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Jolene Blalock Actress

Jolene Blalock

Blalock's cat-like facial features and amazing body contribute to her vivid sex appeal. Additionally, her diverse roles on TV shows and films transform her into a hollywood superstar. Although Jolene proved to be a born surfer while growing up in California, she decided to pursue an acting career. Born and raised in California, Jolene's father would take her and her brothers to the water to surf, in what became a regular family sport. She made her debut in 1998, in a bit part in the comedy Veronica's Closet, and The Love Boat: The Next Wave a year later. Jolene got her big break when she was cast as Medea in the NBC miniseries, Jason and the Argonauts in 2000, co-starring Jason London and Natasha Henstridge. 2000 was a big year for the natural blonde turned brunette, who appeared in an episode of G vs E, a couple of episodes of D.C., and a guest spot on C.S.I.. She also appeared in the military drama JAG, as the only excuse to tear your eyes away from Catherine Bell. Jolene hit the big time when she was cast as Subcommander T'Pol in the installment of the Star Trek franchise, Enterprise. With the success that Jeri Ryan brought to the show as Seven of Nine, Jolene is sure to make every man a Trekker.The part forces her to wear pointy devil ears, a wig and a catsuit (yes!), and incidentally, she was going to turn down the role at first. Jolene will next appear in the made-for-TV movie, On the Edge, along with Alyssa Milano, as well as the miniseries, Diamond Hunters. Jolene was born on March 5, 1975 in San Diego, California.

Meet Jolene Blalock

Where you’ve seen her:
As science officer T’Pol on the UPN’s Star Trek prequel series Enterprise.

Surf’s tough:
“Surfing is such an amazing concept. You’re taking on Nature with a little stick and saying, ‘I’m gonna ride you!’ And a lot of times Nature says, ‘No you’re not!’ and crashes you to the bottom.”

“I was an acidhead and a pot smoker. There was this one time some friends and I were ditching off campus at lunch. We didn’t make it back in time, and school officials found us smoking weed in a van around the corner. I was so stoned that when they started taking names and I said mine was April June. It didn’t even dawn on me that that was just two months put together.”

She’s a whirlwind:
“I love when I sort of come to and I’m on the other side of the room, sweaty and breathing heavy, with bottles and ashtrays tipped over everywhere. I’m like, ‘What just happened? Oh yeah, I got laid. Gotcha.’”

Where you’ve seen her:
In the miniseries Jason and the Argonauts and in TV series Diamond Hunters.

Surf bunny:
“I was a good surfer because we grew up a block from the water, and my father took us to the ocean the way other fathers take their kids to the park.”

Are you looking for an assistant?
“I love to work. You want to talk about natural highs? There’s nothing like it. It’s better than sex.”

Calling all crazed geniuses:
“I like men who are very cool but who are also so brilliant that they are almost insane. Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits—men who would be flipping burgers if they hadn’t found an outlet for their brilliant mind-sets. I also like men who have hands with big masculine veins that you can squish and move.”

Jolene Blalock: Vulcan for Hot

Star Trek: Enterprise star Jolene Blalock reveals that the new season will be the sexiest ever—especially if you watch with your pants off.

If there is anyone who can make pointy ears and a severe haircut sexy, it’s our Uncle Albert. But for going on four seasons now, Albie’s had tough competition from the lovely Jolene Blalock, who plays the Vulcan T’Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise. Next year, you’ll be able to see the out-of-this-world beauty playing a human—a sexy human—in the movie Slow Burn, as the femme fatale caught between Ray Liotta and Mekhi Phifer. But right now, you can see her here, caught on film.

STUFF: Is this the season T’Pol finally gets a man?
JOLENE: Yeah, I think so. And I think that man’s going to be Connor Trinneer’s character, Trip. The writers have turned me onto—oh, for Christ’s sake, what the fuck is it called?—Trillium-D. T’Pol is addicted to Trillium-D. Since my character is a drug addict, she’s no longer in control of her emotions. So because of the Trillium-D, she might begin a relationship.

Will this also be the year your character gets it on regularly? You mean pon far. That’s where Spock would go into heat once every seven years on the original Star Trek—this manic, uncontrollable, burning passion of the loins. It’s never been established for females, but in the third season, we established it for T’Pol.

In one episode, you appeared with half of your backside showing. But people claim that you’re nude in the European version of the show. Does such a fabulously sexy episode really exist?
That is true. That was part of the massage scene, right before Trip and T’Pol do it. And I dropped my robe. The full shot aired on the East Coast, but when the network found out that crack was shown on Enterprise—this was after the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction—they freaked out. They cropped it for airing on the West Coast.

Are you comfortable with nude scenes?
Probably more than most actors. But I have the same reservations as the next guy. Or girl.

I have no reservations.

About you getting naked? None.
[Laughs] Thank you.

There are rumors that William Shatner might guest-star on the show this season. Would you be cool with him coming aboard?
Bring him on. Bring all of ’em on, I don’t care. Let’s just meld all the shows together. This is our last year, most likely. What the hell.

Who would win in a fight: Shatner or Enterprise captain Scott Bakula?
You know Scott would win. Kirk is old. C’mon. [Laughs]

What about a Moon Pie–eating contest?

Speaking of Shatner, he attended the launch of a private rocket that could eventually take nonastronauts like you and me into space. Is that something you would ever be interested in?
Yeah. I’d go anywhere they’d take me. I firmly believe in what Stephen Hawking says—that if we don’t get off this planet, we’re going to go berserk. We have to have more space. And maybe that’ll mean that we multiply and just destroy another planet. But you know what? That’s mankind. Get used to it. We’re not going to change.

So you’re a firm believer in procreation?
Absolutely. What’s really unfortunate is people like me and my husband, who look at each other and are like, “Are we ready?” We live in a $3 million home. But are we ready? And then down the street, you’ve got people pumping out babies, and they’re like, “We get more food stamps ’cause we have more babies.” It’s just like, oh, how are those kids going to have opportunities?

Life always finds a way.
Hey, mine found a way, thank God. Right? Because I was born in the food-stamp neighborhood.

You finally play a human in Slow Burn. Is this movie hot?
[Laughs] Yes. There’s a lot going on in this movie. It’s a dark, artsy movie. Each character is kind of brutal in their own way. I’m up against Ray Liotta and Mekhi Phifer and bounced between them throughout the movie.

Would you describe your bedroom behavior as Slow Burn or Backdraft?
[Laughs] Slow Burn, for sure.

Have you tried a threesome in real life?
No. I’m not into threesomes. I think it’s embarrassing enough just to have a dog in the corner watching. [Laughs]

Are there any women you’re attracted to?
Uma Thurman. Uma Thurman is the most beautiful woman walking on the face of this earth. Besides Erykah Badu.

You’ve been on The Howard Stern Show. He seems to have a little crush on you.
People at work tell me, “Howard said he loved you today,” or something like that. I don’t get it. But I think he’s adorable. I think he’s amazing. I mean, it’s hot, you know? It’s hot that he thinks I’m hot.

You once told him that vibrators do nothing for you. Is that still the case?
Yeah. Maybe the ones that I’ve experienced are like, That one is too rough. They didn’t do anything for me.

I read that you consider the best sex to be postfight sex—or, as you put it, “the makeup fuck.” Do you and your husband fight a lot?
No, we don’t. I mean, when we do, it’s always about misunderstood intentions. “But I meant…But I didn’t mean to…” That kind of stuff. But makeup sex is still just as good even after a fight like that.

And that’s still what you’d describe as the best sex? Or have you found something even better?
The best sex is being with somebody who you know that you know that you know that you know that you know loves you. You know?

No! Has marriage let you explore places where no man has gone before?
Yeah. Every crater, every—I don’t know what else is on the planet. Everything’s been searched out. It’s definitely another level.

Sexually, what is the final frontier?
Kama Sutra. Tantric sex that lasts forfive hours. That is something that I’ve explored.

I’m usually at warp speed.

Jolene Blalock Talks About ENT Torturous Shooting Schedule and Her Upcoming Movie

Blalock talks about her new movie SLOW BURN, her long days shooting ENTERPRISE and calls Scott Bakula "amazing". Here are a few excerpts :

Asked about her demanding role as the Vulcan subcommander T'Pol on the UPN show, the busy actress said, "We work a 14-hour day. I report in at 5 A.M. for makeup. I wish it could just be spray-painted on, but it can't. But it's not so bad. The women who work on me are wonderful. We do a lot of gabbing."

When asked if the production team can't do these things digitally, she answered, "We have that as well. Some scenes that I'm in, I'm not really in them, but it looks as if I am."

Blalock described their shooting schedule as torturous. "Not that the first few seasons weren't hard," she explained. "And last season we came home with many more bruises. The story line changed, and for the better--not a plethora of evildoers now but more focused on fewer arch-evil characters."

And what about her captain? "Scott Bakula is amazing," she said. "He's an incredible leader for us."
The article went on to mention that Jolene also has a new film in the can with Ray Liotta and LL Cool J - a thrilled called SLOW BURN. She plays a sort of femme fatale assistant D.A. working for, but manipulating, Liotta. "She's on her own path of destruction," Jolene said. And Ray? "He's very talented. Everything he does is very sure and adamant." And LL Cool J - what's his role? "I can tell you he's an informant," she replied "But I don't want people to know all the twists and turns. This is one of those movies where the less said, the better." The article also mentions Blalock's interest in Thai boxing and photography.

Jolene Blalock "On Top" of Things in February's Playboy, Frank Talk From 'T'Pol'

ENTERPRISE's Jolene Blalock graces the pages of February's Playboy Magazine, on sale this Friday. The sexy TREK star offers her frank views on the future of the prequel series and matters both sexual and mundane in excerpts from her 20Q interview, provided by the mag:

"Yeah, this is probably our last season," says Blalock. "I would rather go out now than slowly go down with a sinking ship. Ironically, this year is going to be our best."

On what her ultimate love scene would be like: "It would have to be a psychological thriller with Gary Oldman. The female would be the unwitting victim, much like the kind Michelle Pfeiffer usually plays. Oldman would play the guy you don't want to like but do anyway."

On what Spock and T'Pol would be like in bed: "Vulcans are really freaky nasty. You would never know it. You'd think it would go total missionary. But no, we are freaky nasty, dirty nasty and yeah, funky."

On what she does with used Vulcan ears: "Not until this year did I realize, Hey, these ears are like a pair of shoes. Now I've started to collect them. It's kind of gross what they turn into because they're meant for only one day's use. The foam they're made of doesn't preserve well."

On the women in California: "There could be fewer hos. I mean, we have beautiful girls, but man, they're hos. I don't get it. They go down to Tijuana, and only hos go there."

On who has overdone it with plastic surgery in Hollywood: " Farrah Fawcett overdid it. Why can she only move one side of her face? Whenever she smiles, she turns in complete profile to the side that can smile. I don't understand that. Peter Jackson, the director of Lord of the Rings, needs more. He is such a scruffy guy. He just does not care."

Vulcan Blalock Dreams Of Spock Love

New STAR TREK regular JOLENE BLALOCK dreams of a little Vulcan love with MR SPOCK - as her character T'POL.

The sexy actress, a long time fan of the sci-fi series, is adamant her character and the show's first Vulcan, played by LEONARD NIMOY, would make a great couple - and their lovemaking would be "nasty".

She says, "Vulcans are really freaky nasty, dirty nasty and funky.

"If we had a kid, it would look like me with those ears and that hair. We'd name him VERN - 'Vern, you little Vulcan.'"

The saucy TV alien admits she's a big sex fan herself, and once had intercourse in a telephone booth.

She says, "We used the Yellow Pages for leverage."

Blalock Slams California 'Hos'

Sexy STAR TREK star JOLENE BLALOCK has blasted fellow California girls in a new PLAYBOY interview, insisting they're giving the state a bad reputation for being overrun with "hos".

The San Diego-born actress, who plays Vulcan T'POL in STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, urges Californians to behave more responsibly especially when they're representing their country south of the border.

She says, "There could be fewer hos. I mean, we have beautiful girls, but man, they're hos. I don't get it.

"They go down to Tijuana (Mexico), and only hos go there. Tijuana is skanky dirty."

Jolene's Sound Surf Advice

Surfing STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE star JOLENE BLALOCK is dishing out sound advice to her fellow Californian water lovers - don't urinate in the sea.

The actress, who plays Vulcan T'POL in the sci-fi series, is convinced sharks only come close to land when they smell blood or urine in the water.

She says, "You know how great it feels to pee in your wet suit because it's so cold and the warmth is nice? Don't do it.

"For some reason sharks can smell it from 10 miles away."

Jolene Blalock: Angel face

Jolene Blalock has picked a devil of a fight with a former Angel.

Blalock, the Vulcan vixen from the "Star Trek" series "Enterprise," told Playboy magazine that Farrah Fawcett has had too much plastic surgery. “Farrah Fawcett overdid it,” Blalock told the February issue of the mag. “Why can she only move one side of her face? Whenever she smiles, she turns in complete profile to the side that can smile.”

There are, however, some in L.A. who could stand a little more nipping and tucking, according to Blalock. "Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson, for example “needs more” plastic surgery, she opines. “He is such a scruffy guy. He just does not care.”

And the Vulcan vixen goes on to attack the virtue of some woman in California. “There could be fewer hos,” in California, she says. “I mean, we have beautiful girls, but man, they're hos. I don't get it. They go down to Tijuana, and only hos go there.”

Fawcett’s rep had no comment at press time.

Jolene Blalock's - Starfleet Pinup:

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jooooooleeeeeeennnnnnne; please don't pose for Playboy just because you can.

Oops, too late. And she's shooting her mouth off again to boot.

In the same week that her Enterprise co-star, Connor Trinneer, has said that he still expects the series to run a full seven years, Blalock told Playboy that she thinks this will be their final year, even though these are their best episodes. This is in the text that no one will bother to read because it is sandwiched between semi-nude photos of the actress, who has also made a few appearances as a female warrior on Sci-Fi's Stargate: SG-1.

Is she just being bluntly honest or has she completely gone 'round the bend? Her behavior lately could give someone a good argument for the latter; odd statements in the press and a talk show appearance that made Farrah Fawcett look lucid have made more than one Trek fan wonder if the lights are on but the occupants have gone on holiday. Blalock also comments on how most California women are "ho's" and how she thinks Peter Jackson should look into some plastic surgery because he always looks a mess. No comment on this one either but I think a number of people involved with Star Trek secretly wish they had Jeri Ryan back.


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