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Katie Wagner Actress

Katie Wagner

Katie currently serves as a judge on The WB's reality show "Starlet", where ten actresses compete for a chance to crack Hollywood stardom. Entertainment reporter and former actor, Katie Wagner is no stranger to the highs and lows of trying to make it big in Hollywood. Growing up Katie, the daughter of actor Robert Wagner, was surrounded by some of the most iconoclastic celebrities Hollywood has ever known, including the actor she was named after, Katharine Hepburn. Her career in television began in 1987, during an interview for a show called Born Famous. While interviewing Wagner and her father, the show's host asked her what she wanted to do. Her answer proved prophetic, "I would like to do what you do." She has since gone on to work for HBO, Cinemax, VH1 and MTV. More recently, Katie joined Joel Siegel as his co-host three years running for the nationally syndicated Joel Siegel Summer Film Preview, interviewing such stars as Gabriel Byrne, Brendan Fraser, Mel Gibson and, her father, Robert Wagner. Katie was born on May 12, 1964, in Los Angeles, California.

Katie Wagner was born Katharine Wagner ( named after family friend Katharine Hepburn)on May 11, 1964. She was the daughter of Marion Marshall and Robert Wagner and stepdaughter of the late Natalie Wood. At age 17, she was forced into the parental role when Natalie drowned. She helped her dad take care of her sisters, Courtney and Natasha. Katie graduated for Beverly Hills High School in 1982.She then moved to London and Tokyo where she worked as a model, guest starred in the movies, Scanners: The Showdown and Ice House. She also hosted the House of Blues and worked for Movietime ( Now E! Television). You can now see Katie on the TV Guide Channel. She does the Family Do's and Dont's segment, a guide for family friendly TV shows and TV Talk, an hour long interview segment.

More fast facts about Katie Wagner

Her dad is famous actor Robert Wagner
Is spokes person for the Murad Acne Complex.
Was once the step daughter of the late Natalie Wood
Was a bridesmade in Debbie Matenopoulos's wedding
Is the older sister of actress Natasha Gregson Wagner
Was a former MTV VJ
Did loads of hosting jobs since the late 80's
You can see Katie in the background of Hollywood Homicide. Shes holding a videocamera, filming her dad getting his star on Hollywood Blvd in the big chase scene approx. 30 minutes before the movie ends
She left TV Guide Channel after about 4 years in the summer of 2004. I hear she's getting her own tv talk show

In 2005 Katie Wagner is the host of the new show, The Starlet. The show will premiere March 8 at 9 P.M.

Hollywood Star Robert Wagner’s eldest daughter Katie Wagner

From the family’s Californian home, TV reporter Katie and her sister Courtney open their hearts on life, love and how they survived Natalie Wood’s tragic death. A soft breeze charms several strands of strawberry-blonde hair away from 34-year-old Katie Wagner’s face as she walks across the backyard lawn of the Spanish-style ranch house belonging to her actor father Robert Wagner. Sitting over two acres of prime real estate in west Los Angeles, the ranch is home to Robert Wagner, his wife Jill St. John and his youngest daughter, 24-year-old Courtney. Katie and Robert Wagner’s other daughter, Natasha, 27 visit their dad’s place almost daily. Theirs is one of the closest, and yet most unusual and tragedy-tinged families in Hollywood history.

Katie Wagner’s mother, former model Marion Donen, and Robert Wagner divorced when Katie was just seven years old. At 16, she moved in with Robert and his then wife Natalie Wood – who he had married for the second time in 1972. It was then that Katie developed a close relationship with her sisters: Natasha, Wood’s daughter from her previous marriage; and Courtney, Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood’s only child together. This inherently complicated family life places Katie smack in the middle of an ensemble that, against the odds, somehow works.

Tragedy struck in 1981 when Natalie Wood drowned, and Katie suddenly found herself in a protective posture as the eldest daughter. ‘It had a big effect on us all,’ she says softly. ‘All of us individually and each of us differently. I was 17 years old at the time and my sisters were much younger, so I felt somehow maternal towards them.’ Devastated, Robert Wagner sought grief counselling for himself and the girls after the tragedy. The significance of the family’s loss, though eased over time, is still a part of their lives more than 16 years later. Black and white photos of Natalie are noticeably displayed throughout not only Robert’s house, but also in Katie’s home in Brentwood, California.

‘Natalie’s death certainly brings us closer together,’ says Katie. ‘Courtney and Natasha share something together no one else will ever have, and I share it as the sister who went through it with them and our dad. It has shaped who we are. You just learn how to deal with it.’ Katie admits that her father, although shattered after Natalie’s death, was the essence of fortitude for her and her sisters. ‘For my father, it was so incredibly painful to deal with that me not being Natalie’s daughter may have made it easier for him to deal with me,’ recalls Katie. ‘Looking at Natasha and Courtney mirrored pain for him. It still does. As a parent he did his best.’

‘Now that we are adults and have the chance to step away from it all, we just say: "My God, how did he live through that?" How do you suffer that kind of loss and still move forward? It’s because you have to go on.’ All of the Wagner girls are slim and beautiful, each in a special way. Katie describes Courtney as the introspective artist: ‘Court moves slowly and takes time to think things through. She is something of an introverted thinker. She’s also very creative and very talented with her hands.’

Courtney talks modestly about her recent trip to Milan, Italy. ‘Daughters of famous people were invited to Italy to model for several different designers,’ explains Courtney, whose gentle features and brown eyes are reminiscent of her mother’s. ‘I was desperately worried about walking down the catwalk. But once I was actually on there I wasn’t as nervous. It was over so quickly. I modelled Maska. Fortunately my best friend Amanda Anka was with me. We had two hours of free time and we ran straight to all of the stores and shopped like mad!’

Natasha Gregson Wagner, presently on holiday in Europe, is in full stride on the family track as an actress. Described by Katie as extremely focused and self-reliant, her striking performance this year in Two Girls and a Guy caught the critics’ eye. Other credits include David Lynch’s most recent movie, Lost Highway. ‘She is the smallest tall person I have ever met,’ muses Katie. ‘Her personality and the way she handles her life is very much like a dynamo. She is very ambitious and passionate about what she does. She reminds us all the time that she needs us, despite her independence.’

Robert Wagner and family sat for Natalie Wood's 'Portrait'

Katie Wagner knew from the start that getting her family to talk about her stepmother, the deceased Natalie Wood, would be difficult.
However, after talking with them about being asked to host Lifetime's ``Intimate Portrait,'' a documentary about Wood that airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET, Wagner realized it was she who was the most apprehensive about cooperating with the program.

So it was that after discussing her possible participation in the bio-film, the family encouraged her to take the role. ``You should do it,'' they told her.

Wood, of course, was one of Hollywood's leading lights. She debuted as the child star of ``Miracle on 34th Street'' and then, with a long string of roles (including ``Rebel Without a Cause,'' ``West Side Story'' and ``Splendor in the Grass''), turned into a Tinseltown legend. In 1981, at age 43, she fell off a boat and drowned.

``She had it (star quality),'' Wagner said. ``Look at her eyes in `Miracle' _ she had it. She had a real drive. She was always special. She was special in every single role she played.''

Producer Gay Rosenthal approached Wagner, daughter of Wood's husband, actor Robert Wagner (they divorced, then rewed), with the idea for the film. Katie Wagner took the idea to her family, seeking approval.

``In the past, my dad and my sisters really had no desire to talk about Natalie publicly,'' Wagner said. ``I told them, `I'm going to interview you guys and ask questions that are not entirely comfortable.'''

This time, because of her involvement, they agreed to be interviewed.

Wood's life had its share of emotional turmoil, including an attempted suicide, a number of affairs and, as with most stars, a strong dose of scandalous Hollywood stories.

``My sisters helped us a lot with the pictures and the tangible memories,'' Wagner said. ``We talked about her a lot. When we started looking back, it became much more difficult. It made the loss much greater.''

Sometimes, Wagner said, a topic or specific memory became almost too difficult to discuss _ especially for her father, who is on camera extensively throughout the 90-minute program.

``There are areas that are painful for him,'' Wagner said. ``I didn't ask him to discuss his feelings when he lost her. I didn't want to hurt him or upset him.''

Wagner hopes that the Lifetime biography sets the record straight on Wood's life. It's not a puff piece, she stressed, noting that because so much has been publicly documented, it only seemed right to include the bad as well as the good.

``Natalie was a giant,'' Wagner said. ``She was a giant as a mother, she was a giant as a star. I hope people see that here was this woman who also had real problems, emotional problems, but also had real strength.''

Wagner said she and her father watched the finished product together. His reaction? ``He was very moved by it,'' she said.

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