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Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, co-star of the "Imaginary Heroes" Movie!

As semi-reformed bad girl Jennifer Lindley on Dawson's Creek, actress Michelle Williams has garnered a certain type of notoriety unavailable to her more morality-inclined co-stars. In spite of this notoriety--or perhaps because of it--the role has provided Williams with a wealth of opportunities, making her one of the foremost teen stars of the late 1990s. Born September 9, 1980 in small-town Kalispell, Montana and raised there until she was ten, Williams started acting after her family moved to San Diego. Beginning with roles in community theatre productions, she was soon shuttling back and forth to Los Angeles for auditions. Williams made her film debut in 1994 with Lassie, and then had a small but memorable part as the young version of the nubile and bloodthirsty alien in Species (1995). After the dismal and virtually unseen Timemaster (1995), Williams moved on to more auspicious fare with Jocelyn Moorhouse's A Thousand Acres (1997). Williams was cast as Michelle Pfeiffer's daughter, and the film's small-town setting must have given her some context for her next role, that of Jenn in Dawson's Creek. The show, which premiered in January of 1998, gave Williams her break-out role, and in short time she was besieged with movie offers and a stream of interviews. Williams' first film to exploit her newfound Dawson's fame was Halloween: H2O (1998), in which she starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis. The film opened to poor reviews but a strong box office performance, and paved the way for her to star in future films, including 1999's Dick. The film, which looks at the Watergate scandal from the point of view of two teenage girls (played by Williams and Kirsten Dunst), provided Williams with a chance to expand her range beyond the constraints of her Dawson's Creek character, something she will no doubt be able to continue in the future if her career continues on such a positive track. The first two years of the new millennuim found Williams popularity growing, and roles in such films as Perfume (2001), Me Without You (2002) and Prozac Nation (2003) found her establishing a film career that seemed to even surpass the success she enjoyed on Dawson's Creek.

In 2003, when the Creek bid adieu to its fans (Michelle's character died in the finale), Michelle's movie career was in full swing, seeing the release of The United Stated of Leland (at the Sundance Film Festival), The Station Agent and A Hole in One. Michelle shows no signs of slowing down with her movie career, as 2004 will have her starring in Land of Plenty, Imaginary Heroes and Safety Glass, and 2005 is already set with The Baxter and Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger.

As for her personal life, after dating actor Donal Lardner Ward for a while, Michelle is currently single.

Michelle Williams: Pretty and talented

Michelle is hot, in that girl next door kind of way, which is fitting considering she ended up starring in a TV show where she was the experienced girl from the big city who seduces innocent little Dawson in Dawson's Creek. She has also starred in some great movies like Species, Prozac Nation and The Station Agent. She starred in the popular weekly TV series Dawson's Creek, up until 2003, and Halloween H20, Dick and Me Without You.

Michelle Williams is today's version of Ursula Andress (the Bond girl from Dr. No), a no-nonsense young actress who is constantly out to prove that she's more than just another pretty face on Dawson's Creek.

From her recent appearance on the lesbian themed HBO special If These Walls Could Talk 2, to last summer's off-Broadway production Serial Joe where she appeared completely nude, Michelle is constantly pushing the boundaries of her image. More recently, after the finale of Dawson's Creek, Michelle really began to branch out into big screen flicks, starring in six between 2003 and 2004, including Prozac Nation and The United States of Leland.

Some guys don't like strong-minded women, but we thrive on girls like Michelle because they tend to say what's on their minds without the needless games. As for talent, Michelle is a huge success. She nails every role she takes on, from the ditzy babe in Dick, to the British babe in Me Without You. She has starred in plenty of movies from the horror variety to the comedic variety, and each time, she never disappoints.

Although "sexy" may be somewhat of a strong word to describe Michelle, she definitely has a sexual vibe going. She resembles that misleadingly innocent girl who gets nasty behind closed (bedroom) doors. Nevertheless, Teen People magazine voted her one of the 21 Hottest Stars Under 21, in 1999. She's over 21 now, but she's still hot. While starring on Dawson's Creek from 1998 until 2003, a role that made her famous across North America and beyond, Michelle kept up her movie career by starring in modestly successful films like But I'm a Cheerleader and Me Without You. And there's no signs of a break in the near future; Michelle really shows off her acting chops in the movies The United States of Leland and is set to star alongside Heath Ledger in Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain.

Her 5'4" frame and full figure might not land her on the runways of Paris, but it would easily get her noticed on the beaches of Malibu. She has very distinguishing features, which can only help her, since so many young actresses in Hollywood today look alike. Her unique face keeps the boys interested (especially the producer/director boys). There is nothing particularly spectacular about Michelle's fashion sense. She dresses quite casual mostly, but when it comes time to play dress up at awards shows, you can bet your bottom dollar that Michelle can outshine the best them on the red carpet.

More fun stuff about Michelle Williams

Chosen as one of Teen People Magazine's "21 Hottest Stars Under 21." [1999]

Loves reading in her spare time.

Legally emancipated from her parents at the age of 15.

Attended Santa Fe Christian High School.

Dated Donal Lardner Ward.

Wrote a script called "Don't Blink" which was sold, but never made.

Her character, Jennifer 'Jen' Lindley, died in the final episode of "Dawson's Creek".

Collects rare books. Owns a first edition of The Great Gatsby amongst others.

Dated Conor Oberst. Some songs for his band Bright Eyes are about her.

Was on Entertainment Weekly's annual It List (2000)

Graduated from high school when she was 15.

At 16 won the Robbins Trading Company World Cup Championship of Futures Trading by turning $10,000 into $100,000. It is the second highest profit in the tournaments history.

Dated singer/songwriter Andy Herod (of "The Comas") for two years. His latest album "Conductor" is about their relationship and his heartbreak after it ended. Michelle also features in the accompanying short film of the same name.

Was roommates with Christina Ricci whilst filming Prozac Nation with her.

Has one younger sister Paige and three older half siblings from her father's first marriage - Jason, Kelley and Sara.

Her father Larry is a Commodities Trader and is divorced from her mother Carla.

Was one of ELLEgirl's 25 Favourite Hot, Young, Talented New Stars (2003)

Her Personal quotes:

"Outside of the business during a dry spell, I scooped ice cream at a country fair, and I ate more than I sold. Making a cone is difficult, and I lost so many scoops into the chocolate swirl"

[On working on her film TimeMaster] "It was so awful. We turn the 'M' upside down and called it Timewaster."

'Prozac Nation' Delay Depresses Christina Ricci

The Hollywood version of cult novel Prozac Nation has had its release date put back again - damaging its Oscar chances and infuriating star Christina Ricci. The film - a pet project of the Sleepy Hollow actress - started filming in May 2000, but has had its release date postponed a number of times following the September 11 atrocities. Now the flick's release has been pushed back to April, way after the cut-off point for next year's Academy Awards. Christina is reported to be "very annoyed" about the developments, especially considering the buzz around the female performances in the film. A source says, "It has Christina, Jessica Lange and Michelle Williams giving some of the best performances of their careers." Prozac Nation tells the story of a young woman - played by Christina - and her fight with depression during her first year at Harvard University.

Christina And Michelle's Past Life Revelation

Actresses Christina Ricci and Michelle Williams were destined to work together and become great friends - they're slave sisters in a former life. The two pals visited a psychic during a break from filming the movie Prozac Nation in Canada and were stunned when the spiritualist insisted they were sisters. Williams says, "There was a strange, weird, innate kind of understanding between me and Christina. We talked to this psychic who told us that we were sisters in a past life, and that we were slaves of some sort, but we escaped together, and Christina masterminded the escape."

Michelle Williams' English Experience

Dawson's Creek starlet Michelle Williams was confused when she was asked to play a British girl in new movie Me Without You - but decide to throw herself into it. The gorgeous actress listened to spoken word tapes of novels by Charlotte Brontë and Virginia Woolf to prepare herself for the role, and refused to use an American accent even when the cameras stopped rolling. She says, "I've no idea why they thought I could play an English girl. It's not just learning an accent, there is an inflection and demeanor, an entire English way of being that is so decidedly un- American. It's such a hard accent and you have to have an agile tongue. But it's been a fantastic challenge. I kept up the English accent throughout - much to the annoyance of my family and friends."




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