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Jennifer Love Hewitt Actress

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer's innocent and adorable looks, well sculpted physique, a sense of humor and bright smile are natural qualities that have brought her to stardom. The talented star emerged as a sexy teen actress, and even followed up her career with music and released a solo CD. "Love" to family and friends -- was born in Waco, Texas, on February 21, 1979, and raised by her mother (her parents got divorced when Hewitt was a mere 6 months old). Since childhood, Hewitt had a passion for singing and by the time she was 10, she was able to add dancing to her talents. Although the young Hewitt had already performed at shows and toured with the Texas Show Team, she had bigger aspirations: she wanted to take on Hollywood. It didn't take long for Hewitt to receive her first acting gig after moving with her mother to California. She became a regular on Kids Incorporated, a series on the Disney Channel that also featured the Black Eyes Peas' female vocalist, Fergie. While working on the show from 1989 to 1991, Hewitt also appeared in commercials for products such as Mattel and L.A. Gear. She put her dancing talents to use as an L.A. Gear dancer, and strutted her stuff at trade shows in Japan and Paris. In 1991 she flexed in a Barbie dance workout video, and exercised her voice by singing the songs included on the video. One year later, Love Songs, Hewitt's first album, was released in Japan (not in the U.S.).

Next came film roles. In 1992, Hewitt got a part in the children's movie Munchie, which only made it to video shelves. In 1993, she landed a role in TV's Shaky Ground. That same year, Hewitt joined Lauryn Hill and Whoopi Goldberg in the sequel to the comedy Sister Act, entitled Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, her film debut. This was a year of firsts, as Hewitt landed her first starring role in Little Miss Millions, a USA network movie. After working on two short-lived network shows, McKenna and The Byrds of Paradise, Hewitt released her second album, Let's Go Bang, in 1995. 1995 was Hewitt's breakthrough year, as she landed the part of Sarah Reeves on the FOX drama, Part of Five. Hewitt's role was originally not supposed to be more than a minor role, but she eventually became a regular on the hit show that spawned the careers of other talented beauties like Neve Campbell and Lacey Chabert.

While working on Party of Five, Hewitt's third musical effort was released in 1996, the same year she appeared in her second feature film, House Arrest. A string of movie roles followed: she starred in the teen thriller I Know What You Did Last Summer with Sarah Michelle Gellar in 1997, as well as Trojan War that same year. While working on the set of Party of Five and various films, and recording albums, Hewitt still made time for her education by doing correspondence courses, and eventually graduated from Laurel Springs High. After Jennifer (and her cleavage) starred in 1998's Can't Hardly Wait, she reprised her role as Julie James for the sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and appeared in 1999's The Suburbans.

Hewitt left Party of Five before the last season of the series to produce and star in its spin-off, Time of Your Life, which found Sarah relocating to New York to seek her real father. Unfortunately, Time of Your Life, which debuted in 1999, did not have a party with the ratings, and was canceled after one season. After starring as her idol Audrey Hepburn in the made-for-TV movie, The Audrey Hepburn Story, Hewitt co-starred with Sigourney Weaver and Gene Hackman in the 2001 con-artist comedy, Heartbreakers. The movie received mixed reviews, despite the emphasis on Jennifer's tight skirts and pushup bras. That year, she was rumored to be romantically linked to singer Enrique Iglesias, and turned up to play his romantic interest in his video for "Hero." Despite the chemistry the two displayed onscreen, it seems they are just friends. In August 2002, Jennifer made her American public singing debut at the Teen Choice Awards. She released her fourth album, Barenaked, in October 2002. Meredith Brooks (of "Bitch" fame) helped out in the production and songwriting departments. Hewitt next appeared onscreen as a sexy secret agent in the action flick, The Tuxedo (2002), co-starring Jackie Chan. Although Hewitt was out of the spotlight for a while, she was apparently busy filming movies: in 2004, she adds If Only, Garfield: The Movie (based on the popular cartoon and comic strip), Delgo (she lends her voice to the animated film), Why Can't I Be Audrey Hepburn, and TV's The Magic 7 to her resume. Jennifer's also set to star in an ABC comedy show, in which she'll play a sports producer and single mom who becomes a reporter, and will also star alongside Kelsey Grammer in the NBC musical A Christmas Carol.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Where you've seen her:

J. Love first got our attention on Party of Five as the most adorable TV adoptee ever and returns to the networks with the Oxygen TV movie Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber. She is a revered pop star in Japan, and has also made a similar impression on the big screen with turns in I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Tuxedo, and Garfield.

Boob blog:
"I’m fascinated with the Jennifer Love Hewitt breast site, where people speak about what outfits they look best in. It’s fantastic. I think it’s the funniest thing ever, and I love that there are people who spend their time doing it."

You may now kiss the brides:
"My girlfriends and I always have a joke that if it doesn’t happen for us by the time we’re 30, we’ll just throw ourselves a big wedding and marry each other."

Standing at attention:
"I went to visit a bunch of the troops at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington when they got back from Iraq, and over half of them had my first Maxim cover issue with them at their bedside."

Jennifer Love Hewitt Lands Psychic Gig for CBS

As she might have predicted, "Party of Five" alumna Jennifer Love Hewitt will play a psychic in CBS' untitled drama pilot centered on the work of James Van Praagh.

Widely known as "Ghost Whisperer," the project revolves around a young newlywed (Hewitt) who communicates with the dead. This past development season, she starred in the ABC project "In the Game," which the network recently scrapped. Her recent credits include "Garfield: The Movie" and NBC's "A Christmas Carol."

Jennifer Love Hewitt: It's a blast to do Garfield

How do you feel about cats?
I like cats. I used to have a lot of cats, but I don't anymore, now I just have a dog. It does take a certain temperament to have a cat, as they do have certain personalities. Completely different. You have to be very insensitive in order to have a cat, because I think they're very independent. When they're kittens, you think they're going to have a dog temperament in that they're going to run to the door when you get home, lick you on the face and cuddle with you all the time, but cats are not that way. They are very mysterious; you never know what's going on with them, they like being on their own and having their space.

This movie re-enforces what cats are thinking.
I know, I've always been intrigued with what my pets think.

What pets do you have?
I have a dog. She's called Mia.

How difficult is it to act when the co-star isn't there?
It was okay actually. It took us a little bit to get used to. I had a lot less of that to do than Breckin did. He had to carry Garfield around and have him on his stomach. He got much better at it than I did. I'm only with Garfield for the one examination scene in the movie. I'm almost always dealing with Breckin so I didn't have to do as much of it as he did, but it was fine.

Do you find you're too old for certain roles and too young for other roles?
I think I'm coming at the end of it now. I'm just starting to get to the end of that. There are starting to be more roles that are different from the roles that I have already played, but closer to the roles that I really want to play. So, I'm kind of at the end of it now and happy about that.

What kind of roles would you like to play?
I'd like to do My Best Friend's Wedding, Pretty Woman, Meg Ryan type stuff. Romantic comedies. I'd love to do some action stuff as well. I'm just now getting into that, I just did a romantic comedy outside of London. I'm really excited about it. It's called The Truth About Love.

What is the film about?
We actually shot the movie in six weeks, so it was very very quick. And I just got home two weeks ago. I was mainly in Bristol and Cardiff and it's with Dougray Scott. I play an English girl who's been married for seven years, and I actually play my husband's wife and his mistress at the same time.

How difficult was the accent?
It was tough. It was more difficult because I was insecure about being the only American actor in an all British cast and all British crew. I really stuck out like sore thumb when I spoke like myself. And I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb when I was in my accent! But then I began to realize that I didn't because that accent doesn't sound funny to them, so they don't notice it. So the mental part of it was harder for me than anything else. And once I got over it and one member of the crew came up and they were like: "Your accent is really good, we're so proud of you," I felt better.

What kind of accent is it?
It's not supposed to be anything. I wanted it to be really, really light, like Renee Zellweger's accent is very much well spoken, proper British, which I will never be able to do as well as her. I wanted mine to be barely noticeable, because I don't want people that like my movies here, to just pay attention to the fact that I have an accent the whole movie. And I didn't want people there to pay attention to the fact that I had an accent the whole movie. So my accent is very light, and you can't really tell where it's from.

What qualities do you think you have to play a good veterinarian?
I'm very caring with animals. I think patience is a big deal, because animals are always jumping around. I love to take care of people, so I think I'd be a good vet. I always wanted to be a vet when I was little.

Is it true that Carson Daly broke up with you via press release?
No, what happened with that. We had a mutual conversation. It was fine. Then supposedly, he turned around the next day and said I broke up with him on the radio, which is not true.

But you got your revenge by 'roasting ' him?
Yeah, I did. I really felt odd about that whole thing, because the truth is if you care about somebody enough to be with them for two years of your life, you're always going to care about them in some way. And I think Carson is actually a really good person, and our break up was something that affected me in my life, but it did not change the way that I feel about him. I will always think that he is a great person. Whereas anybody in my life, if I've spent quality time with you in any sort of intimate way possible, whether it will just be my heart or my head, friendship or whatever it is, call me at four o'clock in the morning and I will come to wherever you are if you need me, because I feel that that is the right thing to do. There is a big part of me that struggled with whether or not I should go and do the roast, and the only I would go and do the roast if they would allow me to stop the roast at some point and say something nice to him, which I did. I did have fun.

You changed your look in the movie, with shorter hair.
We just wanted to do something different, it was fun. I hadn't been in a studio film for a while and I thought why not look different.

Were you familiar with the Garfield comic strip?
No, I had watched the cartoon and I had read the comic in the Sunday paper. I was a fan. I thought he was adorable and really cute, but I didn't have all the comics at home.

Why do you think Garfield resonates so strongly - like with Spiderman, Daredevil?
I think it's interesting that since the world has kind of found itself where it is that superheroes are coming in from out of nowhere. I don't think that that is a coincidence. I think we are ready to know that there are going to be people who are ready to save the world, who come out when you're in trouble and make sure that you're okay. I think that that's an interesting thing that people are flocking to see those movies. Garfield is not necessarily a superhero. I think he's a very American, iconic kind of character. He's been around for a long time. People identify with him because he seems very human to me. He's like your grandfather. He walks kind of slow, he's grumpy at times. He's got a really grouchy outside, but inside he's this big mush ball. That's who Garfield is for me and that's the amazing thing that Jim Davis has done with this character all along. He's been the voice of people. The things he says to people are the things we wish we could all say, but we would all get hit in the face if we said that to somebody! He's a cat, and he's cute, and orange and fluffy and he can say what he wants because nobody will hear him!

He likes to pig out - what is your pig out food?
I do love Italian food. Any kind of pasta or pizza. My new pig out food is Indian food. I eat Indian food like three times a week. It's so good.

How is your music career going?
Good, it's kind of on hold for a while. I took so much time off to go and tour with the record (Bare Naked) that I kind of put the acting side of things on hold. So, now I'm trying to catch up the other side of my life and do a bunch of acting projects, and get back to the singing stuff for a while. It's good to take a break from that. Especially, when you write your own music, you have to experience and live things in order to have things to write about. Right after I got done writing the record, I didn't have anything left to write about. I had kind of written about it all. So, now I need to live a bit.

What about making a musical like Renee?
I'd love to do a musical.
How do you sustain the roller coaster ride when things are hot for one day?
I think the only way I've been able to do that is know that it's like that for everybody. It's not easy. There are days when I'm like: 'What am I doing to myself?" I'm torturing myself!! (Laughs) I'm really unhappy and I feel really sad that things are not going exactly the way that I want them to. Then the next day, it completely changes - I'm singing on the balcony. So, the only way I can kind of make any sense of it, is that I'm not the only person that it happens to. Unfortunately when it is a roller coaster that's bad, you do feel like you're the only person in the town that's happening too. But that's not the case.

Is that why people in the entertainment industry have to date people in the industry? Because regular people wouldn't understand?
I think more dating stuff is scheduling. It's needing people who understand your work schedule. The hardest thing for people to wrap their head around and the biggest misconception is that everybody thinks that actors and people in the entertainment industry are these really self-absorbed, selfish people. If you think about what your job is every day, to go out and sell yourself all day long, there's a certain part of that, that is self-absorbed. You are the only person who can sell you, so you do spend a lot of time in your job by yourself everyday. I've been selling myself in this movie all day. I love it to bits. It's a blast. But somebody from the outside who doesn't understand that would be like: 'Good, she loves herself!' I don't, I'm sick of me! I've been talking all day! I'm sick of hearing myself talk. I think it all gets very confused.''

ABC Not 'Game' for Hewitt Sitcom

t's game over for Jennifer Love Hewitt at ABC. The network has opted not to go forward with "In the Game," a sitcom starring the former "Party of Five" actress.

The project centered on an up-and-coming sports producer (Hewitt) who unwillingly becomes an on-camera reporter on a sports TV show.

It was initiated last development season, and then reworked this season with Christine Baranski and Sara Gilbert joining Hewitt and Ed O'Neill in the cast. After filming a new pilot, ABC decided to pull the plug.

In addition to Fox's "Party of Five," Hewitt starred in the short-lived spinoff "Time of Your Life."

Jennifer Love Hewitt: On Garfield

Garfield: The Movie is a kids’ action-adventure movie about a CGI cat trying to rescue a real dog from a dognapper. The humans don’t have much to do in the movie at all, least of all the women. Jon (Breckin Meyer)’s function is to bring Odie home. Happy (Steven Tobolowski)’s function is to be the villain. But Liz the veterinarian (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is just there to give Jon someone to talk to.
But we all love Jennifer Love Hewitt. We loved her trying to be an action heroine in The Tuxedo. That one wasn’t her fault. We loved her as the comic con artist in Heartbreakers. We loved her running from Fisherman-guy, and we certainly loved her on television. So here’s Jennifer Love Hewitt, ornament for kids’ movie cats.

Were the special effects in Garfield easier than the ones in The Tuxedo? Yeah, except we didn't have Jackie Chan to make it all a lot easier.

No, it was fine. The strange thing about seeing the movie is that Breckin and I shot one film, and then the animators did another film, and then they put them together and they became this one thing. Because none of that stuff was going on. We had no idea why the camera was on a round circle thing, with this bump running underneath it. Breckin and I are like, “Hello, we're over here, what are you doing? Why are you shooting that?” And then once you see that Garfield is underneath that thing, moving around, and there's a mouse running across the floor which is why they were shooting the floor for four hours, and all that stuff, it all made sense.
Did they have a stuffed Garfield as the CGI stand-in? We had a gray bean bag. And the reason it was gray is because that blended into the color pallet. And then we eventually got a stuffed Garfield that was weight appropriate and everything like that. They had to have something, but we could never use it for the takes. We could always do one take holding it, just to kind of get mainly Breckin used to it, because he was the one that held him the most. I didn't really hold him. That sounded horrible. “Mainly to get Breckin used to it.” That sounded really bad, like I could do it and he couldn't. That's not the way I meant it. Sorry. But then they would take it out for the main take.

Did you have any scenes that were cut? No, I'm not really in the movie that much so they couldn't really cut anything out, thank God. I was nervous, because I was like, “I wonder what's going to be in there when I go to see it?” But no. Everything was left in.

How much did you know about Liz the vet going in? I'm going to be honest, I didn't know, because I watched the cartoon and everything and she isn't in the cartoon, so I didn't know that there was Liz the vet. I’ve come to find out there's this whole group of Australian people who love Liz the vet. And here I am, I'm like, “Oh my God, I know nothing about her,” and they tell me this in then middle of filming. All these people are going to come out of nowhere and go like, “You played her wrong,” and I'm sorry, I didn't know that she was a person. So, I'm hoping that they're okay with my performance as Liz in the movie, because she has like a fan club in Australia. I did not know this. I didn't know.

How tough was it working with the real animals? It was good. These dogs are amazing. I mean, Garfield wasn't there so I can't say that much. I mean, he's amazing, and looks amazing in the movie and the animators did such a good job with him I can't even believe it. But, the dog show sequence with all the dogs? Unbelievable. You know, it's very hard to be out-shined by Sharpes, let me just tell you. The Dobermans have like a brilliant close-up. The Sharpe is frigging hilarious. These dogs would just like go and hit their mark, and they'd have these little facial expressions and they'd do the thing, it was amazing. It was amazing. I would do it again in a heartbeat. They were hilarious.

If you’re hardly in the movie and you’re still being out-shined by cats and dogs, what made you want to do this? I really wanted to see how the whole process would work, and I really wanted to be a part of a movie where kids could go, and like throw candy at the screen and popcorn, and yell at Garfield for being mean to Odie and tell Odie not to go in that room, and do all that stuff. So I'm excited to actually get to see it for the first time. I've seen it, but I haven't seen it with kids.

Go to page two for more Garfield and future film and TV projects. Page three for more personal stuff.
Were you a fan of the comic strip? Yeah. I've only read the comics that were in the papers and stuff like that. But I was a fan of the cartoon, in school, on Saturday mornings with my friends and stuff.
What’s your favorite cartoon now? Sponge Bob Square Pants. I'm obsessed. I just got the Sponge Bob Square Pants director's chair. I'm so excited, and I sit in it all the time and I sing the song and I just love it.

Do you have any dogs or cats? I used to have an orange cat. His name was Chester. And I don't have him anymore, it's sad. But I have a dog now, named Mia, and she's a Chihuahua. She's regular sized, though, but she's 13 pounds. She's from the Garfield school of needing to eat a lot and loving food. And she can do the little dance that Odie does when he needs food.

That's right, trained by moi. So, Odie is kind of special but not that special. So, yeah, so I have a dog, and I love her, she's great.
Is there any hope for The Devil and Daniel Webster to come out? That's what you get for making a movie about Satan. That's all I'm going to say. I don't know. You know what, I have no idea with what's happening with that movie. All I know is it was a tremendous experience. I got to make Anthony Hopkins and work with him and Alec Baldwin, and Dan Aykroyd and I will be friends for life now because of that movie, and those are the three greatest things you could ask for.

What about a third Last Summer movie? They talked about it for a while and then sort of gave up on it. Then I hear d they were going to make another one without any of the original cast in it, which would have been odd. Then they decided not to do that either. So no, I don't think there will be.

But you were actually open to it? No. I was done with the fisherman. And my top could not have gotten any smaller. There was no…no.

What is your next film? I just wrapped a movie outside of London called The Truth About Love which is a romantic comedy, kind of like Four Weddings and a Funeral meets Bridget Jones' Diary. I play an English girl. And it's with Dougray Scott and Jimi Mistry . So I just wrapped that and then I'm going to Budapest to do the NBC miniseries, a musical Christmas Carol with Kelsey Grammar and Jason Alexander and Jane Krakowski. I'm playing Emily, Ebenezer's first love. And I have like three scenes in the movie, so it's a small part.

So you’re going to sing again? Oh, yeah. Which I'll be excited about. They just sent me the music and everything, so I haven't had a chance to kind of go through it yet. I think it's from the stage musical.

Who would you love to sing a duet with? Gosh. Wow. Probably, I would love to do something with Usher, I think that would be really, really cool. I would love that. Justin Timberlake would be really cool, that would be so fun. I mean, I would love, love to get to sing a song with Bonnie Raitt. I think that would be really interesting.

You were hoping to return to TV this year, right? I created a series for ABC, we shot the pilot. We did not get picked up. And then they just recently come back and now it might get picked up. We're not sure. Yeah, I think. We're in flux. I don't really know what's happening with it. So I just kind of put it out of my mind and it was not good news a while ago so I just dealt with that, and so I just kind of go we'll see what they say.

What was the project? This is particularly something that I wanted to do. It was an idea I had created with these great writers, a part I really wanted to play. Something that I thought would be enjoyed by many different types of people that watch television, and so that's something I really wanted to do. If it was something that came around and got picked up for this season, I'd be ecstatic about it. It's called In the Game, and I play the on field reporter for ESPN, and it's a 25 year old single mom with a five year old. On ABC.

On which field? On the football field. Well, she does all kinds of sports. Her specialty is football, but it goes around. Basically what we're going to do is do segments of her reports from live sporting events.

What do you watch on TV now? I'm so sad that Friends is over. I used to like The Bachelor. I'm not a fan anymore, I don't know why. It's getting out of control. I just can't believe there's so many women in the world. I like to watch the VH1 music shows like Behind the Music and those kinds of things.

Back to page one for more Garfield, onto page three for more personal stuff.

What is the animated project you’re in, Delgo? It’s a little hard for me to talk about, because I'll be honest with you, it's been something, I did my voice almost a year ago now and did my first version of it almost two years ago now. It's an amazing looking project, from what I've been seen, but it's something that they're still very much doing all the animation for. Great people doing the voices, and I play this princess and she's sort of a princess teenager bug preacher fairy thing. And she's just amazing looking. It's sort of a Romeo and Juliet story between these two worlds of these kind of real life teenager bug people. That's such a horrible way to describe that. In fact, if you have a card, I will have my publicist send you the sheet of what the movie is really about so that they don't kill me and then have somebody else re-record the voice.
But it's going to be amazing. It looks so unbelievably beautiful. It's going to be fascinating to people when it comes out. It's just really hard to stay up with where the project is and everything. They have a website which can explain more about what it's about. Because I've been so in and out of it over the last two years.
And how about Magic 7? What's so funny about this Magic 7 thing is I guess it's ready to come out or something. I did that project when I was 12, so The Devil and Daniel Webster still has hope. I'll be like 50 and it'll come out and you’ll be like, “Wow, you look great!” “Yeah, I just did that like two weeks ago, it was weird.” So, no, I'm 12 and it's this half-animated, half-real life environmental movie thing that I did, and it was great at the time. I remember nothing about it now. But I remember that I liked it and it was good, and I guess it's coming out and I have no idea why or what's happening, but yeah. I couldn't tell you the story, I don't remember. And if I'm bad in it, it's before I learned how to act. I think.

How did you celebrate your 25th birthday? How did I celebrate my 25th birthday? I don't remember. What did I do? Bowling. I was bowling, and I had ad inner party. That's what I did.

How did you bowl? I am a horrible bowler, like an 80 or something. It’s really bad. That's right, I went bowling. I can't even remember my birthday, that's horrible. Wow. No, it was great, I had a really good time. I was just with my friends and my family, it was really mellow. That's why I think I don't remember, because it was just kind of like mellow and easy most of the time, like my family goes crazy and we really make a big deal of it, and this year I was just exhausted. I was like, let's just make it really mellow.

Did you see it as a milestone? Yes. The cool thing about 25 is it's the only age my entire life that I wanted to be. I don't know why. I was never a person that was excited about 16. 25 was always the age that I wanted to be. And so far it's treated me very well, and I've been very excited about being 25.

Are you into politics? You know what? I am so not political, it's scary. No, politics is something that I am fascinated with, and really, really some point in the next year or so would love to [have someone] sit down and just explain to me [so I] really get it. I'm just not very educated on it, and so I don't even begin to talk about it with people because I just look stupid. So I don't even go into it. But it's something that I do, I would like to get more into it, and feel like I could, because people sit down and they have all these great political conversations, and I just sit down like, “Can I have a salad?” And I have no idea what people are talking about and why. I'm like, “Can we talk about American idol now?”

What are your really good at and what are you really bad at? I'm really trying to get good at cooking. Right now I'm pretty hopeless, but I 'm really trying. I am hopeless at anything electronically, and I am really, really good at running errands. I'm very good at going to the cleaners. I love it. I love it, I love going to the cleaners more than anything in the world. I love it. I do, I love going to run errands, I'm so good at that. And I'm a great housecleaner. seriously, I am so good at cleaning. It's unbelievable. I love it.

Don’t you pay people to do that for you? I do have like people come like once a week just to make sure I'm getting all the odds and ends. But I love cleaning. I'm a neat freak and I just love it.

What stresses you out? Carrots. Carrots and bugs, I just cannot do it. They just make me ill. I always hated them. Any kind of carrot.

What is the most significant life choice you’ve ever made? Whoa. That has nothing to do with Sponge Bob. I don't know, probably saying to my mom, “Let's go to California for a month.” When I was 10. And it was the start, hopefully, of a career, but it was before any career was possible. That decision process was probably the beginning, obviously the biggest thing.

Jennifer Love Hewitt speaks about her new movie 'Tuxedo'

Jennifer Love Hewitt could not be happier. The beautiful 23-year old is not only jennifer love hewitt in the tuxedohitting the road promoting her new album, but is equally busy talking up her new film The Tuxedo, an action comedy which casts her opposite Jackie Chan. Trying to balance both a singing and acting career is challenging, but Hewitt seems to be up to the challenge. "I just kind of follow my schedule and I have told everybody I really want to try this. I want to promote my album as much as possible and I want to promote Tuxedo as much as possible and that's really what I want to do this year and they've made an amazing schedule that's allowed me to do it," says an excited Jennifer. The Tuxedo casts action superstar Chan as Jimmy Tong, a lowly chauffeur for millionaire Clark Devlin (Jason Isaacs), until Devlin has an accident that puts him in the hospital. Tong is sent back to fetch some things for Devlin and unknowingly tries on Devlin's tuxedo and finds that it gives extraordinary powers to anyone that dons the suit. This discovery thrusts Tong into a James Bond-like world of international intrigue and espionage and pairs him with an inexperienced partner, played by Hewitt, who can easily be described as a ‘Chan girl'. She loves the description. "Now that I have been a Chan girl, I'm convinced that I'm starting a new trend," Hewitt says laughingly. "I'd rather be a Chan girl, I think, than a Bond girl, because it's a lot more fun and you don't have to wear things quite as constricting." In this movie, much is made of Hewitt's often visible cleavage but the actress takes it all in her stride. "None of that bothers me and it's kind of fun the way they're used in the movie." As for working with Jackie Chan as the first Chan girl, Hewitt said it was a blast. "We had so much fun. He's possibly the greatest man that I've ever met and so much fun to be around. He's so kind, was really supportive and really wanted me to cool in the movie so that my friends would talk to me."

Hewitt is certainly cool, and gets to take out any anti-male aggression that she has by kicking many a male butt in this film. "I only fight men in this movie which I think is so cool. I think that is such an empowering thing about women now in action movies," says Hewitt.

Of course it wasn't all fun and games shooting The Tuxedo. There is a sequence during which the bad guys trying drowning Hewitt's character. The trouble is, Jennifer has a fear of being underwater. "I'm a little bit claustrophobic and the biggest thing with claustrophobics is that they're basically control freaks and I'm a total control freak. So it's the lack of control, knowing that I am under something that feels very constricted, that's scary. Even when I was a kid, like you know how kids will play and dunk your head under water? I would lose it and I would start hyperventilating." Shooting the intense water sequences in the film may have resolved Hewitt's fears, but not so, she admits. "I hyperventilated and had a heart attack and I had to tell the entire crew what was wrong with me," she laughingly admits.

Since achieving success on TV's Party of Five, Hewitt has emerged as one of Hollywood's diverse performers. While also starring on the big screen in the likes of I Know what you Did Last Summer and Heartbreakers, Jennifer has pursued, with equal voracity, a singing career. Her latest album, "Bare Naked," is being released in the US in October, which she describes as "a rock-pop-soul album, kind of all mixed together and I co-wrote all but three of the songs on the record." Hewitt adds that the record kind of reflects who she is. "It's just kind of my thoughts but it's not a deep record. I didn't sit down to really send a message; I just kind of wanted to make songs that hopefully people would remember."

With such a hectic professional schedule, it is no surprise that Love Hewitt doesn't have time for a personal life, although she loves at recent tabloid reports of a contrary love life. "It's great because it makes my real life seem so much more exciting than it actually is. It appears that I apparently don't have time for a career because I date 85 people in one day which is kind of unbelievable. I'm not dating anyone, which is the really funny part and I couldn't even begin to go through all the names that are talked about, because half of the people I don't even know or have never met. So it's kind of crazy. And then the other people are people that I'm either friends with or I've literally run into in the street and gone oh, hey, and somebody snaps a picture and we're like taking bubble baths at the Four Seasons." Hewitt may indeed be single but she adds that it's not necessarily her choice. "Well, I always have time for a little romance, but I think to be honest with you, I think possibly the fact that I'm always written about going out with everyone, might be possibly hurting my game," laughs the actress. "Because when you're a ho, it's rough because who wants to ask you out? I mean seriously, they have me this total target. I can imagine one guy going so, you're not dating tonight with the other 75, and so do you want to go out with me? I think I have to disappear for a while and go to Alaska, calm down, people have to start writing about it and then maybe guys will ask me out again. I never get asked out."

No wonder Hewitt is busily concentrating on her multi-faceted career and a slew of upcoming projects. "I'm going to finish promoting this record which comes out here on October 8. So pretty much all the promotion I can do is up until the release date and then it's oddly enough, which is so weird about working in the entertainment industry, and then it's up to everyone else to kind of decide what happens to it after that point. Then I'm hopefully going to go to London at the end of this year to star and produce the first movie from my production company, which is a drama. I can't say the name because it's going to change."

Asked what Jennifer does during her downtime, the actress laughs. "I don't do anything really. I try to do nothing fancy because every day is so fancy. I get to wake up and I get to play big movie star or big rock star and that's really great, but when I'm off I try to just kind of be nobody really. I don't really want to be anything special. I just kind of want to eat pizza and hang out with my mom."

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Can't Hardly Wait

Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in this hilarious, underrated teen comedy that both celebrates and gently subverts the conventions of the genre.

Co-writers and co-directors Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan (A Very Brady Sequel, Josie and the Pussycats) clearly have great affection for the classic teen comedy, and stuff their film with every archetype (sensitive guy, mean jock, wannabe badass, ultra nerd). But they also make their film self-aware of what it is, giving it a mildly post-modern bent, without quite descending into Scream-style self-mockery and incessant "wink wink, nudge nudge" pseudo-irony.

Ethan Embry (White Squall, Sweet Home Alabama) stars as graduating aspiring writer Preston Meyers, who has been writing and re-writing a letter to school beauty Amanda Beckett (Hewitt) detailing his deep love for her all through high school, but he's always been too afraid to give it to her. But he may just have his chance at a massive end of school party, as Amanda has just broken up with her long term boyfriend, school jock Mike Dexter (Pater Facinelli - Six Feet Under, The Scorpion King).

Most of the film takes place at the party, where various other characters get wasted, reinvent themselves, hook-up, and have epiphanies. There's Preston's platonic best friend Denise (Lauren Ambrose - Claire in Six Feet Under), who gets locked in the bathroom with white wannabe gangster Kenny (Seth Green - Scott Evil in the Austin Powers movies, Without a Paddle). And school uber-nerd William Lichter (Charlie Korsmo - The Kid in Dick Tracy, Hook) finds himself the unlikely life of the party.

Can't Hardly Wait is a very enjoyable, very funny teen movie with more of a heart than most films of its ilk. It came out just before the decent teen comedy boom of around 2000 (comprised of such films as Bring It On, 10 Things I Hate About You and Drive Me Crazy) and was a massive success on its cinematic run. But it has developed quite an audience on video and is generally seen as a bit of an underrated gem.

There's a couple of amusing cameos - Jerry O'Connell plays a former high school jock; Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg) shows up as an angel and Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) also appears.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Slips On Stilletos For Oxygen’s Confession Of A Sociopathic Social Climber

Who says the Hiltons, the Hearsts, and the Trumps are the only ones with their fingers on the pulse of high society? Jennifer Love Hewitt pushes these tabloid divas aside when she plays the fabulous and completely ruthless social climber Katya Livingston in Oxygen’s original movie Confessions of A Sociopathic Social Climber. Premiering Saturday, March 12 at 8:00 p.m., the two-hour movie follows Katya on her way to the top as she discovers that while love may not be on her to-do list, it’s her ticket to the party of the season…if she has the good sense to see it.

By day, she’s a designer-bag-toting 28-year-old advertising executive and by night she’s a “wannabe” socialite-in-the-making. When Katya discovers she’s not invited to the season’s hottest party, she pulls out her .38 caliber blackberry, her cunning ways, and points her Jimmy Choos in the direction of anyone who can get her into the party of the year. Little does she know her entrée into the hottest event is also her path to discovering the love of her life.

“We’re over-the-moon thrilled to have Jennifer Love Hewitt as the deliciously wicked Katya Livingston,” said Debby Beece, President of Programming at Oxygen. “Add Joseph Lawrence, Colin Ferguson, and Stan Brooks to the equation and we have a truly spectacular movie.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Oxygen—they gave us all the support we needed to make a smart, funny, sexy movie that shows Jennifer Love Hewitt in a whole new light,” says Stanley M. Brooks, President of Once Upon A Time Films. “She seamlessly transforms herself into a character we know audiences will both love to hate and hate to love.”

The film also features Joseph Lawrence as Ferguson, the gay sidekick buddy of Katya, who is her partner in crime and day-to-day social planner for scheming into San Francisco’s elite events. Colin Ferguson portrays Charles Fitz, the handsome attorney who has captured the heart of Katya only to have his love stomped on for a case of mistaken identity.

Confessions of A Sociopathic Social Climber is based on the popular novel of the same name. Written by Adele Lang, it was a New York Times bestseller and was also selected for Kelly Ripa’s book club for LIVE With Regis & Kelly. The film is a co-production between Oxygen Media and Once Upon a Time Films with both Stanley M. Brooks and Scott W. Anderson serving as executive producers. Past credits for Once Upon a Time Films include Behind The Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three’s Company and Call Me: The Rise & Fall of Heidi Fleiss. Chad Oakes also serves as executive producer for Nomadic Pictures. The film is directed by Dana Lustig whose past credits include Kill Me Later and Wedding Bell Blues.

For Oxygen, Stefanie Ziev is the executive in charge of production. Previously Ziev served as executive in charge of production for Oxygen’s first made for television movie A Tale of Two Wives as well as Tempting Adam and My Sexiest Mistake.

Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in "Heartbreakers"

Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt star as a pair of mother-daughter con artists who have almost perfected the art of ripping off wealthy men. Working as a team, Max (Weaver) sets the con up by seducing rich men into matrimony, withholding sex until after the vows. Daughter Page (Hewitt), wearing the tightest outfits this side of Erin Brockovich, then swoops in for the kill. Page, and her chest, manipulate the just-married men into some very compromising positions which Max then "accidentally" stumbles upon. Within 24 hours of marriage, the newlyweds are headed to the divorce lawyer. Hours after that, the mother-daughter team count their money while searching for their next "mark." Max is so competent at her work that even after the marriage ceremony is over, she finds ways to avoid sleeping with her new, and by this point, very randy husband.

Fearing Page's desire to go out on her own - thus breaking up the team and reducing the cash flow - Max works a con on her own daughter. A trip to the bank to split up their earnings sets the stage for Max's plan to keep her daughter with her for at least one more big score. Max and Page are met at the bank by an IRS agent (Anne Bancroft) who demands all their available funds, plus an additional amount for back taxes that they don't have the means to pay. Despite her strong desire to go it alone, Page agrees to one more con with a stipulation - they find the mark in Palm Beach. Shuddering at the thought, Max agrees. They trawl the area for a likely target, grudgingly agreeing on the very old, very revolting, very phlegmy, ultra-rich tobacco tycoon, William B. Tensy (Gene Hackman). After much complicated maneuvering, Max, using a Russian accent and wearing some very bizarre dominatrix-style outfits, manages to worm her way into William's smoke-filled life.

Former husband/mark Dean Cumanno (Ray Liotta) never got over his unconsummated marriage to Max. He tracks them to Palm Beach and discovers that he's been had. Rather than call the police, he decides to get in on the action. While mom has been busy with the tobacco tycoon with one foot in the grave, Page has been deluding herself into thinking she can handle a con on her own. She set her sites on bar owner and potential millionaire, Jack Withrowe (Jason Lee). Dean sees dollar signs, pretends to be a member of Page's family, changes his name to something that sounds like it's straight from "The Sopranos," and works with Max to get the two hitched. But there is one enormous complication. Page has committed the ultimate con artist sin; she's fallen in love with the mark.

Some films take you by surprise and "Heartbreakers" does just that. The commercials/trailers for this film do not do justice to the comedic work of the talented cast. Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn't appear to be out of her league playing alongside some of Hollywood's best. She shines - with the help of some great screenwriting, tight outfits, and a necklace that accentuates her attributes. Sigourney Weaver is terrific as the mother who struggles with her conscience while training her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Gene Hackman tackles the role of millionaire tobacco tycoon with such cleverness that his physical comedy steals nearly every scene. Ray Liotta and Jason Lee are perfect as the "marks" with the bad luck of loving the women attempting to con them. Ray Liotta delivers some of the film's best lines and keeps the last half-hour of the film going, almost single-handedly. Jason Lee, as the innocent nice guy who falls for Page's considerable charms and psychotic personality, gets the opportunity to display a gentler side than we've seen from him in recent roles. A lesser actor would be lost in this part, but Lee pulls off his co-starring role with skill and finesse.

Jennifer Love Hewitt to Host Oscar(R) Night Fundraiser for AIDS Project Los Angeles at 'The Abbey'

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the host and Esquire magazine the major sponsor of this year's hottest Oscar® Night party for the young Hollywood set to be held at The Abbey on Robertson Boulevard, dubbed "Oscar® Alley," on Sunday night, February 27.

Produced and underwritten for the fourth year by The Abbey and Jeffrey Sanker, the party, called "The Envelope Please," is a major fundraiser for AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), raising over $250,000 for the organization to date. Now in its 22nd year, APLA provides food banks, dental clinics and other urgent direct services for the HIV community. Esquire magazine, the award-winning magazine for men, is the major co-sponsor of the evening, joined by Clear Channel Radio, LA.

Jennifer Love Hewitt will greet guests at the elegant dinner party setting where giant TV screens will broadcast a live feed of the broadcast. "Watching the Academy Awards is the biggest co-ed sporting event in the world," says Ms. Hewitt. "This is a chance for us to watch it with our friends while we raise money for APLA. Everybody is a winner."

Esquire's VP-publisher Kevin C. O'Malley calls the party "a great way for us to celebrate with all our friends in Hollywood while we help APLA support the urgent needs of the AIDS community."

Although the dinner party will be hushed during the telecast, The Abbey will transform its Finlandia Ice Bar into an after-hours dance party where celebrities can stop by after the telecast. Co-sponsor Clear Channel Radio LA (KIIS-FM and STAR 98.7 FM) will play host to the music industry.

The artist Burton Morris will contribute an original painting as the symbol of the event, a star-studded red ribbon surrounded by klieg lights illuminating the Hollywood sky.

Additional sponsors of the evening include United Airlines, Finlandia and Stella Artois.



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