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Scarlett Johansson Actress

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett's acting versatility and talent , and simple, yet sexy appearance are attributes that bring her to hollywood stardom. Born in New York City on November 22nd, 1984, Scarlett Johansson is the youngest of four siblings -- she has an older brother and sister, as well as a twin brother. As might be expected of an acting prodigy, Scarlett had an unusually early interest in performing: she wanted to be an actress since age 3, and was acting professionally when she was only 8 years old. After taking classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute for Young People, Scarlett made her stage debut in the early 1990s in the off-Broadway production of Sophistry, alongside Ethan Hawke. Scarlett Johansson's first film role came in 1994's North, starring Elijah Wood, another child star survivor. The following year she played Sean Connery's daughter in the thriller Just Cause, and then in 1996, she appeared in If Lucy Fell and Manny & Lo. For the latter film, Scarlett was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress in 1997. That year she added Fall and Home Alone 3 to her burgeoning list of credits. In 1998, Scarlett's career reached new heights. Cast as Grace MacLean, a young girl who suffers a tragic equestrian accident in The Horse Whisperer, Scarlett was generally acknowledged as the most promising part of an otherwise unenthusiastically-received film. The 13-year-old actress picked up a Hollywood Reporter YoungStar Award for her work. Ironically, Scarlett was given an "introducing..." credit in The Horse Whisperer, even though she already had a half-dozen movies under her belt by then.

Building on the momentum of The Horse Whisperer, Scarlett appeared in My Brother the Pig (1999), and then co-starred with Thora Birch in Terry Zwigoff's (Crumb, Bad Santa) adaptation of the teen-angst comic book Ghost World in 2000. The next year she turned heads once again in a provocative role in the Coen brothers' The Man Who Wasn't There. Also in 2001, Scarlett starred in An American Rhapsody, a Hungarian film about a girl who escapes from behind the iron curtain in the 1950s. Such serious fare was offset in 2002, with Scarlett's turn in the B-monster movie, Eight Legged Freaks.

But 2003 would prove to be Scarlett's most successful year yet. She starred in Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation as a young girl staying in Japan, who befriends a washed-up American actor, played by Bill Murray. Scarlett followed Lost in Translation with Girl with a Pearl Earring, in which she played the title role; a struggling servant girl who becomes drawn into the world of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Both roles landed Scarlett Best Actress Golden Globe nominations in 2004, as well as a Best Actress BAFTA Award (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) for Lost in Translation.

With the 2004 teen comedy The Perfect Score, Johansson has demonstrated once more that she can take on lighter fare as well as serious roles. But she's used to dichotomy: Scarlett divides her time between New York, where her father lives, and Los Angeles, where her mother looks after her business interests. However impressive her successes to date, it's clear that Scarlett has a long and even more rewarding career ahead of her, with the upcoming releases of A Long Song for Bobby Long, A Good Woman and the comedy Synergy.

Scarlett Johansson To Satr In Next Indiana Jones Movie

Scarlett Johansson has been lined up for the next 'Indiana Jones' movie after being handpicked by Tom Cruise.

The beautiful starlet is set to play Harrison Ford's sexy sidekick, after Cruise pleaded her case to legendary director Steven Spielberg on the set of 'War Of The Worlds'.

A source revealed: "Steven was discussing how there are not many young actresses who can carry off such a strong role.
"He considered Natalie Portman but she's too associated with 'Star Wars'. So Tom suggested Scarlett who he has been working with on 'Mission Impossible 3' .She is said to be really interested, but nothing has been decided yet."
But the stunning actress recently revealed she is considering giving up her acting career to become a charity worker.

The award-winning star said she gets easily bored when filming movies and would like to do something more worthwhile and interesting.

She said: "I might go to Bangladesh with Oxfam and then explore into India. When I'm not working, the first couple of weeks are fantastic, then towards the end of the first month I start to have anxiety attacks. I get bored, I feel stale."

Scarlett Johansson: New Sex Symbol

At just 19 years old, American actress Scarlett Johansson seems to have the cinematic world at her feet. A BAFTA winner for her performance opposite Bill Murray in Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation, she also won plaudits for her performances in Girl With A Pearl Earring and Ghost World

What was it about Lost In Translation that struck a chord with you?
'When I heard that Sofia had a hankering for a meeting I couldn't say no. So we met in a restaurant in New York and she basically explained to me that she had this idea that was shaping up into a script and that it was definitely with Bill Murray, but if Bill couldn't do it then she wouldn't either. She said it would also take place in Tokyo, and Bill Murray and Tokyo seemed like two very appealing things, so I said send me the script when you've finished it. And sure enough, not that much later a little mini-script came and I knew right after I finished reading it that it was a project I wanted to be a part of. It was such a beautiful, beautiful script. I had nothing to say about it really, everything was there. It was 75 pages, so it was short and quite visual, I mean the dialogue between Bill and I is pretty much a case of him having one line then I'll have one line, like a ping-pong. But it just read so well, like a really great novel. When I finished it I was happy and I was sad and I just knew I could play the part.'

Poster Was it a case of life imitating art at all during the shoot on location in Tokyo?
'I guess I had the Bob Harris [Murray's character] experience. I was really tired the whole time I was there. We were shooting a week of days, then a week of nights, then a week of days and I felt very discombobulated while I was there. It was rough, and I was also staying at the Park Hyatt hotel while we were filming there, so it was a very surreal thing. I was going downstairs in my pyjamas for rehearsal and it felt very foreign to me. The days that I had off - one day a week unfortunately - I just tried to do what everybody else was doing. I'd go shopping and eat out and try to walk around but I couldn't even do anything that touristy because I was so involved in what we were doing.'

Did you find the language barrier intimidating at all?
'For whatever reason, nobody really spoke English very well in the hotel. There was a Swedish hotel manager, he spoke English but nobody else did. There was a lot of sign language. Oh and there were a couple of people in the hotel that knew how to say "No!". We had chaperones.'

The karaoke scene is pretty funny, just how spontaneous was it?
'Sofia wanted the particular songs that Bill and I sing. I had to learn all the words of 'Brass In Pocket' two days before we shot that scene. And the translation on the karaoke screen is really bizarre, it's not at all like the real words, it's in this funny, broken English. But other than those the songs it was pretty much improvised.'

Do you ever cut loose and get on the karaoke in real life?
'I do a really good Cher impression, especially 'Do You Believe'.'

Do you have a favourite scene in the film?
'I like the whole sequence with me and Bill in his bedroom. It starts off with us watching La Dolce Vita and then the camera pans over to the window and ends up with us lying on the bed and falling asleep. It's so telling, it was really the one time when our characters are really full on. Not joking, like when she asks about his mid-life crisis: "Have you bought your Porsche yet?". This is the one moment where we're trying to figure out exactly what's missing. Bill's character is so evasive with my character for a lot of the film. I'll say things like "I really like you"? and "I'll miss you"? and he's just like "okay". And this is the one moment where he really makes an effort to connect and I think it's really touching.'

Have you - like Bill's character - ever ventured into the world of commercials?
'No, I'm terrible at selling things. I have a really eerily unnatural delivery where it sounds forced or completely fake. So, no. I used to audition for them when I was younger, I'd go on so-called cattle calls, where they didn't know if they wanted me or some young Chinese boy. That was very overwhelming. And I used to be very frustrated because they would always ask if I had a sore throat, it was awful. My Mom said we wouldn't go out on these commercials because I didn't like them, so I stopped.'

You're on the verge of becoming a sex symbol, how do you feel about that?
'A sex symbol? My God, yeah, I get sexy young men and women coming up to me [laughs throatily]. I guess it's appropriate timing. I'm 19, and becoming a young woman and being comfortable with my own sexuality and all that sort of thing. It's nice, you know, it means I can borrow lots of designer dresses and that kind of thing. There's lots of perks.'

Scarlett Johansson: its hard to make friends in her 'catty' LA

Scarlett Johansson claims she finds it hard to make friends - because of the "catty" industry she works in.

The stunning actress says moving from New York to Los Angeles, which she did to further her career, was a huge shock because of how unfriendly some people can be.

She is quoted by Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "It's hard to make real friends in LA.

There's so much emphasis on career, on who people can meet to better themselves and I'm not used to that.

Growing up in New York, if you go to a party where you don't know many people, you end up meeting everybody.
"In LA, nobody wants to talk to each other, everybody's giving each other catty looks."

The 20-year-old beauty also says she has struggled to cope with life in Los Angeles as it can be a very "lonely" place.

She added: " LA is an incredibly lonely place and you have to deal with not having the sense of community or culture you have in New York where I grew up."

Scarlett Johansson Glad She Ignored Stage School Advice


Screen siren SCARLETT JOHANSSON was rejected from stage school at the age of seven and told to take up a career in tap-dancing.

The actress has gone on to become one of Hollywood's brightest new stars, with a string of hits at the tender age of just 20 - but things could have been so different.
She explains, "I saw my whole future crumble before me.

"My mother took me and my siblings to this talent agency. But they only wanted my older brother. I was devastated.
"I remember crying outside and my mom said, 'If you really want to pursue this, it's a serious commitment. Maybe you should do something else, like tap-dance lessons'."

Scarlett Johansson pressured to stay young

Scarlett Johansson has revealed she uses anti-ageing cream. at the tender age of 20.

The screen beauty said there is so much pressure in Hollywood to stay young, she is already preparing for the ravages of old age.

The sexy 'Lost in Translation' star even admits to waking up in the middle of the night to do her beauty treatment.
She confessed to Britain's You magazine: "Everybody in Hollywood is so damn beautiful. It's hard not to feel under pressure. I already use anti-ageing products.

"I have an obsessive character. I manicure my nails at three in the morning because nobody else can do it right."
Meanwhile, Scarlett also revealed she is vulnerable and needs someone to care for her.

The beautiful blonde said although she is very independent, she requires a lot of love and attention to be happy.

The actress said: "I am very independent. I can look after myself, but I still need a lot of love and care."

Scarlett Johansson: Beauty, Brains,Talent

There's already been so much ink spilled about how this has been the breakthrough year for Scarlett Johansson that it might seem as though there's just not much else to say on the subject. Then again, it's easy to understand why she's attracting that kind of attention. Johansson possess that rare trifecta of beauty, brains and talent, and she delivers deeply moving performances in two of this year's best indie films: "Lost in Translation" and "Girl With a Pearl Earring."

Though the two pictures are radically different -- one is the story of an unlikely friendship between philosophy student Charlotte and Hollywood actor Bob Harris (Bill Murray) set against the handheld backdrop of modern day Tokyo; the other, a fictional tale about the relationship between servant girl Griet and 17th century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth) -- both offer insightful portraits of the emotional bonds that can draw two people together. And, in both, Johansson creates characters that are still yet expressive, quiet yet articulate, reserved yet vulnerable. In fact, she received Golden Globe nominations for both turns.

Not bad for someone who just turned 19 years old.

"With both of the films, for me, the entirety of the film revolves around the relationships; the relationships between Bob and Charlotte and Griet and Vermeer are the whole story," Johansson says. "With that comes change and all kinds of self-realization. I think both characters are completely in love with the men in the story; that was where I was coming from, that's where my heart was. There's something going on other than just a physical attraction."

While Johansson's chemistry with both her leading men is palpable, depicting Griet's ardor for Vermeer required the actress to communicate largely through meaningful expression. Even in the film's centerpiece sequence -- in which Vermeer pierces Griet's ear with one of his wife's jewels in order to perfect the composition for his famous painting -- she says precious little; rather she gazes at him with wide blue eyes full of admiration and desire.

Oddly enough, Johansson admits that the long stretches of silence simplified things for her. "It was one of the easiest jobs I've ever done dramatically," she says. "It was draining, but these characters realistically never would have spoken with one another. If there had been some kind of dialogue, it would have been some awful cheesy Hollywood movie dialogue. It just seemed better that I had nothing to say than to fumble with bad dialogue."

Since Johansson earned critical acclaim in Robert Redford's "The Horse Whisperer" (1998), she's rarely had to contend with inferior dialogue. She starred with Thora Birch in Terry Zwigoff's "Ghost World" (2001), playing a world-weary teenager who desperately tries to drag her best friend into accepting some of the responsibilities of adulthood, earning attention for her understated, sardonic manner. A small role in the Coen Brothers' critically acclaimed film noir "The Man Who Wasn't There" followed in 2001.

But it wasn't until "Translation," which has already been heralded the year's best picture by the San Francisco Film Critics Circle, that Johansson really began to garner notice as an actress poised to become one of the leading talents of her generation. Not only does she project a wisdom and maturity well beyond her years, she can hold her own against the inimitable Murray. Together, they embark on a journey through a foreign land that seems more natural and spontaneous than scripted and rehearsed. Johansson says, though, that director Sofia Coppola had very specific ideas about what she wanted from her actors.

"I think because Sofia's script was something quite personal to her, it seemed even from the beginning that she had a vision for the way she wanted everything to be," Johansson says. "She really allowed us to have moments completely play out; I think she edited the film around the full evolution of our emotion. She was adamant about getting what she wanted. I really admired that about her."

If 2003 was a breakout year for Johansson, 2004 promises to raise her profile even more. She stars in Paramount's upcoming "The Perfect Score," in which she plays one of a group of high school seniors who stage a robbery to steal the answers to the S.A.T. She also toplines the first project from new indie player El Camino Pictures, "A Love Song for Bobby Long," playing an independent young woman who goes to New Orleans after her mother dies only to find two men living in the house she was to inherit.

Additionally, she's just optioned the rights to remake the 1958 Natalie Wood vehicle "Marjorie Morningstar," about a young Jewish woman who resists the idea of a college education and an inevitable marriage and, instead, longs to become an actress.

"It's been an incredible year," Johansson offers. "I have artistic freedom in the sense that I am able to bring projects to studios and have a hand in developing things. What comes with being a recognizable person, this idea in Hollywood of having some kind of bankability or credibility, all of a sudden you have this green light put in front of you. That's something that's very new to me, and it's really exciting. It means that I can make more movies that I like and get more great movies made."

Scarlett Johansson: A Breakthrough Artist

At the tender age of 19, Scarlett Johansson is starring in two of the most-buzzed-about indie projects heading into awards season. In Focus Features' "Lost in Translation," she plays a young newlywed who forms an unlikely friendship with a Hollywood actor (played by Bill Murray) during a vacation in Toyko. In Lions Gate's "Girl With a Pearl Earring," she plays the title character: a maid who becomes the subject of Johannes Vermeer's famous painting. Johansson spoke recently with Sheri Linden for The Hollywood Reporter about being recognized as a gifted up-and-comer.

The Hollywood Reporter: The Hollywood Film Festival is honoring you as a breakthrough artist. Does this indeed feel like a breakthrough point in your career?
Scarlett Johansson: I've been in this industry for 11 years now, so it's funny to get a breakthrough award. But I do feel like I'm getting past being seen as a young teenager and becoming a young adult. I guess it does feel like I've broken through some kind of age barrier, so to speak. And I've been working so intensely on both films ("Lost," in current release, and the upcoming "Pearl Earring") that it's really great to feel that your work is recognized.

THR: You've already worked in a wide range of genres. Is it a conscious effort on your part to mix it up?
Johansson: When I look at a project, I wonder, What are the redeeming qualities of this film? If the script is not great, who else is attached to it? What kind of character am I going to play -- is it going to be challenging, is it going to be enjoyable? That's the No. 1 factor for me. No matter what, you're making a film for yourself, and if you are having an incredible time, you feel positive about the film. For me, it's really about whether I'm going to enjoy myself making a film, if it's going to be something that's challenging or if it's just another teen-slayer comedy.

THR: I can't quite see you in one of those.
Johansson: Well, you never know. I could sell out. I may need to buy furniture (for my apartment).

THR: Is there any particular kind of film or role that you're especially eager to do?
Johansson: I don't know that there's anything that particularly calls out to me. I'd love to do more comedy. I enjoy the process of doing comedic things, and whenever I have any comedy in the things I do, I love getting that down. I love getting the timing down; I love being able to work with other comedic actors.

THR: You've said that you have known for a very long time that you wanted to work in film, and your vision for yourself is to eventually direct. What drew you at such a young age to film -- was it the idea of performing or more an appreciation of the art of film itself?
Johansson: Being a little girl and having such a passion about film really came from just the magic of cinema. Watching all these old-fashioned musicals that my mom used to play for us -- (1955's) "Oklahoma!" (1956's) "Carousel" and all those old Judy Garland movies. These magical older films really piqued my passion for performance and the visual splendor. As I got older -- especially after we had done (1998's) "The Horse Whisperer" because I was really able to put my two cents in and work with Bob (Redford) and really feel comfortable giving suggestions -- it became more and more clear to me that film direction is the path for me. I can't wait.

Scarlett Johansson: 'Young men can feel free to seduce me'

Scarlett Johansson regrets saying she didn't want to date any man under the age of 30 - because young, eligible men are scared to chat her up.

The stunning 20-year-old actress, who is currently romancing 33-year-old actor Jared Leto, says she now only gets old men flirting with her.

She said: "It's horrible. I only get balding men with giant guts since that comment circulated. Young men can feel free to seduce me."
Last month, Scarlett said she wasn't worried about having older men as her on-screen lovers - because she thinks it makes the audience respect her more.

The blonde beauty, who has starred alongside Bill Murray, Colin Firth and John Travolta, thinks it is a compliment when she is cast opposite older men because she believes it shows film bosses want her for her talent and not her looks.
She said: "It's not something I really think about; it just happened that way.

I've been fortunate to work with older actors who are incredibly talented. It's a compliment.."

Scarlett Johansson set move to London

Scarlett Johansson is set to move to London.

The 'Lost in Translation' star is reportedly planning to leave her New York apartment after falling in love with the English capital while shooting Woody Allen movie 'Match Point' last year.

She told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "I felt it was a place I could be happy
"I saw some nice places when I was working there and I think now is a good time to look.

"The property market is interesting at the moment and the prices seem to be kinder to the buyer, so I'm going to check it out."
And the sexy star, who is reported to be dating heartthrob actor Jared Leto, has even planned where to start her property search.

Scarlett Johansson hopes she wins Best Actress award

Scarlett Johansson doesn't want to win the Golden Globe Best Actress award - because she thinks her rival, Imelda Staunton, deserves it more.

The stunning actress, who is nominated for her role in 'A Love Song For Bobby Long', doesn't believe she deserves the coveted prize at the ceremony on Sunday (16.01.05) and is rooting for 'Vera Drake' star Imelda instead.

She said: "I don't want the award. Imelda is unbelievable."
The 20-year-old beauty, who won a Bafta for her performance in 'Lost In Translation' last year, is also up against Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank and Uma Thurman.

Meanwhile, Scarlett recently revealed that she is quite happy for her male co-stars to see her breasts.
The 20-year-old beauty admitted she doesn't really get nervous when she has to strip off for her sex scenes as she doesn't think it's a big deal.

She told Britain's Harpers and Queen magazine: "A lot of people get nervous.

I try to be relaxed. There are those first few takes where you're like, 'This is awkward', and it's hot and you're almost naked.

But if someone catches sight of your bare breasts, you think: 'Let them have it and enjoy it for the day."

Scarlett Johansson told to take a break from acting

Scarlett Johansson has been told to take a break from acting - by her mother.

The ‘Lost In Translation’ star claims her mum is constantly telling her to slow down and go on holiday, but she admits even she did go away all she would be able to think about is work.

She said: “I’m such a workaholic but I can’t help myself. My mother keeps saying, “Take a vacation, get some rest, go to sleep, what’s wrong with you?’
But even if I go on vacation all I think about is work.”

Meanwhile, Scarlett has slammed stars who thank God when they win an award.
The 19-year-old actress claims movie stars who mention God or Jesus in their acceptance speech are an embarrassment to the profession.

She told Britain’s B magazine: “Some people can be so goofy, especially the ones that say, ‘I’d like to thank our Lord Jesus up above!’ I’m like, ‘For the love of God, keep your mouth shut.

That’s why the world is so f***ed up because God is focusing solely on your career.’”

Scarlett Johansson slams 'God' acceptance speeches

Scarlett Johansson has slammed stars who thank God when they win an award.

The stunning actress claims movie stars who mention God or Jesus in their acceptance speech are an embarrassment to the profession.

She said: "Some people can be so goofy, especially the ones that say, 'I'd like to thank our Lord Jesus up above!'
I'm like, 'For the love of God, keep your mouth shut. That's why the world is so f***ed up because God is focusing solely on your career.'"

However, Scarlett admits she would probably make a fool of herself by crying if she ever won an Oscar.
She revealed to Britain's B magazine: "If I won, I'd probably cry.

I mean, it looks pretty overwhelming. And if you look around and see you mom crying, and your agent crying, well, you'd cry too."

Scarlett Johansson giving up acting to become a charity worker

Scarlett Johansson is considering giving up her acting career to become a charity worker.

The stunning actress, who won a Bafta Award for her role in 'Lost in Translation', says she gets easily bored when filming movies and would like to do something more worthwhile and interesting.

She said: "I might go to Bangladesh with Oxfam and then explore into India.

When I'm not working, the first couple of weeks are fantastic, then towards the end of the first month I start to have anxiety attacks.
I get bored, I feel stale."

The 20-year-old beauty also revealed she has a crush on Britain' Prince William.
Scarlett, who has an on-off relationship with Hollywood actor Jared Leto, is keen to meet the heir to the British throne.

She told Britain's Time Out magazine: "I have never had the opportunity of meeting Prince William. I'm sure he's very nice. He's very handsome.

I would like to meet him some day. Maybe we could go for cocktails?"

Earlier this year, Scarlett met William's cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie at a polo event.

Scarlett Johansson would love boffins to lose cellulite!

Scarlett Johansson has confessed she has cellulite, and would love computer boffins to make a video game of her upcoming movie so she will lose her 'orange peel' skin.

The stunning actress, who will star opposite Tom Cruise in action film 'Mission: Impossible 3', revealed: "I hope they make a video game out of me.0

At least then I wouldn't have any cellulite!"

Scarlett, who is dating Jared Leto, has also admitted she will have plastic surgery when she gets older to keep her looking young.
The 20-year-old star confessed to Britain's B magazine: "I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that."

Meanwhile, Scarlett is having paintings of naked women hung in her bedroom.
The actress, who recently bought a Los Angeles apartment, wants to decorate the room in a lavish 'bordello' style.

She revealed: "My dad's an architect, so he's turning my bedroom into a bordello with satin wallpaper - really tacky - with angels painted on the ceiling, paintings of nude women on the wall and a four-poster bed."

Ugly Scarlett Johansson Ideal For Film Role


British royal PRINCESS MICHAEL OF KENT is desperate for SCARLETT JOHANSSON to star in a film of her latest book - because she believes the LOST IN TRANSLATION star is "ugly" enough to play frumpy wife CATHERINE DE MEDICI.

The Princess's book THE SERPENT AND THE MOON is based on the love triangle between young French KING HENRI II, his long-suffering wife Catherine de Medici and his older mistress DIANE DE POITIERS.
She explains, "I imagine CATE BLANCHETT for Diane and JUDE LAW as Henri - very broody and handsome. And as Catherine de Medici, can't you see Scarlett Johansson? I think it would be quite easy to make her appear ugly."

Scarlett Johansson's date with Spongebob Squarepants

Scarlett Johansson walked the premiere carpet with an unusual date on Sunday night (14.11.04) - cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants.

The beautiful actress posed for photos with the cult character on the special yellow carpet outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre for the Hollywood premiere of 'The Spongebob Squarepants Movie'.

Scarlett, dressed in a yellow polka-dot top and pretty white skirt, voices Spongebob's friend Mindy the Mermaid in the feature length animation.

She said of her character: "The coolest thing about being a mermaid is wearing a seashell bra."
Former 'Baywatch' star David Hasselhoff also attended the premiere - he voices a talking surfboard that takes Spongebob and his best friend, pink starfish Patrick, to the undersea town of Bikini Bottom.

'Friends' actress Lisa Kudrow, rap star Ice Cube and 'Everybody Loves Raymond' star Ray Romano were among the celebrity guests who took their children to the screening.
The film's soundtrack includes a string of top musicians, including Avril Lavigne, the Flaming Lips and Motorhead.

Scarlett Johansson: 'I am not bisexual!'

Scarlett Johansson has laughed off claims she is bisexual.

The 19-year-old actress triggered speculation about her sexuality when she was spotted canoodling with her friend, designer Tara Subkoff, in the New York Hiro, last month.

However, the stunning blonde insists their relationship is strictly based on friendship.
Scarlett told US magazine W: "Tara is one of my best friends, it never happened.

It would be very strange for our relationship." The 'Lost In Translation' star also revealed she and Tara even joked about the rumours of their alleged kiss.
She added: "Of course two nights later we had a dark, candlelit dinner and I was calling her 'my petal' all night.

She was dying.

I was like "Can I get you a glass of wine my rose, now that we're a couple?"

Since the reported 'lesbian' kiss, Johansson has been reported as having an on-off relationship with 37-year-old actor Benicio del Toro - who she allegedly had sex with in a lift.

However the beautiful actress again denied the claims saying: "Apparently there was somebody with us in an elevator and we were making out or having sex or something - which was very unsanitary."

Scarlett wants to star with "hot, young stud"

Scarlett Johansson has one wish for her next movie - to play opposite a "hot, young stud".

The 19-year-old actress, who has starred alongside some of Hollywood's most experienced actors - all of whom have been old enough to be her father - is now desperate for a young hunk.

In her latest film 'A Love Song for Bobby Long', she appears alongside 50-year-old John Travolta, her 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring' co-star was Colin Firth, 43, and she had to kiss 53-year-old Bill Murray in 'Lost in Translation'.
The blonde star, who is sitting on the jury at the Venice Film Festival, revealed: "I've been fortunate enough to work with some legendary actors but hopefully I'll be able to carry a film with some hot, young stud some day."

Earlier this year, Scarlett attributed her on-screen romances with mature men to winning roles intended for older actresses. She explained at the time: "I've always played roles maybe a few years older than me.
When I did 'The Horse Whisperer' I was 12 playing 14, and in 'Ghost World' I was playing 18 when I was 15." But in real life, Scarlett has no trouble in attracting Hollywood heartthrobs.

Her latest conquest was reportedly handsome Jared Leto after they were spotted canoodling in a London club.

The 'Lost in Translation' beauty had invited Jared to her lavish "un-birthday party" and within hours were seen talking intimately.

A fellow reveller revealed at the time: "They looked very close. He was stroking her leg and then Scarlett sat on his lap."

Scarlett Johansson wants young men to seduce her!

Actress Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she regrets saying she didn't want to date any man under the age of 30 because young, eligible men are now scared to court her.

The 'Lost In Translation' star, who is currently dating actor Jared Leto, said that now only mature men flirt with her.

"It's horrible. I only get balding men with giant guts since that comment circulated. Young men can feel free to seduce me," femalefirst quoted Scarlett as saying.


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" Who's making the headlines today?! "