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Sofia Vergara Actress

Sofia Vergara

The Colombian bombshell is a soap opera megastar in her native country and Latin America, fortunatley for the rest of the world, everyone can get a taste of her attributes and assets. This Colombian export was born on July 10, 1972, in Barranquilla, Colombia. "La Toti", as her family referred to her, was extremely close to her family, which consisted of five brothers and sisters and many cousins. A quiet child, Sofia studied a lot and took school very seriously. When her nose wasn't in the books, she surrounded herself with music, whether it was watching her family singing, dancing and playing instruments, or listening to her favorite group Menudo (Ricky Martin's claim to fame before he was Livin' la Vida Loca). A playful child who loved Barbies, Sofia also spent a lot of time on her father's farm, where she swam in the river and rode horses. Sofia was a student at a private bilingual elementary school where she not only got to learn and perfect her English skills, she developed tight, lifelong friendships. As for boyfriends, she only has 5 ex-boyfriends, the most significant being the father of her son, Manolo. Married to her boyfriend of 4 years at the age of 18, her ex-husband gave her the greatest gift of all; her son, who is now 8 years old. After Manolo was born, Sofia was set on becoming a dentist, but she was faced with a change in career paths.

Discovered by a photographer while walking down a Colombian beach (Laetitia Casta was also discovered on the sands of a beach), Sofia began to receive modeling offers. Since modeling was more attractive and glamorous than becoming a dentist, Sofia decided to try her hand at modeling, three years after she began studying dentistry. Swiping her dentist uniform for designer togs, Sofia's modeling career began. After an appearance in a Pepsi commercial that was broadcast all over her native Colombia, Sofia moved to Bogotá at the age of 20, where she worked on the runway and on television. One of her biggest claims to fame was her co-hosting duties with Fernando Fiore on Fuera de Serie, a series which sent her to exotic places all over the world. Broadcast on Univision, with Sofia as co-host from 1995 to 1999, it gave Sofia American exposure and made her a star in the Latin American market. The same year that she started the travel show, Sofia appeared on Acapulco, cuerpo y alma and has recently starred in the series A que no te atreves.

Aside from her television work, Sofia's most recent project is her calendar, Sofia 2000, which she describes as the most daring thing she has done. She has also designed a bra for fellow full-figured women, and will appear on commercials for Bally gyms. This summer, Sofia appeared on the cover of Channels magazine and was featured in Gear.

With a huge following on the Internet, Sofia has become one of the most viewed women in cyberspace. With her own website, sofiavergara.com, boasting an average of over 12 million hits a month (only six months after launching the site), Sofia has become the "undisputed Latin virtual queen".

Among Sofia's favorite things:

# Favorite movie: The Godfather
# Favorite actors: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Marlon Brando (of course)
# Favorite group or singer: Shakira and Cher
# Favorite TV show: Sex and the City
# Favorite hobby: Playing with Manolo (her son)

Sofia may be a Latin cyber and television goddess, but her favorite job is motherhood.


Clicking Vergara to get to Cruise

Photographers have been mobbing the sets of Latin model Sophie Vergara's new Canadian movie, so much so director John Singleton has had to step up security to paparazzi at bay.

The cameramen allegedly want to get a shot of Vergara with her supposed new love Tom Cruise, after rumours surfaced of them having been dating for the past few months, reported the Internet Media Database.

But even if the rumours are true, the two have remained elusive and have avoided the paparazzi very successfully.

So photographers from around the world have flocked to Toronto, where Vergara is starring alongside Tyrese Gibson in director John Singleton's "Four Brothers" - hoping to catch Cruise visiting his new 'girlfriend'.

"Seven different paparazzi had to be thrown off the set," a source was quoted as saying.

Meet Sofia Vergara

Curvaceous, Colombia-born TV star Sofía Vergara is an international sensation, although you might not know it yet. The longtime Miami resident broke into American film with a pivotal role in the movie Big Trouble opposite Jason Lee. Recently relocated to LA, she's raising the heat as the co-star of the new hit comedy Chasing Papi.


Her appeal as co-host of Univision's travel series Out of this World led to Sofía becoming host of her own stunt show, I Dare You, which became the highest-rated Latino show in the world in 1999. She's sold hundreds of thousands of her sexy swimsuit calendars. The busty 30-year-old has been romantically implicated with everyone in the entertainment industry from Tom Cruise to P. Diddy by the British tabloids. She's currently starring as a Lara Croft-like character in a series of popular Visa commercials airing in Asia.


The tabloids dubbed her "Sofía Viagra" for good reason.

Playboy.com: You hosted the highest-rated Latino show in the world, you make magazines' "Most Beautiful" top 10 lists and you're credited with being the most downloaded Latina in history. Are you aspiring to dethrone J.Lo as America's Latin diva?

Sofí Vergara: No, you can't compare us. I don't sing. She's been here for so long. With all that she has done, she's opened so many doors for Latinas. I guess we have to thank her.

PB: How do you feel about the tabloid nickname "Sofía Viagra"?

SV: They don't know me. They're just judging me from the pictures, I guess.

PB: They always describe you as a 36DD. Are those your real measurements?

SV: Me? No! I'm a 32D. And I'm completely natural! Well, now I am, but maybe in 10 years....

PB: England's The Daily Record alleged that you and Tom Cruise had an affair while he was dating Penelope Cruz.

SV: I don't even know Tom Cruise. I've never met him in my life. That came out of a magazine in London, and it was a big mess in Spain. Everybody is like, "Oh, you're going out with him!"

PB: You also supposedly had a long-term relationship with Enrique Iglesias. The papers also dwell on your romantic dinner with P. Diddy and all of the famous guys you've caught the attention of.

SV: Enrique's actually a good friend of mine. The tabloids always say a lot of shit.

PB: What about Mark Wahlberg?

SV: He's a good friend of mine.

PB: Chris Paciello [incarcerated co-owner of Miami's Liquid nightclub]?

SV: A very, very good friend of mine.

PB: Singer Craig David?

SV: He's a friend of mine.

PB: [Mariah Carey's ex] Luis Miguel?

SV: A very good friend. One of my best friends in the world!

PB: Come on. Have you dated anyone?

SV: I have. Some of these guys I have, some of them are just my friends. I won't tell you which ones.

PB: What kind of guys do you like?

SV: It's funny because I've gone out with guys of different ethnicities. He doesn't have to be white with blue eyes or black.... It doesn't matter. It's just the personality. Why not give a good person a chance?

PB: Has a guy ever cheated on you?

SV: Not that I know of, but I'm sure they have. Men are like that.

PB: What would you do if you caught your man two-timing you?
SV: I'd kill him, what else? Not really. No way, the aggravation that goes with it wouldn't be worth it.

PB: In the comedy Chasing Papi, your character Cici is a crazy driver. What kind of driver are you in real life?

SV: I love cars and I love driving. I am kind of reckless...I speed. And, unfortunately, I've gotten tickets.

PB: Do you ever flirt or cry to try and get out of them?

SV: No, I have a lawyer. [Laughs]

PB: What do you drive?

SV: A green 2003 Range Rover.

PB: What's in your car's CD player right now?

SV: Craig David, Puff Daddy, Eminem, Bob Marley and Shakira.

PB: What's in your refrigerator?

SV: Everything. I don't believe in diet; I believe in working out. I've found a balance of eating a lot and working out a lot. I do a half hour of cardio and pilates three days a week.

PB: At the American Comedy Awards, you brought down the house when you asked Mike Myers, "Do I make you horny, baby?" Did he ever answer you?

SV: No, he got shy, but he was nice.

PB: So, how does an everyday guy get your attention?

SV: Pickup lines don't work. Be normal. Be yourself. As soon as you try to be someone else, it'll never work. You know, showing off, telling what you have or don't have. You know how it is.

PB: You went to dental school for three years before you became a model. Do you have any cavities?

SV: No, are you kidding me? I floss every day. By the way, I'm not a model. I'm a TV host. I've never become a model. Selling my celebrity status with a calendar, I'm able to make money, but I've never done catwalk or any of that stuff.

PB: How will you know that you made it in the U.S.?

SV: The day that I get paid $12 million for a movie like Jennifer Lopez, I guess.

Tom Cruise reportedly enjoying a romance with Sofia Vergara

Tom Cruise is reportedly enjoying a romance with a stunning actress.

The Hollywood heartthrob is said to have been on a string of dates with Latino beauty Sofia Vergara after meeting her two months ago, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

A source told the paper: "Sofia has lots of male Latino admirers and pictures of her on the internet are hugely popular.
"Tom has been single for a while and has been throwing himself into work. But he felt the time was right to start dating again. Hopefully they'll make a perfect a match."

Sofia has previously dated singers Enrique Iglesias and Craig David while Tom - who has two adopted children with ex-wife Nicole Kidman - has been single since splitting from Penelope Cruz last March.
However, Tom has sparked speculation he may be set to rekindle his romance with Penelope after they arrived arm-in-arm at a pre-Oscars party.

The couple, who have remained firm friends since their split, reportedly spent the whole evening talking, dancing and drinking together, according to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper.

A fellow party-goer told the paper: "They looked very much the loving couple. They were dancing together, buying drinks and generally having a good time." Spanish beauty Penelope is currently dating handsome actor Matthew McConaughey and speculation is rife he is set to propose.

Cancer Model To Help Others

Model and actress SOFIA VERGARA fought a secret battle with cancer in year 2002.

The Colombian beauty, who has previously dated actor MARK WAHLBERG and singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, was devastated after learning she had thyroid cancer during a routine check-up.

But the 31-year-old CHASING PAPI brunette beauty has since been given the all-clear - and is using the money she earned from modelling and acting to help children similarly afflicted.

She says, "I'm building a hospital for kids with cancer with the money I'm making - it's almost ready."

Sofia Vergara: Hot, Hot, Hot

Sofia Vergara, otherwise known as the Latin queen of the Internet (watch out Cindy Margolis), exemplifies the expression "A picture speaks a thousand words." We'll let the picture do the talking. Sofia is the former host of the popular travel show Fuera de Serie on Univision and a goddess in many Latin countries where the women are hot, and so is the weather.
There are times when having the job of writing commentaries on celebrities pays off. This is one of those moments, since rarely has our body temperature risen in the last few months the way it rose when writing this feature on Sofia Vergara. 2-D doesn't even do justice to the Colombian model. In fact, we can't help but think that looking at her but not being able to have her is a God-given torture. We can all claim not to be superficial, but if admitting that we have a hard time functioning when looking at Sofia makes us superficial, then call us the Superficial Champions of the World. Life is too short to be politically correct.

Speechless. Is that good enough to describe her effect on us, or do we need more adjectives? Does it matter? Really? She could talk about how opening a container of yogurt is confusing and most men wouldn't care (remember, we're dropping the politically correct thing today).
Colombia is known for producing beautiful things (white powder not included), so we'll accept Sofia's word that she is all natural, simply because it just makes our fantasy even better.
Really, would any of you care even if we told you? She is a goddess on par with Tiazinha in most Latin American countries. Her fame is gradually growing in North America although she already has our full attention.

Sofia Vergara 'dumped' Craig David over Beyonce

Singer Craig David has been dumped by his Colombian girlfriend Sofia Vergara because of his "obsession" with pop star Beyonce Knowles, according to newspaper reports.

Sexy model Sofia Vergara reportedly ditched Craig, 22, after he enjoyed a series of nights out with Beyonce.

The Colombian beauty was said to be enraged when she found out, even though Beyonce is currently seeing rapper Jay Z and has no romantic interest in Craig.

A friend of the star revealed: "Craig has known Beyonce since she started out in Destiny�s Child and they have stayed close friends.

"He stayed at the same hotel as Beyonce and they had a few nights out.

"Craig makes no secret of the fact he thinks Beyonce is one of the sexiest women alive, and he went to see her play live.

"Beyonce enjoys Craig's company, although she says she is with Jay Z and wants to stay faithful. But for Sofia it was the last straw."


David Hot For Vergara

R'n'B smoothie CRAIG DAVID has reportedly become "inseparable" from Columbian stunner SOFIA VERGARA.

The FILL ME IN star is so impressed with the model's charms he has demanded that she star with him in the video for new single SPANISH - because their chemistry together is so good.

A source confides, "Craig is keen to take things further. He is flying her out to Mexico to be in his video. He knows they will sizzle on screen."

Jackson's Admiration For Vergara

MICHAEL JACKSON has his eye on a new lady - CRAIG DAVID's ex-girlfriend SOFIA VERGARA.

Jackson and his three children made an after-hours visit to Florida's MIAMI METROZOO in mid-August (03), and while the singer enjoyed the gorilla exhibit, he was most taken with a picture of the Colombian CHASING PAPI bombshell in the office of zoo official RON MAGILL.

Magill says, "Michael said - 'Don't you think she's even prettier in person?'"

According to Magill, Jackson then threw his hands in the air and shouted, "Now that's a beautiful woman!"

Sofia Vergara in Animated Film ''Robots''

Award-winning director Chris Wedge ("Ice Age") is reteaming with Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios for his next animated feature, "Robots." They've already lined up the cast and even the opening date.

Populating the "Robots" universe are Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor), a young genius inventor who dreams of making the world a better place; Cappy (Halle Berry), a sexy executive �bot with whom Rodney is instantly smitten; the nefarious corporate tyrant Ratchet who locks horns with Rodney; Big Weld (Mel Brooks), a master inventor who has lost his way; and a group of misfit �bots known as the Rusties.

The cast also includes Drew Carey, Jim Broadbent, Stanley Tucci, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Coolidge, Paul Giamatti, Dan Hedaya, DL Hughley, Jamie Kennedy, Harland Williams, Sofia Vergara, and Amanda Bynes.

"Sofia Vergara and Tom Cruise?"

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz has sensationally postponed her wedding to Minority Report star Tom Cruise because she fears he may be unfaithful. The ceremony, due to take place on Valentine's Day, has been halted while the Spanish star prepares to confront Cruise over his friendship with another Latino beauty Sofia Vergara, according to British newspaper The Daily Record.

The model has already been linked to another star this year after she was spotted kissing What's Your Flava? singer Craig David at a New Year's bash.

But Cruz is more concerned about the rumours of her fiance's relationship with Vergara. Cruz's sister Monica says, "Pene is steaming."

Sexy Sofia's "Thong Wars"

The Colombian glamour queen, known to thousands of fellas (their words) as Sofia Viagra, has a couple of South American rivals for her crown, the Star explains, with the aid of a couple of rudey pictures.

On the home front is fellow countrywoman Adriana Catano, star of the Colombian soap Secreto De Amor , the South American equivalent of Emmerdale. Sort of.

''When we film love-making scenes, I wear nothing,'' Adriana helpfully explains. ''Well, we actually wear flesh-coloured G-strings , but nothing on top.''

Nice touch.

Or is that wishful thinking.

But Sofia, known, in a self-explanatory fashion, as ''La Toti'', is also facing a challenge from neighbouring Venezuela, in the comely shape of Lorena Meritano, star of soap Muenca Brava.

Is there no end to the bum-tastic bounty coming out of South American? We can but hope, chaps.

Lorena has her own theory why Latin babes are becoming megastars.

''We take care of our bodies,'' she says. ''We could be starving, but we get to the gym.''

We might've imagined that if you were starving you didn't need to go to the gym, but what would we know?

'Just for the moment,' the Star concludes, 'Sofia is still the top totty in South America, despite competition from J-Lo, Christina Aguilera and Shakira.'



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