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Kim Cattrall Actress

Kim Cattrall

Kim has developed a reputation as the sexy and naughty character in most of her roles. Her most noteable performance has been as "Samantha" on HBO's popular series "Sex & The City." It's amazing that a woman well into her 40's still can portray sexy roles that captivate millions of viewers. Kim Cattrall was born August 21st, 1956, in Liverpool, England. A mere three months later, her family moved to Vancouver, Canada. From an early age, it was obvious that Kim had what it took to be a star; when she was only 11, she was accepted to the prestigious Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London. She returned to Canada at the age of sixteen, where she completed her high-school career and soon after won a scholarship to New York's American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1975, Kim scored a role in preeminent director Otto Preminger's Rosebud. Kim returned to the theater in Canada, but soon after received a contract with Universal Studios for TV work. However, it wouldn't be until the late '80s when Kim Cattrall would become known to the entertainment world. She had roles in the definitive teen sex comedy, Porky's and other -- well perhaps "bad" isn't the word, but "differently" enjoyable -- '80s films like Turk 182!, Police Academy, and Mannequin with Andrew McCarthy. She also landed roles in the sixth Star Trek film, 1991's The Undiscovered Country and John Carpenter's campy masterpiece, Big Trouble in Little China. By the time the '90s hit, Kim's star had faded a bit, though she still found work in made-for-TV movies and theater. By the late '90s, Kim had once again found the limelight on HBO's smash hit, Sex and the City, as the sultry "cocktail tease," public relations exec Samantha Jones. While 1999's Baby Geniuses was a flop, she is having another go at a film career, with roles in the upcoming Crossroads and The Devil and Daniel Webster. If there's one thing her career has taught us, it's to never count Kim out. Kim hasn't been as successful at the altar; after a brief marriage to a Canadian writer, she wed German architect Andreas Lyson in 1982, only to divorce in 1989. She is presently happily married to executive Mark Levinson.

Kim Cartall Turns Cutthroat Coach

As the seductress on "Sex and the City," Kim Cattrall would do just about anything but cheat and steal. Now, as a figure skating coach in "Ice Princess," she's playing a character with an entirely different set of loose morals.

You won't see a skater conspiring to have a rival bashed in the knees. But "Ice Princess," opening today, offers a glimpse into the cutthroat competition between teenage girls in the quest for sports glory.
Cattrall, 48, stirs up controversy, just as she did on her steamy HBO comedy, but in an entirely different way. In "Ice," her character drives the girls she trains — especially her own daughter — with near brutality.

"I always thought it was such a great metaphor for life to see these skaters crash to the ice then get back up and do a triple jump or a camel spin and go on to win," says Cattrall, who grew up in Canada, where she got to know some competitive skaters and hockey players.

"I know the tremendous dedication and sacrifice that goes into it," she says. "You have to start very young. It's a tough road and even for those who make it, it doesn't last very long."

In the film, Michelle Thachtenberg is geeky Casey Carlyle, who is doing a science project on the physics of ice skating when she discovers she's got talent on ice. Her hit-the-books mom, played by Joan Cusack, is not at all pleased when her girl starts hanging out at the rink.

Cattrall takes Casey on her figure skating team, perhaps in part to coax her own talented-but-uninspired daughter, Gen, to buckle down and practice.

"Her daughter is good enough to be a champion, but she doesn't really want to be a skater — she wants to be a teenager, discovering boys and doing things that take away from her skating practice," Cattrall says of her character.

"Then, she meets Casey, who not only has amazing talent, she has tremendous desire. But Casey's mother wants her daughter to focus on getting into Harvard. So you have these two moms at odds with their daughters and with each other over what they want for their kids — a really interesting and realistic situation."

Casey's skating career hardly gets off the ground before she becomes victim to the head games and sly tricks that are rife in competitive skating, even among young amateurs like herself. And when her own skills begin to rival those of Cattrall's daughter, she doesn't know who to trust.
All the while, Casey is still a high school girl with a burgeoning crush on a hunky Zamboni driver.

Trachtenberg — best known as Buffy's mysterious little sister on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" — trained for eight months to play the aspiring skater, the biggest role yet for the 19-year-old actress.

"I knew I was going to have to train a lot," she says, "but I had no idea that it was going to be months and months of the most intense work, crazy hour-long ballet classes and hours and hours of being on the ice.

"I was pretty much starting from scratch and trying to accomplish what my character accomplishes in the movie, which seemed pretty much impossible at first. But now I can do all these tricks. And when I watch ice skating I know all the lingo and I can say, 'She didn't get enough height in her axel,' or, 'She flubbed her footwork.' It's pretty cool."

The worlds of math and figure skating collide in 'Ice Princess'

Little did anyone know that when the two mother/daughter teams were cast for the ice skating film "Ice Princess," both mothers and daughters shared the same birth dates. Kim Cattrall and her on-screen daughter Hayden Panettiere were born on Aug. 21, and Joan Cusack and Michelle Trachtenberg were born on Oct. 11.

"Isn't that funny?" says Cusack in an interview with Zap2it.com. "I think that's part of your job as an actor, having some sense of intimacy, and then we had the same birthdays. That's a great conversation starter, you know?"

Panettiere says she totally forgot about Cattrall's "Sex and the City" character, Samantha, and they connected quickly. "She's such a sweet person and she's really good in this film, it's crazy that we have the same birthday," says Panettiere.

"Ice Princess" explores the world of competitive figure skating. Trachtenberg, known as Dawn on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," plays a bookworm who concocts mathematical formulas to improve on ice skating techniques. Her serious mother, played by Cusack, sees her daughter on the fast track to Harvard.

Cattrall plays a disgraced skater with a devious past who is now running her own skating rink and is grooming her daughter (Panettiere) for championship competition. Problems arise when Trachtenberg's character decides she wants to compete, too, and wants Cattrall's character to help her without her mom (Cusack) knowing.

She worked as hard for the role as her character did in the film, Trachtenberg says. "I was training five hours a day, five days a week, and I had ballet every other day. We were shooting seven days a week and after 10 hours they went home and I was still there on ice skates, I was working 20-22 hour days."

That resulted in a few torn ligaments and a dislocated knee for the actress. For Panettiere - who rode a zebra recently for "Racing Stripes" - even her training as a gymnast didn't prevent a few minor injuries.

"I definitely went through many more bumps and bruises on my legs and my rear end went through a beating," she says about skating. "But I'm proud that I learned most of my tricks and they used them in the film."

Real-life champions Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano made cameos in the film and watched the actresses on the set.

"I was the biggest nerd," Trachtenberg says of her first meeting with Kwan. "To see her on the ice is like I would imagine watching Sean Penn or Dustin Hoffman work. It's just so effortless and brilliant. And she turned around to me and she's like, 'You're good, you're a natural for what time you've had and what you've accomplished. I'm impressed.' So that to me that was the utmost compliment."

Actual skating competitors were used in the film, and they razzed the actress. "I fell on my butt a couple of times in front of a couple of thousand extras, but for the most part, they were all very nice, so I laughed," Trachtenberg says.

And unlike her character, she hates math. "I always thought it was pointless, but one day my teacher explained how it teaches you logic, so that was one way I was able to accept math, that's how I connected," Trachtenberg says. "And I actually understood the physics. I was really proud of myself."

Cusack's mother is a math teacher, and she says she loves math and emphasizes the importance to her sons. "I think with kids, trying to find the right balance with social life, academics, sports and arts is a big thing," says Cusack, and pointing to the moms in the movie, she adds, "We're both kind of pushing what we think our kids should be like. It's sort of crossing that line where you want to shape your kid, but you don't want to shape them into you."

Trachtenberg's real-life mom isn't like either of the mothers in "Ice Princess," she says, "She is really proud of me, and said, 'If you want to be an actress, that's awesome but you have to go to school. You have to have your education, that's first and foremost.' She's never a stage mom. She's just always been there for me, and that's really important."

Trachtenberg says she isn't at all like the glamorous girl she becomes in the film with the jeweled tiara and skimpy skirt. At 19, and dating actor Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from the "X-Men" movies), she admits, "The real me is sitting at home, no makeup, in my old sweatpants, watching DVDs."

"Ice Princess" opens nationwide Friday.

Sex And The City Star Kim Catterall Fears Attack


Actress KIM CATTRALL is so terrified of being attacked while living in London, she has hired a 24-hour bodyguard to protect her.

The SEX AND THE CITY star, who is currently appearing in a West End production of play WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY?, was left fearful after knife-wielding maniac was recently apprehended outside the capital's Gielgud Theatr e - where CHRISTIAN SLATER ended his run in an adaptation of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST last month (JAN05).
A source explains, "Her bodyguard is staying with her at the flat in Chelsea and sticks with her whatever she is doing.

"Kim was petrified when she heard Hollywood actor Christian Slater was attacked at knife point on London's Shaftesbury Avenue earlier this year.
"Kim thinks someone may be targeting Americans after the Slater incident so she is taking every precaution she can.

"Her bodyguard is an English guy with military experience."

Kim Cattrall Insiped By Reeves To Play Stage Role


Former SEX AND THE CITY actress KIM CATTRALL's role as a paralysed woman on the London stage has been inspired by her late friend CHRISTOPHER REEVE.

The British-born star, who is currently appearing in WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY? in the West End, was impressed by the actor's enthusiastic attitude to life after a fall during an equestrian competition in 1995 left him un able to move his body.
The SUPERMAN star died in 10 October (04) at the age of 52.

Cattrall says, "Christopher achieved so much. He lived a full life after his accident - he was joyful, funny, sexy, angry - a total human being. "And I wanted to bring that to this part."

Kim Cattrall just loves younger men!

Kim Cattrall says she is just like her 'Sex and the City' character - because she loves younger men.

The sexy actress, who played man-eater Samantha Jones in the raunchy sitcom, says younger men are able to handle her in the bedroom much better than men her own age.

The 48-year-old beauty - who is dating a Canadian chef 21 years her junior - said: "I found a lot of guys were absolutely terrified of me.
Younger men weren't. They've got plenty of adventure.

"The perception is that I'm going to be something in the bedroom they can't compete with, but that's their loss. Only the brave need apply."

Kim, who wrote the book 'Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm' with third husband Mark Levinson, also revealed she likes to use Viagra to spice up her love life.

She said: "Multiple orgasms are not a problem. I never thought sex could be so good."

In 'Sex and the City', which recently ended after six successful series, Kim's character Samantha enjoyed several flings with younger men and she also used Viagra to enhance her bedroom activities.

Kim Cattrall New Book: The Art Of The Female Orgasm


KIM CATTRALL felt compelled to write a book about intimacy to demystify sex for women - and urge them not to panic of their partners are struggling to arouse them.

The former SEX AND THE CITY actress, 48, teamed up with her then-husband MARK LEVINSON on SATISFACTION: THE ART OF THE FEMALE ORGASM to inform others she didn't develop a strong sex drive until she reached her forties.
Cattrall says, "Up until then I thought I wasn't a very sexual woman, although everyone assumed I was getting it in spades.

"I wanted to write the book because something had changed for me.
"I thought, 'My goodness, if that's my story, there must be lots of other women.'"

Kim Cattrall's injures back because of so much time in bed

Kim Cattrall has injured her back - because she's spent so much time in bed.

The blonde actress, who shot to fame playing man-eater Samantha Jones in hit US sitcom 'Sex and the City', sustained the injury rehearsing for new show 'Whose Life Is It Anyway', in which she plays a bed-ridden quadraplegic.

She said: "It's a great role. But having to spend so long in bed without moving is giving me back ache."
The 48-year-old star, who recently began dating a Canadian chef 20 years her junior, says, although her new role isn't as glamorous as playing Samantha, she still gets to flirt with men.

She is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "At least it gives me the chance to come on to the male orderlies!"
The show is Kim's first role since 'Sex and the City' ended earlier this year, after six hugely successfully series.

Kim Cattrall's new love interest!

Kim Cattrall has a new love interest.

The 'Sex and the City' actress, who played man-eater Samantha Jones, is rumoured to be romancing Canadian chef Alan Wyse.

Alan is said to be so smitten with Kim that he has even moved from Toronto - where Kim recently shot new movie 'Ice Princess' - to New York so he can be close to her.
Earlier this year, the blonde actress revealed she was hunting for a new boyfriend after splitting from husband Mark Levinson.

Earlier this year, the blonde actress revealed she was hunting for a new boyfriend after splitting from husband Mark Levinson.
She confessed at the time: "I'm kind of casually dipping my toe in the water. Dinner parties are my new avenue for dates because they're more private, but if somebody wants to take me to the theatre, I'm not going to say no just because the newspapers are going to write about it."

But although Kim has not given up hope of finding love again, the sexy star has come to terms with the fact that it is probably too late for her to have children.

She said recently: "Biologically, I'm stretching it at this point, unless you become a scientific experiment."

Its in the Bag for Kim Cattrall

Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall is to front a new £3m campaign for British brewing giant Tetley.

The actress, who played sex-mad Samantha in Sex and the City, the hit TV show, will be promoting the Yorkshire company's range of herbal and fruit teas.

In the TV campaign, Kim, 48, is seen nipping round to her aunt, aptly named Auntea, for some advice on her love life.
Following the age old British tradition of a “cuppa” will solve everything, Auntea offers Kim a cup of camomile to help her sleep whilst commenting; “Mind you, you don't waste much time sleeping, do you love!"

According to the Daily Mirror, Kim then begins stroking a tube of teas from a selection and says she finds "Earl Grey very impressive."
The American actress, who hails from Liverpool, says she loves tea and that her mother is a huge tea drinker

The ads are a far cry from Tetley's traditional tea dances, as the company intends to make tea drinking sexy and more appealing to today's modern woman.

A spokes person for Tetley said to the newspaper Kim was ideal for the new sexy image to encourage more women to drink tea.



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