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Leila Arcieri Actress

Leila Arcieri, co-star of the "King's Ransom" Movie!

The gorgeous rising star has found success in modeling and acting. Her breakthrough role was as "Jamaica St. Croix" on the TV series "Son Of The Beach." Since then, she has appeared in hit movies like 2002's "XXX" and 2004's "Wild Things2." Born on December 18, 1976, in San Francisco, California, Leila spent the better part of her childhood in Sebastopol, located in California's wine and redwood country, a far cry from the glitzy LA lifestyle she's now accustomed to. Her seemingly flawless genetic make-up comes from an interracial mix; her father is Italian, her mother African-American. Another point of interest is that shyness was a major obstacle in Leila's life, one that she tried to overcome by throwing herself into high-school cheerleading. The plan obviously worked, because soon thereafter she was out and about, and is now a much more extroverted and self-assured person.Although her obvious good looks and Hollywood connection -- her mother now works for Lucasfilm -- made her a prime candidate for the spotlight, Leila initially opted for a career behind the scenes. Upon graduating from high school, she moved to San Francisco, where she dabbled with both graphic designing and photography before becoming a make-up artist.

However, upon being crowned Miss San Francisco in 1997, it was only a matter of time before Leila would find herself permanently in front of the camera lens. In fact, her repertoire as a model/actress grew rather quickly, appearing in both commercials -- including 1-800-COLLECT and Starburst -- and in music videos with the likes of Boyz II Men. Such work eventually brought her to the attention of writer-producer Tim Stack, who thought she would be perfect for his new series, Son of the Beach, a parody of Baywatch. Arcieri won the role of Jamaica St. Croix, thus allowing her to break onto the acting scene. That same year Leila was selected as the Coors Lite Beer 2000 Spokesmodel, and quickly solidified her position as a hot commodity within the industry. Her other film credits include B-movies such as Hot Boyz, Foolish, Beverly Hood, and Higher Ed. Leila also has her own online business venture at www.exoticspices.net, a website featuring hot models that she manages, proving that she's got a full plate on her hands with many goals yet to fulfill.Leila continues to enjoy the single life (that's right guys, she's single) and prefers staying home with a good book than going out.

But for all the fuss that is made over her red-hot looks, Miss Arcieri says she doesn't want to veer off into the nudity arena and pose for certain magazines. Instead, Leila looks to someone like Julia Roberts for inspiration. "She's America's sweetheart, yet she hasn't had to become a sex symbol or use her body."Luckily for Leila Arcieri, she too has enough talent to secure a very promising future! Leila is busy auditioning for movie roles and was recently approached by MTV to be a year-round VJ. We wish her all the best.

More fun stuff about Leila Arcieri

Birth name: Leila C. Arcieri

Height 5' 4" (1.63 m)

Was crowned Miss San Francisco in the 1997 Miss America contest.

Was the Coors Lite Beer 2000 Spokesmodel

Was a cheerleader in High School.

Mother works for Lucasfilm.

Worked in San Fransisco as a graphic designer, photography assistant, and make-up artist.

Father is Italian and her mother is black.

Parents divorced when she was 2; she was raised by her mom.


Jamie Foxx Wants to Wed Leila Arcieri


COLLATERAL star JAMIE FOXX has given up chasing younger women because he's no longer interested in clubbing all night and raising hell.

The 36-year-old funnyman admits he's settled with girlfriend LEILA ARCIERI, 31, after years of dating much younger women because she's smart and can hold a good conversation.
He says, "Young women... it's not that I can't deal with the, it's just that they'll say stuff like, 'Who do you think would win if JANET JACKSON and MARIAH CAREY had a fight?' And they would ponder that.
What's cool about Leila is she likes to talk a lot of trash. She's funny. I like funny women and she's not dumb.

"I go to lounges now. I don't want no music, I just wanna talk, I love to hear people talk. I love to hear stories. Leila can put those stories together."

But the father-of-one is not planning to rush down the aisle with the pretty DADDY DAY CARE star anytime soon.

He adds, "I've just been weighing the statistics. My friends get married one year, they throw the big wedding... Two, three years later it's over. I don't know if it's natural."

Leila Arcieri: King: Q&A

Meet Leila Arcieri, the busty beauty who makes Howard Stern toungue-tied and men get cable, just to watch her run in slow-motion on SON OF THE BEACH.

When people first meet you, what is the most asked question?
'"What are you? What's your background?" I'm Black and Italian.

Do they ever ask if your green eyes are real?
Always. "Are your eyes real?" Yes, they are.

Do they ever ask about your brests? Are they that bold?
[Surprised; turns serious] No. That would be out of line, I think.

What do you find sexy in men?
Um...I can never answer this question, 'cause I find sexiness in personality, attitude and sense of humor, their intelligence and the way they treat other people. I can't tell those things by just seeing somebody in a magazine or on TV. So I really wouldn't be able to answer that.


















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