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Portia De Rossi Actress

Portia De Rossi, co-star of the "Cursed" Movie!

Portia DeRossi was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia on January 31, 1973. Originally named Mandy Rogers, at 15, she changed her name to Portia, saying that it was the most daring thing she had ever done at that point. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Melbourne, and studied law. She had studied really hard to get into law. But in 1993, Portia found herself giving special notice to a casting director, who had seen her in commercial--and auditioned for Sirens, a low budget comedy, starring Hugh Grant. She got the role as Giddy, one of the three gorgeous models in the movie. It wasn't until 1997, that Portia finally started to be recognized. After her unforgettable role as Murphy in Scream 2, and then followed her 'Ice Queen' character Nelle, on Ally Mcbeal. In 1998, she joined the cast of Ally McBeal, and worked on such projects as Stigmata, Girl, and The Invisibles. Soon, she was starting to show up on magazine covers, such a Sharpe, and was also being recognized-not only for her long golden tresses, but also for her talent.Portia de Rossi has had a widely varied career, having captivated audiences for four seasons as lawyer Nell Porter on FOX’s “Ally McBeal.”  de Rossi received her first acting break in the feature film “Sirens” which co-starred Hugh Grant, Sam Neil, and Elle Macpherson, and went on to become an international and critical success. In 2001, she completed the feature films “Women in Film” and “Who Is Cletis Tout?”   “Women in Film,” based on Bruce Wagner’s book “I’m Losing You,” co-stars Beverly D’Angelo and Marianne Jean Baptiste in a comedic look at three women in Hollywood.  In “Who Is Cletis Tout?” de Rossi portrayed Christian Slater’s love interest.  The film, which hit theaters this summer, is a comedy with a crime element and also stars Tim Allen, Richard Dreyfuss and RuPaul.  de Rossi’s additional film credits include starring roles in the mega-hit “Scream 2,” the supernatural thriller “Stigmata,” “A Breed Apart” and  “The Invisibles.” In 2002 she filmed “America’s Prince: the John F. Kennedy Jr. Story,” in which she portrayed Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and “I Witness,” a feature co-starring Jeff Daniels.  Additionally, she completed production on the film “The Night We Called It A Day” with Dennis Hopper. Portia de Rossi currently resides in Los Angeles.


De Rossi Gives DeGeneres Wedding Ring

Portia de Rossi has given lover Ellen DeGeneres a Tiffany wedding band as a symbol of her devotion to the comedienne--and bought herself a matching ring.

The Arrested Development actress gave the band to DeGeneres on her 47th Birthday Jan. 26 after only a two month courtship. De Rossi walked out on long-term partner Francesca Gregorini to be with the funnywoman last month.

A source told gossip website Pagesix.com, "It signifies their commitment to each other."

However, the happy couple are unlikely to hold a ceremony to celebrate their union because gay marriages are illegal in California and they would want official recognition.

Meanwhile, de Rossi is having laser treatment to remove a tattoo of the initials 'FG' from her wedding finger. Gregorini has a similar tattoo which the pair had done to signify their devotion.

Portia De Rossi Removes Tattoo Of Ex

Comedienne ELLEN DEGENERES's new actress lover PORTIA DE ROSSI is removing all traces of her previous girlfriend following their high-profile split earlier this month (DEC04).

Chat show host DeGeneres ended her four-year relationship with photographer-director ALEXANDRA HEDISON on 10 December (04) and is reportedly sharing her Hollywood mansion with Australian-born ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT actress De Rossi, who recently left RINGO STARR's step-daughter FRANCESCA GREGORINI.

American gossip site PAGESIX,COM reports the former ALLY McBEAL beauty has made an appointment with a dermatologist to have the initials 'FG' removed from her ring finger.
As for reports the new couple are planning for a baby, a source says, "Portia has said many times she does not want to have a baby. She's only interested in her career right now and doesn't really even want kids in the long run.

"Francesca wanted a baby badly, and that was a huge issue for them."

The awful truth about Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

There has been no change." Press representative for Portia de Rossi, gossiped new honey to Anne Heche's old one, Ellen DeGeneres, regarding de Rossi's stance on her sexuality.

Is that so?

For years, it was a relatively open secret in Hollywood that de Rossi was girlfriend to Francesca Gregorini, step-daughter to music legend Ringo Starr. Her flacks would never confirm it to me (although many a sigh was heaved, many brows arched), and I was asked not to report their affair, and I always respected that decision on de Rossi's part.

Portia has since changed publicists--along with girlfriends, apparently.

The new flack--or at least one of them--said still no changes were occurring, media-wise, even though he never asked me to not print the fact that his semi-famous client was said to be dating a much more celebrated one. A beloved TV gal, in fact, who could offer heaps more ink for Ms. D. than could a semi-relative to a surviving Beatle.

"We don't comment on our clients' personal lives," sniffed the de Rossi flacker, like he was guarding friggin' state secrets or something. Said rep would not reveal:

If Ellen and Portia have hooked up as girlfriends (my wording, not his).
If Ellen and Portia had wild, abandoned sex (my kinda nooky!) in the backseat of a limo while still with their respective mates (Gregorini for de Rossi, photographer Alexandra Hedison for DeGeneres).

However, Mr. Rep. did break policy and insist the two women were not living together in Ellen's Hollywood Hills abode. I have no idea why he suddenly decided to get all gabby on that one personal sitch.

Reps for DeGeneres said they also do not comment on their clients' personal lives. Others were less guarded with their opinions: "I think this is the crazy side of Ellen," blabbed one pal, "going headstrong for some blonde she's taken with, just like she did with Heche."
Why de Rossi is apparently more open about her relationship with DeGeneres than with Gregorini (again, my wording, not his).

However, Mr. Rep. did break policy and insist the two women were not living together in Ellen's Hollywood Hills abode. I have no idea why he suddenly decided to get all gabby on that one personal sitch.

Reps for DeGeneres said they also do not comment on their clients' personal lives. Others were less guarded with their opinions: "I think this is the crazy side of Ellen," blabbed one pal, "going headstrong for some blonde she's taken with, just like she did with Heche."

Portia de Rossi moves in with Ellen

Portia de Rossi has moved in with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres after they both left their respective girlfriends to be together.

The couple met on a photo shoot in March and then again at VH1's Big in 04 this month where, a source told the New York Post, they "raced to a limo and fooled around for hours."

They are now living together in Ellen's mansion after her girlfriend of four years, director Alexandra Hedison, moved out a few weeks ago. De Rossi left partner singer-songwriter Francesca Gregorini to move in.

Industry insiders reckon that the relationship will be a short-lived fling. "Ellen will come to her senses and dump Portia to go back to Alexandra in the near future," said one opinionated source.

De Rossi, meanwhile, has remained tight-lipped about her personal life. "I live my life the way I want to live it," the former "Ally McBeal" beauty recently told Australia's Herald-Sun. "I am certainly not going to modify my life just to suit the paparazzi."

Portia de Rossi's best sitcom ''Arrested Development'' on DVD now

The only new sitcom worth watching, last season, turned out to be the best sitcom of the year, and one of the best shows of the year. Now, the first season of ‘Arrested Development’ is available in all its quirky, innovative glory. Not only that, but the series, which rewrote sitcom conventions, is complemented by a bevy of equally unusual special features. This is one unique DVD release.

‘Arrested Development’ took the grammar of the reality show, and turned it into a scripted sitcom that deliberate constructs the spontaneous feel of reality TV. The single camera follows each character around, capturing moments of triumph and failure, joy and humiliation. Incidentally, the series also slyly winks at the whole concept of “reality TV” – which is hardly real to begin with…

The basic set-up is simple: decent, hard working Michael Bluth [Jason Bateman] finds himself overlooked for a promotion to head the family business just as his father is arrested for fraud. His entire family, except for himself and his son, is an aggregation of selfish, narrow-minded, greedy trolls – who soon find that he is the only one in the family who can save the company [and their lifestyles]. Against his better judgment, Michael lets himself be talked into trying to keep the company from going under.

‘Arrested Development’ has an all-star comedic cast: Jessica Walter [mother Lucille Bluth], Jeffrey Tambor [imprisoned father George Bluth], Will Arnett [older brother GOB, pronounced like the biblical prophet, Job – a magician who gets drummed out of the union he formed], Tony Hale [Buster Bluth, former professional student and master of the panic attack], Portia de Rossi [sister Lindsay – a self-styled activist whose involvement usually ends just as work becomes involved], David Cross [Tobias Funke, Lindsay’s husband and a psychologist-turned actor], Michael Cera [George Michael, Michael’s son – who develops a crush on his cousin], Alia Shawkat [Maebe Funke – George Michael’s impetuous and rebellious cousin and daughter of Lindsay and Tobias].

On top of that, recurring characters include Lucille’s long-time friend/competitor, Lucille Austero [Liza Minnelli, in top form] and the family attorney [Henry Winkler]. Guest stars have included Julia Louis-Dreyfuss [as a blind prosecutor] and Heather Graham [as George Michael’s ethics teacher], among others. To paraphrase ‘Field of Dreams’, if you write it well, they will come.

Between the shattering of sitcom conventions, the excellence in writing, and the almost impossibly talented cast, the series also has genius technical work. A series that takes the chances that ‘Arrested Development’ takes, wouldn’t work if the directors and editors were at the top of their games. That the series never seems to falter is a tribute to the work ethic, and talent, of the show’s crew.

Portia de Rossi stars in the comedy ''Arrested Development''

The Emmy Award-winning comedy series ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT revolves around MICHAEL BLUTH (Jason Bateman), the “normal” one in a family of crazies, who is forced to stay in Orange County and run the family real estate business after his father, GEORGE BLUTH SR. (Jeffrey Tambor), is sent to prison for shifty accounting practices.  While George Sr. spent the last year in the slammer discovering his newfound Judaism and recording inspirational tapes, Michael spent it picking up the pieces and trying to teach his offbeat family how to live without an endless expense account.  All the while, Michael has also been trying to do right by his 14-year-old son, GEORGE MICHAEL (Michael Cera), an earnest kid who works diligently at the family’s frozen banana stand.

The Bluths are led by manipulative matriarch LUCILLE BLUTH (Jessica Walter), a socialite who is as icy as her martinis.  Then there’s the oldest son, GOB (Will Arnett), a womanizer and struggling magician (sorry, “illusionist”) whose biggest trick will be to make a real job appear.  The youngest brother is BUSTER (Tony Hale), a neurotic professional grad student and glorified mama’s boy (he spent 11 months in the womb).
The Bluth siblings are rounded out by cause-obsessed sister LINDSAY (Portia de Rossi), who is married to the hapless TOBIAS (David Cross), a doctor-turned-actor who might get more work if he wasn’t a self-proclaimed “never-nude.” Lindsay and Tobias are the ultra-permissive parents of MAEBY (Alia Shawkat), a 14-year-old who loves finding unique ways to rebel against their overindulgence.  

Portia de Rossi plays Lindsay Bluth Funke, the rebellious daughter , who decided to marry Tobias Funke out of spite for her family. She and Tobias have daughter, Maeby Funke. Lindsay is all about causes and fundraises. Currently, she is in trouble with J.D.L. for her HOOP Fundraiser, which advocates anticircumcision stance. She is also an avid shopper and regular abuser of the Bluth Company expense accounts.

To this TV star, the name isn't important

What's in a name? Does Amanda Rogers ring a bell? Probably not. But mention Portia de Rossi of TV's "Arrested Development" and you know who we're talking about.
De Rossi told Entertainment Weekly that she made up her stage name at age 14 in order to get into a club -- and then decided that it was "really awesome" and changed it legally.
"It's the most self-expressive thing a person can do. People that don't change their names are weird," said de Rossi. "I may change it again. I may change it right now." Well, she's no plain Jane. Her list includes Beata, Tekla, Astrid and Inga.



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