable for their stunning and, often, atrocious behavior.

On March 26 and 27, they partied at the Beau Rivage, slept at a Jackson County campground, ate at Cajun's Fabulous Fried Chicken, spent a day working at Rene's Quality Meats in Ocean Springs, sold boudin in the street to passing cars and stayed with a Latimer family.

They also made news months later when Entertainment Weekly published a story containing their not-so-flattering observations about the region.

"This is the bush... the outback," Hilton reportedly said.


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