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Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson, co-star of the "Cursed" Movie!

From The Mighty Ducks to the mighty Dawson, Joshua Jackson has proven to be one of the more promising members of the Hollywood teen invasion. The Canadian actor, best known for his portrayal of hellion-with-a-heart-of-gold Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek, has enjoyed a rising popularity since Dawson's 1998 premiere and was named one of Teen People's "21 Hottest Stars Under 21" in 1999. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on June 11, 1978, Jackson spent most of his early childhood in California with his casting director mother. After moving back to Vancouver, Jackson got his start in commercials, and from there went on to appear in a number of forgettable films. His big break came in 1992 with The Mighty Ducks and its two sequels. Following these, he got a bit role in a film that was helping to usher in the teen horror flick craze, Scream 2 (1997). Then, in 1998, Jackson landed the part that was to give him stardom in Dawson's Creek. As the show gained popularity among both critics and television viewers, Jackson was able to broaden his film experience with 1998's Apt Pupil and Urban Legend. In 1999 he appeared as the gay and peroxided Blaine Tuttle in Cruel Intentions, which he starred in with fellow teen sensations Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Reese Witherspoon. For his next role, however, Jackson chose to stray from the teen genre with his appearance in Muppets From Space (1999), where his co-stars were more likely to do advertisements for the Children's Broadcasting Network than Noxzema.

In 2000, the young actor returned to the teen genre with two separate projects, The Skulls and Gossip. Both films were set on elite college campuses and featured Jackson as upright young men forced to right the wrongs committed by their peers, something that signified the audience's growing identification with the actor as an unlikely hero for the new millennium.

More fun stuff about Josh Jackson

Birth name: Joshua Carter Jackson
Nickname: Joshy
Eye color: Blue/brown/green
Hair color: Brown
Height: 6'2
Family Members: Mom- Fiona, Sister- Aisleigh.
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Car: Chevy Tahoe
Favorite sports: Hockey and Football
Prized Posession: A silver pocket watch
Pets: Shumba, a dog, (swahili for Lion) and Saorse, a turtle (irish for Freedom)
Favorite Vacation Spot: Ireland
Favorite Actors: Samuel L. Jackson, Matt Damon, and Sean Connery
First movie he ever saw: E.T.
First Concert he ever attended: The Bee Gees at age four
Favorite book: Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien
Worst Habit: "Being a slob."
Acting Influences: "My mother, my life, and the people around me."
Fantasy role: David Balflour, the title character in a Charles Dickens novel.
Favorite music: Rap, Acid Jazz.
Favorite CD: Common Sense's Ressurection.
Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting
First Movie appearance: Crooked Hearts (1991)
At age 9, he was a stand in for The Fly II (1989) and an extra on "MacGyver" (1985) for several episodes.

His Personal quotes:

"The anti-elitist values in America, I think, are very destructive to education."

"I was born in Vancouver, moved to Los Angeles and when my parents split up, gradually moved back up the west coast. I was able to pack a lot of experience into my 19 years. My parents getting divorced was obviously a very traumatic experience. And then after, it was just me, my sister and my mother, and we went at it alone. I went from being a very well-off little kid to having a couple rough years, to rebuilding, my mother did that. She and I are very close."

"I think Uma Thurman is one of God's creatures, one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen".

Josh Jackson: Dawson's best bud on growing pains, rowing pains and frenzied fans

In the early days of Dawson's Creek, no one would have guessed that screwball Pacey Witter had it in him to steal the girl and leave Dawson up his own creek. But that's exactly what's happened. The class clown has turned into a prince (with the help of a much hyped kiss), and Joshua Jackson has made his own transition to an object of teen obsession.

What does that mean for the 21-year-old actor? Screaming girls. Lots of 'em.

Jackson is tapping that teen-dream heat to fuel his big-screen career in The Skulls, a suspense thriller costarring fellow heartthrob Paul Walker. Until now, Jackson has played mostly smaller parts, in such films as Scream 2, Urban Legends and Cruel Intentions. This time around, he plays the lead role of Luke, a college student who's drawn into the dark and powerful world of an elite secret society. Once in, he finds that to get out, he may have to risk his life.

Although Jackson's tight-lipped about women (the only long-term relationship he'll admit to is with his dog Shumba), he let us in on other secrets, like his "pissing contest" with Walker and what it's like to finally be getting some face time with cutie Katie Holmes.

And, of course, how he handles those screaming girls.

Rumor has it there were tons of fans on the Skulls set.
Actually the biggest day--the biggest fan day--was the first day, which was perfect for me because I show up on the set and they're like, "Okay, who is this kid from TV who thinks he's a star? Who does he think he is?"

We were filming like a block and a half from a high school, doing what's called a "process shot," where you are in a car mounted on a flatbed, and you just drive around the block all day. The first time we drove around the block, there were three or four girls. Next time, there were 10 girls, and eventually there were, like, 100 girls.

It became a mob scene, an exponential thing. Some were screaming, "Josh!" And some were yelling, "Pacey!" So, it kind of paved the way for me to have an attitude for the rest of the film. It's important for an actor to have his own space for his ego.
With all those fans, it must be hard to live a normal life.
I can go out and not get recognized, or I can go out and get recognized all night, and I don't know why it happens sometimes and not others. The sum total of the fan experience for me really is, "Hey, fine job on the show, good job," or "Bad show, piss off." And, of course, I get a lot of, "Hey, Pacey." The reality of having someone scream at you when you walk down the street is still a little strange. When they start that, I'm thinking, like, Okay, but I'm a human being--I'm not Leonardo. I mean, we've seen lots of people go through their 15 minutes of fame, and I'm getting my 15 minutes.
Kevin Williamson, the creator of Dawson's Creek, seems to think it's more than that. He has described you as a young Tom Hanks.
When someone compares a guy who has just started with a guy like Tom Hanks, who is kind of the seminal star for the last decade, that sets the bar a little high. But I think if people compare you, it's nice, and you appreciate it. Remember, I also have the situation where all of my embarrassing moments have been caught on camera. Like, my whole awkward stage is all documented for the world to see. It will be good for my kids to see when I'm older.

The Skulls is about having the personal strength to stand alone. How do you feel about that?
I think everybody--no matter what position you are in lifeâ you are always being tempted to stray from your own ideals, from your own path. It's crucial that you don't wander--even though sometimes you succeed, and sometimes you fail. Given my own recent history, I can tell you there is all kinds of pressure to join and be one of the crowd and to sacrifice what it is you believe. It makes it much more difficult to walk your own path. But I think you have to try.

Is there a secret society in your past?
I think everybody, including me, has had some experience with fraternities--good, bad or indifferent--but I didn't even know that these powerful secret organizations like the Skull and Bones existed until we started making this film.

And what if you had a chance to join one: Could you resist?
I don't know whether I'd have the fortitude to make it through the rushing process, but if they could skip all the painful initiation stuff, I would definitely give it some thought. If someone said, "Hey, Joshua, we have the power to take care of you for the rest of your life. You can just do whatever you want," I might go, "All right, where do I sign?"
Was there a lot in Luke, the poor but smart kid in the rich campus crowd, that you identified with?
We look pretty much the same, and we sound very similar. I always hear my mother talking when somebody asks me this question, because she hates it when actors start relating themselves to their characters. It just pisses her off. I would say that as human beings we're all the same jumble of emotions, so there's nothing in Luke that is foreign to me, but the emotions come out differently in him than they do me.

Well, you can at least relate to Luke's rowing pains, right? Didn't you train for the part?
Yeah, and it was heavy-duty work. Actually, I'm smaller than the average crewman. I'm probably three inches too short and about 40 pounds light--these guys are six-five and 220 pounds, with 3 percent body fat. They are huge. I did it because I hate movies where a character is supposed to be doing something like rowing, and they cut from the actor to a stunt person who's really doing it and then back to the actor who's faking it, like, Oh, man, I'm really exerting myself here. I wanted to get it right.

Next to the rowing, the rest of the film must have been a piece of cake.
Wrong. The whole film was an intense experience for me because I worked so hard. My feeling was the joy of exhaustion, if that makes any sense. The feeling of going home every night and knowing I had nothing left, that I was spent, just burnt out. The myth of moviemaking is that it's not work, that we all sit and have mai tais somewhere and a film magically appears. It's tons of work, and there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears.
Speaking of hard work, you've been doing the daily grind on Dawson's for a while now. Do all those hours make you protective of how Pacey is written?
I wouldn't say protective. That's the difference between doing a film and working on a television series. On a film, you have a finite amount of space to tell a particular story. So, that character is locked from the first frame to the last frame once you start filming.

On a show like Dawson's Creek, the most interesting part is that Pacey keeps growing--he is going to make good choices and bad choices and develop. What you're learning at 16, you're progressing at leaps and bounds. So, I wouldn't say I'm protective--I'm curious. I am enjoying the ride. I don't want to inhibit the writers from being able to do anything because the fun is in doing different things.

You must be having fun then, because some wild things have been happening to Pacey.
That's why I'm not usually the one to say I'm bored. Last season, I got to work with Meredith Monroe and our characters really truly fell in love for the first time, and I had a blast.
This season, we've had a tough time. We've had to deal with the loss of Kevin Williamson and a new staff of writers coming in and trying to kind of learn while they earn--basically coming in and emulating the voice of Kevin while simultaneously writing the show. We definitely have times where we have missed the mark.

That aside, I've had more of an opportunity to work with Katie Holmes, which is incredibly enjoyable. I think she is really one of the best actresses on the market right now. She forces you to bring your best stuff to the table, because if you don't, she just completely overpowers you.

You, James Van Der Beek and Paul Walker are a few of the hottest young actors on the fast track to fame. Do you guys compete with each other?
There's inherent competition--even with guys I get along with really well, like Paul Walker. We still go out for the same jobs. There's still going to come a time where we both audition and he's going to get it or I'm going to get it. We're all competitive by nature. For a bunch of young actors, Hollywood is like a big pissing contest.

Call Him Action Jackson

Well, now we know why Dawson's Creek resident Abby drowned last season: Pacey wasn't around. Joshua Jackson, best known to a TV nation as Creek's slightly goofy Pacey Witter, is being credited with helping save two women from the clutches of a riptide near the North Carolina set where the WB series is filmed.

The action went down Tuesday at about 7 p.m., when the U.S. Coast Guard Station on Wrightsville Beach received reports of two women in distress, Petty Officer Jeff Graham says.
By the time emergency workers responded--just one minute later--the Coast Guard found four people, two women and two men, near the rocks that separate Masonboro Inlet from the Atlantic Ocean.

As it turned out, one of the mystery guys was Joshua Jackson. The 21-year-old actor and unidentified pal swam out to the flailing women and helped keep them from being washed out to sea until the Coast Guard arrived.

"I'm so glad I was able to help out," Jackson said today in a statement, "and I feel that anyone in that situation would have done the same thing."

The quartet was picked up in a 21-foot inflatable rescue boat. No injuries were reported, Graham says. The actual Coast Guard report contains no names of either the victims or the moonlighting lifeguards. "They just came in, said, 'Thanks,' and left," Graham says. But officials on the scene apparently recognized Jackson, a familiar face to locals along with the rest of the Creek crew, who are based in nearby Wilmington.

While Jackson previously has no known experience as a Tom Cruise-like super actor/hero, he did appear in all three Mighty Ducks movies, if that counts for anything.

'Dawson' Star Jackson in Alcohol Program

Dawson's Creek star Joshua Jackson has been admitted into an alcohol education program - after he was arrested at a hockey game. Jackson was placed in the program on Wednesday after admitting he was drunk and disruptive at a Carolina Hurricanes game on November 9 last year. The 24-year-old - who plays Pacey in the hit TV drama - allegedly grabbed a security guard around the neck and punched him. Prosecutors have agreed to dismiss a simple assault charge and amend the drunk and disruptive charge by omitting the fighting allegation. As part of the program, Jackson must attend 15 hours of alcohol and substance abuse education - which costs $150 - and complete 24 hours of community service. He must also remain employed and not be convicted of any misdemeanor or felony charges while in the program. If Jackson completes all the requirements by October 9, prosecutors will dismiss the drunk and disruptive charge. He then can seek to have the charge dropped from his record. Jackson's lawyer, Brad Bannon, says, "We thought it was the most appropriate outcome under the circumstances."

'Dawson's Creek' Star Arrested

Dawson's Creek star Joshua Jackson is in trouble with law, following his arrest for a drunken assault over the weekend. The 24-year-old actor was arrested at a hockey game in Raleigh, North Carolina, where police say he was drunk, grabbed a security guard around the neck and punched him and refused a blood test. After paying up $1,000 for bail, he was released, but is expected back in court next month to face his misdemeanor charge.

'Dawson's Creek' Star's Wedding on Hold

Dawson's Creek star Joshua Jackson's plans to wed Rosario Dawson are looking far from rosy with the Men In Black II babe admitting she's thinking twice about commitment. The couple were reportedly heading for the aisle earlier this summer but now Dawson admits she's having second thoughts. She explains, "I'm a little commitment phobic. I just want the movie version of a boyfriend - someone to hold hands with at a party."

Joshua To Wed Rosario?

TV star Joshua Jackson's burgeoning romance with Men In Black II babe Rosario Dawson is going so well the couple is thinking about marriage. Engagement fever has struck the cast of Dawson's Creek in recent months - Joshua's co-star James Van Der Beek recently announced his plans to wed his actress girlfriend of two years, Heather McComb. Simultaneously, Kerr Smith, who plays gay teenager Jack in the angst-ridden show, proposed to his long-term love Harmoni Everett.

Joshua Jackson's Problem With Pills
10 October 2001 (WENN)
Poor old Joshua Jackson is such a workaholic he makes himself ill. The popular Dawson's Creek star worked for nearly 60 days earlier this year, surviving on a diet of pills, but as soon as he stopped work he ended up ill in bed. Joshua, who plays Pacey in the popular TV drama, says, "I worked for 58 days without a break. I kept going by mainlining multivitamins and ginseng, but as soon as the shooting was over I got the flu. I guess that's nature's way of telling you you're doing something wrong."

Dawson's Creek's Star Pupil

Dawson's Creek star Joshua Jackson was not in reality the good pupil he portrays in the hit show. Josh, who plays heart-throb PACY, was thrown out of two schools for his misbehavior. He says, "I was a complete pain in the b*tt. I had a real problem with being told what to do by teachers and I ended up getting kicked out of two schools for being mouthy. The first time was in Vancouver, when I was 14. They told me I just wasn't part of the school spirit." The second time he was thrown out he says, "was because I played truant a lot and I was still very mouthy. One of my teachers called me `stupid' and we got into this massive argument. The principle told me I could either apologise to the class for my behavior and stay, or I'd have to leave. I just wouldn't back down, which maybe wasn't the best attitude to take."

Joshua Jackson Expelled From School - Twice

DAWSON'S CREEK star Joshua Jackson can easily relate to his troubled character in the teen soap - because he was expelled from school twice. The actor who plays PACEY WITTER in the hit television show, found it hard to take high school seriously as he always had his sights set on Hollywood stardom. He says, "I was actually expelled from school twice. I didn't feel like I got it right the first time so I went back and wanted to make sure I did it right. The first time I have no idea why I was expelled... They told me I didn't have the school spirit, which still to this day confuses me. But the second time I just never went - that was the problem. I would just stay up all night watching television and then not show up for class."



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