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Nancy O'Dell Anchor

Nancy O'Dell

The beautiful blonde looks like a Hollywood star, but instead she delivers news about other hot stars. Sexy Nancy is one of the hottest and accomplished media anchors of her time, as she has been co-hosting NBC's "Access Hollywood" for several years. Named as one of Electronic Media's 10 Most Bankable Stars in Syndication and one of the "20 Hottest Stars Right Now" by Shape Magazine, Nancy O'Dell serves as the co-anchor of "Access Hollywood," the daily entertainment newsmagazine currently in its ninth season of providing the most comprehensive coverage of entertainment news and personalities on television. She was part of "Access Hollywood's" on-air team when the show launched in 1996, serving as weekend co-anchor and weekday correspondent. In January 1999, O'Dell was promoted to co-anchor, and has since earned a reputation as one of Hollywood's leading entertainment journalists. In addition to her on-air duties at "Access Hollywood," O'Dell contributes reports to both NBC News's "Today" show, and "Dateline." Beyond covering events such as The Oscars, The Emmys, The Grammys and The Golden Globe Awards, O'Dell has also hosted the national Golden Globes Arrivals Show for the past five years with Dick Clark for NBC, The Emmys Pre-Show for Fox (1999) and for ABC (2000). In 2002, she co-hosted NBC's Emmys Post-Show. A member of the Academy of Country Music, she was the original host and consulting producer of USA Network's "Nashville Star," a nationwide search for the next great country music artist. In addition, O'Dell has been a co-host for NBC's network coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade since 2000. In 2003 and 2004 she co-hosted ESPN's ESPY Awards Red Carpet Show. In 2004 she also co-hosted NBC's broadcast of the Miss USA Pageant and Christmas in Rockefeller Center. Additionally, O'Dell co-hosted the Hollywood Christmas Parade in 1999, 2000 and 2002. For Clear Channel Radio in Los Angeles, O'Dell has been the commercial spokesperson for KBIG-FM since 2004.

An award-winning journalist, O'Dell has been honored with three Associated Press Awards, two Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Awards, and is a five-time Emmy Award nominee. In addition, she was nominated two years in a row (1999 and 2000) for the prestigious Publicist Guild of America's Press Award, recognizing excellence in entertainment reporting. O'Dell began her broadcast career as a reporter and anchor at WPDE-TV in Myrtle Beach, S.C. She later worked as morning news anchor and crime reporter at WCBD-TV in Charleston, S.C. Before joining Access Hollywood, she served as co-anchor and investigative reporter for NBC's Miami station, WTVJ-TV.

Although O'Dell maintains a busy work schedule, she regularly makes time for philanthropic endeavors. In February 2002, she was inducted into the American Red Cross's National Celebrity Cabinet, and she also serves as a national spokesperson for the March of Dimes. In addition, she acts as an international board member for Best Buddies, a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. In June 2002, Best Buddies honored O'Dell with the organization's Spirit of Leadership Award. This honor has previously been bestowed upon Muhammad Ali, Maria Shriver and Olympian Carl Lewis. O'Dell also serves as a Celebrity Ambassador for Childhelp USA, an organization committed to meeting the needs of abused and neglected children.

A native of South Carolina, O'Dell was inducted into that state's Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame in 1998 as the youngest member ever in recognition of her journalistic success. O'Dell is a summa cum laude honors graduate of Clemson University. Nancy O'dell was born on February 25, 1963, in Florida, USA.

More fun stuff about Nancy O'Dell

Height 5' 9" (1.75 m)

Husband Richard O'Dell is a doctor.

Former Miss South Carolina.

She graduated from Clemson University summa cum laude

Is a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Nancy O'Dell is ''Access Hollywood'' star

“Access Hollywood,” is an entertainment newsmagazine that provides viewers with the latest showbiz news, in-depth celebrity interviews, and behind-the-scenes accounts of the most important events in Hollywood.
The newsmagazine’s continuous efforts to break new ground by giving viewers the inside stories they want to see have helped it gain substantial growth in popularity and ratings.
The weekday half-hour edition of “Access Hollywood” is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the most important entertainment stories of the day in a sophisticated-yet-fun-to-watch style. From revealing discussions with the hottest stars in Hollywood to exclusive “insider” looks at the latest motion picture, television and music projects, the daily edition provides one-stop shopping for viewers hungry for the latest in entertainment news. The expanded one-hour weekend edition of “Access Hollywood” allows for in-depth feature stories and theme shows, including annual previews of major award shows, the summer rock tours, the new fall television season, countdowns of top actors, top models, top movie blockbusters, greatest bands of all time and behind-the-scenes looks at hotspots in New York and Los Angeles, to name a few.

The on-air team at “Access Hollywood” is led by Nancy O’Dell and Billy Bush. Joining O’Dell and Bush are weekend co-anchors and correspondents Shaun Robinson and Tony Potts.

Nancy O'Dell - Access Hollywood Hair

When Nancy O'Dell's brilliant blondness light up the screen on tonight's Access Hollywood program I was primed to hit the slow-mo button on my Tivo control. Never mind the fascinating exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie about her ruptured relationship with her movie star dad. And yeah, it was good to hear that Toby McGuire would be able to fly "just fine" for his next Spiderman saga.

But the really big story for me was Nancy's hot new hairdo. "Come on Nance, turn more to the left," I coached her from my sofa, yes, that's right, "swing your head a little so I can see the movement and flow of the cut" I begged. "Amazing layers", I shouted back at the screen. It's absolutely stunning, pure wow, I gurgled to my puzzled friend who was watching me scrutinize every single solitary hair on the lovely Ms. O'Dell's beautiful blonde head. (Image above of Nancy O'Dell - Courtesy of NBC - Access Hollywood - all rights reserved).

So what the heck was I doing you might ask? Good question but really, I am not totally insane. Just totally mesmerized by Nancy's hot new hairstyle. Why you might ask? Well I was actually studying the latest styling masterpiece of Ken Paves, celebrity hairstylist to some of the most beautiful and talented stars in the world.
Earlier in the day when I was chatting with Ken on the phone, while he was letting the blonde hair extensions for Christina Applegate's upcoming Cosmo photo shoot "air dry" on a beach towel in his backyard, he filled me in on Nancy's new cut.

I was beyond curious to see what hair magic Ken had performed for the lovely Ms. O'Dell. Even though Ken was describing Nancy's new style as "many many layers upon layers with sultry side swept bangs" and "lots and lots of movement" I wanted to see his magic. Yes, it's true that curiosity killed the cat and I was one very curious cat.

Ken reminded me that I could see Nancy's new hairstyle on her Access Hollywood broadcast, which lead me to a mad dash for my home and the one way conversation with my TV.

Sure enough, Nancy looked spectacular in her brand new edgy, choppy, layered do, which I studied in slow-mo pause for an extended period of time. (Image above of Pat O'Brien & Nancy O'Dell - Courtesy of NBC - Access Hollywood - all rights reserved). Her sultry new layered style flows beautifully from her crown to her shoulders. It opens up her entire face and eyes. Her cap of shiny blonde bangs can be worn to the side in a flirty side sweep, or worn brushed down around her eyes.

One question I always ask Ken is how he hooked up with his various celebrity heads. I always want to know this information because of what I have learned about how he works. Ken prefers to work with a client that is open to forming a professional relationship that allows him to dig down into their soul.

You only have to look at the hair designs of Ken's favorite "girls" like Lara Flynn Boyle, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and Carmen Electra to see what I mean. Ken captures their true essence, heart and soul with his scissors and hands. He gets inside their head and then designs a hair masterpiece that truly reflects who they are, their dreams and realities and their desires.

So how did Ken come to working with Nancy O'Dell's hair? Although Nancy and Ken have been acquainted for some time through mutual Hollywood connections, this was the first time that Ken had the opportunity to work on Nancy's hair. In a scene stranger than fiction, Nancy, who is one of the most recognized and respected journalistic faces in Hollywood, saw the spectacular new hairstyle that Ken created for Dance Fever's Carmen Electra on a recent Regis and Kelly show. In true Hollywood fashion, Nancy's people called Carmen's people who called Ken's people. All of those Hollywood people pulled it together so that Ken Paves was able to schedule a special haircut session at Nancy's home on Sunday morning at the virtual crack of dawn.

So in true Ken Paves fashion, he met with Nancy and he spent "a good portion of the haircut session chatting and getting to know the real Nancy O'Dell a little better".

Just like with all his clients, when Ken starts working with them at the beginning, they will go through a series of haircut evolutions until they emerge, like a butterfly from their cocoon, with a Paves style that reflects their beauty and soul. This process usually takes 2-3 haircuts over a span of weeks or months as Ken works with them and builds a foundation of trust and knowledge that he translates to their style.

It is actually an amazing process that mere mortals can only dream of. To find a hair muse that will help them be who they really are.

But then everything about Ken Paves is truly amazing.

Nancy O'Dell: A star committed to babies

Nancy O'Dell Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood is pushing herself to new heights. As one of the nation's top entertainment reporters, she is no stranger to the spotlight. Covering The Oscars, The Emmys and the Golden Globe awards are exciting assignments, but this year she is facing new challenges. Nancy is making cameo appearances ( a small role played by a celebrity --often limited to a single scene) on numerous popular television shows. In August, she played a cop on General Hospital and in the season premiere of "Just Shoot Me" she appeared on the cover of Blush Magazine. No, her reporting days aren't over; Nancy is trying to set a new record for the largest number of cameo appearances on television.

The purpose behind her string of cameos? Nancy is raising awareness for the March of Dimes' campaign: Blue Jeans for Babies. By working together with an organization that prides itself on promoting healthy pregnancies and preventing birth defects, Nancy will be one busy woman.

"I think Alfred Hitchcock has the record of 37, so he is known as 'the king of cameos,'" Nancy says. "I am wearing either blue or blue jeans in every program, so every time people see it, or we get press from it, it kicks in the idea of the Blue Jeans for Babies purpose."

Nancy was recently named the national spokesperson for the Blue Jeans for Babies campaign by the March of Dimes. The campaign's goal is to raise awareness regarding pre-conception care for women who are of child bearing age. Research shows women who take steps to become healthy before pregnancy can greatly reduce their chances of having a baby with birth defects. Thrilled with the opportunity, Nancy accepted the position.

"I think they were looking for a young woman who possibly might want to have children in the future, and who had a national forum to get the message out," Nancy says. "It's funny because shortly before they called, I was wishing there was some way I could help my community and benefit people because I have a national forum. I said a little prayer, and it worked out perfectly."

Nancy will not only be raising awareness through her cameo appearances, but she also will be raising money for the March of Dimes.

"Because of union rules, each program is required to pay you a certain amount to do a cameo appearance," she says, "which I will donate to the March of Dimes. It should be a lot of fun - the programs are excited about it, too."

Nancy also confided that a large corporation, whose name she could not mention, plans donate money to the March of Dimes each time one of her cameos airs. In addition, Nancy plans to generate interest from other shows, without appearing in a cameo role.

"We are trying to get some of the morning shows, along with some of the news shows, to wear blue jeans," she says. "And when I go on the programs to talk about the campaign, hopefully [the hosts] will participate by being in jeans that day for us."

What does the staff of Access Hollywood think of all this? Nancy says her enthusiasm immediately sparked their interest. They got excited after she asked them to do some research on prenatal care and the largest number of cameos ever made. Nancy says they plan to have their hosts in blue jeans sometime in October, which is the official campaign month.
"They are totally behind it now," she says, "and I think they are going to keep track of it on the show. They are going to keep a little tally of how many cameos I make, and which shows they are on."

The March of Dimes Blue Jeans for Babies Campaign hopes to instill the image of blue jeans as a representation of the American healthy lifestyle. This, in turn, will hopefully remind women to take care of themselves before and after conception. All across the country, companies and their staff participate in the campaign by buying Blue Jeans for Babies buttons at $3-5 apiece. By buying a button, employees "buy" the right to wear blue jeans to work on the day designated by the company. All of the proceeds go to the March of Dimes.

The March of Dimes Blue Jeans for Babies Campaign hopes to instill the image of blue jeans as a representation of the American healthy lifestyle. This, in turn, will hopefully remind women to take care of themselves before and after conception.

Nancy's enthusiasm spread throughout her workplace, and she encourages every company to get involved - from large corporations to small businesses. She has learned a lot about preconception health while being a spokesperson. Before leaving for work, she eats a healthy breakfast and takes a multi-vitamin. She is preparing her body to eventually nurture a baby. She says her diet, which meets the daily recommendation of folic acid, is extremely important for women who are of child bearing age.

Folic acid has been shown to reduce the risk of birth defects of the spine and brain by 50-60 percent. And although she and her husband are not planning to have children for a few more years, she knows that almost half of the pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned.

"I thought it was pretty incredible that something so simple could help so much," says Nancy. "I am not planning to get pregnant any time soon, but if it does happen, the folic acid will be in my body to help prevent birth defects. I learned you can get folic acid through certain foods like green leafy vegetables, orange juice, enriched breads, beans and grains. You can also get it through a multi-vitamin. A lot of people don't know about folic acid because the research wasn't widely known until the early 1990s."

Nancy also understands how a change in anyone's diet, especially for a busy woman like herself, can be a challenge. But she reminds women that the benefits outweigh the inconvenience, and changing a routine can be easy.

"I think everybody can take time out in the morning to drink orange juice," she says. "Make an effort to get fortified cereals and breads. Folic acid comes in a lot of food, and taking a multi-vitamin doesn't take long."

When asked if her work with this campaign makes her an advocate in her daily life, she replied that she definitely tries to educate people.

"I give a little lecture, like, 'OK, you need to do this and this. Do you know about this? Are you taking your multi-vitamin?'" she says. "And I really noticed a difference in my own diet. I don't like vegetables much; the only one I can eat is asparagus... so I have been loading up on that! Women also need to make sure they are vaccinated against measles and Rubella (German measles), get regular check-ups, maintain an ideal weight, exercise, review family history, don't handle cat litter or eat under-cooked meat, drink, do drugs, or smoke."
Nancy has conducted in-depth interviews with famous celebrities such as Arnold Schwartzeneger, John Travolta, Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage and Michael Douglas. But despite her contributions to the entertainment world, Nancy is motivated by her husband's success as an anesthesiologist, and often compares her work with his.

"Because you are in the entertainment world, you ask yourself, 'What am I doing to make a difference...what am I doing to help society?'" says Nancy. "I always felt a little guilty, I think, being married to a doctor and hearing all that he's done to help in emergency rooms, and with delivering babies. I just don't feel like I am making as much of a difference as he is. But now maybe I am going to help someone 40, 30 or even 10 years down the road. Or maybe I am helping someone who is having a baby right now. That's rewarding."

Nancy O'Dell - Face to a Nation

You might recognize her name as your daily VIP ticket to the inside scoop on all things Hollywood. But when Nancy O’Dell steps off the set of Access Hollywood, the show she co-hosts nightly with Pat O’Brien, her day has only begun. After reading through a few TV and radio promotional spots, recording her nationally syndicated radio show, Access Hollywood on the Radio With Nancy O’Dell, and dishing out the latest entertainment buzz for numerous media links, it’s not uncommon to find O’Dell giving her time to the Red Cross, March of Dimes, Best Buddies or other similar charities.
In addition to helping out numerous charities, O’Dell found time this past year to host the red carpet arrival shows for the Emmys and Golden Globes, while also covering the Oscars and several music award shows. Name a show, and she’s probably either hosted it, reported on it, or can give you the inside scoop on it. In short, this is one busy lady.

“It never ends,” she admits. While it all sounds glamorous — celebrity interviews, wardrobe fittings and evening film premieres — O’Dell’s hectic schedule would wear anyone down. To keep her sanity, the Methodist-raised former South Carolina beauty pageant contestant turns to Scripture. “I have devotionals that I’ll read,” she says. One of her favorites is the classic Springs in the Valley by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. She remembers a few years ago how one reading vividly spoke to her fast-paced life.

“It was a lesson about resting in Christ and not rushing through the day,” she says. “For me, it’s hard to make time to just be still. [And then] you get so tired at the end of the day, you fall asleep during your prayers.” As a result, she keeps one particular Scripture in mind throughout the day: “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest” (Exodus 33:14).

As a face seen across the nation daily, O’Dell doesn’t take her role lightly, which is why she’s so passionate about her work with charities. “At one point, I asked myself, ‘I’m reporting on this and that, but am I making a difference in the world?’ I prayed, ‘OK, God. I have this national podium on Access Hollywood. Let me know how to use this.’” The next day, the March of Dimes called her, asking her to be their spokesperson. “I knew I was supposed to do this for some reason.”


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