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Jennifer Lopez Superstar

Jennifer Lopez, co-star of the "Monster-In-Law" Movie!

A modern culture icon, Jennifer's accomplishments are diverse and rich, ranging from best selling music albums, movie roles, custom clothes and perfume lines. With out a doubt, she has been the center of media attention for years, and she's simply irresistible to a worlwide audience. Jennifer Lopez was born in New York City, on July 24, 1970. The daughter of David, a computer programmer, and Guadalupe, a kindergarten teacher, the young Lopez always dreamed of becoming a performer. With talents in singing and dancing, Jennifer began performing in stage musicals, dancing in a European tour of Golden Musicals of Broadway, a Japanese tour of Synchronicity, and local productions of Oklahoma and Jesus Christ Superstar. The young girl from the Bronx would finally become more recognized when she was cast as one of the "Fly Girl" dancers on FOX's In Living Color. What Lopez was really itching to do was act, but she stuck around on In Living Color for a short while, following producer Keenan Ivory Wayans' advice. Jim Carrey was not the only star in the making on In Living Color; Miss Lopez was yet to arrive on the scene. Jennifer's "Fly Girl" role led to more roles on the small screen. She landed a recurring role on FOX's short-lived series South Central after one of her Color co-workers referred her to her South Central writer and producer husband. Although the show did not last very long, Jennifer was seen on television again, this time as "Melinda Lopez" in the made-for-TV movie, Second Chances. Her portrayal of the part was so impressive that big-league producer Aaron Spelling wanted to continue the role on another one of his series, Malibu Shores. After appearing in a mere few episodes, Jennifer refused to develop the deal further (the show was axed anyhow), with the hopes of taking her talents to the silver screen.

One more made-for-TV role can be seen on Jennifer's resume; Rosie the nurse, in the 1993 movie Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7. Her role in the 1995 film Mi Familia, about the lives of Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles from the 1930s to today, was the role which showed filmmakers that this Latin beauty was serious about acting. One year later, Jennifer co-starred with Robin Williams in the box-office disaster Jack, beating out Ashley Judd for the role. In her next film role, riding the Money Train with Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, she was the only one to receive positive reviews in a film that may have well tipped off the tracks.

Having already worked with Jennifer in the critically-acclaimed Mi Familia, Gregory Nava asked Lopez to audition for his 1997 biopic on the slain Tejano singer, Selena. After an intense auditioning process, Jennifer won the role that would make her a star. That same year, Ojani Noa (her boyfriend at the time) publicly proposed to Jennifer at the wrap party for Selena. Their marriage lasted less than year.

Meanwhile, 1997 marked a full year for Jennifer, with film roles in U Turn, Anaconda and Blood and Wine. The following year, she co-starred with George Clooney in Out of Sight, playing U.S. Marshall Karen Sisco. This was the role that made Jennifer an A-list actress, beating out other A-list actresses for the role in the process. Her next project was as an animated ant in the DreamWorks feature Antz, also with Sharon Stone. Not only is Jennifer the only Latin actress in history to demand a $1 million salary, but she also released an album entitled On the 6, which went platinum and spawned such hits as "If You Had My Love" and "Waiting For Tonight."

After a role in the sci-fi flick The Cell in 2000, Jennifer returned to the music scene with her megasuccessful sophomore album, J.Lo, in February 2001. While the album title (and probably P. Diddy's pet name for Jennifer) stuck, the album itself claimed the No. 1 spot on the charts on the strength of the first single, "Love Don't Cost A Thing." Jennifer also made history as the first female artist to have a No. 1 album and movie in the same week, as seen when The Wedding Planner debuted at No. 1 and had audiences rushing to see J.Lo in the starring role. While her relationship with P. Diddy, formerly known as Sean "Puffy" Combs, fizzled (and he stood trial for gun possession and bribery charges after an incident in December 1999), J.Lo was seen in the arms of an unknown new man, Cris Judd. The couple met in January on the set of her "Love Don't Cost A Thing" video, as Judd is one of the featured dancers in the video.

Jennifer has also enjoyed the success of the singles "Play" and "I'm Real" (both an original and remix version with Ja Rule) off J.Lo, and as if she hasn't dominated enough fields, she also released her own fashion company in 2001 -- Sweetface Fashion Company -- designed for all her fellow full-figured sisters, and she has two frangrances attached to her name: Glow (which resulted in a lawsuit filed by Glow Industries claiming trademark infringement) and Still. Often the subject of media tabloid stories and jokes, Jennifer is known for her romantic relationships, her revealing style (as seen in a certain Versace dress at the Grammys and a see-through Valentino gown at the Oscars), and allegedly insuring her prized possession -- her behind -- with a $1 billion policy (a rumor she dispels).

Jennifer has received many awards, including a Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination for Best Actress in Anaconda (1997), a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for Selena, and an MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Actress for Selena. In 1999, she won the VH1/Vogue Fashion Award for Most Fashionable Female Artist. She also received a Latin Grammy nomination and won the Billboard Latin Award for a duet she did with Marc Anthony ("No Me Ames"), as well as the MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video, for "Waiting For Tonight," in 2000. Named Female Entertainer of the Year by ALMA in 2000 and topping the list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World thanks to FHM magazine, Jennifer Lopez went on to receive even more accolades.

In 2001, after dating her back-up dancer Cris Judd for less than eight months, the couple married in September 2001 only to divorce less than a year later. The settlement cost her $15 million. In 2002, Jennifer won a World Music Award for World's Best-Selling Latin Female Artist, an MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Video ("I'm Real" featuring Ja Rule), a VH1/Vogue Fashion Award for Most Influential Artist, and an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Female. 2002 is also the year when the term Bennifer was coined. Actor Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who met on the set of the movie Gigli, began dating seriously.

Unfortunately, although Jennifer won an American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist in 2003, all the celebrations came to a halt when Jennifer's movie, Gigli (2003), hit theaters worldwide and received unanimous negative reviews. After a highly-publicized romance (Affleck is even featured in her "Jenny From The Block" video, off her This Is Me... Then album) that made the cover of every tabloid on a virtual weekly basis, the couple ended their engagement in February 2004. On the film front, Jennifer appeared in a small role in Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl (2004), starring Affleck, as well as Shall We Dance (2004), with Richard Gere. In 2005, she can add An Unfinished Life and Monster-in-Law to her resume.

On June 5, 2004, Jennifer Lopez made headlines again, this time because she and Latin pop singer Marc Anthony exchanged vows in a "surprise" wedding. Although rumors of the nuptials were circulating, fans were still stunned to hear that J.Lo is on her third marriage. At the 2005 Grammy awards, Jennifer and Marc performed together for the first time as husband and wife. It was perfect timing, as J.Lo's fourth studio album, Rebirth, hit stores on March 1, 2005. The first single, "Get Right," is making its way up the charts. She is also enjoying a commercial "rebirth" with her latest fashion line, Sweet Face. J.Lo is also starring with Beyonce and Becks in a martial arts-inspired Pepsi commercial called Samurai.

Jlo's new album could be a flop!

Latino beauty Jennifer Lopez's new album 'Rebirth' has reportedly not been as successful as her earlier albums.

Although the singer's comeback album sold about 400,000 copies and entered the Billboard Top 100 at number two before slipping down to number four. Sales forecasts for this week show the record has sold only 40,000 more copies leaving J.Lo fearing the album is going to be a major flop.

"Jennifer is devastated by these numbers. It shows that her grip on the public's imagination is slipping and, let's face it, the album isn't that good," a source was quoted by Scotland's Daily Record as saying.

Jennifer Lopez: From 'Real' to Real Artist

There are only a few overt traces of Jennifer Lopez's marriage to Marc Anthony on her latest offering, Rebirth — the subject matter of "I Got U," for instance, or the collaboration between the two on the power ballad "(Can't Believe) This Is Me." Instead, the main influence that the respected Latin singer has had on Lopez is that she's interested in a different sort of credibility these days. Where before she'd insist she's real (as in street), now she's insisting that's she's real (as in a real artist).

Eager to talk about the recording process, the singer wants to prove that she's got the chops — perhaps that's why she's willing to go on the road for the first time. J. Lo talked to Jasmine Dotiwala of MTV News Europe about being reborn, cracking the whip and making beautiful music with her husband.
MTV: You're in new territory now. Is that why you call the album Rebirth?

Jennifer Lopez: After doing all my albums in a row, no breaks, I finally took a little break, a six-month break, and just had time to be still. So when I came back to do this album, I had a renewed energy. It almost felt like I was making my first album again, you know? And that's how I approached it: If I was a brand-new artist, what would I say? What kind of music would I want to make? How would it be? And it was funny, because a lot of it paralleled my first album, On the 6. Like Rodney Jerkins came back on this album; he did two tracks. Fat Joe came back and did this great song, "Hold You Down." But I incorporated a lot more live music than I did on my first album — a lot more horns, a lot more live drums — just to add that element of funk, just so we know we're in a different place now. But it is very vintage Jennifer Lopez, whatever that is.

MTV: What kind of music did you listen to while you were making this album?

Lopez: I listened to a lot of James Brown, a lot of blues — old blues, from the Ray Charles era — and a lot of funk. There's something about that type of music that makes you dance. Involuntarily, you just start moving your shoulder, you know what I mean? With the first single, "Get Right," you kind of hear that, and there's another song on the record, "Whatever You Want," that has that type of energy. I just wanted to incorporate that, not ripping it off, but incorporating it my way.

MTV: And there's a new direction, like on the track "Cherry Pie."

Lopez: "Cherry Pie" does have a little bit of a Prince vibe to it. It's funny, because I was working with these very urban producers, Tim [Kelley] and Bob [Robinson], very hip-hop guys, very musical guys. And when I put the challenge to them to get something new, they really went in a direction I had never gone before, and they came back with this track that's really hot. The minute I heard it, I knew. It was like, "This song is going to be called 'Cherry Pie,' and this is what it's going to be: It's going to be about bad boys and da-da-da-da-da ... " It just kind of flowed from there.

MTV: How do you pick an executive producer?

Lopez: I always say if it's not broke, don't fix it. It's our fifth album together, so obviously something works [with Cory Rooney]. When I first went to Sony, Tommy Mottola brought all these producers in to meet me, all these people I had heard of but never met, like Babyface, Diane Warren — and the last person who came in was Cory. He was waiting in the waiting room, playing the piano, and I went in there. He was just singing a song, and I was like, "I love that." And he was like, "Sing this."

It was a song called "Talk About This," and Tommy said, "Why don't you go record that tomorrow?" Cory and I have very similar taste, and we can finish each other's sentences as far as writing. I can give him an idea, and he can write it. I can start something, and he can finish it. Or he can start something, and he can say, "I'm stuck, help me." We just have that kind of chemistry.

He'll be mad I said this, but I like working hard. Cory doesn't like working hard. It's true. I do have to crack the whip very hard. When I get into a flow, into a vibe, I'm unstoppable. It's days and days. And he gets tired, and I'm like, "No, we can't stop." I get very passionate about things, but he hangs through it. He's a great guy.
MTV: He executive produced the English record, but what about the Spanish-language record that you're also doing?

Lopez: I don't want to give too much away, because it's not coming out till later next year, but it's a very special project, a passion project. Nobody asked me to do it. I didn't go to the record company and say I wanted to do it. I just started making Spanish music. I met [songwriter/producer] Estefano, and he's just a brilliant writer. And we started writing these songs, and Marc Anthony started producing them, trying to find the right sound for me. Marc kind of created the sound and found the music, Estefano has come up with the songs, and I know when to just step back and let two masters work, you know what I mean?

The thing about music is, when it happens in the right way, it's the right song with the right artist and the right sound at the right time, and we have that going right now. It just started flowing, and we just had these incredible songs, so we just kept going. And the record company was like, "Give it to us!" And I was like, "It's not done. When it's ready, it's ready."

MTV: Rodney Jerkins said that you'd really grown a lot vocally on this record.

Lopez: I'm glad to hear him say that. I've been getting a lot of that. After making so many albums, you get much more confident. The first time I was in the studio, I didn't know what I was doing, you know what I mean? I didn't know how to ask for the right canned mix in my headphones. These are things you learn over the years. Even Cory the other day [said], "Yo, did you know you can pan the vocals when you're doing background? It's much easier. Try it."

So it's funny, you learn as you go, and as you learn, you're able to perform better in the studio. It's been a great process, and I'm happy to see that people are noticing that. I think there was a stigma out there for a while that, you know, I was limited in that way. So, it's just nice to let people know now that this is really what I do, and this is who I am.

J.Lo pelted for fur on radio!

Pop diva Jennifer Lopez was given an education in cruelty against animals by Australian radio host Jackie O. last week when she began talking about her new Sweetface fur-clothing line .

"If someone would like to educate me and bring something to light that I don't know, that'd be great," New York Daily News quoted a calm J. Lo as saying.

"Would you like to be educated right now?" the host shot back, launching on a gory description of how foxes are skinned alive and chinchillas are electrocuted, which reportedly left the popstar speechless.

Meanwhile, PETA is planning a massive demonstration outside the L.A. premiere of Jenny from the Block's latest flick, "Monster in Law," on April 28.They had also held demonstrations earlier outside J.Lo's Pasadena, California, restaurant by showing pictures of animals skinned alive over lunch.

Jennifer Lopez: No more 'soap opera'

Singer and actress wants to keep private life private
While other celebrities have taken pains to keep their public life under wraps, Jennifer Lopez always seemed to relish the white-hot spotlight.

Whether she was frolicking with Ben Affleck in a music video, wearing a barely there outfit to drive the paparazzi wild or gushing about her latest love in a magazine, Lopez was willing to let the public share in her private life.

"I grew up in New York and was very out there and outgoing. One of my main things was I'm not going to let this business change me, you know what I mean?" explains the Bronx-bred Lopez, 34. "That was always one of my mantras."

Today, though, as Lopez promotes her fashion line and new album, "Rebirth," she's sticking by a new mantra -- keep her private life private. It took her eight months to finally acknowledge her June wedding to singer-actor Marc Anthony, and she still won't talk about it. Instead, Lopez is trying to put the focus back on her career.

"I don't want to talk about anything that is personal or private at all, because what's the use? You're open with people, and then they try and make a soap opera out of your life," Lopez said in an interview with The Associated Press.

"Then it's not about your work anymore, it's not about the movie you're promoting or the record you hope your fans will enjoy, it becomes about other silly stuff and it's damaging. It's damaging not just to your career, but your person."

For a while, Lopez's stardom seemed to grow in tandem with her tabloid persona. She sold millions of albums, had No. 1 hits and enjoyed box-office success with movies such as "Maid in Manhattan" as the public became more interested in J.Lo, or Jenny From the Block -- the woman dating and breaking up with P. Diddy, embarking on another quickie marriage or setting fashion trends with her awards show attire.

But her image started to suffer in 2003, when Lopez was in the midst of a very public romance with Affleck -- the "Bennifer" pairing was that year's Brad-and-Jen frenzy. The couple's overexposure, followed by the and the release of their bomb "Gigli," drew both more scorn than anything. Though the couple split and Lopez later married Anthony -- her third husband -- the sting from the tabloid attention still lingers.

"I think it got really loud for a minute for me, and it became not about my work anymore. And the reason why I was in the public eye to begin with is because I was in movies, I was making records," she said. "And all of the sudden it wasn't anything about that. And I didn't want it to be about anything else but that."
Figuring out 'why I was in the business'

So Lopez took a six-month break from Hollywood last year to regroup.

"For me, what it was it was about kind of being alone, and thinking, and realizing that for me it was really a time for me to realize why I was in the business in the first place," she said. "How do I keep the focus there, and still maintain my life and the privacy of myself?"

Lopez -- who has released five movies and three albums in the past three years -- also felt like she was jamming out projects instead of spending time to reflect on what was right for her.
Lopez made sure her fourth studio album, "Rebirth," didn't suffer from those circumstances. The star spent several months on it and had a greater role in its production -- which boosted her confidence.

"I think musically, the first time I made an album, I had never even been in a studio, or behind a mike before. The first time I ever sang live was at Madison Square Garden," she laughed. "You develop this insecurity, and then kind of have to build yourself back up.

"I've become more confident as a musician and as a co-producer and as a vocalist, whereas before I was a little more insecure, and kind of so worried about people criticizing me for this or that or whatever."

Lopez has taken her share of criticism over the years -- from her feather-light voice to even her acting abilities. But Rich Harrison, who produced Lopez's new hit "Get Right," said the hits Lopez have taken has only made her stronger as an artist.

"She knows what people tend to say about her and it makes her work so much harder, that much harder in the studio," he said. "She's not satisfied until it feels right, until it feels good."

And Lopez is happy with "Rebirth." It incorporates the hip-hop/dance vibe that's garnered her so much success over the years, but also blends in other genres, including '80s pop-rock. Lopez calls it a more risky album.

"It's not so safe as my other ones were," she said. "These are things that are a little funkier, a little deeper, and yet still danceable in a way."

She's still willing to take risks with her career. But as far as her personal life -- she's playing it safe.

"I used to be the kind of person who would talk about a lot of things, but as I've matured I've realized that's not the best way to go," she said. "You have to set boundaries ... you have to protect what's sacred to you."

Jennifer Lopez: 'I Always Pick Great Scripts'

Actress Jennifer Lopez has defended her back catalogue of movie flops, insisting she's only ever signed up to films with "great" scripts.

The Latina star--who's suffered critical maulings in pictures like The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, Enough and Gigli--admits many of the projects that had early potential to wow audiences have turned out to be disasters.

But far from shouldering the blame herself, Lopez is adamant she's given her best performance in every film--and she's only ever pursued a part if the script captivates her.

She tells Britain's Empire magazine, "It's hard to choose what's going to be a great movie. I've chosen great material but it hasn't always turned out to be a great movie. I would be disappointed in myself if I walked away from a movie and I was like, 'I didn't even f**king try. I sucked in that movie, I didn't give all that I could have. I phoned it in.' Then I'd be mad at myself, but I've never done that so I don't feel that way. I don't feel that I've had huge failures in my life because of that."

PETA describes Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface as 'bloody'

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants Jennifer Lopez to "Get Right" when it comes to fur.

Lopez introduced her Sweetface collection during New York Fashion Week last month.

"Please don't support Jennifer Lopez or her bloody business," according to a Web site that the animal rights group has devoted to the singer, actress and now fashion designer. "Many hot designers, including Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Todd Oldham, Marc Bouwer, and others have ... created synthetic alternatives that are hip, humane, and easily available and don't turn animals into fashion victims."

Calls by The Associated Press to Lopez's publicist seeking comment weren't immediately returned Friday.

Other text on the Web site describes Chinese animal skinning techniques — in extreme detail — while streaming video juxtaposes footage of animals being slaughtered with pictures of a fur-wearing Lopez.

The site encourages visitors to "write to J.Lo and tell her that promoting the violence of the fur industry is a low-down, dirty, rotten shame."

"J.Lo knows what animals who are killed for their skins endure," the Web site reads. "PETA has contacted her with letters and videos no less than a dozen times. Lopez may try to convince her fans that her rabbit-trimmed jackets are a must-have, but what she won't tell you is that bunnies killed for fur coats scream as they are skinned alive!"

Jennifer Lopez has two mega movies lined up

Music idol Jennifer Lopez would feature in two big movies this year - "An Unfinished Life" with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman and "Monster-in-Law" with Jane Fonda.
Music idol Jennifer Lopez would feature in two big movies this year - "An Unfinished Life" with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman and "Monster-in-Law" with Jane Fonda.

The films follow her new hit album "Rebirth", which Sony released worldwide this month, and is an attempt by Lopez to focus on her career as a pop star and actress.

In the past, Lopez has starred in critically acclaimed films like 1998's "Out of Sight" opposite George Clooney and directed by Steven Soderbergh and "U-Turn" made by Oliver Stone.

And also absolute bloomers like "Gigli" opposite then boyfriend Ben Affleck, and "Enough". There have also been some moderate films like "The Wedding Planner" and "The Cell".

Lopez, who has platinum selling albums like On The 6 and Jlo, told IANS in an e-mailed interview that her sound in the album and the films reflect a new maturity in her career.

"In many ways, this feels like my first album as when I did my first album, I took a long break and then worked on it, it's the same with this album. I took a long vacation and worked on it. It represents a sound that is much more funk and a whole new level of maturity," said the pop superstar.

Often described as the sexiest woman in the world, Lopez has been criticized in the recent past for concentrating more on her various relationships than making music or movies.

But "Rebirth" is one album Lopez says she's worked real hard on.

"The one thing I wanted to do with this album was to get a lot of up tempo on it because that's how I was feeling. In the studio you end up writing other things as well, but there are some dance tracks on it. I wanted to incorporate funk into it," said Lopez.

"I had been listening to a lot of James Brown and horns and drums and it gave it a nice funk for this album."

The album also features a track with husband Marc Anthony.

"Marc is a through professional. He is great to work with. Sure, we'll work together again," said Lopez, who is also working on her first Spanish album.

"Right now, I'm also very excited about the release of my first Spanish album which I'm currently working on. It is my passion project."

She has had a series of failed relationships including the much touted ones like with actor Ben Affleck and rap mogul Sean P. Diddy Combs aka Puff Daddy.

But now, says Lopez, she is very settled with Salsa star Anthony. "I am definitely very happy at this stage in my life and feel very much at peace, whatever else comes along the way, I'll deal with it then."

Another change in her life has been that she now only wants to be known by her full name and not the popular "JLo".

"Yes, JLo is the name of my first album ... I have moved on from my first album," said the singer, who was once called "Guitar" because of her perfect contours.

"I want to be known by my name, which is Jennifer Lopez."

PETA Protesting Use of Fur in Jennifer Lopez Clothing Line

Jennifer Lopez has become the latest target of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The animal rights group is are urging people to write Lopez to ask her to stop using real animal fur in her clothing line. Lopez' line, Sweetface, debuted last month during New York Fashion Week.

PETA's website notes that other designers including Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Todd Oldham, and Marc Bouwer have 'created synthetic alternatives that are hip, humane, and easily available and don't turn animals into fashion victims.'

The website goes into a great deal of detail on methods used to skin animals, while at the same time offering video of Lopez wearing fur. PETA claims to have contacted Lopez to urge her to find an alternative to the slaughter of live animals in the name of fashion.

So far, Lopez has had no comment.

PETA Protesters Attack Jennifer Lopez At Diner


Animal activists made diners at JENNIFER LOPEZ's Pasadena, California, restaurant a little uneasy today (10MAR05) as they showed them images of animals skinned alive over lunch.

PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) followers took their fur protests against Lopez to a new level by protesting outside Madre's.
They also paraded large posters of Lopez with the words "Fur Hag" attached and placards featuring images of orphaned animals and the caption "J.Lo: These Babies Miss Their Mother - Is She on Your Back?" as diners tried to eat lunch.

The activism was part of an ongoing campaign to shame Lopez for "promoting and profiting from the bloody fur industry".

Activists with body-screen TVs also used the Madre's protest to air the west coast debut of the first-ever video footage of fur farms in China, shot during a year-long undercover investigation.

The protest comes on the heels of the February (05) debut of Lopez's fur-laden SWEETFACE fashion collection, which has been panned by critics and animal rights activists alike.

A PETA spokesman says, "Lopez continues to pimp for the fur industry despite the fact that PETA has contacted her no less than a dozen times, pleading with her to stop supporting the horrific abuse of animals killed for their fur."

PETA have just launched an anti-J.Lo website JLODOWN.COM, which urges the Latina to stop wearing fur.

Jennifer Lopez New Fashion Line

Jennifer Lopez is to present her new fashion line at New York Fashion Week in mid- February.

The 33 pop diva has only been designing for three years and doesn’t regard herself as a fully fledged designer.

She said that the new collection is just the start of her fashion career and she does not regard herself as in the same league as Christian Dior Designer John Galliano.
The line is called Sweet face and the inspiration is Lopez’s own style and image that the public are familiar with.

The collection will include a range of items including cashmere tops, velvet jackets, fox furs and fedoras. Although the singer added It’s about making a smaller line, with better quality and better fabrics.

Lopez has always had a love of fashion quoting Madonna’s style as an inspiration to her as a young child.

Monster-in-Law stars Fonda and Lopez airbrushed for promotional pictures

Two stars of the new film 'Monster-in-Law', Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez, have undergone a digital makeover after film bosses decided they were not happy with publicity shots showing sweaty armpits, a saggy chin and a bit too much nipple.

Experts decided to touch up the pictures after they noticed the 67-year-old's Fonda's sweat patch under her arm and her saggy chin, which, after some computer tinkering, resulted in a painless face-lift for the double Oscar-winner.

The profile of 32-year-old co-star Jennifer Lopez was also altered to reduce the appearance of her nipple under her halter-neck top.

'Monster-in-Law' is Fonda's first film in 15 years. She last appeared in 'Stanley and Iris' with Robert De Niro, back in 1990.

In her new role, she plays the merciless mother of Charlotte Honeywell, played by Lopez, who tries to ruin her daughter's love life after having gone on an endless string of blind dates, which all go disastrously wrong, until she meets the perfect man, played by Michael Vartan.

Fonda is due to have a hip replacement operation soon and may have to attend the film premiere in May on crutches.

The film, directed by Robert Luketic and written by Anya Kochoff and Richard LaGravanese, is released on May 6.

Lopez Runs for the Bordertown

Project will reunite actress-singer with her Selena helmer Gregory Nava.

Jennifer Lopez, who worked with helmer Gregory Nava on Selena, will reunite with the director for her next project, Bordertown. Lopez and her partner Simon Fields will produce under their Nuyorican Prods. banner, while Nava and his partner Barbara Martinez Jitner will also produce through their El Norte Prods. shingle. Mosaic Media Group will also be taking on producing duties.

With a script by Nava, the story centers on the exploits of a journalist investigating a string of murders near various American-owned factories on the border of El Paso and Juarez, Mexico. The project, which carries a $20 million budget, will begin shooting in New Mexico and Mexico at the end of April. Mobius Entertainment will provide financing.

Nava originally developed Bordertown under a first-look deal he had at New Line. Now, David Bergstein and Tracee Stanley Newell will executive produce for Mobius.

Lopez, repped by ICM, will next be seen with Jane Fonda in the comedy Monster-in-Law. She also recently completed work on Lasse Hallstrom's An Unfinished Life. Other recent credits for the singer-actress include Shall We Dance?, Jersey Girl and Gigli. Back in 1998, Nava directed her to a Golden Globe nod for Selena.

Jennifer Lopez Steps out at NRJ Awards

Pop Diva Jennifer Lopez stepped out in a revealing outfit at this week’s NRj Music Awards.

The 33 year old beauty was in Cannes to open the awards with Usher who also won best singer of the year award.

Lopez looked stunning in a skimpy floral print dress with ruffles slit up to the thigh and accessorised with chunky wooden bracelets.
The outfit embraced this season’s most wanted trends which were show on the catwalk collections for spring summer 2005.

J- Lo who is married to her third husband Marc Antony has left acting on the backburner this year and is concentrating on her music career.

She is currently working on her as yet untitled new album which is due for release this year.

Jeniffer Lopez Ditches The Bling


R&B star JENNIFER LOPEZ has toned down her 'bling-bling' wardrobe in favour of "comfortable" clothes, but she still has a taste for expensive jewellery.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer has started wearing more conservative outfits since marrying Latino singer MARC ANTHONY last June (04), and her prolific clothes-buying in the past is starting to pay dividends.
The 35-year-old says, "This coat I'm wearing now has been in my closet for six years, so I have all this new stuff that's actually old.

"I still love my hoop earrings and my bling but I also see myself gravitating towards stuff that is a little bit more comfortable and lived in."

Jennifer Lopez Bans Marc Anthonys Tight Undies


Latina beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ has reportedly banned her husband MARC ANTHONY from wearing tight underpants - because she fears it will threaten his chances of fathering a child with her.

Friends claim the JENNY FROM THE BLOCK star has forced Anthony, whom she secretly married in June (04), to wear boxer shorts because research suggests closely fitting underwear can reduce a man's sperm count.
An insider tells British newspaper the DAILY STAR, "She binned them and bought him 50 pairs of boxer shorts instead."



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