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Monica Keena Actress

Monica Keena, co-star of the "Man Of The House Movie"!

Leaving a memorable mark on The WB's drama series "Dawson's Creek" in pursuit of film, Monica has proven herself to be equally comfortable on the large and small screen. Exuding a raw talent to her performances in both small independent pictures and studio films, Monica's continues earning critical acclaim as she follows her path to stardom. Monica Keena was born in Brooklyn, NY on May 25th 1979 to Bill and Mary Keena and was little sister to Samantha, the Keenas first daughter. Growing up Monica shone in all things arts. Dance, singing, acting, and drawing. At 13 Keena enrolled in the prestigious LaGuardia school for acting and made it. At age 15 she had a small role in her first film and that was followed by a series of TV movies such as First Daughter and the Oksana Bull Story. Monica starred in her first movie, Ripe, at 16 and considers that her favorite role as of now. In 1998, she premiered on the WB's "Dawson's Creek" as truth telling Abby Morgan and later left the show when she "got bored playing one character". Today Monica continues to make movies like Freddy Vs. Jason, Cheer Up and Fifty Pills. In her free time she enjoys skating.

More fun stuff about Monica Keena

Says that her film "Ripe" is the movie that she is most proud of.

Has been rollerskating and skatebording since a young child.

Her favorite actress is Judy Garland and her favorite movie is Wizard of Oz.

Only spent 2 1/2 years in her HighSchool because she was constantly filming.

Sister Samantha is two years older.

Was raised in Brooklyn New York and still lives in the city

Gives Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Leigh credit for her still being in the acting business.

Posed for Maxim, Stuff Magazine and FHM

Favorite shows are The Simpsons and Charmed

Did a screen test with Al Pacino.

Character Rachel Lindquist was based on her.

Claims she is anti doing anything physical.

Doesn't let fame affect her personal life

Enjoys writing and is an English major.

Has a fear of the dark.

Her own teenage friendships suffered when she traveled for acting work

Is good friends with actor Vincent Kartheiser

Takes writing classes.

Won an award in 7th grade for reciting the poem "Casey at Bat"

As a young child, she was always drawing, painting, dancing and singing.

When she attended Saint Ann's in New York, the school across the street was tougher and meaner so to avoid having the students beaten up after class, her school let out 15 minutes earlier.

Monica auditioned for acceptance into LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, made famous around the world by Fame. She was accepted into both the vocal and dramatic arts department, choosing drama as her preference

Monica has always found an outlet for her creativity. As a child, she immersed herself in classes, determined to perfect her craft in drawing, painting, singing and dance

She has performed at the Heights Players in Brooklyn in Little Women (as Beth) and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as Lucy

Is friends with Meredith Monroe.

Her parents enrolled her in prep schools to keep her sheltered from the "wild life", little did they know that would lead her on a string of rebellion through her early teens.

Despite playing the "dumb girl" in movies and tv, she actually graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was considered gifted in intelligence and arts.

During the New York run of the highly controversial film Ripe,stars Monica Keena and Daisy Eagan would regularly attend screenings so they could meet the fans that saw it and get reactions.

Her Mom and Grandmother raised her when she was growing up

Her personal quotes:

"I think my 8-year-old-self would be really proud of me that I'm finally kicking the crap out of these guys." - on working on Freddy Vs. Jason (2003).

"If I won an Oscar I'd first thank my mother. She's always been the most supportive of me. She's been there for me my whole life."

"I'm really short and because regular pants don`t fit me right I always get to wear my own clothes on my shows like Undeclared and Dawsons Creek.

Josh is so funny. He was such a practical joker on the set. He used to moon us a lot. I mean he still does... I'm just not there to see it.

"I don't like these teeny-bopper movies that have no substance. I'd just as soon not work at all."

"I was offered a TV movie during the last two weeks of high school but turned it down,I didn't want to have my diploma mailed to me!"

"I worked with Jimmy DeBello and Vincent Kartheiser, and their real names are the same names they use in the movie. So, when we would all be filming a scene, sometimes they would call me Monica instead of my character's name and we would have to do the whole scene over. "

"I'm a slob. I'm one of the messier people in the world. My house is a mess all the time. I have no idea how it gets this messy. My dishes get so dirty I consider just buying new ones. And the laundry! Sometimes I have to borrow clothes from wardrobe before the weekend so I can have jeans to wear when I'm doing the laundry. "

"It's pretty overwhelming to know that people can call up Moviefone and find out where your movie is playing.I went to the movies the other night and just stood in front of a huge poster of me.It was so weird."

"Since I've been in Los Angeles shooting the show, I've been going with friends to this really cool old roller rink. I like it 'cause it's fun to do something normal in Los Angeles like that-drink Cokes, eat pizza, and skate."

"When you see stars at parties, it doesn't dawn on you that it's them. I've seen big celebs and want to say "Don't I know you?" I don't consider myself a celeb or running in the same circles. I don't expect any one to know me. But it's always flattering when it happens"

I don't hang out with lots of famous people or go to big Hollywood parties. I still have the same friends that I had in high school. I would rather hang out with the people who liked me when I was a nerd in high school than the people who just want to know me because of the roles I've played. Lately, so many people have come out of the woodwork and said, "Hey, now you can hang out with us, and be in with the in crowd."I really avoid those people.

I love acting but it can be hard. People have the tendency to want to make you into a cliche, to dress a certain way, be a certain weight, look a certain way. If you don't fit into those categories, it's almost like you're secondary.

I worked with Jimmy DeBello and Vincent Kartheiser, and their real names are the same names they use in the movie. So, when we would all be filming a scene, sometimes they would call me Monica instead of my character's name, Roseanne. We would have to do the whole scene over.

"I stopped eating. I got very skinny and looked sickly. I was having a panic attack at the age of 8. Whenever it got dark, I would freak out. And kids are so cruel, because I remember telling my two best friends about it: "I think I heard Freddy Krueger in my room last night." And they would be like, "Really? Because he was in my room and his claw was pulling down my covers."

"I'm a Gemini, so I have two personalities. I was really silly. I did crazy Woody Allen voices all the time, but I was also very shy around boys. And I had the older boyfriend. I met up recently with guys I knew in high school, and they said, "I used to have a crush on you, but you had that stupid older boyfriend." And they're really cute now!"

"Judy Garland is my favorite. I know all her songs and have seen all of her movies."

"In many horror movies from the past, the women have always just been sex objects, there only to look pretty and get murdered. But my character is the leader and the strongest person in the group. It's exciting; it's like an action movie. It's a very strong part for a young woman. I felt like Lara Croft."

"I've only seen two horror movies in my life, and one of them was Nightmare on Elm Street, when I was about eight years old. And it scared me so much that I couldn't sleep for two or three months. So I always swore I would never do a horror movie. It was very cathartic to be working with Freddy and to realize he's not a real person. Robert Englund is a really sweet guy under all the make-up."

"I went to college so my parents would feel more secure about acting. It's a fallback. I have a degree if I wake up tomorrow and decide that acting just isn't my bag anymore. My dad really doesn't appreciate my acting too much. After Crime and Punishment in Suburbia I think he had come to the conclusion that Drama Camp every summer was actually a camp where I learned how to fake orgasms. But I'd rather fake orgasms than be working a 9-5 and coming home disgusted about my job."

"The only things I've ever stuck with are school and acting. Probably the only two things I've ever been truly passionate about. The only two things that haven't let me down, the only things that I know won't break me."

"My mom called this morning to make sure I was still alive, that I haven't been mugged, that I haven't been raped. She likes it when I have people over so that I'm not alone. Somehow she's under the illusion that the buddy system works for home invasion. Psychos are too lazy to kill four people as opposed to one. I love my mom. She just has issues."

"I had read the script, really liked it and was very impressed with Rob at our first meeting,I'm also really good friends with Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Vincent, and we had talked about how great it would be to work together. It's the first role I think I've ever been offered, so it was nice."

"In the second grade, I went to a friend's house and we snuck into the original Nightmare on Elm Street. I was absolutely terrified for a month, because I had never been allowed to watch movies like this. My mother had to take me to the pediatrician to figure out why I wasn't sleeping or eating."

"My grandmother and my mother raised me, and we always shopped at the Salvation Army. We'd find things that were really cheap, so it's hard for me to justify spending a lot of money on material things."

Monica Keena Talks About "Freddy vs. Jason"

Fans waited patiently in line for hours for the chance to get in to the August 13, 2003 World Premiere of the much-anticipated battle of horror movie icons - "Freddy vs. Jason." There was also plenty of opportunity for those who were more interested in collecting autographs to get up close and personal with the movie's cast. Not wanting to disappoint, most of the stars made their way over to the mob of screaming fans, some of whom were carrying signs proclaiming their allegiance to one of the two fictional killers.

The cast of "Freddy vs. Jason" joined their director, Ronny Yu, and producer Sean Cunningham, for a walk down the red carpet followed by a special preview screening. Here's what the film's young stars had to say about working on this classic showdown of slasher-movie titans.

Who is your money on - Jason or Freddy?
I would say I think Jason is going to lose and Freddy will win. I don't know why. I just feel that Freddy is more maniacal and thinks more than Jason does. I think that somehow he'll come out on top. But I don't know, I haven't seen the ending.

So they never let the cast know who won?
No, I don't know who won. The last scene that I saw they were bludgeoning each other pretty badly. I really can't say who would come out on top. Either one of them has a good chance, but I think Freddy's just a little bit trickier.

Can you describe your character?
I play sort of the virginal good girl next door that goes through sort of a transformation during the course of the movie. At the end of the movie I'm sort of this Lara Croft/warrior chick.

What sets this horror movie apart from others?
I think what sets this one apart is that there are two horror movie icons finally battling each other. You actually see them beat the crap out of each other instead of just terrorizing the kids in the movie. There are trying to kill each other with as much intent as they are trying to kill us.

Your character has a lot of stunts in this movie. What did you do to prepare?
I didn't do anything to prepare and I probably should have. I was very sore and bruised by the end of the filming. I got pretty scraped up and bruised.

What do you think about the idea of there being a sequel to “Freddy vs Jason?”
I don't know. We'll have to see. I think it could be fun.

What scares you?
I don't like the dark. I really am afraid of the dark.

Monica Keena: Teacher’s Pet

Thanks to Undeclared’s Monica Keena, were going back to college every week for 30 minutes. Damn! If we’d spent that kind of time in class, we might have graduated.

With her portrayal of Rachel, the bra—flashing, panty—dropping tomboy on the hit FOX college comedy Undeclared, Monica Keena provides one compelling argument for continuing education. In fact, when the ballsy 22—year—old Brooklyn babe’s character bought the farm on Dawson’s Creek, we nearly stopped watching the show. Mainly because of that damn cable bill. But now there’s Undeclared, a celebration of those college experiences long forgotten due to self—induced brain damage. On the show, Monica isn’t just pretty—she’s also pretty funny. Plus she’s quite candid about her perky physical assets. We never knew girls like this in college. Then again, we went to military school.

STUFF: You went to that Fame school in New York City. Are most of your friends from there working at Wendy’s now?
MONICA: No. Well, you know, a lot of them are musicians who need some time to stay at home and write songs and complain about their lives. But none of them work at Wendy’s.

How about Arby’s? McDonald’s? Whatever. Did you like it in the big city?
I love New Yorkers. I’d much rather be around jaded and miserable people who are honest than happy, phony types—like in L.A. But I know I shouldn’t generalize.

Have you anything to declare about your new show? I say that because I can’t help being clever—or annoying.
I liked the idea of a show about the first year of college and how it’s so awkward and not pretty. I’m supposed to be the hot tomboy girl who knows that all the boys like her but pretends that she’s one of them. So she’ll wear tight little tummy shirts and drive them crazy. Since they cast all of us before they created the characters, our roles are based on ourselves. Any quirks or things they noticed about me were incorporated into my character.

Can you give me an erotic example?
I used to do sexy little dances to Britney Spears songs on the set, so they wrote these scenes where I’m doing stripper dances. There’s one where I’m lip—synching in my underwear to a Britney song. So the more the writers get to know me, the more my character becomes like me. In the scripts it’s always, “And Rachel is almost naked.” But that’s true, because I’ll come in to work in low—slung little pants and tiny shirts.

Do you think you could kick Felicity’s ass if you had to?
Definitely! I used to do kickboxing, because I liked the cute outfits. I thought it was sexy to see a hot girl in big, kick—ass Everlasts. And, I’m also from Brooklyn.

You’re 22 yet you play an 18—year—old college student. Why not employ the elderly like on Beverly Hills, 90210?
Luckily I look really young. I always get carded at bars. No one believes that I’m over 18, let alone over 21. I’m a pedophile’s dream. I mean, I’m legal but I don’t look legal.

Has that ever gotten you into trouble?
I had this driving instructor last year who was hitting on me. It was gross because he thought I was 15.

On the show you’re the hot chick who’s sympathetic to weird guys. Is that what you’re like in real life?
Exactly. I enjoy hanging out with guys more than with girls. Maybe it’s because I’m able to flirt with them and can do no wrong. I’m not a girly girl at all. I would hang out with the weird artistic guys who brood and smoke cigarettes. I just thought they were so much more exciting than the normal, popular guys.

Sounds exhilarating. What about a guy who doesn’t brood regularly?
I like somebody who makes me laugh. He’s also got to be prepared—I’m sort of a loose cannon, in a good way. I also like people who disagree with me and make me work to prove my point.

No, you don’t.
Yeah, something like that.

Have you ever indulged in the love that dare not speak its name? If not, how about lesbianism?
I think everybody’s always attracted to both sexes. I mean, I think that women are very attractive.

So do I. Have you ever kissed a girl?
I don’t know what I should say. Yes, I’ve kissed girls, but everybody experiments. It’s part of growing up.

Is that how you learned to kiss, at some sort of wonderful, hedonistic pajama party?
I may have learned a thing or two.

Do you, by any chance, have adorable nicknames for your breasts?
I don’t, but that’s a really great idea. They’re very round and perky. Everybody just says that I have the boobs of a 16—year—old because they seem to defy gravity, but I didn’t realize that all girls weren’t like this. Maybe I should name them Sweet 16.

What about a name for the little critter downstairs?
No. I’ve never heard somebody call it the little critter.

That’s why I get paid hundreds of dollars a week. What’s the craziest sexual thing you’d consider doing?
Well, you know what might be fun? I’m very afraid of flying, so maybe if I had an exciting time on a plane it might take my mind off of being in the air. It would solve two problems at the same time. That would make for a pleasant flying experience.

I usually just use restraints—but whatever works for you.



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