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Kate Winslet Actress

Kate Winslet

The native English actress is recognized for her roles in several prominent movies such as 1997's "Titanic" and 2004's "Finding Neverland." Kate Winslet was 17 years old when she made her auspicious film debut as an extroverted but tubercular young girl who constructs a murderous fantasy world with her best friend in Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures (1994). Since then, her rise to stardom has been sure and steady, with acclaimed roles in films such as Sense and Sensibility and Titanic. Possessing a voluptuous, old-fashioned beauty that lends itself to costume dramas, Winslet has also been hailed for proudly standing in stark contrast to her more emaciated colleagues, proving that unconventional beauty and Hollywood success can indeed go hand in hand. Born on October 5, 1975, in Reading, England, Winslet was surrounded by the theater from birth. The daughter of stage actors and granddaughter of a repertory theater manager, she followed in the family footsteps at age 11, when she began studying drama. She made her professional debut on television as a spokeschild for a popular British cereal and went on to attend a performing-arts high school. Following graduation in 1991, she launched her stage career, appearing in adaptations of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole and Peter Pan.

After the success of her performance in Heavenly Creatures (a role for which she beat out 175 other actors), Winslet was cast as a princess in Disney's A Kid in King Arthur's Court (1995). That same year, she played the willful, passionate Marianne in Ang Lee's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. She earned a number of kudos for her work, including an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She continued to receive good reviews the following year for her roles in Jude and Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Hamlet, but did not rocket to major stardom until she played the romantic lead opposite Leonardo Di Caprio in James Cameron's mega-blockbuster Titanic (1997). Nominated for an Oscar for her performance, Winslet became the youngest actress to garner her second Oscar nomination.

Following the overwhelming success of Titanic, the actress surprised many observers with her next project; rather than go for another high-profile film, she instead chose to star in Gillies MacKinnon's small independent Hideous Kinky (1998), which cast her as a young hippie who takes her children to Morocco in order to pursue spiritual enlightenment. Aside from the good reviews she got for her performance, she also got a husband out of the film: In 1998, she married James Threapleton, Hideous Kinky's third assistant director. Though the marriage wouldn't last long, romance returned to the young starlet's life when she announced that she was dating American Beauty director Sam Mendes in late 2001.

In 1999, she played another young woman in search of spiritual enlightenment, this time in Jane Campion's Holy Smoke. Starring as an Australian girl who joins a Hindu sect on a visit to India, Winslet's role required her to do many things, including standing naked and urinating in front of Harvey Keitel, who played the man hired by Winslet's parents to cure her of her fixation. Such difficult requirements didn't prove a problem for the actress, who had, thus far, built a glorious career on doing the unexpected. After following up the next year as a laundress who is the Marquis De Sade's sole link to getting his erotic works to the outside world in Quills, Winslet was once in the spotlight for her Oscar nominated performance as a youthful Iris Murdoch in director Richard Eyre's Iris. In 2003 Winslet could be found in yet another biopic, this time cast opposite Kevin Spacey in the film The Life of David Gale. Based on the experience of a University of Texas professor and avid anti-death-penalty activist who finds himself facing execution after a false conviction, Winslet portrayed the reporter who broke the story in a desperate attempt to discover the truth behind the mysterious and brutal crime for which Gale was convicted.

Winslet wins Empire film honours

Kate Winslet has beaten Vera Drake star Imelda Staunton to be named best British actress at the Empire film awards in London.

Winslet, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, also pipped Keira Knightley to the prize.

Freddie Highmore, 12, won best newcomer for his role in Finding Neverland.

Film director Quentin Tarantino was named icon of the decade at the ceremony in London's Guildhall.

Child star Highmore beat Sienna Miller in the best newcomer category for her role in Alfie, opposite partner Jude Law.

Kate Winslet Selects Lana Marks for 2005 Academy Awards

Hollywood leading lady and Best Actress nominee for the 2005 Academy Awards Kate Winslet wore a $100,000 custom made LANA MARKS Cleopatra Clutch to the 2005 Academy Awards. Lana J. Marks personally designed and customized this dazzling couture handbag especially for Ms. Winslet for this occasion.

Ms. Winslet's Cleopatra Clutch has been handmade in four separate countries, two of which Ms. Marks personally traveled to in order to ensure the perfection of this creation. The handbag has been dyed a unique shade of matte silver alligator. The handbag's frame is handcrafted in 18 karat white gold, paved with white diamonds and sapphires. A 1920s inspired clasp, also in white diamonds and sapphires, accents the signature contour of this Cleopatra Clutch. Over 40 karats of white diamonds and sapphires grace the front of this dazzling creation.

"I greatly admire Kate's work and it's a tremendous honor to design this exquisite creation just for her," says Ms. Marks.

Drew Barrymore will also be arriving at the 2005 Academy Awards wearing the sleek, shiny alligator LANA MARKS Concord Clutch. The geometric slim proportions of the clutch are the epitome of glamorous fashion with an edge.

Setting a new standard for luxury accessories, world-renowned Lana J. Marks is the CEO and Designer of her Palm Beach based companies. Lana J. Marks has personally distinguished herself as one of the most talented accessories designers to both Hollywood and royalty. She truly understands glamour, sophistication, proportion, and versatility.

Kate Winslet's parents are her Oscar lucky charms

Hollywood beauty Kate Winslet, who has been nominated for the Oscars this year, revealed that as usual her parents, whom she thinks are her lucky charm, will accompany her to the ceremony.

"My parents have been with me to all the Oscar ceremonies and the first thing I did after hearing of my nomination was to call them and say, 'Get your frocks you're coming with me,' the actress was quoted by Femalefirst, as saying.

"Well, my Dad's not wearing a frock, of course, but he did say he was going on a diet," she added.

Kate, who has been nominated for her role in 'Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind', will also be accompanied by her husband Sam Mendes to the glittering awards ceremony.

Kate Winslet donates dress

Kate Winslet's black dress she wore to the premiere of Finding Neverland will be auctioned to raise money for the Asian tsunami appeal.

The dress was designed especially for her by Ben de Lisi reports IOL.com.

Other stars have contributed to the auction for upmarket fashion website clothesagency.com.

Madonna has donated a signed studded belt and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson a green and black dress from Top Shop, while actor Richard E Grant has donated the suit he wore in the Spice Girls movie Spice World.

Liz Hurley, Elle Macpherson and Graham Norton have also offered personal items.

The online auction will begin on February 11 and run until March 13, with all money going to tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.


Academy Award–nominated actress Kate Winslet will be a presenter for the 77th Academy Awards® Presentation

Winslet recently received her fourth Academy Award nomination for her leading role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. She received her first leading actress nomination in 1997 at the 70th Academy Awards for her portrayal of "Rose DeWitt Bukater" in Titanic and received supporting nominations for her roles in Sense and Sensibility in 1995 and for Iris in 2001. She was recently seen in Finding Neverland and is currently filming All the Kings Men.

Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2004 will be presented on Sunday, February 27, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood.

Kate Winslet once got stuck in the toilets during the Oscars!

Kate Winslet has confessed she once got stuck in the toilets during the Oscars. The stunning actress's embarrassing mishap happened during the 1997 Academy Awards, when she was nominated for her performance in 'Titanic', and says she had to rely on her mother to save her.

Kate, who is nominated for Best Actress at this month's ceremony, said: "When I was nominated for 'Titanic', I wore a Givenchy dress by Alexander McQueen.
But I forgot to try out whether I could go to the loo with the dress on.

When I went to the toilet I had to get my mother to help me get the dress off. I won't make the mistake again."

Meanwhile, Kate refuses to let her four-year-old daughter watch her on the TV.
The beautiful star says Mia has never seen her famous mum act and Kate doesn't want that to change in the near future - because she doesn't want to have explain what she does for a living.

She is quoted in Britain's Grazia magazine as saying: "I switch the TV off if I come on. She's never seen any of my films.

She realises that it's called acting, but I'm not ready to explain exactly what I do."

Finding Neverland with Kate Winslet

Everyone knows the story about the boy who could fly. He made dreamers all around the world wish they had a fairy as a best friend, a magical getaway called Neverland, and the promise of perpetual youth. But the story of the man behind Peter Pan had always remained a mystery. Until now.

Sir James Matthew Barrie, played by Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands), is a struggling playwright hoping that each new play will be the one that extricates him from his slump of mediocre storylines and too bland—or too eccentric—characters. He and his wife, Mary (Radha Mitchell of Man on Fire, and the upcoming film, Melinda and Melinda), have begun to drift apart, and Barrie finds solace in the park where he takes his dog for walks. On one particular outing, he meets a family of four boys, and he can’t help but be drawn to their innocence and unabashed imagination. Their mother, Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Kate Winslet of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Titanic), graciously welcomes Barrie into their lives, and he quickly becomes the father figure they’d been lacking since the boys’ real father died.

Barrie begins spending more time with the Davies’ than he does with his own wife, and they become his muse. He falls in love with the family, especially Peter, who is tortured by his father’s death. Imagination doesn’t come as easily to him as it does to the other boys, and Barrie teaches him that dreaming isn’t always just an unrealistic way to pass the time.

Barrie’s new, unconventional play raises concerns for Charles Frohman, the owner of the theatre, played by Dustin Hoffman. He can’t understand Barrie’s vision because he has long since lost his childlike naivety. But Barrie convinces Frohman to trust him, and by the end of its debut performance, the play has rekindled the entire audience’s innocence. Even the most traditional and stuffy theatre-goers embrace the story with wholehearted youthfulness, which proves to be merely the beginning for Peter Pan.

Finding Neverland evokes the same kind of dreaminess as the story of Peter Pan has done for decades. The dialogue is beautifully written, and the scenes magically intertwine reality and imagination in a subtly captivating series of emotional highs and lows. The ever-versatile Johnny Depp never disappoints, and his portrayal of Barrie is no exception. Kate Winslet shines with motherly wisdom—and childlike purity—as Sylvia helps Barrie teach her sons about mystical far-off places and imaginary creatures. The skeptical, wide eyed Peter, played by Freddie Highmore, is the heart of the film, and he moves the viewer to tears on more than one occasion. Highmore will be seen with Depp in 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

This movie has the quiet confidence that is missing from many other “classics.” which just stick to a predetermined success formula without venturing outside the box. Adults may think they are too adult for fairytales, and those people will tragically deprive themselves of a one-hundred and six minute visit to their childhoods. Those people who grew up with Peter Pan owe it to themselves to see this movie. As Peter convinces the audience to clap to keep Tinker Bell alive in Peter Pan, viewers of Finding Neverland will need to suppress the urge to clap to keep the movie alive as the credits roll.

Kate Winslet needs the right bra to get into character

Kate Winslet says she has to wear the right bra to get into character.

The 'Titanic' star, who has been nominated for the Best Actress award at next month's Oscars, admitted she can only get into her role when she's wearing the right underwear.

She said: "I start with the bra. If the bra's right, everything else falls into place."
Meanwhile, the 29-year-old actress, who is married to director Sam Mendes, says that making movies is like taking a holiday from her own life.

The sexy star, who has two children, Mia, four and one-year-old Joe, says that her domestic life is so hectic that working on a film set provides a welcome relief.
She told Britain's Hello magazine: "When you're a mother of small children, work becomes a holiday. Somebody does your hair.

Someone does your make-up! It's like a revelation. I've fallen in love with my job all over again after having kids."

No Corsets for Kate Winslet in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey play lovers whose relationship is at the center of the story in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." When Clementine (Winslet) decides to call their relationship off, she takes the extraordinary step of having Joel (Carrey) erased from her memory. Joel discovers what Clementine's done, decides to wipe his own slate clean, and then has second thoughts in the middle of the procedure.

The casting of Kate Winslet opposite Jim Carrey sounds strange, and even Winslet admits it's an unexpected pairing. Co-star Carrey says of Winslet, "Kate is someone to learn from. She is just so good at what she does, and so smart. And the best thing of all is she’s not as tough as she thinks." Producer Anthony adds, "Kate Winslet is very much Clementine.
They’re both headstrong, passionate, and unpredictable – and completely loveable."


Is it your goal to defy expectations of traditional leading lady roles?
No, it’s not my goal. It’s fun. It’s really fun to take risks and it’s really fun to play lots of different characters. Clementine was the most eccentric part that I’ve ever played. I just had so much fun doing her. What an unlikely pairing. I mean, you wouldn’t imagine that Jim Carrey and I would ever do a movie together. When I was sent the script and was asked to do it, I just thought, “Well, there’s no way I’m not going to do this” because I knew that it would be a totally new experience and very challenging, which it was both of those things.

Why was this an unlikely pairing?
Because I have played Ophelia, and he was Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

It’s that simple?
Absolutely not. I don't know what assumptions that people might make as to the actors that I would work with, but I imagine people would think Derek Jacobi, Kenneth Branagh - those are the things that would spring to people’s minds. And believe me, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with them and had an amazing experience. But as an actor, you always want to mix it up and play different parts. Jim and I have been in completely different movies to each other in the past and so the pairing of us in this film, I think, is exciting and challenging and different. I would hope that people will think it’s an unlikely pairing in order to make them go and see it.

Did it change your approach, working against expectations?
No, I just knew that I had to be something very, very different from what I had been before. In a way, whilst it was very challenging for Jim to play Joel Barish, this kind of shy, introverted guy, at the same time, I am known for being this classical English rose in all these period pieces. I knew I had to break that mold completely, which meant that I just worked very, very hard on the dialect. I wanted her to look totally different from everything else I’ve ever done. I think we can safely say she does. I just knew that I had to completely change my whole persona and I was thrilled to be able to do that, and be given the opportunity to do that.

How do you reign in the character’s eccentricity?
Well, I had to be prepared to let people dislike her at times because she’s a bit of a bitch, but at the same time, she’s gorgeous and she’s funny and she’s silly and you sort of feel for her. You kind of sense her confusion about who she is and her life. She’s very, very vulnerable, I think, underneath all of that stuff. I just had to work very, very hard. Sometimes I would say to Michel, “Let me know if I’m not going enough. Let me know if I’m going too far.” And more often than not, he would be pushing me further. I was so terrified of being over the top and he would just say, “No, no, no. More, more, more.” And I’d be like, “Really?” He’d go, “Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Just do it, just try it.” That was fantastically liberating. When you do classical period films, you don’t get the opportunity to do that. It’s a more subtle approach.

Were there particular scenes where you were pushed further?
The scene where they’re set in the forest - I don't know how it was cut together because I still haven’t seen the final cut of the movie - but I believe you suddenly find them in a car and they get out and they’re in a forest. He’s like, “Look, I’m erasing you Clem,” and he’s trying to hold his eyes open and she goes, “Can’t you just try?” And he tries and it works for a split second. Michel had me jumping all over the place in one version of that scene we shot. I had not expected it was going to be like that. I figured that would be the two of them maybe sitting on a log just talking to each other. But no, he had us running up and down, kicking leaves around and it was so much fun.
Do you relate more to the flawed character in "Eternal Sunshine of teh Spotless Mind" than the idealized one of “Titanic?”
I do, actually. I really do because to me, the relationship between Joel and Clementine is incredibly real. I think that’s what Charlie Kaufman does that is so incredibly brilliant is that he actually creates these very simple stories and then tells them in a very unorthodox way. But yeah, to me, their relationship is profoundly honest and true to life. In no relationship can you possibly live every day at a fever pitch as though it’s the first day that you’ve met. Reality isn’t like that and the best relationships in the world are successful precisely because you take the rough with the smooth and learn how to be honest with your partner and to confront things. And that was what I loved about these people.

Is it ironic that it’s your most humorous role, against Jim Carrey in the Kate Winslet role?
Yes, absolutely. I mean, I really had the Jim Carrey part and that was pretty terrifying, to be honest, at first. I was like, “I’ve got to be the funny one. Oh no. How on earth am I going to do that?” So yeah, I was very nervous walking into it, but I like that fear. That stage fright is often one of the best things and I didn’t preplan too much of it either. With the more kind of romanticized period pieces that I have been doing, more classical parts, you really have to prepare for something like that. Like “Enigma,” you do. You have to concentrate so much on the period and certainly with “Enigma,” we learned how to use Enigma machines. There’s so much preparation that goes into those types of films and with this one, I just thought, “My God, I have to leave it all to chance. I have to know who she is.”

Is she like you?
I’m a relatively impulsive person, yes. I mean, not when it comes to relationships but certainly in terms of day-to-day life. For example, I might wake up in the morning knowing that I’ve got a couple of meetings and a script to read and get my daughter to nursery school and take her to the park in the afternoon, and I might just turn around to my little girl and say, “Look, the sky is blue. Let’s just go to beach. Or let’s just go to the aquarium.” You know, just suddenly change everything in the last minute. Or even just saying, “Hell, we’re not doing much for the next week. Let’s just go to Connecticut,” or wherever it might be. So there was actually a lot of me in Clementine. And hell, you know, I don’t wear corsets every day, I wear jeans, so it was a lot more comfortable just in a practical way for me to be her to the point where I had so much fun that I put my own clothes on at the end I went, “Oh, back to boring old me again, you know, all my black that I wear.” And I really seriously considered dying my hair red after we finished the shoot because it was just so much fun to be something different for a while.

But isn’t it nice to be back to your normal hair color?
Yeah, but I was in my normal hair color every day because they were wigs. But they were clearly pretty convincing ones because everyone says to me, “So how did your hair hold up?” I was really up for dying my hair all those different colors but, you know, a movie is shot out of sequence so literally some days I would start with red and then by lunch time I would be blue, and then the afternoon I’d be going back to red again. So we had to have wigs, but they were such incredible wigs. Even I’d be up close to the mirror going cross-eyed going, “How is that possible?”

Which was your favorite?
I really loved the red. I don't know why, just I loved that red wig and loved having red hair. It was great fun.
Are you impulsive when choosing scripts?
I react from the hip. I’m totally instinctive and impulsive about it. That’s just the way that I’ve always done it. I’m not very premeditated and I don’t have a whole plan, a whole kind of career agenda. I don’t think to myself, “You know, okay, I’ll do a period movie this year and then next year I’ll do a movie with Johnny Depp and the next year I’ll do a film with Jim Carrey.”

I leave a lot to chance. It’s whatever really excites me and inspires me. I just like to take risks like that. And more importantly, I don’t walk into a film thinking this is going to be a hit. It’s just the wrong thing to think because as soon as you start to do that, the kind of competition kicks in and I’m just not a competitive person. I really love my job and I want to do it as well as I possibly can, but I don’t want to be the best. And I very much enjoy watching other actresses play parts way better than I ever would have been able to. It’s a very, very inspiring and exciting thing to be able to do that.

How was working with Jim Carrey?
He’s a great guy. We have such a good relationship and you can’t act chemistry. You can’t make that happen, so I really just hoped to God that we were going to get on well, and thankfully we didn’t hate each other. So, it was just great. Yes, he’s kind of goofy and silly and pulls crazy faces. My God, he is a master impersonator. But he also has this kind of quiet side, too, and I’m used to sort of taking myself off into quiet corners and preparing myself for a particular scene probably much more than maybe Jim would be. He had to do quite a lot of that in playing Joel just because Joel is the shy, more introverted guy. He did have to sort of keep himself from himself sometimes but I could see that and I love that. I love being able to accept another actor’s process, however different it might be to my own. But Jim and I, we actually had quite a similar process.

What do you try to give the other actor?
I always do exactly what you just said. I always try and give as much as I can, rather than get as much as I can. You’re very lucky if you work with an actor who is brilliant and very inspiring and gives you a lot. That’s why I try and do that myself, so sometimes if I’m doing off-camera dialogue - this would certainly happen with “Eternal Sunshine” - if Jim was doing a scene where the cameras or camera was just on him, I would be off camera acting my ass off because otherwise he wouldn’t have anything to react to. So you have to commit to that and continue to be that character off camera.

The only time I’ve been accepting of an actor not doing that for me was when I was doing “Quills.” There was a scene with Geoffrey Rush, Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Caine and myself and it was one of very few scenes that we were all in together. We shot everything on Geoffrey, shot everything on Joaquin, shot everything on Michael, and it was round onto me. I’d been acting my heart out with everyone else for everyone else’s close ups and Michael turned around to me, Michael Caine, the great Michael Caine, Sir Michael Caine, turned around to me and said, “Darling, do you mind, I’ve got to be somewhere a little bit later. Do you mind if I just take my costume off?” And I thought he just meant maybe his jacket or something like that. No, back to dressing room, wig off, full normal clothing on. And he walked back onto set and I was like, “Oh, that’s what you meant.” But he still acted his heart out. How can you not forgive Michael Caine for something like that? He’s so charming and so funny.

”Eternal Sunshine” is about erasing memories. Is there a piece of pop culture would you like to erase?
No, I don't think so. I don’t really believe in the idea of that process. I just think that the good and the bad experiences that we all have in our lives are what forms us as human beings. There’s nothing that I would erase, no movie, no song, no nothing. “Once more, you opened the door…” I’ve certainly heard that too many times, but no, you can’t erase those things. They’re all a part of our pasts. No, I’m very grateful for some of the things that I’ve been through, how horrible they might have felt at the time, they make you stronger.

What about erasing a particularly embarrassing moment?
One embarrassing moment that I wouldn’t mind deleting was I was in a tap dancing class when I was 14 and just laughing my head off with one of the guys who was in my class. I don't know what we were laughing about. We just kind of got ourselves into that hysterical thing that you can’t get out of. And I actually peed myself in the class so badly it was terrible.

Kate Winslet: ' The nerves kick in all over again'

No matter how unique her roles—the rainbow-haired Clementine Kruczynski in Eternal Sunshine or the doomed Sylvia Llewelyn Davies in Finding Neverland—Kate Winslet says that one thing about acting remains constant: “With every new job, the nerves kick in all over again,” she says, “and it feels like the first movie you’ve ever made.”

“I have seldom seen someone so committed and passionate about material,” says Finding Neverland’s director, Marc Forster. Forster found the actress’s personal experience as a parent (to Mia, four, and Joe, one) to be a tremendous asset in filming a movie with children central to the story. Winslet agrees. “The most important part of that character was constructing who she was as a mother,” she says. “You just don’t know about that stuff until you have a child yourself.”

Motherhood, rave reviews, two more great performances, and, oh yes, that boat movie, a.k.a. the Biggest Movie of All Time. Is Winslet planning on hanging it up anytime soon? Not bloody likely. “The day that I stop is the day that I think I know it all,” she says. “I feel a million miles away from that still now.

Winslet's 4 year old wants to be an actress!

Kate Winslet has revealed her four-year-old daughter wants to become a Hollywood actress.

The beautiful actress said blonde-haired Mia is determined to be a screen star.

Kate, whose husband is director Sam Mendes, revealed: "Mia was dancing around the house the other day and suddenly came running up to me.
"She said to me, in all seriousness, 'Mama, when I'm a big girl do you think I could be an actress? I know I can do it.'

Then she beat her tiny fists against my thighs, to show how determined she was."
Kate then told Mia she was sure she would make a fantastic star and, to her surprise, her daughter retorted: "Yes, I know that!"

Shocked Kate claims she was so taken aback with her daughter's conviction she called her father to ask her if she ever acted like that when she was Mia's age.

She is quoted by Britain's Daily Express as saying: "My dad said, 'Are you kidding? You were like that when you were three.'"

Kate Winslet set to play a sewer rat!

Kate Winslet is set to play a sewer rat in a forthcoming film.

The beautiful actress will provide the voice for streetwise rodent, Rita, opposite Hollywood star Hugh Jackman in the comedy animation.

The film by Aardman Animations', the creators of award-winning films 'Chicken Run' and 'The Wallace and Gromit Movie' have confirmed 'Flushed Away' will be released in 2006.
The tale centres around Kate's character, Rita, who befriends an upper-class society rat, played by Jackman, after he is flushed out of his swanky London flat and into the sewer city of Ratropolis.

While he tries to survive without life's luxuries, Rita tries to help him find his way home. Meanwhile, the pair are forced to try and save the city from an evil toad, played by 'Lord of the Rings' star Sir Ian McKellen.
Hollywood stars Bill Nighy and Andy Serkis also lend their voices to the film. An insider said: "Kate just can't wait to get started."

Winslet sobs at 'Women of the Year' awards

Kate Winslet sobbed as she collected award at an American magazine's 'Women of the Year' ceremony on Monday (08.11.04).

The 'Titanic' beauty burst into tears as she received Glamour magazine's Class Act prize from Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon for refusing to conform to "Hollywood's beauty standards."

A source said: "She was clearly very emotional and seemed to find it quite hard to control herself. Her voice wobbled and she was obviously battling to
The 29-year-old actress - who has fought a long-running battle with her weight - then told the audience that her most glamorous moment was when one of her children told her she was "beautiful" as they shared a bath.

But the 'Finding Neverland' star, who is married to director Sam Mendes, surprised onlookers with the scale of her emotional outburst A source added: "It was quite strange she was so upset by this award.
It's not like she was getting an Oscar." But Kate's spokesman, Robert Garlock, later claimed she was simply overcome with gratitude.

He said: "It was a very emotional evening."

Later, Kate thanked 58-year-old Susan for presenting the award - and promised to streak through New York if she managed to maintain her natural beauty until the same age the Hollywood star.

She said: "Susan if I look like you one day, I will run naked down Fifth Avenue."

Kate Winslet I should Have Worked With Sam Mendes


TITANIC star KATE WINSLET is determined to make a movie with her director husband SAM MENDES - because she's never forgiven herself for refusing to join his theatre company.

The 29-year-old actress turned down Mendes' invitation to join his touring group from the DONMAR WAREHOUSE, prior to their marriage last year (03), but she's now eager to make amends.
She explains, "We are actively trying to find something to do together but I think he's an amazing director and I'm sure we'd have a lot of fun doing that.

"I turned him down. But, as you know, we decided to work together in other ways and it's been wonderful."

Kate Winslet wants to pose nude for charity

Kate Winslet has revealed she wants to pose nude for charity.

The stunning actress, who showed off her svelte new figure at the recent premiere of 'Finding Neverland', says she would be happy to bare all in a fundraising photo shoot like Sarah Ferguson, who has posed naked to raise money for the Elton John Aids Foundation.

She admitted to Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper : "Doing a photographic project like the one Fergie is doing would definitely be something I'd be interested in.
It sounds like a really good idea. "I've been out in LA for the past few months, so I hadn't heard about the book until I read about it but, honestly, I'd be happy to do it."

Kate is no stranger to flashing her flesh - she has stripped off in a string of movies, including 'Iris', 'Holy Smoke' and 'Titanic', where Leonard DiCaprio's character, Jack, sketched a nude portrait of her.
The curvy actress recently claimed she was happy with her body - even though she believes her breasts look like "the ears off a dog". She said: "My stomach is all crinkly and my boobs, they're like the ears off a dog.

That's what happened after having two children and I love those little marks of what you've been through."

Kate, who has two children, Mia and Joe, says becoming a mum has made her less self-conscious about her body.

She explained: "When you have kids you don't care so much about what you look like.

It is because your body goes through so many enormous changes - permanent changes - and so I'm probably more relaxed about it."

Winslet wins competition with her dirty underwear

Kate Winslet tried to help her friend win a radio competition - by calling up and offering her dirty underwear!.

The 'Titanic' star, 29, was persuaded by a close pal to get in touch with British station XFM, which is asking listeners to get famous friends to call the show.

The person with the most A-list accomplice scoops 10,000GBP - and mum-of-two Kate was determined to snatch the winnings for her friend.
The cheeky star asked live across the airwaves: "Is there anything else I can do to win this 10 grand for my friend?

"I could send you my pants. do you want them clean or dirty?" Previous callers include Dame Judi Dench and 'Love Actually' star Bill Nighy.
Meanwhile, down-to-earth Kate says her fame still takes her by surprise. The Hollywood actress, who confesses to doing daily chores such as washing clothes and looking after her two young children, says she is still shocked when people recognise her in the supermarket.

She revealed: "People will come up to me in the supermaket and say, 'Excuse me, but you are HER, aren't you?'

And I have to take a minute and think, hang on, what are you asking? And then I say, 'Oooh! Yes! I think so! I think I am who you think I am.'"

Winslet splash's out $5M on NY apartment

Kate Winslet and husband Sam Mendes have splashed out $5million on a New York apartment.

The swanky 100sqft pad is in a five-storey apartment building on the city's West 22nd Street, allowing plenty of room for the couple and their two children, Mia - whose father is Kate's ex-husband, Jim Threapleton - and Joe.

Earlier this month, Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin splashed out £3.73million on Kate's old house in London.
The Oscar-winning actress was spotted outside her new home last week inspecting how renovations were coming along.

Gwyneth and Chris - who are concerned with protecting their privacy - have reportedly ordered a 5ft security wall to be erected around the property and huge iron gates.

Motherhood Made Me A Better Actress' Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet claims being a mother has helped her become a better actress. The 'Titanic' beauty says she would never have been able to star in 'Finding Neverland' - the life story of 'Peter Pan' author J.M. Barrie - if she didn't have daughter Mia, four, and baby son Joe.

Kate, who plays Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, the mother of the four boys who inspired Barrie, said at the Venice Film Festival: "I don't think I could have played Sylvia if I wasn't a mother.
There is a physicality involved in being a parent that you don't know about until you are one. I remember playing a mother before I became one myself and found it frustrating because I didn't really know what it felt like.

"When you have a lot of children - like Sylvia did - you just bundle them on your hip, or on your back, or into the stroller and get on with it. Being a mother myself was invaluable."
The 29-year-old beauty married director Sam Mendes last May before giving birth to Joe in December.

She divorced Mia's father, Jim Threapleton, in 2001.


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