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Michael Moloney

Michael Moloney

Michael utilizes his experience in design on ABC's reality TV show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". After ten years in the fashion industry, Michael Moloney turned his design concepts to homes in 1993. Blending the new and the practical with the timeworn charm of things "not exactly perfect" has been Michael's look from the beginning of his design career. Twelve years ago, the Palos Verdes, California native set out to combine his love of shopping and knowledge of design to open a "new" type of antique store in Redondo Beach. Le Garage was born. He combined vintage treasures found at flea markets all over the country, new accessories and gift ware. His eclectic, fresh approach to decorating took off and, a few years later, Michael opened Maison Luxe in Manhattan Beach, California, taking the original look to the next level, with all things luxurious from France and Italy, where he travels several times a year. Michael's television credits include Christopher Lowell, Next Door with Katie Brown, Kitty Bartholomew's You're Home, Designers' Challenge, and he is currently starring in Clean House.

Michael Moloney was born in Palos Verdes Estates, CA on December 14.


Meet Michael Moloney

Michael Moloney, whose brief on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is Interiors and Glamour, has possibly the best job in showbiz.
With a fistful of cash, he and his faithful companion Ricky the Design Dog hit the shops on a weekly basis. Their mission? To furnish and equip every room of the newly transformed homes with a shopping list that stretches from plasma screens to potato peelers.

The man has shopping in his blood. Passionate about design concepts for homes, he's the owner of two successful and distinctive California stores. Le Garage specialises in vintage and contemporary giftware and Maison Luxe imports unique pieces from Europe, where he travels frequently.

His impeccable taste has kept him busy over the years. Prior to launching his stores he spent a successful ten years in the fashion industry. Turning his attention away from designing clothes, a whole string of credits on U.S. homes and design programmes were swift to follow. As he so succinctly puts it 'I'm the candyman. I make things fabulous'.

And he certainly looks the part. Whether he's knocking down a brick wall or scattering rose petals he's guaranteed to look immaculate. With his platinum white teeth and impeccable hair, you wouldn't believe he's the wrong side of forty.


Michael Moloney co-star in the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

It's big bucks, big hearts and even bigger hair in this, the ultimate makeover show. Adapted from controversial sister series Extreme Makeover which specialises in cosmetic surgery makeovers, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition performs equally radical transformations on homes.
Think way beyond MDF radiator covers and sequin scatter cushions. With a whopping one million dollar budget per project, we're talking total renovation - right back to the drawing board and a radical redesign which may feature a swimming pool, barn with livestock or even a basketball court in your garage.

But it's the stories behind the makeovers that will be tugging at your heartstrings. Prepare for an emotional battering as we meet everyday Americans living exceptionally dramatic lives. Take the five-strong McCrory family with triplets on the way, or the entire community whose homes were flooded during a hailstorm or the eight children whose parents died within days of each other. Our researcher had a tear in her eye before the first ad break...

This is 100% American cheese and you're going to love it. There's whooping and cheering, high fiving and hugging, and that's before any work has started. And what makes this show even more watchable is that the team is total eye candy. Presenter Ty Pennington's jock good looks and improbable abs make it more Baywatch than Changing Rooms. And Paige Hemmis is definitely the most curvaceous carpenter you're likely to see.

With a crew of fifty tradesmen and a schedule of just seven days, it's not surprising that frowns sometimes furrow the foreheads of our glamorous team. It's a veritable soap opera of emotions. And picture the scene when the families return from their week-long holiday to their brand new home. The screams reach fever pitch - a word of warning, keep a finger on your remote's volume control!

So get set for an all-out assault on your emotions and experience the phenomenon that is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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