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Michael Rapaport Actor

Michael Rapaport, co-star of the "Hitch" Movie!

Within four years of his film debut in Zebrahead (1993), Michael Rapaport became one of Hollywood's hardest-working and most versatile supporting/character actors. He began as a standup comedian, but turned to acting after landing a guest-starring role in a 1990 episode of the ABC television drama China Beach. Rapaport's portrayal in Zebrahead of a Jewish teen struggling to survive in an African-American-dominated Detroit neighborhood while romantically involved with a black girl earned him considerable acclaim and a nomination for an Independent Feature Project Spirit Award. After that, he did a bit more television work and his career remained low-key until the following year, when he suddenly burst back onto the screen in four major films: True Romance, Point of No Return, Money for Nothing, and Poetic Justice. Some of Rapaport's notable subsequent roles include that of a college student who mistakenly attempts to find his niche by becoming a skinhead in John Singleton's Higher Learning (1995) and that of a slightly dim prizefighter set up for a blind date with a goodhearted hooker in Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite (1995). In 1998, Rapaport co-starred in the Showtime cable network's black comedy series about the zany world of substance abuse recovery programs Rude Awakening. That year, Rapaport also appeared in the films Palmetto and Some Girls. Michael Rapaport was born on March 20, 1970, in New York, NY.


Meet Michael Rapaport Biography

Michael Rapaport is a face you might recognize but not be able to place. It's cuz Rapaport's had tons of cool, small roles in tons of films and TV shows. Now he's got a permanent spot as a teach on Boston Public.

Michael Rapaport was born in New York City, New York. While growing up, he loved comedy and became an Eddie Murphy fan. He even used to wear gold chains and white leather outfits like Eddie did when he was on Saturday Night Live. Michael Rapaport graduated high school and headed for LA to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

A guest shot on the ABC TV show China Beach in the early 90s proved to Michael Rapaport, and the world, that he could could do serious acting. Michael Rapaport landed roles in films like in films like True Romance, Beautiful Girls and landed a lead role in Higher Learning, an intense film about college and skinheads. In 2001, Michael Rapaport got a chance to work with his idol, Eddie Murphy, when he was the voice of Joey the Raccoon in Dr. Dolittle 2.

Michael Rapaport never left television completely and, if you're a Friends fan (who isn't?) you'll remember him as Phoebe's copper boyfriend. Michael Rapaport was the police officer who's badge she "borrowed" and who she later decided to move in with. The romance ended when he shot a bird that was chirping outside his bedroom window one morning. (Whoa - talk about not being a morning person!) In 2001, Michael Rapaport joined the cast of Boston Public. Michael Rapaport plays Danny Hanson, a teacher who relates so well to his students, he kinda acts like one. The character is a great addition to the show.

Michael Rapaport - Did U Know?
# Michael Rapaport is the voice of Joey Leone in Grand Theft Auto 3.
# Michael Rapaport has as a son named Samuel who was born May 2, 2000.
# In 1998, Michael Rapaport plead guilty to aggravated harassment of his ex-GF, actress Lili Taylor.

Michael Rapaport Says...
"Making a character human is important - not likable or unlikable -- just well-rounded."

Michael Rapaport to do Fox show

Former "Boston Public" star Michael Rapaport has signed on to his first starring role in a sitcom.

Rapaport will head a Fox pilot called "The War at Home," playing a father who, with his wife, struggles to maintain the upper hand over their kids. The pilot's green light had been contingent on casting, but Rapaport's signing removes that contingency, the Hollywood trade papers report.

Rob Lotterstein ("Will & Grace," "Grosse Pointe") wrote the pilot, which is being produced by Warner Bros. TV and Acme Productions.

Rapaport played outspoken teacher Danny Hanson on Fox's "Boston Public" for three seasons.

Rapaport Reports for 'War' Duty at Fox

Michael Rapaport will star in Fox's comedy pilot "The War at Home," which revolves around hypocritical parents who struggle to maintain dominance over their kids.

Rapaport, whose TV credits also include NBC's "Friends" and Fox's "Boston Public," will play the dad. His next outing on the big screen will be in Will Smith's "Hitch," which opens Feb. 11.

In other Fox comedy pilot casting news, Josh Meyers and Amanda Holden have landed roles in "Peep Show."

The project, an adaptation of the successful British comedy, is described as a look inside the disturbing minds of two roommates -- average guys who form a modern odd couple.

Meyers, under a talent holding deal with Fox, will play one of the guys, an aspiring musician, while Holden will play a co-worker of the other guy.



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