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Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Actress Model

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

The former gorgeous blonde model found comfort and fame in Hollywood in the new millenium, and appeared in movies like "X-Men" and "The Punisher" and TV series "Just Shoot me." Rebecca Romijn (pronounced "romaine"), was born on the 6th of November 1972, in Berkeley, California. Once a college student who was born to hippie parents, Rebecca's fashion sense did not go further than her Birkenstock sandals. Now, the only Birks she's wearing are on her fingers, earlobes and neckline. In 1995, Rebecca attended UC Santa Cruz and majored in music. A struggling student, Rebecca decided to sign up with a San Francisco modeling agency to help pay the bills. In a mere two months and almost instantaneously, Rebecca made the move from college student to glamorous runway model. Not necessarily wanting to pursue a modeling career (the world of high fashion intimidated her), Rebecca took time off from her studies to work as a full-time model. In no time, she already had contracts with major league fashion houses such as Christian Dior and Escada.

In 1996, she became one of the beautiful women to grace the pages of the much-loved Victoria's Secret catalogs. She also became the fantasy girl in Miller Light's advertising campaign, and can also be seen showing off her milk moustache in a Got Milk? advertising campaign, a campaign that also shows model Tyra Banks, and Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow donning a milk moustache. As if Rebecca needed even more reassurance for her stunning appearance, she was featured in People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" for 1997, who claimed that her addition to the 50 Most Beautiful was not because of her looks, but for her sense of humor about her body and her profession.

Rebecca was also featured in the 1996 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and has practically become a staple in the magazine's issue. In 1999, she graced the cover of the magazine with a painted-on swimsuit. As for her acting career, Rebecca has appeared in popular sitcoms such as Friends and Just Shoot Me. She has also become the host of MTV's House of Style, and sometimes shares co-hosting duties with model James King. Rebecca was no stranger to being the host of a television show; she was a temporary host for NBC's late-night show, Later.

Rebecca had a cameo appearance in 1999's Austin Powers sequel, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. One might ask what Rebecca loves about body paint so much. Not only did a 1997 cover for GQ show Rebecca in a bikini bottom with Dennis Rodman's hands painted on her chest, but Rebecca's costume in X-Men, co-starring Halle Berry and Famke Janssen, is mostly made of body paint. As the mutant Mystique, Rebecca mystified audiences without saying a word. Although they seemed like one of Hollywood's happiest couples, Rebecca Romijn and former Full House star John Stamos have filed for divorce. Married since September 1998, the split is said to be amicable.

Meet Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Where you’ve seen her:
One of the world’s hottest supermodels, she has graced numerous magazine covers but it was on MTV’s House of Style where she made her celluloid breakthrough. A burgeoning career as an actress soon followed with parts in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, X-Men and Rollerball. She now heats up the silver screen as a sultry jewel thief in sexy thriller Femme Fatale.

Extreme dating:
“I’m glad I’m not dating anymore, because I’m so boy crazy. I’m so consumed with boys. I always have been. Thinking about dating took way too much of my energy. I’m so happy not to have to deal with the trials and tribulations of that world.”

Babe magnet:
“Honestly, I get hit on by more girls than guys. You know, this whole “lesbian chic” thing has just gotten way out of control. It seems that almost every girl I know is bisexual except for me. I don’t have a problem with it, but it doesn’t fly in my relationship.”

Fear factors:
“I can’t deal with rats, can’t even see one in a cage. They make me sick. And horses. I was thrown a couple of times when I was a kid. They’re just too big and unpredictable to depend on. And I would never go bungee jumping; that freaks me out for some reason. I also have a fear of bad breath—both having it and smelling it.”

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (X-Men)

Where you’ve seen her:
Rebecca’s burned up the beaches—and magazine covers—as one of the world’s hottest supermodels. She also turned heads as the top cop of the clothes police on MTV’s House of Style. You saw her hamming it up with Mike Myers in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and she morphed into your wildest fantasy as shape-shifter Mystique in X-Men.

Mom, don’t Bogart the joint!
“I’ve never been a pothead. It’s funny, but my parents were anti-establishment, so I had nothing to rebel against. Kids at my school became preppies just to rebel against their hippie parents.“

One wild and crazy girl: “My first sex dream was about Steve Martin. It was right after I saw Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and I was really smitten with him.“

World Hottest Supermodel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Where you’ve seen her:
Rebecca’s burned up the beaches—and magazine covers—as one of the world’s hottest supermodels; she also turned heads as the top cop of the clothes police on MTV’s House of Style; and also hammed it up with Mike Myers in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

On her family’s nudist practices:
“When my high-school dates used to pick me up, Dad would open the front door completely naked.”

Her hidden talent:
Rebecca croons for The Artist…in the remake of “Darling Nikki,” the dirty little ditty from Prince’s album Purple Rain. The song, an ode to a woman who masturbates in hotel lounges—our kinda girl—is part of a tribute album co-produced by Rebecca’s husband, John Stamos.

X2 (X-Men United): An Interview with Rebecca Romijin-Stamos

The 5’11 former supermodel Rebecca Romijin-Stamos is a statuesque beauty. Surprisingly she is very down to earth and refreshingly unpretentious. Married to former Full House star John Stamos, Rebecca sat down to discuss her upcoming role as Mystique in X-Men 2.

GP: How irritating is putting on the blue makeup to become Mystique?

RS: Pretty bad. I don’t want to be a big whiner because it’s such a great thing to be a part of {X-Men 2} but it’s pretty grueling. It’s not only the time {9 hours for the first X-Men. 6 hours for the second X-Men} but the maintenance. It’s not easy having 5 women constantly in your personal space. You have tremendous mood swings. You go from being perfectly happy and having a nice time to being evil bitch woman. Having Alan {Alan Cumming who plays Nightcrawler} there on this one was definitely great. We were like an old bitchy blue married couple. No one else understood.

GP: I heard that you were so irritable at one point that Bryan Singer told you to, “Go drink a glass of white wine!”

RS: Yes, he did. He opened up the tent where literally I was getting my crack touched up. And I turned around and I said, “Don’t come in here Bryan! You don’t need to be seeing this!” He said, “Ewww, you need some white wine” {to calm her nerves} and handed me a glassful.

GP: Did you have to wear yellow contacts again?

RS: I didn’t have to wear contacts on this one. I did on the first one. I couldn’t see. It’s really hard to kick ass when you can’t see. This time they changed my eye color in post-production.

GP: You have a few scenes where you are out of costume….

RS: Oh! Those were my two favorite days of shooting. It was fun and written in for me. Wish there had been more.

GP: But to be in X-Men has to be exciting.

RS: Yes, it’s wonderful to be a part of a smart, superhero franchise that has a conscience, a message and well-made movies.

GP: Do you stay in touch with other cast members?

RS: Yeah, we’re all friends. Alan and I are taking a vacation together in a few weeks. Famke {Janssen who plays Jean Grey} and I get together for dinner occasionally.

GP: Well, that’s good that you and Alan are close because in X-Men 3 a future storyline might involve the fact that you are his mother. {Mystique is Nightcrawler’s mother}

RS: That’s right! And Alan didn’t even know. None of us went in with any knowledge of X-Men. Of course now we’re experts. I had to tell him. And he said, (she mockingly fakes his British accent) “Whaaat? How’s that then?”

GP: On the sequel, what made this one more enjoyable?

RS: I was glad that they gave my character more to do. They gave her more dimensions. You see more of her sexual side and her sense of humor. You kind of understand her more. And I was impressed that for such a huge cast they gave us great action, over the top stuff and also, good moments. Meaningful chunks of things to do.

GP: How did the studio prepare you for your role?

RS: Well, they send you over a stack of comics. We had meetings with Bryan and he gives us back story. You ask questions. The information sort of comes to you. Then people you know come out the woodwork as X-Men fans. I mean I have friends who go to ComicCon which I had no idea about until I got involved with X-Men.

GP: Tell me about working with Ian McKellan. I hear for every scene he needs to know Magneto’s motivation.

RS: He always needs to know his motivation and what it is he’s talking about. There was one day when we had been there for hours and we had gone way over. I’m in this lair doing computer stuff and he comes in and bursts the door down with all the other X-Men. He’s got to come in and say, “Have you found it?” And he didn’t know what it was. So he kept saying, “What is it? What is it that she’s found?” And we were like don’t ask, just say it or else it’s going to take an hour for them to come over and explain it all to you. Just say it!

GP: How do you decide which roles to take? Do you have a specific plan in mind?

RS: No. There’s no plan. It’s based on the individual material and whether I respond to it or not. Most of the parts that come my way are boring pretty girl roles. I’ve gone out of my way to avoid those. I’ve gone for the pretty girl roles that are broken and flawed. The pretty girl but then there’s something wrong with her. Like in Femme Fatale.

GP: What’s your next project?

RS: This movie called Godsend with Greg Kinnear and me. I play the mother of a little boy who dies and Robert DeNiro is a doctor who clones him. Then the clone becomes like a bad seed.

GP: Thank you for your time!

RS: Thank you.


Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Appears With New Boyfriend at New York Fashion Week

Model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos appeared in public for the first time with her new boyfriend Jerry O’Connell on Saturday night at the Luca Luca runway show during New York Fashion Week. Romijn-Stamos began dating the actor after the split from her husband John Stamos last year after their 6 years marriage.

O’Connell, first seen with ex Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, has already confessed in his desire to marry the actress if she’d agree.

"This girl is the best," he said in an interview with radio host Howard Stern. "I love her to death." The pair has even spent Christmas with Jerry’s family.

Meantime her husband is looking for a real woman. He is dating nurses and waitresses he told WENN.

"I think that's probably my route; someone who is inspired and non-jaded and that's what's interesting about regular real girls. I have so much to offer as far as my life. I met this girl and we went to Disney World and we didn't have to stand in line and she was just so excited!

That made me so happy that she wasn't jaded. That's a road that I want to be on."


Rebecca Romijn To Marry Jerry O'Connell?

Jerry O'Connell is so smitten with new love Rebecca Romijn, he wants to whisk her down the aisle.

The pair have been dating since Romijn split from husband John Stamos last year.

During an interview with radio host Howard Stern this week, the Stand By Me star confessed he would marry the sexy actress if she'd agree.

He told Stern, "This girl's the best. I love her to death."


Stamos Looks To 'Real Women' as He Moves on from Romijn

Rebecca Romijn's estranged husband John Stamos is looking to date nurses and waitresses as he moves on from his painful marriage split.

The actor admits he's starting to find "real women" attractive after being married to former model Romijn for six years.

Stamos says, "I've gone out with some waitresses lately and I went out with a nurse. I think that's probably my route; someone who is inspired and is non-jaded and that's what's interesting about regular real girls.

"I have so much to offer as far as my life. I hate talking up all the great things I have in my life, I'd love to share them with people.

"I met this girl and we went to DisneyWorld and we didn't have to stand in line and she was just so excited! That made me so happy that she wasn't jaded. That's a road that I want to be on."



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