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Billy Bush Anchor

Billy Bush

Billy Bush is the co-anchor of "Access Hollywood," the daily entertainment newsmagazine currently in its ninth season of providing the most comprehensive coverage of entertainment news and personalities on television. Bush co-hosted the 2004 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in Ecuador. Bush joined the program as East Coast Correspondent in December 2001, and was promoted to co-anchor in June 2004. He also serves as a contributor to NBC's top-rated morning news program "Today." Bush began his career hosting the afternoon drive show on WLKZ-FM in New Hampshire, later moving to Washington, D.C., where he hosted the midday show on WARW-FM. In March of 1997, Bush brought his award-winning talent for entertainment and humor to WWZZ-FM (Z104) in D.C. as host of "Billy Bush and the Bush League Morning Show", which aired until January 2001. After appearing as a guest correspondent for the syndicated newsmagazine show Extra, it was not long before Bush became a correspondent for WNBC-TV's Today in New York morning show. Bush has provided commentary on many television news and talk shows, including the "Today" Show, "Larry King Live," "Good Morning America," "The O'Reilly Factor," and "Politically Incorrect." Recently, he co-hosted both the "Miss USA" and "Miss Universe pageants." Bush earned a bachelor's degree in International Studies and Government at Colby College in Maine where he was a two-time captain of the men's lacrosse team. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Sydney Davis ( m. April 1998- present) and three daughters, Josephine, Mary Bradley and Lillie ( b. October 17, 2004)

Billy Bush was born on October 13, 1971. He was a radio talk show host who poked at the big time as host of the remade Lets Make a Deal game show. He is cousin to "Baby Bush" George W Bush and nephew to "Papa Bush" George H W Bush. His nickname is Bushy .

Pat O'Brien Out As Co-Host of 'Access Hollywood'

Pat O'Brien is leaving the syndicated Access Hollywood and may become the host of a new Paramount TV series called The Insider. The show's executive producer, Rob Silverstein, said that O'Brien's contract was not renewed because the syndicators, NBC Universal Television, had decided to take it in a new direction. They are replacing O'Brien, who is 56, with the show's East Coast correspondent, Billy Bush, who is 32, and a cousin of the president. (Billy Crystal once called him "the most annoying man in show business.") Over the past year, O'Brien has also handled several celebrity interviews for NBC's Dateline. It was not clear whether he remains in good standing with the older-skewing magazine program. A former sportscaster, he has already signed to work on NBC's coverage of the summer Olympics.

Lopez "Accosted by Reporter

Superstar Jennifer Lopez is furious at American TV show Access Hollywood after one of their reporters "accosted" her on Sunday. The actress and singer announced her end of her high-profile engagement to Ben Affleck last week, but declined to answer question when she attended the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. However, the program's Billy Bush refused to respect Lopez's silence. A source says, "Jennifer had made it very clear that she was giving no interviews. Billy jumped over the barriers, shoved a mic in her face and tried to get a sound bite - it was awful."

Game Show Host Beats Around the Bush About Relations

Billy Bush, who has been hired to host a new primetime version of the game show Let's Make a Deal, had a clause inserted into his contract with NBC barring the network from mentioning in its publicity that he is a first cousin of President George W. Bush. According to the Washington Post, Bush, a correspondent for Access Hollywood since 2001, wants to avoid being portrayed in the media as a clown or loser the way other presidential relatives have been in the past.

NBC Makes "Deal" with Billy Bush

Billy Bush, currently a correspondent for Access Hollywood, has been signed to step into the shoes of Monty Hall for a revival of Let's Make a Deal. Bush, a first cousin of the president, was described in a news release as "a rising star" by NBC executive Jeff Gaspin, who indicated that Hall, now serving as an executive producer of the new Deal, had enthusiastically supported Bush's selection.

Being Billy Bush

"Yes," Billy Bush '94 confirms from his corner office at NBC Studios in Rockefeller Center, "as captain of the lacrosse team I did run naked except for snow boots through Miller Library. But I paid the fine!" Not every network television correspondent warrants introduction by way of his most famous college exploit, but in Bush's case it couldn't be more appropriate.

Behind his desk: a band leader's helmet, an American flag, a pair of boxing gloves and one prosthetic leg. ("You never know when you'll need that extra leg," he says.) On his desk: a mirror with "I'm better looking than O'Brien" written on it in marker. Spilling off his window ledge: photos of Bush arm-in-arm with every celebrity imaginable--Robin Williams, Christina Aguilera, Steven Spielberg, Adam Sandler. And J. Lo, of course.

Suffice it to say, it's difficult to imagine Bush ever not having fun. Between his million-dollar smile, irrepressible energy and booming, circus-barker voice, it's easier to imagine him raising hell on the lacrosse field than doing anything as sensible and restrained as forging a career.

But you don't get as far in the entertainment business as Bush has without working hard. Though he may be one of the most animated, extroverted guys you'll ever meet--The New York Times described him as "cocksure but affable . . . capable of conjuring instant bonhomie"--he also has, as his post-Colby career path attests, the savvy and gumption to match. In 1995, he was a lonely bachelor spinning oldies in rural New England. Six years later he was named East Coast correspondent for NBC's popular entertainment news show, Access Hollywood.

Bush first took to the airwaves as an undergraduate DJ on WMHB at Colby. "I'd like to thank, distinctly, Walter in Winslow for listening. He may have been my only listener," Bush said, laughing. "But really, that's when I got the bug, and just in time. It was my senior year, and I realized I could do this for a living." His international studies major ("Let's just say I wasn't a great student; my dad and I liked to joke that I was on the dean's other list") wasn't immediately applied to his career track. After graduation he moved to Guilford, N.H., and began selling ads for a small oldies station to support his $6-an-hour on-air gig. It was far from glamorous, or even all that much fun, but, he said, "being there further cemented that this was what I wanted to do." Soon he asked to take over the afternoon drive show. Management obliged and Bush was off and running.

Two months later Bush made a tape of his show and sent it around the radio circuit. TK, a classic rock station in Washington, D.C., snapped it up. He moved to D.C. and set up shop. After only 13 weeks hosting the TK day show, Bush won the Washington Air Award for best new talent in the market and was hired by Z104, a start-up Top 40 station, to be its drive-time host--the most coveted slot in broadcasting.

"The Bush League" was known for its gags. One time, on the air at 6 a.m., Bush called a friend who'd dated Gwyneth Paltrow the previous night to grill him about the details; another time he enlisted an intern to receive Simon Says instructions via cell phone on Good Morning America. Soon enough, it was one of the most popular radio shows in the city and remained that way for more than four years.

Of course, with a surname like his, one might be expected to go far in the nation's capital. But Bush has done everything within his power to downplay the fact that he's the nephew of the elder President Bush and first cousin to the Bush now in the White House. In 2001, when Billy Bush was invited to make his first TV appearance--as a guest on the entertainment magazine show Extra--it wasn't until he saw the episode that he learned the producers had decided to introduce him as the president's cousin. "I realized, 'Oh! They're using me. It's not that they think I'm funny on the radio.'" Here his normally jovial voice gets unusually somber. "I told them I'd never do their show again."

Fortunately, the news director of Channel 4, the NBC affiliate in Washington, had seen the piece and called to ask Bush if he'd try out their morning show. Channel 4 readily agreed to Bush's demand that his name not be associated with the president's. From there, one thing led to the next: his segments on Today in New York led to a call from Jay Ireland, the president of NBC Television, asking if he'd be interested in being the East Coast correspondent for Access Hollywood; two weeks later, CNN invited Bush to be morning co-anchor with Paula Zahn. Suddenly, this New Hampshire DJ turned D.C. radio personality had Manhattan in his pocket and a big decision to make. To Bush, it was a no-brainer: "On a bad, bad, bad night on prime time you've got seven million people watching. Getting coffee on a network is a better opportunity than anchoring anything on cable, cable news especially."

Bush likens his switch from radio to TV to "that white flash that comes out when you walk into heaven. It was amazing." Filling four and a half hours of live radio a day is hard work, especially when you've only got a staff of three. At Access Hollywood, on the other hand, there are 125 people working on one half-hour show each night. Bush still works hard and has to travel extensively, but he has more help, which is especially important now that he is married with two children. When a staffer drops in to say hello, Bush introduces her as his make-up artist, "an amazingly talented and beautiful person," and suggests this article be titled "The Perfect Working Environment."

It's clear after just a few minutes in Bush's presence--not only is he a born entertainer, he's made for television. "I can't help but chuckle when I see him on the tube," says Colby friend Matt Lapides '94. "His persona fits the job perfectly. In retrospect, we all should have known he'd end up doing this."

As Bush explains, the job demands that he be smart, versatile and relaxed. "This is not the Today Show. We are not doing long format interviews. This show is all about moments. It's about being off the script, and connecting."

Like the time he interviewed Sharon Stone: "It was a cold night. She had this great big white fur wrapped around her. I was like, 'Honey, I'm freezing here. Share the wealth.' So I took the fur off her and wrapped us both in it. The photo ended up in four magazines." Now, that's a moment.


Access Hollywood's Billy Bush and Model Daisy Fuentes to Co-Host the 53rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant Live on NBC

Billy Bush, Access Hollywood correspondent, and actress and model Daisy Fuentes will host the MISS UNIVERSE(R) 2004 competition to be broadcast live from Quito, Ecuador on June 1, 2004, announced Paula M. Shugart, President, the Miss Universe Organization, today. The competition, which will also have two live performances by the biggest Latin cross-over artist in history, Gloria Estefan, will be televised by the NBC Television Network (9 pm ET/delayed PT). "Daisy and Billy, who co-hosted MISS UNIVERSE 2003, have an undeniable chemistry, and the feedback we have received from audiences has been overwhelmingly positive," said Shugart. "Add the explosive talent of Gloria Estefan, and expect an unbelievable night of television."

With its vibrant indigenous cultures, well-preserved colonial architecture, otherworldly volcanic landscapes and dense rainforest, Ecuador packs its perimeters with more points of interest than many countries twice its size. As this year's host country, the competition is sure to heat up under one of the most extraordinary backdrops Miss Universe has ever seen. Last year's broadcast of Miss Universe (June 3, 2003) scored the pageant's highest 18-49 rating in 10 years (4.3 rating, 12 share among adults 18-49, 12.1 million viewers overall). It won its time slot by a commanding 43% among adults 18-49 and by 53% among total viewers.

Dominican Republic native Amelia Vega, MISS UNIVERSE 2003, will crown her successor at the conclusion of the two-hour primetime telecast, before an estimated worldwide viewing audience of more than 800 million. Each contestant, from around the world, will be judged in three categories, including swimsuit, evening gown and personality interview.

The Miss Universe Organization, producers of the MISS UNIVERSE(R), MISS USA(R) and MISS TEEN USA(R) competitions, is a Donald J. Trump and NBC partnership. Utilizing its global grass roots infrastructure, the Miss Universe Organization is committed to increasing HIV/AIDS Awareness by focusing on women's health and reproductive issues. By forging relationships with organizations committed to research and education, such as the Global Health Council, Gods Love We Deliver and the United Nations Population Fund's Face-to-Face Campaign, Miss Universe is armed to impact women today.

Billy Bush is the east coast correspondent for Access Hollywood, the daily entertainment newsmagazine show currently in its sixth season of providing comprehensive coverage of entertainment news and personalities on television. Bush has been with the newsmagazine since December 2001. In addition, Billy is a contributor to NBC's top rated morning news program, Today.

From model to actress to TV host, Daisy Fuentes is a household name with viewers across the world. The first crossover VJ to appear on both the Spanish language MTV Latino and the original MTV, Fuentes makes her third appearance as host with the Miss Universe Organization, and has co-hosted several programs on the cable music network, including "One on One with Michael Jordan" and "Fashionably Loud." She has been a host on MTV Internacional and MTV Latino, as well as host of MTV's "House of Style."

Known far and wide as the "Queen of Latin Pop," Gloria Estefan is one of the most recognized artists in the world. Billions have heard her, millions have seen her perform and over 70 million of her albums have been sold worldwide, making her the single most successful crossover performer in Latin music history. A five-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer, actress, songwriter, philanthropist and humanitarian, this superstar's career is paved in platinum. Her latest CD "Unwrapped" reaffirms her status as one of pop music's true and enduring icons. The production highlights her indisputable talent as a songwriter, singer, and producer.


Raymone Bain Speaks to Billy Bush (Access Hollywood)

Billy Bush: Let's talk about some of those allegations, some of the things that are floating around out there. Is Michael in Aspen in drug rehab?

Raymone Bain: Incorrect, that is totally a lie. I'm glad you mentioned that because I've had to deal with that since he stepped foot in Aspen. First, [it was rumored] he was checking himself in rehab in Denver and that was all over the place and we had to address the fact that he was on vacation in Aspen. So we had to let the whole world know that he decided to take a vacation with his kids because someone called one of the World News organizations and said that Michael Jackson had checked himself into rehab in Denver and he was right there in Aspen... I was never asked and Michael Jackson was never asked to respond.

Bush: Is he in treatment at all?

Bain: Not at all. He is absolutely unequivocally not in treatment.

Bush: The Vanity Fair article is very damning.

Bain: Well, let me just say that even with the Vanity Fair piece, I think that there are so many people out here speaking as if they know everything about Michael Jackson but God knows I would not want friends like that. Because lets say that Michael Jackson were in detox, or lets say Michael Jackson were in rehab... what kind of friend would call up a reporter or Larry King and say he's in rehab. Is that a friend?

Bush: Why is he such a target and who is targeting?

Bain: Well, I mean if you could find out please tell us.

Bush: How does it work with Michael? Can you call him on your cell phone right now?

Bain: I can. I talk to him 5 or 6 times a day... He is hands on. I get my instructions from Michael Jackson. I talk to Michael Jackson and he is involved every step of the way now with his image because, frankly, he's sick of what has been happening.

Bush: I have to imagine he's hemorrhaging money to pay for things. He has to pay for and also the lifestyle, spending nearly $2 million a month. I mean where does he make the money to pay for all of these things?

Bain: Well, let me just say that Charles Koppelman has been a very effective spokesperson in regard to his finances. When there have been reports out regarding Michael's finances I have relied on his business manager because I think he's most effective. I think there is a lot of speculation about Michael's finances, but let me say I've represented recording artists for 13, 14 years and Michael Jackson's finances are not as bad as what people are saying. I mean he sold 60 million copies of "Thriller," most of those songs he wrote -- just off of "Thriller" he could live the rest of his life.

Bush: Who's there for him? I have to think he has days where he just sits on his bed and collapses, bawling his eyes out because nobody I think can withstand the amount of scrutiny and the amount of things that are said about him to that degree?

Bain: I'm going to tell you, that's really not true. He doesn't bawl his eyes out. He does have really close friends and people whom he contacts. The image that has been portrayed of him is not an accurate one. Yes, he gets angry and I'm sure I would've thrown a few plates around the house. But I think that Michael's emotional state has been quite exaggerated over the past and I'm frankly saying, honestly, I haven't seen that Michael Jackson. The Michael Jackson that I have seen has been very strong, very much in control and very determined that he is going to implement those plans that will help him.

Bush: Let me ask you about his accommodations because ever since Neverland was raided he said it was cursed and he never wanted to go in there. Where is Michael living now?

Bain: Anyone would feel a little reluctant if someone's house is broken into... Michael has several properties that he has been living in and it's not to say he hasn't gone on record saying he's not staying in Neverland. What he said is that it has been an invasion and he doesn't feel as comfortable there as he had and that's understandable.

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