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daniel goddard

Daniel Goddard

Daniel Richard Goddard was born in Sydney Australia, August 28, 1971, the younger of two children. Attending the University, Daniel pursued a degree in Finance, before his final year, he decided to leave and attend the Ensemble Actors Studio. Early in his career, Daniel performed in local theatrical productions before landing his first major television role as "Eric Phillips" on the popular European primetime soap opera "Home and Away". Daniel quickly won recognition as one of Europe's biggest heartthrobs. Desirous to further his career, Daniel moved Los Angeles virtually unknown and having to start over, it was a difficult transition. Daniel began doing commercial modeling, appearing in print ads for Calvin Klein underwear and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. After only two years Daniel won the role as "Dar the BeastMaster". Daniel's exceptional good looks, incredible physique, impressive acting skills, and mannerisms made him perfect for the part. To prepare for the series, he underwent rigorous martial arts training as well as extensive training with animals.

Daniel enjoys chess, music, reading non-fiction, boxing and kickboxing. Driven by a fascination with human motivations, he enjoys reading philosophy and psychology. His background in Economics has also stimulated a continuing interest in watching the stock market and picking investments. Recently purchasing a home, Daniel resides in Los Angeles, when not filming in Queensland, Australia.

Daniel Goddard as a photographer has a keen eye

Mix acting, photography, chess, martial arts and TV scripting & you get Daniel Goddard!
Fantastic! These were the words that came out when I saw New York – these pictures on the Net are from a completely different perspective altogether. I believe few have caught New York like that. The black and white, partly coloured and the few colour pictures make a fantastic collection. For a person who has never been to New York and seen them in just movies, they come across as no different than any other city in the world; no different than perhaps Mumbai. From these pictures, one feels a kinship with New York city – the tall, drab collection of buildings trying to reach the sky, beggars, road side entertainers, the homeless, graffiti-strewn open spaces, parks and the garbage. NY amost feels like home.

As a photographer, Daniel Goddard has a keen eye. I have been told that you have to be at the right time at the right place and have a good eye and hand coordination to get the picture you want. Many photographers are known to wait for hours for a particular shot, but sometimes they just happen – there and then, here and now. These pictures are one such collection of here and now’s. Daniel loves to take pictures mainly of the homeless and study them closely. Many of them refuse to be photographed, but these pictures reflect humanity at its most raw and that ‘all life needs to be respected.’

The images reflect a part of life caught in moment that unveils individual characteristics of the subjects as well as the feelings, that pass by unseen, by everyday people travelling through the same place at the same time. An amateur would easily compete with any professional in this field.

Thoughtful, thought provoking, life caught at a still moment …

It is difficult to shift base from one country to another when you are reaching that stage we all call ‘successful’. With just an under graduation degree in Economics under the belt and some acting ability, Daniel made a mark in his chosen field in front of the camera. A native of Sidney , Australia, Daniel Richard Goddard was one year away from a career in Finance at the University, when the acting bug bit. He shifted to the Ensemble Actors Studio and performed in local theatrical productions before landing his first major television role. He started his career with the role of Eric Phillips in Home and Away (1994-95). Then came the move to Hollywood and surviving to pay rent by taking on modelling with Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. During this period of struggle, he did not buy even a mattress to sleep on, in the place where he rented kitchen space to just sleep, because he did not want to become comfortable. In 1999, he struck gold with the title role of Dar, but had to train equally hard to perform it in the TV series Beastmaster. These series ran for three seasons and the reruns can be watched on Scifi channel or DVDs. He has also played roles in the series Zoe Busiek – Wild Card and The Monk, that completed their shows sometime back in India.

As he said in one of his interviews ‘you cannot judge anybody’, that is true with just the outer trappings you never can. There is always an individual that is hidden from view that few come to know. A versatile individual with many accomplishments under his belt – he is an actor, photographer, writer, chess player and a martial artist. He motivates himself by reading self-help books, dabbling in stocks and trying to complete two movie scripts at the same time – he says, “instead of waiting for the perfect script, I am writing one for myself.” After completing a movie launched on the DVD, he is not sitting idle.

At the moment, he is doing an independent movie that will showcase at the Sundance Festival.

“Life only comes around once so don't waste it.”

Daniel Goddard as a ''Beastmaster''

He is the Beastmaster, a man with the instincts and cunning of a wild animal and the emotions and soul of a man. After the Terrons destroyed his tribe, he was given sacred powers by Curupira, divine demon guardian of the wild beasts. Dar endured days of torturous trials before gaining the ability to communicate with animals and becoming a link between them and humans.

Dar is a master fighter who has learned his techniques through the careful observation of all animal movement. He can approximate the attacks or defenses of eagles, tigers, cobras and numerous other creatures. Imbued with a deep reverence for life, he uses these powers only when necessary, and prefers to fight with a blunt club. He will kill only when he must.

Indeed, it is Dar's natural intelligence that serves as his greatest weapon. Both fearsome and noble, Dar travels through his world, protecting the forests from the forces of evil and sorcery.

Although he enjoyed his fame in Australia, Daniel felt it was time to set his sights on Hollywood. It was difficult making the transition from soap star to virtual unknown in Los Angeles and he literally had to start all over again. When not filming BeastMaster in Queensland, Australia, Daniel makes his home in Los Angeles


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