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Kristanna Loken Actress Model

Kristanna Loken

The stunning and gorgeous 6 foot tall blonde is a native Norwegian actress and model, and emerged on the acting spotlight with a role in the 2003 movie "Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines", co-starring with movie legend and Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kristanna Loken was born in 1979 and though she is unmistakably of Norwegian origin, she was raised on an organic fruit farm in upstate New York. Her father is a successful writer and the owner/operator of the Loken family's farm, while her mother, the ultimate inspiration for Kristanna, is a former Wilhelmina model. During her childhood, Kristanna Loken was exposed to both public and private schools and tried her hand at several activities including singing, acting and dancing lessons. Her work ethic and love for sports were honed early on; Loken was a stellar student and came to love horseback riding. In fact, she showcased her skills in equestrian events and has ridden across much of Hawaii, Ireland and Namibia, Africa. Loken's career started out quite early. Thanks to the encouragement from her mother, she chose to pursue modeling in her teens and at 15 years old, placed third in the Elite Look of the Year contest in Ibiza, Spain. This exposure led to some modeling gigs as an Elite model. It was acting, however, that would prove to be her most successful venture. The same year as the modeling competition, Loken was cast as Danielle "Dani" Andropolous on the long-running soap opera, As the World Turns. This was followed up by short stints on comedies like Unhappily Ever After, Boy Meets World and Just Shoot Me.

Loken continued to take on bit parts on other shows like Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (starring the equally gorgeous Teri Hatcher) and finally landed a decent role on Pensacola: Wings of Gold in 1997. She was able to develop the character of Janine Kelly during her one-year tenure on the show and gained some valuable acting experience in the process. This learning progressed when she was cast as "Taja" on Mortal Kombat: Conquest in 1998.

Her slow but steady improvement did not take a hit, even when a TV drama she starred in, called D.C., did not get picked up by its network (only a couple of episodes aired). Despite this failure -- as well as the bomb that was Gangland, co-starring rappers Ice-T and Coolio -- she never gave up. Loken's efforts were finally rewarded in 2001 after being offered a recurring role as A.D.A. Lisa Walensky on the TV drama, Philly. Working hard to get her name out even more, Loken starred in 2001's Panic. Though the movie featured a string of clichés, Loken provided the film's only bright side. This beautiful Norwegian finally has the chance to prove herself on a bigger stage with the release of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. As the seemingly unstoppable villain T-X, Loken can secure a spot in Hollywood by kicking the stuffing out of Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the two previous Terminator films. With a budget well over $170 million, the film will no doubt draw huge crowds and will hopefully elevate the gorgeous blonde to elite status.


Kristanna Loken Talks about BloodRayne

M&C: Can you tell us about your character in BloodRayne?

KL: She is half human half vampire and she is the daughter of the lead vampire the lead bad guy Kagan and her journey in that film is just becoming what she is, finding out that she is actually half vampire because she doesn’t know. She knows she is a little bit weird, a little bit off, she likes to drink blood, but she doesn’t quite know why. So this is basically her transformation in finding out the truth and coming to terms with it and dealing with all the repercussions.

M&C: What was it that attracted you to BloodRayne?

KL: Well I have always wanted to do a vampire movie. I always felt they were very dark and seductive, integrant and there is always the possibility that there could be vampires out there. We don’t really know if there is or if there is not but they look human, so you could still make a connection with them but yet they are not human. It’s really neat to be able to be part of this film.

M&C: You have quite an eclectic career with modeling, acting as well as music videos. Which do you prefer and why?

KL: I love acting. I’ve wanted to be a professional actress as long as I can remember. I think for me it is about evoking feelings in people and in this you can really touch people and make a difference if you can evoke a feeling because without a feeling we are dead. So I think that is why I have always loved acting is to just enhance feelings.

M&C: How did you prepare for the role of Rayne?

KL: Well, I am learned how to work with my swords that are very different to any other kinds of weapons I’ve worked with before and that’s the mean thing about working with weapons every film that you have them they are always a little bit different so you are learning different techniques. So I think I've done that sort of training and I’m trying to stay really fit and learning how to talk with the teeth, the fangs and just really kind of enough emerge myself into that dark atmosphere and what better place is there to do it in Romania where the whole folklore originated from.

M&C: You had a calendar “Love Apple Farm Girls!” (editors note: do not search for this in google!) Can you tell us about that?

KL: This is true, I grew up on an organic food farm in upstate New York and we have a gourmet roadside market and a bakery, and padding zoo for children, playground and my mom came up with this wacky idea that she who was a model and my sister and I were going to do that kind of sexy calendar to promote the farm. So it just so happened that we started doing these pictures before I did T3. And by the time I did T3 the calendar was completed. And it was somewhat of a hit.

M&C: Name one thing that you as a person stand for. Something that you feel very strongly about.

KL: Truth. Being truthful with yourself, with your feelings, with other people and really just trying to come from that place as much as you can and being aware of it, being aware of why you do certain things or what affects you in a certain way and just trying to evaluate that to the basis of your truth.

M&C: If you had to name one person that has helped you to achieve your goals who would it be.

KL: I would have to say my father. He such a great foundation and belief and support system in me and it means a lot to have his validation and support and love.

M&C: Who would win in a fight between Rayne and TX and why?

That would be interesting. I mean both are videogames. TX was just a very overall powerful force kind of like a bulldozer just plowing through things. And Rayne is a little bit more crafty and nimble more acrobatic, has swords instead of an arm cannon. So I think that would be a very interesting fight.

Kristanna Loken speaks about 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines'

The 23-year-old New York-born actress, whose family derives from Norway, has a ten-year acting in American TV series, including Philly, Mortal Kombat and Star Trek: Voyager. Going head-to-head with Arnold Schwarzenegger in "T3", she shows that female Terminators are the deadliest yet...

What edge do you think you had to get the role of a Terminatrix?

Since I was 13, I've worked professionally doing a lot of TV and small films, but when this job came along, I thought it was the right marriage of my own character and the character in the film. People had liked me but they never knew how to cast me. I did some sci-fi stuff because you don't have any limitations there, and then that's where I thought about this character. I thought there was no regulation or rules, or no person I had to follow and be like. I could have the freedom to be my height, have my voice, and showcase things that were maybe unique.

Did you get hurt at all?

Yeah, all the time, but it really wasn't anything more than a flesh wound [laughs]. It was bruises mainly - some really bad bruises.

Did you dish out any bruises to Arnold?

Thank God, no. I kept thinking, "Kristanna, there's $30 million sitting behind you, don't mess this up, don't miss your mark!" Can you imagine if I hit him in the face?!

How was it working with him?

He was pretty much how I expected him to be - very untouchable, with a larger-than-life persona. He made a lot of jokes, he was very knowledgeable, and I learnt a lot watching him. The best part was feeding off the great energy he had for his work. The most he'd open up to me was when we were in the make up trailer - he's from a small town in Austria, and I grew up on a farm in uptown New York.

How did you find the nude scene when your Terminator enters the film?

It was the last day of filming, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills - they closed down the street. It was very Daryl Hannah in "Splash" - seeing everything, and seeing nothing.

Kristanna Loken: "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"

She's tall, she's sexy, and she's undeniably gorgeous. And in the new T3, Kristanna Loken gets to kick Arnold's butt having a wow of a time in the process.

Question: How did you balance the sex appeal here, because she's obviously sexy even though she's a robot?

Answer: Well, I think that I just didn't make it an awareness like oh, I?m trying to be sexy or oh, I?m trying to be attractive. I think it was just in conveying the movements that probably made it kind of sexual.

Question: How did they do the breast inflation?

Answer: That was an interesting gag that the effects boys created. Basically just some air bladders underneath a bra and someone with a little pump literally just pumped it up. It didn't always work great. Sometimes it popped or one would fizzle out, so we finally got it reinforced.

Question: Is it challenging to be robotically sexy?

Answer: Well, I think because it wasn't an overt sexuality that there was a certain kind of almost naivet? or innocence about it which probably made it more appealing.

Question: When audiences see you naked, were you reticent about the nudity?

Answer: Not in that sense because I knew it?d be tasteful and I knew that Jonathan would do it well. I knew that it wasn't a kind of sex scene or something like that. But when she comes from the future, there's just that complete unawareness of society and what we believe to be acceptable or not. So, to her, she has no concept of that so I think there's a kind of a detachment in that that makes a certain innocence about that.

Question: How many hours did you spend naked?

Answer: It was one night.

Question: How weird was it?

Answer: Well, it was the last night of filming, which was great for me because I really got to fine tune my body and make it look the way I wanted it to look.

Question: When you see yourself on the cover of Maxim Movies, how do you feel? Is your sexuality is a marketing tool?

Answer: Well, I think that you have to present an image that is A, true to you, and B, the way you would like to be perceived, so I think that through the years I?ve worked really hard at trying to create an image that is true to me. And I think sensuality is a part of me. It's not all of me, but it's a part of who I am.

Question: Were your feet gross after walking barefoot in the street?

Answer: I actually got glass stuck in my foot and I had to get it removed. As recently as this week, I still had a piece in there I was trying to get removed. So, it stayed with me, that scene.

Question: Are there hints of emotion at some points, discovering the blood?

Answer: Absolutely and I think that was a really neat part of the character that we hadn't seen done before in that when she's kind of processing information with the blood or with the programming of Arnold or something, it kind of takes you out of just the aggressive killing aspect and brings you into a slightly more human side, so in doing that, I was kind of hoping that it would almost make you feel for her a little bit in some ways.

Question: Are you a fan of the genre?

Answer: I am. I was definitely a fan of Robert Patrick's character in T2. I was just really awed by his performance and the complete body control that he had, so I think maybe subconsciously, that played in the back of my mind.

Question: What about working with Arnold?

Answer: Working with Arnold was quite an experience. He just has that larger than life personality and he's so knowledgeable about the fight sequences and knows what works and what doesn't work. Of course, he's done the character twice before so I learned a lot by watching him and just working off his energy is very, very empowering.

Question: Were you intimidated?

Answer: At first. I?m just thinking, 'Okay, my first big film and I?m supposed to be stronger than Arnold. What does this represent? What is this metaphor trying to tell me?? But after I got to know him and I felt more comfortable in my character, things went pretty smooth.

Question: How do you feel about kicking his butt?

Answer: I felt ready. I felt ready.

Question: When did you see the first two films?

Answer: I don't think I saw the first film in its entirety until before I did this film. The second film I probably saw maybe about five years ago. Again, I had seen kind of snippets here and there, but no, I don't think I ever saw them in the theatre.

Question: Have people begun to recognize you yet?

Answer: A little bit. Yeah, a little bit.

Question: How will you handle that?

Answer: Hopefully gracefully.

Question: Any pressure to be the villain in the tradition of Arnold and Robert?

Answer: Yeah, I definitely felt that I was put at a very high place to be able to be a part of such a wonderful franchise in cinema history, so I was definitely very driven at doing a great job and having my body look the way it should and just being a part of the creative process.

Question: How will you deal with the recognition if this film is huge?

Answer: Well, I think if those are things that come with doing the kind of work that I want to do, and then I?ll just have to take them as they come.

Question: Do you want to do another action film next?

Answer: I?d like to do something a little different. Something a little less intense. I?m not sure what it's going to be yet. For the first time in my life, it's great to have choices, but I think I have to be very careful in choosing the right next project, and how will I know it's the right next project? Well, it will just kind of happen organically. Not without effort, but it will just kind of seem to fit. There's something I like, but I?m not sure yet.

Question: How much was the robot based on you?

Answer: It's amazing, Stan Winston, what he's done with this franchise and this character and the creation of it. Um, I?m really awed by his work and all the people that he has working for him.

Question: Do men find you intimidating?

Answer: I think some do. I think some do. And I think after this movie comes, probably quite a few more will.

Question: How do you deal with that?

Answer: Well, I don't know. I always try to make myself be very approachable and easy to talk to, so hopefully people will feel that they can approach me.

Question: Is it an advantage to be beautiful?

Answer: No, not at all. I think it can be an advantage or a disadvantage. There was a period of time where I tried to cut my hair and dye it and change my appearance, but I realize that in the end, you look better in a specific way and people are always going to pass judgement on you, so it's really up to them to see you in the light that you want to be seen or just not understand you.

Question: Were you upset you didn't have a catch phrase?

Answer: No.

Question: I like your gun?

Answer: That's the one I?ve been hearing actually the most, but you never know until the film comes out what's going to stick with people.

Question: Were you in the best shape you?ve ever been for this?

Answer: Oh, by far. I mean, people were actually approaching me on the street and thinking that I was an athlete. They couldn't quite place it but a runner, or swimmer or something. I did extensive training. First I started with a nutritionist because I wanted to put on muscle, so I put on about 15 pounds of muscle mass. I did weight training, weapons training, an Israeli form of martial arts called Krav Maga that they teach their military, which is kind of like a brutal form or street fighting, incorporating your surroundings. A lot of elbows, knees and head butts, that sort of thing. Also, I worked with a mime coach quite extensively which was an intrinsic part to the character, really getting that kind of surreal human/nonhuman aspects of the character.

Question: What did the mime coach do?

Answer: They work a lot with building internal energy and working against a force, so your muscles are always engaged and you learn to alienate different muscle groups so they can work independently of one another. So for this character, it was really, really right.

Question: What about the eyes and facial expressions?

Answer: Absolutely, and there's a lot of muscles in your eyes even that you don't ever work, but little human traits like showing signs of exertion while running, you couldn't do that. Blinking when you?re shooting a gun, you know. Things that you take for granted every day that had to be eliminated, so it was always interesting.

Question: Most difficult scene to shoot?

Answer: I would say probably getting magnetized on the particle accelerator. All of my stuff is very strange and the body movements and everything. So, it was going from like a sprint, and I trained sprinting in heels actually so I would stay on the balls of my feet, and the sprint, slowing down and then getting this kind of magnetism and building up all this internal heat and just vibrating on this very hard plastic day after day and then kind of getting harnessed. I had bruises everywhere.

Question: Did you learn anything you?ll be able to take into your normal life?

Answer: Oh God, everything. Everything from it. All of my training, what it did to my body. Your body has such a memory. What I learned from Arnold, Jonathan, Claire, Nick, from everybody.

Question: Did you binge after the film ended?

Answer: Well, I first went and checked into a spa with my girlfriend who was also my stand-in. And ate pasta and things that I hadn't eaten in a long time. Then went to Vegas for a week which was definitely too long. And then went home and spent time with my family.

Question: You based here?

Answer: Yeah.

Question: Your family here?

Answer: No, they?re in upstate New York, near Albany, like 30 miles south of Albany.

Question: When did you come to LA?

Answer: I moved here almost seven years ago.

Question: The lure of acting?

Answer: Absolutely. I started acting when I was 13 in New York. Worked there for a couple years, then auditioned for a show there that was going to be filming here. Ended up coming out, getting the job and just staying.

Question: How did Jonathan control the set and interact with the actors?

Answer: It was awesome. I mean, he was just like an old pro and people would say, ?Don't you guys feel this pressure of this film, this instalment? It's got so much anticipation? but we were both very prepared and I think in that preparation very confident, so making us relaxed and he was awesome. Just when you think he's really going to lose it now, he?d make a joke or something. There was always a certain lightness on the set.

Question: When did you feel he was about to lose it?

Answer: Well, they were very rare, so not even memorable really.

Question: Did you keep the outfit?

Answer: No, they wouldn't give it to me. After all that sweat and blood and tears.

Question: Plans now? Take a break?

Answer: Well, I have for a bit. I?m ready to go back to work. It's great for the first time in my life to actually have choices, so we?ll see. I?d hopefully like to start something up after this movie comes out and do the tour in Europe.

Question: Are you going home?

Answer: Well, my friend's getting married in September, so I think I?d go home them.

Question: Will this move you out of the TV acting box?

Answer: Oh, definitely. I put my time in there. Not to say that I?d never go back, but I think I can try the film world out for a while.

Question: Would you do T4?

Answer: I would be honoured to, absolutely. I love the character and had so much fun, a lot of hard work and really pushed myself to the limit, so yeah, if they?d have me, I?d love to be back.

Question: They haven't asked?

Answer: Not yet.

Question: What do you do for fun?

Answer: Well, I?m an equestrian so I like to ride. Ride horses, I love to hike with my dog, love to travel.

Question: Where?

Answer: All over, really. Most recently I went to Costa Rica which I loved.

Question: Anywhere you?d like to go?

Answer: I?d like to go to Brazil I think. Do a little South America trip.

Question: What was it like at the comic convention?

Answer: That was really, really great. Those people are such huge supporters of the franchise. It was really great to be an active member of that group.

Question: They can be odd though?

Answer: Yeah, but they really are passionate about it and I can appreciate anybody's passion for anything.

Question: Was there any point in the movie that you doubted yourself?

Answer: Not that I ever doubted, but the very last night after the Rodeo drive scene, it was then dawn and I think it was more of an emotional release than anything. After working with these people so closely for half a year and then knowing after that that you?d never be together again in the same way.

Question: Now, doing publicity.

Answer: Well, no, not with the crew, which you build such relationships with through all the time and you learn about their families. I get really attached and loyal to people so it was a bit of an emotional release for sure.

Question: Role of women in this movie?

Answer: It's kind of a great dichotomy of two really. You have the superhuman heightened reality all powerful character and then you have this great heartfelt sentimental link to humanity. So, it's kind of two ends of the spectrum, but both great female characters.

Question: Did you and Claire talk?

Answer: We did a little bit. She?d always been an idol of mine, you know, following her career and really a fan of her work for several years. It was really a great opportunity for me to get to work with her on such an intimate level.

Question: How did the testosterone heavy set affect you?

Answer: I?m used to it. I wasn't afraid. I was fighting Arnold every day.

Question: What's it like to fight Arnold?

Answer: I just kept thinking, 'Okay, $30 million, Kristanna, don't mess this up. Don't hit him in the face.? So, luckily I never did.

Question: Is it fun to be bad?

Answer: Yeah, it is. It is fun because you get to do things that in your real life you?d never get to do.

Question: You don't have a bad side?

Answer: Yeah, I do, but I?m not shooting children. Not that I want to be doing that, but isn't there a time when you wish you could just pull your .45 out of your handbag and just, you know, on the freeway.

There's a new name in fembots: Kristanna Loken

The Norwegian model-actress has landed the role of the Arnold Schwarzenegger-battling Terminatrix in Warner Bros.' Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

With her skyscraper legs and blond locks, the relatively unknown 22-year-old will play T-X, the latest, most murderous design to come off the assembly line since the shape-shifting T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. But unlike that liquid-metal villain, Loken's cyborg will have powers that will make Schwarzenegger's T-800 character seem ancient by comparison.
"The idea of the female Terminator is great," Schwarzenegger tells the Associated Press. "She will have additional powers that Robert Patrick in Terminator 2 didn't have.

"She will have control over machines and over anything mechanical, therefore including myself. So you will sometimes see me as the villain and sometimes as a Terminator that tried to save the world."

While Warners reps are tight-lipped about the plot, T3 is said to take place a decade after T2, with a twentysomething John Connor and his cyborg buddy battling the lethal Terminatrix to save the world from a takeover by the machines.

Schwarzenegger will be the only key player back from the franchise's earlier flicks. Writer-director James Cameron is sitting this episode out (he's replaced by U-571 director Jonathan Mostow), as is Edward Furlong, who played the teen John Connor in T2. Linda Hamilton, who played John's heroic mom, Sarah, in the first two films is only expected to appear in flashbacks.

If you don't recognize Loken's name you might recognize her face. She modeled for several years before getting the acting bug. She appeared in episodes of Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman, Just Shoot Me and Star Trek: Voyager before landing full-time parts on Unhappily Ever After, Pensacola: Wings of Gold and Mortal Kombat: Conquest. She most recently costarred in the now-defunct D.C. and currently has a recurring role on ABC's Philly. She also appeared in the film Panic.

The megabudgeted T3: Rise of the Machines (which will cost upwards of $180 million to make) starts shooting April 15 in Los Angeles and is slated to hit theaters in summer of 2003.



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