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Roselyn Sanchez Actress

Roselyn Sanchez

The Puerto Rican cutie ventured into Hollywood and the music industry, with roles in movies like "Rush Hour 2" and "Basic", and a release of a CD album in 2003. Roselyn Sanchez was born on April 2nd, 1970 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She grew up there with her mother, father (a marketing businessman) and three older brothers. Despite a lifelong interest in the entertainment industry, Roselyn decided to study marketing at the University of Puerto Rico, in order to do what her brothers had not done -- namely, take over the family business. After three years, however, she decided to quit, and pursued her dreams by studying acting, singing and dancing. In the mid-'90s, she landed a spot as dancer and co-host of Puerto Rico's No. 1 comedy-variety show, Que Vacilon, which brought her fame in her native country. Her good looks brought her success in other areas, too, particularly beauty pageants. She was named Miss Puerto Rico Petite in 1993, and the following year she represented her country and became Miss America Petite 1994. Having done so well in her homeland, Sanchez then decided to go for the big time and left Puerto Rico for New York. Getting started was as difficult for her as it is for any aspiring actor, but she soon found her way by working on her one-woman show, Out Here On My Own, and appearing in the 1992 comedy Captain Ron, as an Island Girl. Perhaps more substantially, she won the first Latina role in the almost 50-year history of the soap opera, As the World Turns, and portrayed Pilar Domingo from 1996 to 1997. After a handful of other relatively small roles on television (including Fame L.A. and Ryan Caulfield: Year One) and in the small-budget film Held Up, Roselyn got her breakthrough in 2001 with Rush Hour 2, starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. In the sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster, she plays an undercover secret service agent who performs challenging fight scenes and even strips down to her lingerie. By all accounts, she had hit the big time.

Sanchez did not hesitate to capitalize on her newfound stardom. She appeared in no less than five films between 2002 and 2003. In Boat Trip she played the straight lady to the comedic antics of Cuba Gooding Jr., while in Nightstalker she covered the thriller genre. After her latest big-budget film, Basic, with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, Roselyn enjoyed the release of two films featuring the Spanish tongue: Chasing Papi (co-starring fellow hotties Sofia Vergara and Jaci Velasquez) and Angel, a Puerto Rican production. She can now be seen on the modern version of TV's Dragnet, as Detective Lisa Macias. Sanchez splits her time between New York, Los Angeles and the occasional return to Puerto Rico. She plans to release a record in the foreseeable future and she's in the process of composing a musical about a singer/dancer/actor who leaves Puerto Rico to hit the big time in New York. Who will play the lead role? Roselyn, of course.

In 2003 she released an album with Tres-Eres Records titled "Borinqueña" in Puerto Rico it's in #13 in the charts and it's currently filming in Canada "The Underclassman" with Nick Cannon.


Chasing Papi: An Interview with Roselyn Sanchez

Even since she made a splash as one of the gifted individuals in the TV show Fame L.A a few years ago, this actress has been making good progress in getting good roles. Most will remember her as the no-nonsense evildoer in Rush Hour 2. Currently gracing the screen in Boat Trip and Basic, the gorgeous Roselyn Sanchez has another film coming out as she plays a buttoned up, repressed poetry loving lawyer in Chasing Papi. This character is a far cry from the fun loving, salsa dancing Roselyn. In an interview Roselyn fills us in on her role in the film, her salsa embarrassment and being Miss Puerto Rico Petite.

GP: How were you cast in this movie?

RS: Two years ago I met Tajamika Paxton, Forest Whitaker’s partner and read the script for her. Then the project died down. Then they called me two years later and I told them I wanted to be Cici (the flamboyant character) just to be difficult. And I knew that if I was going to do this, I would be challenged. But they wanted me to be Lorena and I grew to like it as she is the only character that really evolves.

GP: My favorite scene in the movie is when you are walking in the hotel lobby, trip and fall down. The next shot shows you with your glasses fallen off and you shaking your hair in slow motion. Then Paul Rodriquez comes by and falsely believes you are in the beauty pageant being held there. You were Miss Puerto Rico Petite in real life. So impersonating Miss Puerto Rico in the movie was not a big stretch for you, right?

RS: (Laughing) (More laughing)

That whole Miss Puerto Rico scene was so much fun. The Latino audience is going to laugh so hard when they see that part because they’ve seen that before.

GP: So that wasn’t a big stretch for you.

RS: No, I pretended. I did my wave the wrong way. I did it very awkwardly. I couldn’t wait for that scene because I got tired of wearing my hair up with glasses throughout the movie.

GP: How would you compare this role with your recent roles in movies like Basic, Boat Trip and Rush Hour 2?

RS: This role is the most special one. I am super grateful for the opportunity and all the people that I’m working with: Travolta and Jackson and Cuba Gooding. I can’t believe it. It’s an amazing blessing. But this one because it has a 90% Latino cast and I was able to talk in Spanish. (Laughing) But it’s really, really special and we all feel like we’re pioneers. It’s the first time a studio is financing a Latino project and committing to us. I wanted to be part of it because of that. Even though my first language is Spanish and I grew up in Puerto Rico. And people see me as the girl from Rush Hour 2 but they don’t have a name with the face. Even Latinos in Venezuela and Colombia may know my face but they say, “Oh, that’s the girl from Rush Hour 2.” Hopefully this movie will help Eduardo Verastegui and the girls {her co-stars} break into Hollywood and have Latinos see that I am Puerto Rico and that I do have an accent.

GP: Sounds like you enjoyed working on this film….

RS: So to be able to do a movie with a Latino cast. I mean, some of the roles are a little stereotypical. But at least we’re not playing the maid or the drug dealer. We’re playing beautiful, educated women that wear Versace (laughing). Because there are so many of those types in Mexico City.

GP: In your bio, it notes that you are a professionally trained dancer. How difficult was it to play a stiff Latino lawyer who couldn’t dance?

RS: Oooooh, I hated it! It was hard for me to dance off beat and like I couldn’t salsa. Then, and I’ll never forget this, an extra came up to me between takes and said, “I notice that you are having a few problems. Salsa is easy. You just step backwards once and forwards once.” I looked around and was like “Will somebody please get her out of my face?” I mean, after that, between takes I was purposely dancing to show off my skills.

GP: You are Puerto Rican. Tell me about some of your favorite things you love about the island.

RS: I love my mom’s cooking immensely. I come from a big family. My entire family is in Puerto Rico so every time I go I need to get my fix. The restaurants are great. The beaches are amazing. I love my island. I love my island! I do!!

GP: How was it working with Forest Whitaker (the producer of the film)?

RS: Forest was great. He was really hands on and a guiding hand throughout the process. I mean most producers show up on the first day of shooting and then the last. Forest showed up everyday. It got to the point where the cast was going—Is he here again?

GP: Thank you for sitting down and talking with me.

RS: It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you!

Roselyn Sanchez: I always wanted to be a Latin Sade

Puerto Rican bombshell Roselyn Sanchez can dance, act and sing. Now this bilingual babe is ready to conquer the mainland. Roselyn Sanchez's charms are hard to miss. She's more than just another pretty Latin starlet; the one-time ballet dancer also is turning into one of Hollywood's most promising comedic actresses. In box-office hits like "Rush Hour 2", the former Miss Puerto Rico Petite (she's 5-foot-5) proved she can hold a gun and deliver a punch line. And this season she's in ABC's retooled "L.A. Dragnet". But on Tuesday, Sanchez is looking for a hit on the music charts when she releases her first album, Borinquena, an affectionate Spanish term for a woman from Puerto Rico. The record is everything fans of Latin pop could hope for and more: It's romantic and sexy, yes. But it's got rocket-fast salsa beats and hip-hop-inspired guest turns that will keep you dancing all disc long.

On a hike through the Hollywood Hills, the star of "Chasing Papi" and "Boat Trip" is clearly on a high. She waves to fans who recognize her on the trail. She laughs easily and, at a particularly steep turn, puts her hair up in a ponytail, lickety-split. "Excuse me, Mami," she tells me, her voice warm with affection, "but it's hot out here!"

Sanchez has just returned from the Dominican Republic, where she shot her first music video, "Amor Amor", with her good pal Tyrese Gibson ("2 Fast 2 Furious"). She says her decision to record her album entirely in Spanish was a natural: "Spanish is my first language. Immediately, I felt more comfortable. I always said I wanted to be a Latin Sade."

Although Sanchez hopes one day to record in English and pursue the kind of crossover success artists like Enrique Iglesias and Shakira have enjoyed, right now she's loving la vida latina. "For a fact, I know that people who listen to the same music in English and Spanish say there's something about Spanish that makes it more sexual and romantic," she says. "It's like listening to songs in Italian; it's beautiful."

It may seem Sanchez is another out-of-nowhere sensation, but it's been a long climb for the 30-year-old, who grew up in a middle-class family in San Juan. "When I first came to the U.S., 10 years ago, I was clueless," she says with a laugh. "I was doing so well on the island [she was part of Puerto Rico's top-rated variety show, Qué Vacilón], I thought it would be easy. I thought it'd take me one year to be Salma Hayek."

Those first few months in New York were a wake-up call for Sanchez, but she says she got the message loud and clear: "Go learn the language. Go take some acting lessons. Start from zero like everybody else."

Despite her recent success, she still faces challenges in an industry that persists in favoring a Julia over a J.Lo. Sanchez was passed over recently for a coveted role opposite Keanu Reeves because the director didn't see the character "with an accent." Her managers and agents quickly called her into a meeting to address "the accent situation," as they called it. "I explained very carefully how it is almost impossible to lose," she says. "I grew up in Puerto Rico. There's no actor from Latin America, or even Asia, who grew up there, who came to the U.S. as an adult and has no accent. Look at Penélope Cruz."

It's unusual to meet someone who is as whip-smart and savvy about the politics of race, language and culture in the entertainment world as Sanchez is. "If Pedro Almodóvar [the Oscar-winning Spanish director of "Talk to Her"] called Meryl Streep and said, 'I give you five years to learn Spanish, because I want you in this movie,' she may learn the language, but she will sound like an Anglo speaking Spanish," Sanchez says. "I came here when I was almost 22. I'm perfectly bilingual, but I'm never going to sound like Sandra Bullock."

And who'd want her to? We love this borinquena just the way she is.


Roselyn Sanchez: An Actress, Singer, Dancer

A spicy hot mamasita from Puerto Rico, Roselyn overpowers any dish with her searing good looks and sizzling presence. Roselyn is an actor, singer and dancer who has so far enjoyed her biggest success in Hollywood with films like Rush Hour 2 and Basic.

Roselyn Sanchez is an equatorial knockout. It almost makes us mad that during her beauty pageant years, she had to compete in the "Petite" category because she is 5'5". She would slay the competition even if she were up against the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, plus Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. Well, at least if we were the judges...

Roselyn is one of those talents that we can picture getting better and better with time. She still has a pair of aces up her sleeve -- that is, prodigious singing and dancing talent -- that we expect to see on the big screen (or in person) eventually. Meanwhile, she has stolen the spotlight from all her co-stars, from martial arts master Jackie Chan to the two cool cats from Pulp Fiction, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. Future co-stars beware!

Roselyn Sanchez has a keen, sparkling attitude that makes her public appearances all the more pleasant. She has shown consistent faith in herself, her friends and her homeland, and seems determined to enjoy her stroll in the spotlight. We say, sombreros off for that.

Sanchez will be the first to admit that she hasn't had to forage into very many sophisticated roles -- yet. We are as certain as her that one day she'll land a Miramax-type role and wow us all with her performance. Meanwhile, she's got the goods in singing and dancing to keep her occupied until Harvey Weinstein calls. She is a true entertainer.

The "Petite" category that she competes in as a beauty pageant participant only pertains to her relatively short height. Roselyn has a full, perfectly proportioned body, with shapely curves, fine legs and ample breasts. She is constantly sexy, even when she's not trying to be. Plus, thanks to her salsa-dancing prowess, she knows how to move her body oh so seductively. Just check out her lingerie scene in Rush Hour 2. A rush of blood to the head indeed.

Roselyn Sanchez's first substantial role was as a co-host of the popular Puerto Rican comedy-variety show, Que Vacilon. After winning the Miss Puerto Rico Petite pageant in 1993, and then the Miss America Petite crown in 1994, she decided to go for broke in New York. She wrote and performed in her one-woman show, Out Here On My Own, and had a bit part as an Island Girl in the 1992 comedy, Captain Ron.

But Sanchez really broke ground in her first English-speaking role, as the first-ever Latina character on the very long-running daytime drama, As the World Turns, during its 1996-1997 season. She followed that up with a role on the short-lived series Fame L.A. and the rookie cop show Ryan Caulfield: Year One, which was cancelled after one season.

But 2001 proved to be a great year for the budding actress. She starred as sexy undercover secret service agent Isabella Molina in the hugely successful buddy cop comedy Rush Hour 2, opposite stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Since then, Sanchez has found steady work in the 2002 comedy Boat Trip, with Cuba Gooding Jr., and 2003's Basic, with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. She has also appeared in the comedy Chasing Papi and the Puerto Rican film Angel, co-starring Jimmy Smits. Roselyn fans will be ecstatic to hear that she has been gracing TV screens since 2003, as Detective Lisa Macias on the revamped version of Dragnet.

Going hand in hand with her sex appeal, Roselyn's beauty is a thing to marvel at. She has jet black hair and very dark, yet radiant eyes. Her long, slender eyebrows make her face stand out from afar, and her gorgeous bronzed skin is flawless. We almost don't want her to start dancing because it might mess up the freeze-frame image of perfection that she always pulls off.

Roselyn Sanchez is a great dresser to boot. When dolled up, she often bears the marks of her warm-weather upbringing (read: she wears very, very short skirts), but always adds a dose of sass to her outfit. When she was spotted at the 2 Fast 2 Furious premiere (starring fellow Latin knockout, Eva Mendes), she managed to stun the crowd in, of all things, jeans and a simple top. She can make anything look good, but just for safe measure, she always wears things that are stylish.

Roselyn Sanchez: One on One

Roselyn Sanchez stole a lot of the show from Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 2, and provided the first on-screen instance of Chan watching a woman strip. A Puerto Rican beauty pageant winner, model and dancer, little other information is available online about rising star Sanchez. She shared some information with Action/Adventure Movies in an interview at the Fourth Annual AFFMA Awards.
Sanchez was presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to her Rush Hour 2 producer, Arthur Sarkissian, but before the ceremony, she posed for photos and spoke privately with me before the gala banquet. We spoke about her career path, her Rush Hour 2 experience and upcoming projects, including a musical she is writing for herself.

How did you go from beauty pageants and modeling to acting? I don't know. One thing led to the other. I won the pageants and then I left Puerto Rico, my country. I moved to the states to become an actress and I trained for many years, singing, dancing and acting and then started doing TV, little things here and there. Then Rush Hour 2 happened.

Has this movie opened a lot of doors? I think so, absolutely. Just the fact that I'm here tonight, I'm presenting this award and I just came back from Germany with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and it's really helping me. I'm very exciting.
I read you studied marketing for a while. Why did you get into that field and why did you leave? You know what? My father is a businessman so when he retired, my three brothers didn't go into the business, so I thought I was going to just take over the business and I tried for three years but I was working on TV already on the island and I really didn't like it at all. So, I just told my parents, "You know what? I just can't do it. I'm not interested in business." So, I left and I pursued what I wanted which is acting and singing and all that.

What do you love about acting?I think it's fascinating. All my life I've been performing and just the fact that you can play all these different roles that are so removed from who you are. Even though the stuff I'm doing right now is relatively easy, I think in the future I would love to play things that have nothing to do with me and that's good.
What did you like about being in an action movie? It was fun. It was just fun. It's so funny because I never saw myself as an action hero and now everybody sees me like that. And I had an amazing time. Christ Tucker and Jackie Chan, it was like a dream working with them.

What did they teach you about filmmaking? It was my first big movie and it was a huge movie. The budget was huge. The comedy was huge and I just learned about the dynamic of the business when it's such a big movie and Jackie is the best guy doing what he does. He choreographed everything and he taught me how to do it and he was great.
Could you communicate with Zhang Ziyi? Very little. Very little, but she's a beautiful lady and at the end it was a little bit easier. She always had a translator so it was more like hugs and kisses and just facial expressions. In terms of really having a conversation, it was a little tough.

How could you play scenes with her when you couldn't talk about characters? Just laughing. We'd just laugh and laugh.

How do you stay in shape? I just go to the gym and I'm a dancer, so I dance and dance and dance.

Where do you dance? I go to The Edge in Hollywood and I go to dance classes at the Gold's Gym where I go to in Santa Monica and just do it. Just exercise a lot.
Will you be dancing in your next movie? I am dancing a little bit in my next movie, Boat Trip, and then next year, hopefully I'm going to have big, big dancing movie that I'm co-writing and it's my dream to do it.

Can you talk about that project yet? It's very premature because the script is being finished, but it's called Yellow and it's about a struggling Puerto Rican that moves to New York to make it big as a dancer and doesn't quite make it. But there's a lot of dancing. It's surreal so it's like six music videos within the movie.

A story about someone not achieving their dreams is pretty daring. I know, but it's uplifting because I'm going to make it like she touches everybody's life around her, but she dies without knowing that she did that. I hope it's going to be a beautiful drama that I'm going to be able to showcase my dancing.
What's your character in Boat Trip? I play a choreographer on a single gay's cruise and Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s the lead and Vivica Fox is the lady. I'm just a Latina, outgoing, very nice, very talented girl that falls in love with Cuba.

When presenting the award to Sarkissian, Sanchez said, "I'm so honored to have the opportunity to present this award to you, Arthur. He's someone I hold very, very close to my heart. I have been in the States for almost seven years and as any actress knows, it's up and down, up and down and struggling. For a long time, everybody told me, 'You know what? Just one movie is going to make the difference, one big movie.' I was so blessed to get Rush Hour 2 and a lot of it had to do with Arthur Sarkissian."


Roselyn Sanchez : Actor gets emotional over career

It began Thursday morning with a simple question about the Golden Globe that he gave up to fellow nominee Jack Lemmon in 1998.

Ving Rhames, at the Hilton Universal in Los Angeles to discuss his upcoming USA series “Kojak,” was sitting on a panel with his co-stars fielding questions from reporters gathered at the Television Critics Association’s bi-annual press tour. The venerable actor, who in March takes over the role Telly Savalas made famous in the 70s, was asked if he became friends with Jack Lemmon after handing him the Golden Globe he had just won for his portrayal of Don King in the TV film “Don King: Only in America.”

“Yes. And I mean, I met his family,” began Rhames. “I just find so often we don’t give people their flowers while they’re on this planet, you know. And Jack Lemmon had won many awards, I think a couple of Oscars. I guess it was just God used me in that moment. I didn’t plan on doing that. Here’s an African-American male, and here’s an older Jewish guy, and that doesn’t matter. You see?”

Co-stars Chazz Palminteri, Roselyn Sanchez and executive producer Tom Thayer looked on as tears began to stream down the face of the 45-year-old actor. His words became increasingly harder to get out.

“Whether the name is Kojak or Lopez or what have you, to me, what I’m trying to do as an artist and as a man and as part of my legacy on this planet is show how similar we are, how if I take any kid and – raise him in the ghetto in Harlem and he goes out and kills someone or steals from someone or what have you, the system is set up so that kid is damn near born in a trap. So it’s not a color thing that black kids or Hispanic kids wind up doing those crimes, including myself. I’m trying to get the world to see that, you know what? There’s really not that much difference between you and I. And my name really doesn’t matter. Hopefully, my heart and my spirit matters to you. Hopefully.”

The “Kojak” session ended a few minutes early, because Rhames was unable to continue. Later in the day, Roselyn Sanchez said of her co-star's emotional breakdown: “It was really overwhelming. I consider him a good friend, so I know he’s really intense like that. He’s really passionate, and I’m thinking it’s because he comes from a really difficult childhood. …When he closes his eyes and looks at everything he had to go through, it’s overwhelming for him and he cries. For me, it’s like a treat to be able to see that and to know that I’m going to be able to work with somebody that takes the craft so seriously.”


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