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Kate Hudson Actress

Kate Hudson

The daughter of the legendary actress Goldie Hawn, Kate resembles her mother's best qualities, good looks and hollywood popularity. Born in Los Angeles on April 19, 1979, Hudson made her screen debut in 1998. She first earned notice for her work in 200 Cigarettes (1999), an ensemble film that cast her as naive Cindy out on a date with caddish Jack (Jay Mohr). Although the film proved to be a substantial critical and commercial disappointment, Hudson's performance was singled out for some of the scant praise the film did receive. The following year, she could be seen starring opposite fellow up-and-comer Joshua Jackson in Gossip, a drama centered on the disastrous side effects of rumor-mongering on a college campus. If critical recognition had eluded her in the past, it certainly caught-up with her at the 2000 Golden Globe Awards, where she took home the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous. Engulfed in the Hollywood hype machine following her winning role in Almost Famous, it seemed as if Hudson was set to follow her mother in taking the film industry by storm. After soaking in her nowfound fame in the early years of the new millennium, Hudson emerged from a whirlwind schedule of fashion shoots and awards shows to appear in the /romantic /war drama The Four Feathers in 2002. Though The Four Feathers was quickly and unceremoniously relegated to box-office obscurity, Hudson fired back with an almost surefire hit when she starred opposite quirky heartthrob Matthew McConaughey in the /romantic comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003).


Kate Hudson stars in Gurinder Chadha's next

After Aishwarya Rai in "Bride & Prejudice", Gurinder Chadha is all set to direct Hollywood star Kate Hudson in the blockbuster adaptation of the hit American serial "I Dream of Jeannie".

Chadha, whose 'Big Bollywood Homage' to Jane Austen in "Bride & Prejudice" met with mixed responses in India and Britain, is ready for her first full-fledged Hollywood film. "And that too a $75 million blockbuster... I hope to keep M. Night Shyamalan company in the Hollywood blockbuster studio system," Chadha joked from Britain where she was supervising the shooting of husband Paul Berges' "Mistress Of Spices" with Aishwarya Rai and Dylan McDermott.

Chadha's next directorial project is an arabesque fantasy.

"It's an adaptation of the hit American serial 'I Dream Of Jeannie', about a feisty girl from 200 BC who gets turned into a genie, is put in a bottle by an evil king and is hurled into space where 2,000 years later she crashes into a NASA astronaut and ends up on Cocoa beach in Miami. I've finalised Kate Hudson to play Jeannie. We start shooting this summer in the US and Canada," she told IANS from London.

Excited about the prospect of going into a completely new and far more lavish area of filmmaking, Gurinder revealed that this large-screen adaptation of the hit series would take the main character to her beginnings.

"You could say my film begins before the serial. We chose Kate Hudson after zeroing in on a handful of big names. Kate conveys the vivacity, mystery and magic of the main character... qualities that Kate has probably inherited from her lovely mom Goldie Hawn."

"I Dream Of Jeannie" is being designed as a full-blown Hollywood blockbuster. Said Chadha: "Thank god 'Bride & Prejudice' has been so well received in the US. It opened with a huge $12,000 screen average, which is comparable with the week's number one film 'Hitch' (featuring Will Smith). Apart from the New York Times, we've received uniformly favourable reviews in the US."

Gurinder was also gung-ho about Aishwarya Rai's new screen avatar. "After 'Bride & Prejudice', Ash has gone into totally different territory in 'Mistress Of Spices'. We wrapped up the first week's shooting on Feb 19 here in London. And the rushes are looking amazing.

"My husband and our cinematographer Santosh Sivan are creating magic on camera. And Ash looks and acts completely different from 'Bride & Prejudice'. Paul is making a supremely sensual film with evocative performances by Ash, Dylan and Nitin Ganetra."

She added: "Preparing 'Mistress...' in the UK, promoting 'Bride & Prejudice' in the US and putting together 'Jeannie...' Gosh, I'm exhausted! After directing Ash I'm looking forward to doing interesting things with Kate Hudson."

Kate Hudson: The Basics


The 25-year-old actress-daughter of Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson is the heart and soul of Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe's mash note to Seventies rock 'n' roll. As a kid, she was so into movies, she'd cut up sweatshirts to mimic Jennifer Beals in Flashdance or prance around in an Annie wig singing Tomorrow. Sometimes, she'd operate the clapper on her mother's films. Her best friend is her mom. Her second best friend is her husband Chris Robinson, the lead singer of the Black Crowes.


Her initial claim to fame was ensnaring Neve Campbell's ex-boyfriend on Party of Five. After that, she turned out a series of disposable teen flicks such as Desert Blue, 200 Cigarettes and Gossip. Nothing she's done in the past, though, is preparation for her turn as winsome young groupie Penny Lane in Almost Famous. She steals every scene she's in. Still to come are a pair of provocative films: Robert Altman's Dr. T & the Women, in which she plays a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who strands her husband-to-be at the altar in order to run off with her female lover (Liv Tyler), and About Adam, a comedy that serves up the story of a waitress (Hudson) who makes the mistake of falling for a handsome customer (Stuart Townsend). Before the end of the film, he's seduced her, her two sisters, her brother and her brother's girlfriend.


The kissable Kate is a lithe beauty with a trim dancer's body who is blessed with a giggle as endearing as her famous mom's. She can turn the world on with a smile. Just ask Jerry Maguire writer-director Cameron Crowe. "The real Penny Lane was the kind of girl who could light up a room just by walking into it. Kate does that very thing so effortlessly. She's going to be a huge star someday."

Playboy.com: Does everybody tell you that you look just like your mom?

Kate Hudson: Yeah, and it's really weird. We freak ourselves out sometimes. My mom will call me up and say, "I just did something and I looked just like you at that moment." And then I'll do the same thing. I just cut my bangs for a Rolling Stone shoot so I'd sort of look like Marianne Faithfull, but I really look just like my mom. I definitely came from that womb.

PB: Your father is Bill Hudson, but you were raised by Kurt Russell. Is that right?

KH: Yeah, I consider Kurt my pa. He's always been there for me. I've never spent much time with my real father, so I feel fortunate to have Kurt in my life. I grew up in a family that was so close. I mean we are so close to the point that every boyfriend I've ever had is jealous of my family. A lot of people don't understand that closeness, but it's always been so grounding.

PB: Is there any downside to having famous parents?
KH: When you start out, people don't necessarily take you so seriously. They're expecting a spoiled little rich kid to come in. I didn't worry about that being the bull-headed Aries that I am. I just kind of walk on the set and I gave it to them straight, and I say, "This is what I want to do, and I'm serious about it."

PB: When did you meet Chris Robinson?

KH: I met Chris two years ago. There was instant chemistry. We spent the whole night talking but that's as far as it went because we were both in relationships at the time. Then we met again six months ago and we've been together ever since. It's a great committed relationship. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

PB: Where did you go on your first date?

KH: We walked through Central Park. He held my hand, and I said to myself, "I am so in love with this man, and no one is going to understand this. No one." I didn't think my family would like him.

PB: And do they?

KH: They love him. Sometimes, I think that they love him more than me. I mean, my mom is like, "Hi, honey, it's mom. Can I talk to Chris?" I'm, like, "Sure, sure."

PB: Sarah Polley was originally cast as the infamous groupie Penny Lane in Almost Famous. How did you come to play the role?

KH: I was supposed to be Anita, the main character's sister. Then I got this call that Sarah dropped out and the role of Penny Lane had opened up. I flew back from Ireland where I was shooting About Adam to audition. The first thing Cameron said to me was, "If this doesn't happen, don't hate me." And I said, "Cameron, I will be an extra just to be in your movie." So, I auditioned, and a month later, I found out that I got the part.

PB: How did you celebrate?

KH: I did a happy dance. It starts from the feet and then it sort of moves all the way up into your soul and your body, and you just begin to dance.

PB: You've called yourself one of Cameron Crowe's biggest fans. What is it about his films that you admire?

KH: Fast Times at Ridgemont High taught me a lot about everything when I was young, and Say Anything prompted one of my first big crushes. I loved John Cusack, and I was wishing that I was Ione Skye. And Jerry Maguire gave me chills. It was so real and so wonderful.

PB: Did you get the opportunity to meet the real Penny Lane before shooting Almost Famous?

KH: Yeah, she came to the set. She is this sort of grand presence. She's what we call groupie royalty.

PB: Were you able to ask her about her sexual exploits?
KH: No, no. The best research I did for the film was talking to some rock wives. You look in their eyes and you see a sadness. You can tell how much they lived and how jaded it gets in that world. But they knew what they were getting themselves into. I talked to one woman who was seeing Jimmy Page for a while in the Seventies, and she told me that she does not regret a single thing, and let me tell you, Led Zeppelin was nuts.

PB: If you could be a groupie for any band, which band would it be?

KH:. I have to say the Rolling Stones.

PB: Could you imagine ever liking a band so much you'd go on the road with them?

KH: Nah, I wouldn't be a groupie. I'm too morally sewn tight. I wouldn't put myself in that situation because I do find it somewhat degrading. I think Cameron really portrayed these girls in a very, very amazing way. There's so much magic to them, and they did have their purpose. I mean, there were so many beautiful songs written about them. They inspired the music.

PB: Speaking of music, what musicians inspire you?

KH: Oh, I love Lucinda Williams and Sheryl Crow. Shelby Lynne has an awesome new CD out right now, and D'Angelo is fantastic. I'm a huge D'Angelo fan. And, obviously, I adore the Black Crowes.

PB: As soon as you finished Almost Famous, you started dating the lead singer for the Black Crowes. Did a little bit of Penny Lane rub off on you?
KH: No, but I was worried about it seeming like that. But it has nothing to do with the movie. I mean, it is so different, completely different because I'm not Penny Lane. It's funny, though, because I was backstage with Chris and I met Jimmy Page for the first time, and he had just seen the movie. He came up to me and said, "Your movie was brilliant, and it's so nice to meet you," and all I could say was, "You're Jimmy Page!" I mean, I had Zeppelin pictures all over my trailer, and here I was with him.

PB: Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows.

KH: I'm a little bit of a hippie at heart. I wear all the clothes, and they're just the best. And the music is incredible, too. I listened to so much of the classic rock growing up because my pa is a huge rock fan. So I heard so much Hendrix and ZZ Top and Zeppelin, all of that. When I started the movie Cameron sent me about 25 very great CDs. CDs that were obscure and that I didn't have, and then some that I did have.

PB: What was the weirdest CD he sent you?

KH: Well, I never listened to any Gram Parsons before. Humble Pie, I wasn't really familiar with. They weren't a really respected rock band, yet they're incredible.

Kate Hudson: Mommy's Girl

In town promoting her latest movie Le Divorce Tiscali caught up with star Kate Hudson and asked her what she thinks of Europe...

Q: How was it to go to Paris and shoot Le Divorce?
A: For me, my experience of Paris was probably the most exciting I've had so far in my life. I felt like I was in the centre of everything. Except for a few sexual escapades I had, I was experiencing Paris parallel to my character. As I was enjoying and being as wide-eyed and wondrous in the real-life, I was doing the same thing in the film. Paris was incredible. Everything about it for me, from spending hours eating, drinking and talking to walking through the streets...at that time I hadn't seen that sort of political passion in the youth, and I got to experience that first hand.

Q: When was your first time in Paris?
A: I don't remember my first time in Paris. My mother was Quite a single Mom, and everywhere she went, she just packed up her two kids and took us wherever she was going. So I was travelling with her all the time. I do remember being a little girl, and my only memory of being that age - I must have been 5 years old - was looking at all these clothes and fabrics. She bought this big blue dress. I just remembered that!

Q: Was your mother (Goldie Hawn) living in France at the time?
A: My mother was dating this Frenchman. I was two years old, and we were living in Ibiza. I remember the way he was with his daughter, and it was so beautiful. It was cultural. The way he would brush her hair, the way he would spoke to her in French. It was Quite beautiful...he would take us to fig trees in Ibiza. I was very little. I never experienced details like that in America now.

Q: Was it very different to the US?
A: Yeah, people are running around naked, not afraid to show their bodies. I think America is very different. I remember running around in Ibiza as a little girl, not being fazed by all these naked people, or people smoking and drinking. Nobody stopped to think there was a child in the room when they were having a cigarette. It was just the way it was. To me, that's the way it should be. People should do what they do. If you don't like it, you don't have to be there. It's a very different attitude in Europe to the States.

Q: Aside from Paris, what was the chief attraction of making the film?
A: Really, the reason I cam to do this film was to work with James [Ivory, director] and Ismail [Merchant, producer], and be a part of their body of work. To be able to say I could be a little sliver in their world.

Q: Apparently, you were scared of going up the Eiffel Tower, to shoot the film's finale...
A: Yeah. There were crew members who didn't go up. I had to...well, I didn't have to, as it wasn't written in the script. I took a little thing for vertigo, an anti-anxiety drug. My knees buckled, my head started spinning. It's funny. I'm not afraid of heights. I rock climb. I can repel off the side of a building. It was being in a very small space - it was very bizarre. I went into a cold sweat. It was the first time I realised what vertigo was like. It was scary. And heavy! You can't do anything about it.

Q: How did you get on creating a sisterly bond with your co-star Naomi Watts?
A: It was very easy. We were two girls who really liked each other. I started working three weeks before Naomi came. When she showed up, I was really excited to have a girl with me. Usually I work with guys! Naomi is a very hard worker, and very interested in the character. I am too. I think when you are doing a picture, you know it's important for the role and for the characters and the story to be able to tell that story. And part of that is that these two women are very close and in each other's lives at times.

Q: Your character is an American who goes to Paris - but do you see the trend in reverse too?
A: I think that there's a lot of European people, and Latin and African people who come to American in search of the American Dream, to be able to make money, to send money home to their families and be able to really prosper at something. All these people who say 'I've lived in New York for thirty years!' and they're from Pakistan or wherever. And I think there are people who do fall in love with what our ideals are. The American Dream is a romantic notion but it's newer - not as pretty. You go to Europe, and it says something about the type of person you are. You're in search of something more intimate and more about yourself.

Q: And you're pregnant now...
A: I'm 20lbs bigger already, and my feet just swelled up today! Fortunately for me, I'm loving every second of it. What makes you feel beautiful is that you're creating something.
Q: Will you raise your child in L.A.?
A: We're always talking about where we want to raise our children. We know it's not Los Angeles - not that I have anything against it but it's too much in the midst of everything, and it would be nice to be able to have our kids come in for doses of it. Next time you see me here, there will be children. I will be like my mother. My mother took us everywhere. They treated us like people, like human beings. Right now, there's this style of parenting that I experienced with my generation, which was not to embarrass your children. They run the house! I grew up in a house where I got spanked every once in a while. I was disciplined. At the same time, I was completely free to be my own person, and to dress in my own clothes, and be naked if I wanted to. My parents were very open about sex. We didn't really hide much in our family. I think I will probably be very similar.

Q: Have the recent world troubles stopped you travelling as much?
A: I'm not interested in being fearful. I'm not a good flyer, but that doesn't stop me. As far as politically, and SARS, if you're gonna go, you're gonna go. I'd like to be able to experience things. That's the best thing for my work - to be somebody who does get to travel and observe people. It would be a shame if things that made me afraid stopped me from doing those things.

Q: How competitive are you as an actress?
A: The only things I'm competitive in are backgammon and poker. It would be horrible if there was no competition. It's what people want to see - they either like you or they don't. Not everybody likes Van Gogh. Or Bob Dylan! So you have Neil Young...or Ozzy Osbourne.

Q: Your career took off after Almost Famous. How did you cope with that?
A: For me, I just love doing it. That's all I ever cared about. I knew what to expect but then again, I had no idea what I was getting myself prepared for. I thought I knew and then I didn't. I just want to work and keep working.

Kate Hudson: "Le Divorce"

Kate Hudson was looking gloriously pregnant in a Los Angeles hotel room. Glowing in a rich red pants suit, she willingly showed off her slight pregnant belly. Ironically, when we met a few months ago during the Alex and Emma junket, though she was pregnant, at the time she insisted that she was looking forward to motherhood. Kate knows how to keep a secret. "I mean, I think everybody knows you don't talk about pregnancy until you're ready to talk about it. You know? I mean, women have problems and complications all the time, so when it's time to talk about it, it's time to talk about it." And what better time to talk about it, but at yet another press junket, this time for Le Divorce, in which she plays one of two American sisters in Paris, the other played by Aussie Naomi Watts. Hudson, who is happily married to Black Crows singer Chris Robinson, and thus far, she says with her trademark luminous smile, her pregnancy is going quite well, thank you very much, and grandmother Goldie Hawn has taken to her new role typically. "she's ecstatic and just in mother mode and my dad is gonna be a mess, as he's so excited," she says, laughingly. Hudson admits that her major food craving thus far is "anything sour, plus pickles, sauerkraut and peanut butter." Kate also managed to quit smoking, which "Wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I'm actually enjoying it and I don't know if I'll smoke again," she says.

As busy and exciting a year as it has been for Hudson, personally, it has been quite the year professionally. Le Divorce is the actress's third film to come out this year, and afforded her the chance to spend some time in Paris. Hudson agrees that in many ways, Le Divorce remains an accurate portrayal of an American in Paris, because "I was experiencing it as the character was experiencing it, and it felt very similar to what I saw in the movie. It's like me except I wasn't having affairs," she adds laughingly. The actress says that the film also explores the reality of relationships, "that they're never what you expect to be and nor should they be. While Hudson's previous two films were more Hollywood mainstream, Le Divorce is, after all, Merchant Ivory, which is unique in itself. "Jim [Ivory] takes a very strong artistic license, meaning he never asks why this person's wearing that $10,000 coat. He shoots in the most phenomenal locations where it's so strikingly beautiful that you walk into these places and you go: This is gorgeous. Now, it might not necessarily be a place that as a young girl in Paris you'd actually go, but nobody asks the questions because it's so beautiful and that to me was a big part of a Merchant/Ivory type picture. It's very rich. We were in every famous restaurant that was ancient and that to me kind of defined Merchant/Ivory to me. When I see Merchant/Ivory pictures or the ones that I love, I think of very rich scenery."

While Le Divorce deals with the ups and downs of relationships, in her own life, Hudson is a happily married 24-year old, albeit an unconventional one, she insists, which she says colours her view of marriage. "I don't think we're a normal married couple. I wish every couple could be like us or married for those types of reasons and not for the other types of reasons and I feel like I just- - whatever flows. I honestly come from a family where my parents have been together for 20 years and aren't married, so I don't have much conventional experience. Marriage is a beautiful thing and honestly, getting a divorce is going to be horrible and hopefully that doesn't happen."

Kate Hudson stars in "Alex & Emma"

Kate Hudson could be excused for looking a tad tired, having spent the night before our interview at Puff Diddy's post-MTV Movie Awards party. "But I didn't stay too long as I'm not a big party person anymore and never really was," explains Hudson in a Beverly Hills hotel room where she is busy promoting her latest film, Alex and Emma. Though she DID manage to meet one Michael Jackson. "That was definitely interesting to say the least," Hudson says smilingly. "You don't know how to respond to...it," she adds with heightened laughter. "He looked better than I was expecting; I thought it might be a little shocking, but I wasn't that shocked."

Nothing, it seems, fazes Kate Hudson. All smiles and good humoured, despite her late night, the beautiful blonde actress gets to play an assortment of characters in Rob Reiner's oddball romantic comedy Alex and Emma. She plays an outspoken stenographer helping novelist-in-debt Luke Wilson complete his period novel in 30 days, whilst also finding her way in Wilson's fictional world. The actress said it wasn't difficult getting into the role of a secretary. "I actually used to work as a receptionist in my mother's company. She figured 'why not have one of my kids be the receptionist, instead of paying one', Like a true Jewish mother. So I had a little bit of knowledge about secretarial services." She was clearly attracted to Alex and Emma for no other reason than the opportunity to work with the legendary Rob Reiner. "Spinal Tap is one of my favourite movies. I have always been a big Rob Reiner fan in general, I'd go out and see all his movies, so just the opportunity to work with him was a dream come true." Out of the myriad of characters she gets to play in the film, it is German maid Elsa that remains "the one that I think I loved! I mean beyond loved, because I want to do a spin off Elsa movie as she was so crazy. The second I was in my Elsa costume I would just start talking about her."

It may seem that Hudson, 24, has the market share of romantic comedies these days. Perhaps it is because in her own life, she has found true love and happiness with her musician husband Chris Robinson. Since Alex and Emma is a film that thematically explores art and reality, one wonders whether Hudson's relationship with her husband would make a good movie. "Yeah, it would make a really great movie because of the way we met and what we've done; there are a lot of characters and interesting stories. In the beginning we were so volatile. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of our own relationship, 'cause we were just so in love and passionate, then we would just hate each other, throw stuff around and then we would travel to Paris for a week." The volatility and hostility in Kate's relationship with Chris, eventually calmed down, but it wasn't easy. "I think just after you spend more time together, then you also start spending some time apart. I also think Chris realized that when he broke two chairs in the house which cost him a couple of grand, he probably went, 'I am not gonna throw anything anymore.' "In the time that I've been interviewing Hudson, one doesn't associate the sweet-natured actress with volatility, but the actress admits to having a dark side, "especially if something that somebody does in my life pisses me off. I don't have a bad temper, but I am definitely vocal. I am not somebody that lets things blow over. I immediately want to talk about the problems that exist and then if they are not talked about I make them talk about it and then they go crazy," she says, laughingly.

Hudson and her husband arte now enjoying marital domesticity, trying to be as far removed from their public personas as possible. Rather than party and rage on a Saturday night, the couple would rather play board games. "We have game nights, which is fun as all of our friends really love to play games."

Meanwhile, her mother is keen for her daughter to do the decent thing: Bear her some grandchildren. While Goldie says she is not pushing, Hudson doesn't entirely see it that way. "She is a Jewish mother, after all," she says laughingly. But she isn't saying how long her mother will have to wait. "I kind of look at it like, if it happens, it happens, but as of now there are no definitive plans. But I do want my kids early enough to really experience my parents young, because I want my parents to be able to see my kids graduate from high school." The way her mother never seems to age, she will have time to attend all of Kate's graduations. "She is gonna be like 120 and I am gonna be like 'When are you gonna DIE? When are you gonna get out of my LIFE?' She is gonna live forever. Actually every psychic she has ever been to has said she is gonna live a long life." Long enough to see Kate and Chris raise many a child, the actress happily concedes. "My husband wants a lot and we'll see once the first one happens. I have thought about adopting, too. I want to experience all that stuff and I definitely want more than two kids."

Not to mention a film career which keeps on thriving. The busy actress will be back on the hustings in July promoting Le Divorce, co-starring Australia's Naomi Watts, but her summer plans will mainly entail going on the road with Chris. "He's going back on the road and we're gonna do a bunch of other stuff. I think it's gonna be a pretty active summer."

Kate Hudson: "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"

Even after a day of intense interviews, the perennially cheerful Kate Hudson is relaxed and cheerful. Her blonde hair seems even blonder than usual, and arrives wearing a short, crinkly red dress. She owes her good spirits and fast, staccato speech to having consumed "half way down a cappuccino." Hudson is in town to talk up her new movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, a briskly paced romantic comedy, in which the 24-year old actress plays Andy, a Cosmopolitan-type journalist who is out to write an article on how to lose a guy in 10 days, and meets her match when she meets a single advertising hotshot (Matthew McConaughey) who made a bet that he can stay in a relationship for more than 10 days. It is this unique premise for a romantic comedy that caught Hudson's eye, she explains. "I've read all the romantic comedies and it's the same premise, which you've heard and seen before. There's so many out there with the whole Cinderella romance, and this one just seemed to be fresh and different, in that I've never seen a premise like this before and it was two different sides of the story." Though a study in manipulation and despite Kate's character not being likeable throughout much of the film, the actress kind of related to her. "I'm not nearly as ambitious as I think Andy is. She's more of a career woman, or else she wouldn't try so hard to do her job well. I'm a little more laid back."

The film explores the dos and do nots of a successful relationship, but while Hudson remains happily married to rocker Chris Robinson, she laughingly concedes that she and her husband made many mistakes when they began dating, some three years ago. "I think we were both just completely obsessed with each other, so we did all the things that people say you're not supposed to do, like calling each other all the time, and saying I love you. I brought my dog to his house when I moved in from New York. and that of course if one of the no, no's in every love book, but I'm still married."

Like her mother, Goldie Hawn, Hudson's career took off suddenly and at a young age, with 2000's Almost Famous her significant launching pad for imminent stardom. Yet the actress is reluctant to talk about her own success. "I go home to my husband and my three crazy dogs every night and I really don't even think about it, I don't look at myself like that." Hudson is modestly happy that she has attained a level of success "because I'm working," she explains. "I always just wanted to work, and I think being successful in other people's eyes is probably what allows you to keep working. But I'm just really grateful that I'm a working actress. This is a very competitive and difficult world, and I didn't want any part of the competitiveness; I just want to work."

Hudson says that she hopes her career mirrors some of own favourite actresses, women such as Cate Blanchett for instance. "I just love her energy, and she gives so much on screen." But Kate also admits to being "a Bette Davis girl" because "she was a feisty woman, fiery and confident. I think there's something about entrances, when you see a woman enter a frame and the power that certain females have. They don't have to say anything and they could be the worse actress in the world, but their presence is so incredible. It didn't matter what Bette Davis was doing when she entered that frame, all eyes were on HER, and that to me was magic. Also, she didn't give a hoot about what anybody said about her. Sometimes I would listen to old interviews with her and she was just so fabulous." Besides, adds Hudson smilingly, "My grandmother had Bette Davis eyes."

Hudson is busy these days, in between marriage and career, including helping to run the production company she co-owns with her mother, step dad and brother Owen. Asked about whether she receives additional advice from her Oscar-winning mother, Kate says only from a maternal perspective. "I mean she's my mother and I'm her child, and it's about the person and not anything that has to do with my career." Hudson concludes that she is learning a lot from her mother as a producer, rather than a fellow actor. "she's the first female actress producer, and a lot of women I think look up to my mother because she paved the way for a lot of actresses to be producers and so luckily I get to work with her."


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