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Sharon Stone Actress

Sharon Stone

The charming actress was one of Hollywood's icons of the 1990's. Sharon's most prominent movie roles were in the 1990 movie "Total Recall" and 1992 movie "Basic Instinct." Of course, she has dozens of other movie and TV credentials. Sharon Stone was born on the 10th of March 1958, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The second child of 4 (she has an older Michael, younger sister Kelly and younger brother Patrick) to parents Joseph and Dorothy Stone. Sharon's mother wanted her brilliant child (Sharon is said to have an IQ of 154) to rise beyond the small-town, blue-collar fate of her and her husband, who were respectively a homemaker and Avon employee, and a factory worker. Sharon did rise well above to the status of one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses and sex symbols, but not without some flops along the way. Initially a creative writing student at Edinboro State University in Pennsylvania, Sharon entered on scholarship and graduated with a fine arts degree. In addition to her passion for literature, she also loved classic film.

Her foray into acting went the beauty pageant route, after beauty pageant promoters discovered her. Sharon didn't succeed as a beauty queen, so she tried modeling instead. She became a Ford model, which raised her recognition factor and gave her experience in front of the camera, but was not stimulating enough for the future MENSA member. Sharon made her film debut as the pretty girl on a train in Woody Allen's Stardust Memories (1980), and starred in movies not even worth mentioning, such as 1981's Deadly Blessing, 1985's King Solomon's Mines and 1987's Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol. She did, however, make audiences take notice with a bit part in Irreconcilable Differences, in 1984.

TV audiences may remember Sharon from several '80s shows in which she appeared, such as Remington Steele, Magnum P.I. and T.J. Hooker. After more roles in Made-for-TV movies, Sharon was cast as Arnold Schwarzenegger's "wife" in 1990's Total Recall, which helped word of a new, sexy blonde actress get around Hollywood. Posing for Play.boy in the early '90s didn't hurt her cause either. It was her role as bisexual author Catherine Tramell opposite Michael Douglas in the 1992 film Basic Instinct that not only made ice picks and going commando famous, but also made Sharon Stone a sex symbol and Hollywood's newest "it" girl.

The MTV Movie Awards named Sharon the Most Desirable Female and gave her the award for Best Female Performance in 1993, but despite the slew of films that Sharon starred in, maintaining her reputation in Hollywood was difficult. With bombs such as 1993's Sliver, 1994's Intersection, and 1995's The Quick and the Dead (which was made by her production company, Chaos), skeptics of Sharon's talent had more ammunition.

But she bounced back in 1995, with her memorable role as Ginger the hustler in Casino, co-starring Robert De Niro. The Academy Awards honored Sharon with a Best Actress Nomination, and she won the Golden Globe and the Women in Film Crystal Award that same year. With highs come the lows, marked by ill-advised choices such as 1996's Diabolique and Last Dance, 1998's Sphere and The Mighty, and 1999's The Muse, Gloria, and Simpatico. Sharon's ability to choose movies has been questioned -- while her ability to deliver good performances remains intact.

Despite commercial highs and dips, Sharon has made a name for herself as a supporter of breast cancer research and is a gay-rights activist -- she received a humanitarian award from the Human Rights Campaign, for her role in 2000's If These Walls Could Talk 2, in which she played Ellen DeGeneres' lesbian lover.

In real life, Sharon wakes up to husband Phil Bronstein, a newspaper editor who wed Sharon on Valentine's Day, 1998. The couple adopted a baby boy together in 2000, named Roan Joseph Bronstein. This is the second marriage for Sharon, who was previously married to associate producer Michael Greenburg, from 1984 to 1987. Sharon has already been romantically linked to singer Dwight Yoakam and actor/comedian Garry Shandling. Thanks to the success of Basic Instinct, the sequel is ready to be shot, after going through several options for the male lead. We are certainly anticipating Sharon's icy return.


Sharon Stone character bisexual in Basic Instinct sequel

Sharon Stone says her character will have a bisexual relationship in the upcoming film Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction.

“There is lesbian love,” Stone said in an interview on the syndicated entertainment TV show Access Hollywood, shown in the US last night. “We’re testing for her now.”

When asked if she would mind if life ever imitated art, the 46-year-old actress said with a smile: “Why not? Middle age is an open-minded period.”

Stone said she was surprised at the attention her interrogation scene in the original 1992 Basic Instinct movie – in which she is famously underdressed - received.

“People still want to see some more of that,” she said with a laugh. When asked if that was the plan for the sequel, she smiled and replied: “You can spend your 12 dollars and go find out for yourself.”

Sharon Stone back for Basic Instinct 2

The sequel to the 1992 thriller Basic Instinct has been given the go-ahead, star Sharon Stone said on Monday.

"We are putting it together now. We don't have a production schedule yet," the 46-year-old actress, who starred opposite Michael Douglas, confirmed.

Despite a protracted legal dispute, since dropped, Stone told TV's Access Hollywood that the film had not been delayed because of her alleged demands, reports the BBC website.
"We are making the movie now, and nothing has changed," said Stone.

Stone caused controversy for her infamous "leg-crossing" scene in the Paul Verhoeven-directed film, in which she starred as a woman suspected of killing her lovers with an ice pick.
Stone had originally launched a suit against the movie's producers because she said she had lost a role in the film Mr Deeds waiting for the sequel's production to start.

The producers, Maria Kassar and Andrew Vanja, had also said the star's on-set demands had been too much, but have since settled their differences with her.
Basic Instinct was Stone's launch pad to Hollywood success. She has since starred in films including the western The Quick and the Dead and Martin Scorsese's Casino.

Sharon Stone gathers star singers for tsunami song

Washington: Peter Gabriel, Aretha Franklin, Wyclef Jean and Lindsay Lohan did their bit for tsunami victims by joining Sharon Stone for a new music record production.

The movie star has reportedly co-written the song, 'Come Together Now' with the noted socialite and songwriter, Denis Rich, and they've persuaded all their famous friends to record the track.

According to ratethemusic.com, Stone and Rich are also planning to establish a foundation for tsunami victims. The earnings from the record is expected to be forwarded to the foundation.

CNN Boss is the new love in Sharon Stone's life!

Sharon Stone is reportedly dating former CNN executive news executive Eason Jordan after they met at last month's World Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland.

According to New York Daily News, the two were seated next to each other at an intimate, star-studded dinner at the posh Hotel Derby. The 50-guest dinner was graced by Angelina Jolie and hosted by CNN founder Ted Turner, with Columbia University Economics Professor Jeffrey Sachs.

"They did meet in Davos and they're friends," Stone's rep Cindi Berger was quoted as saying.

Sharon Stone raises $1 million in 5 minutes

Actress Sharon Stone has raised $1 million (530,000 pounds) in five minutes from business tycoons at the Davos World Economic Forum to fund bed nets to protect African children from malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

Responding to an appeal from Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa for immediate help, the movie star jumped up from the audience on Friday at a session on debt relief and challenged the assembled political and business leaders to pledge donations.

"I was particularly moved by President Mkapa and by his urgent need of today, so if you don't mind I'd like to offer my help and support to you, and I'd like to offer you $10,000 to help you buy some bed nets today.

"Would any one else like to be on a team with me and stand up and offer some money and help him as well?" the star of sultry thrillers such as "Basic Instinct" asked.

"President Mkapa needs help today because people are dying in his country today and that's not OK with me today."

A man next to her rose and pledged $50,000, prompting a stream of participants to stand and offer donations amid rising applause. Volunteers took the names of the donors.

"Sharon, you got $1 million already," U.S. Senator Bill Frist, who chaired the session, announced at the end.

Fighting poverty and disease in Africa, the world's poorest continent, has been a major theme of this year's global gathering of the rich and powerful in this Swiss ski resort, with rock star Bono, actors and musicians joining the world's richest man, Bill Gates, in campaigning for action.

Prime Minister Tony Blair announced on Thursday that Britain would donate $85 million for bed nets to fight malaria, out of a total $550 million sought by world health campaigners.

Surgeon Sued By Sharon Stone Hits Back


The Beverly Hills, California, plastic surgeon being sued by SHARON STONE is fighting back - insisting the actress has no right to sue him.

Stone took offence to comments RENATO CALABRIA allegedly made in a number of magazine articles when he suggested he had performed cosmetic surgery on the BASIC INSTINCT star, and sued him for slander and libel in Decemb er (04).

And now the doctor is firing back, claiming he never said he'd operated on the actress; the magazines simply implied he had.
Calabria demands Stone drops all charges against him and pays his legal fees.

Sharon Stone Ordained

Sharon Stone has been ordained as a minister - so she could marry her friends.

The Hollywood actress conducted a wedding ceremony for restaurant owner Michael Bourseau and stylist Brenda Swanson at her luxury home in Coldwater Canyon, while actors Jack Nicholson and Robert Wagner were witnesses.

The delighted groom was overheard saying: "No one's going to believe it when I hang my wedding certificate up on the wall."
Sharon, who was ordained by mail order, is not the first celebrity to become a minister - Robbie Williams was ordained over the internet so he could preside over the wedding of his friend Billy Morrison, while singer Sinead O'Connor is a Catholic priest.

Sharon Stone 'My taste in Men Has Improved'

Sharon Stone claims her taste in men has improved since splitting from husband Phil Bronstein.

The stunning actress separated from the newspaper editor last year, but admits she is having fun dating again - because she picks better men.

She confessed: "I'm dating again and that's nice, because my choice of men is better now. I'm just looking for what we're all looking for, which is to give my love and have it received with generosity. Plus, of course, the person I fall in love with will have to love my son, Roan, too."
Meanwhile, the Hollywood beauty - who recently confessed she would like a toyboy lover - has hinted her ex-husband was to blame for the marriage break up.

She told Britain's Now magazine: "It's better to be alone than be with someone you don't fit with.
Learning to stand on your own two feet is more rewarding than that horrible feeling you get while you're waiting for the door to open to stand in a room with someone you know doesn't like you."

Sharon Stone's a fan of Will Smith's manhood

Sharon Stone has confessed she's a fan of Will Smith's large manhood.

The stunning actress - who famously flashed her own private parts in 'Basic Instinct' - says she was impressed when she watched Will's nude scenes in his new movie, 'I, Robot'.

She said in a radio interview: "He looks very good in the nude.
Tell him thank you from me." Last week, it was revealed how Will was forced to strap his manhood to his leg for the steamy shower scene - because it was so big.

Producers told the well-endowed star to cover up his private parts because it would draw attention away from the plot.

Even Will's original attempt to conceal his member by putting one leg in front of the other reportedly failed - and crew resorted to strapping it down with gaffer tape.
A source revealed : "Will is blessed in the boxer short department. Even his leg couldn't cover everything up and he had to be taped down with duct tape."

Just recently, Will boasted about the size of his manhood, after a gun was used to cover it in the film's opening scenes.

He said: "The gun is just hanging there. It really did have to be a sizeable weapon to cover everything.

We're not talking about a pea-shooter."
The Hollywood star's spokesman would only say: "It was more about privacy for Will, not the size - it was in some kind of glove or sleeve."

Sharon Stone set for 'Basic Instinct' strip

Sharon Stone has revealed she will strip off for the sequel to raunchy thriller 'Basic Instinct'.

The sexy star, who made her name with a knickerless flashing scene in the first movie, has revealed she is preparing to bare all for the follow-up film 10 years later.

She said: "Does anybody want to pay to see me naked? I guess it's OK." The stunning star, who is currently starring alongside Hollywood beauty Halle Berry in 'Catwoman', also revealed that 'Basic Instinct 2' will be even sexier than the original.
The 46-year-old actress, who played Catherine Trammell in the first film, has agreed to reprise her role and promises it will be the raciest movie ever made.

She said: "I've seen the script already and it's marvellous - it answers all the questions from the first film."
Last month, it was reported that the 46-year-old actress is desperate for a toyboy.

The stunning actress has been single since her divorce from newspaper editor Phil Bronstein last year but admitted she still wants sex and revealed she isn't short of offers from younger men.

She said: "Women my age, we want to have sex and are happy to say, 'I want to have sex'.
I tell the younger ones, 'I could be your mum'. And they say 'But you're not.'"

Sharon Stone would 'rather have sex than be a sex symbol'

Sharon Stone has confessed she would rather have sex than be a sex symbol.

The stunning 'Basic Instinct' actress, who recently split from husband Phil Bronstein, has revealed she would prefer to focus her efforts on actually making love than projecting a sexy image.

She said: "I'd rather spend the time actually having sex now.
Now I'm into the actual sex rather than the idea."

Sharon, 46, also claims she doesn't waste time dolling herself up anymore - because she believes it makes her look like a Madame Tussaud's waxwork.
Although she is less bothered about her image now, the beautiful actress admits she used to be obsessed with herself.

She confessed: "There are different seasons in your life. I had that period when I was consumed with glamour and thought it was all fantastic.
I thought I was amazing. Now I'm over me."

Sharon Stone reveals near death experience

Sharon Stone has revealed she had a near death experience when she was struck down with a brain haemorrhage.

The stunning Hollywood actress suffered from the condition three years ago and despite making a full recovery she admits the experience changed her life.

Stone said: "I had a 'white light' experience.
It was beautiful and very illuminating.

However, it was a catastrophe. I still go for check-ups and if I feel anything wrong - even if my toe feels a little odd - I get my head checked."
Before the illness, the 46-year-old actress considered herself to be fit and well but the haemorrhage struck without warning in September 2001 leaving bed-ridden in hospital.

Stone revealed in an interview with Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "My head blew up.

I had two unbelievably painful shots in the left side of my head that physically knocked me over to the couch.

I was haemorrhaging into my brain for 11 days before they found out what was wrong."

The beautiful actress eventually nursed herself to full health with a combination of medications and faith spiritual techniques - but during her therapy her marriage to newspaper executive Phil Bronstein broke up.

However, Stone - who was taking a beak from acting at the time of the haemorrhage - admits the illness inspired her to start making movies again.

Stone, who stars in the summer blockbuster 'Catwoman', added: "Afterwards people asked me to go back to work and it was sexy and interesting again. I' m having more of a life now."



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