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Jaime Pressly Actress

Jaime Pressly

Sex kitten Jaime is best known for her roles as "Audrey Griffin" on The WB's series "Jack & Jill" and as "Priscilla" in 2001's "Not Another Teen Movie." Besides her acting credentials, perhaps her most valueable asset is her incredible figure. Not surprisingly, she was featured in a playboy spread. Jaime Lynn Pressly was born in Kinston, North Carolina, on July 30th, 1977. The natural beauty began performing as a professional gymnast and dancer. Her classical dance instructor mother coached a young Jaime, who continued to practice gymnastics for 11 years. Although a trained dancer and gymnast, Jaime broke through as a model. By the time she was 13, her recognition was beginning to grow internationally. Appearing on the cover of Teen Magazine, Jaime also took to the world with modeling work in Italy and Japan. At the age of 15, the precocious teen legally emancipated from her parents, and began to appear behind movie cameras. She made her big screen debut in the 1997 film, Poison Ivy: New Seduction; she was offered the role after appearing as Drew Barrymore's body double in the original Poison Ivy film. After her role as a prostitute in Poison Ivy, Jaime appeared in the films Against the Law, The Journey: Absolution and Can't Hardly Wait, where it's safe to say that she stole the show from Jennifer Love Hewitt. That same year, she appeared in the Jerry Springer film Ringmaster, and was cast as C.J. Callum in Trash and in Coyote Moon, as Dottie. Jaime hit it big on the small screen in 1999, when she was cast as promiscuous dancer Audrey on the hit television show, Jack & Jill. While the only thing that she has in common with her role is her love for dance, Jaime is receiving recognition as one of the Jack & Jill babes.

No stranger to television roles, Jaime appeared in the television series Push, and has shared her knowledge on the game show Hollywood Squares. The Southern girl starred in the film Best Actress (along with model Rachel Hunter); appeared in Poor White Trash (although she is anything but); appeared as Cynthia the Goddess in the comedy 100 Girls; and starred in the thriller Pinata. Currently married to Brodie Mitchell (sorry guys), the model/actress recently became a new spokesmodel for Liz Claiborne Cosmetics and the new fragrance "Lucky You". With a tattoo on her lower back of a blue Leo sign, with "healthy, strong and brave" written in Japanese, Jaime is only the next to prove that a beautiful face and talent can also blossom into a lucrative film career -- something Rachael Leigh Cook could have told her.

Living just outside of Los Angeles, Pressly spends her time, when not working, with friends who share her love for the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, horseback riding and swimming. She also continues to dance, as she has for the past 18 years. Gardening, cooking, reading and buying antique furniture are among her other passions.

More fun facts about Jaime Pressly

Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)

Hates doing love scenes. Feels that even a stage kiss is too intimate.

Legally emancipated from her parents at age 15.

Became a spokesmodel for Liz Claiborne Cosmetics and will advertise the company's new fragrance "Lucky You"

On the December 10, 2001 episode of the Howard Stern Radio Show, when describing Howard's not-so-great looks, she said "You got slapped [with] a yarmulke."

First person to appear on multiple covers of "Stuff" magazine

Ranked #8 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002).

Vital statistics in 1998: 35 - 24 - 36


Interview With the Women of "Torque"

Jaime Pressly, Monet Mazur and Christina Milian
The women of “Torque” – Jaime Pressly, Monet Mazur and Christina Milian - made a special appearance at the San Diego International Comic Con to promote their roles in this action/drama/biker movie. Though the movie is all about motorcycles and not technically a ‘comic book’ flick, the actresses tied it in to the Comic Con by admitting their director, Joseph Kahn, drew inspiration from comic book heroes.

According to Warner Bros Pictures, “Torque” centers around biker Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) who returns to his hometown where he reunites with his girlfriend (Monet Mazur). Once home, Ford is framed for a murder he didn't commit, targeted for revenge by the victim's brother (Ice Cube), and pursued by the FBI as he tries to clear his name and outrace his enemies.

Looking gorgeous and happy to be promoting “Torque,” Pressly, Mazur and Milian discussed physically preparing for their roles, stunt work, and what makes “Torque” different from your average biker movie.

How did you get involved with this biker movie?
JAIME PRESSLY: I had worked with the producers prior to this. I read the script and called up Neal Moritz and said, “When can we start?” They called me and said, “Yeah, you can do it,” right after I’d gotten into a motorcycle accident. Two days [after the accident], “Jaime, you got the part.”

MONET MAZUR: They sent it to me to read and I thought, “I’m not really right for that part at all.”

JAIME PRESSLY: That’s exactly why you want to do it.

MONET MAZUR: No one has ever cast me as the biker chick in a movie. They were really adamant. I was really pushed to go in on it. I thought, “Okay, maybe [the director's] going to do it and not be in a typical cliché like ‘biker chick’ kind of way.” When I met the director - he’s a very hip guy – he described the way he wanted to make her. I was kind of like, “Oh yeah? Okay, let’s do it.” Then he handed me a gun to use [and] I was like, “Whoa.” The minute I had my boots and leather and guns on, I jumped right into it.

CHRISTINA MILIAN: Mine was kind of by accident. It was kind of crazy. I hadn’t been acting for a while; I’d been involved in my music career for a while. I was on a show on MTV. I was hosting my show and actually Joseph Kahn, the director of the movie, was a guest on my show. After the show, he was like, “I’ve been watching you this whole time. I think you’d be so great for this movie.” I’m like, “Yeah, okay. I’ve heard that line before." He [said], “It’s called ‘Torque.’” Next thing I know I’m getting calls from people from Warner Bros. I’m hearing Neal Moritz is producing it, which is a big name. He’s done “Fast and the Furious” and all these great movies. I was like, “Maybe I will take this seriously.”

I read the script and they actually had me come in and meet with everybody. We took it from there. It was a great opportunity, especially coming back into acting with the action and motorcycles.

JAIME PRESSLY: And as little acting as possible...

How much training did you do to prepare for this movie?
JAIME PRESSLY: Four hours a day for about a month. Also in the gym training an hour or two hours a day, and then we had fight training. It was a big training thing – lots of training.

CHRISTINA MILIAN: I had to do a quick course. I had a 16-hour training day because I was actually on tour, and I was working out with MTV. Being that it was such a last minute thing they were like, “You’ve got to hurry up and do this.” I came in for one whole day and worked out with the teacher. I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed it; it was really, really cool. It was great riding a bike.
Were there any collisions or accidents?
MONET MAZUR: There were a few.

JAIME PRESSLY: One of our stunt girls got in a pretty bad accident. She busted her head open.

MONET MAZUR: Even Jay Hernandez fell off the bike, actually.

CHRISTINA MILIAN: And Martin [Henderson] got hurt.

MONET MAZUR: I just dropped [the motorcycle] like a dork and it kept going.

JAIME PRESSLY: Were you going to say the worst thing? The explosion?

MONET MAZUR: Yeah, the explosion.

JAIME PRESSLY: We filmed downtown in LA and the explosion was a little bigger than they thought it was going to be. It blew out all the windows.

What’s going to be different about "Torque" that'll set it apart from other biker movies?
JAIME PRESSLY: What’s really being brought to the table is Joseph Kahn. It’s his directorial debut in film. Being that he’s a video director who has won so many awards, he has really, really great vision and style. I think his style is what’s going to be so great about the film in general, because it’s visually gorgeous.

MONET MAZUR: It doesn’t give you a second to sit back...

JAIME PRESSLY: ...and think.

MONET MAZUR: It’s like being on a roller coaster.

JAIME PRESSLY: It’s definitely entertaining.

MONET MAZUR: And funny, which you don’t really expect.

JAIME PRESSLY: You don’t get that in action films, and he really kept that in there.

CHRISTINA MILIAN: He would add in lines.

Did any of you add in lines?
JAIME PRESSLY: In action movies you don’t get to adlib a whole lot because you have so many marks to hit.

MONET MAZUR: It’s always about hitting the action mark. Sometimes you’ll come up with a great one-liner like in “Terminator.”

JAIME PRESSLY: But 'one-liner' is about what you get – one line. There are no monologues in there – there might be one or two – but there’s very few because it’s action. It’s not necessarily about the acting, if we’re being honest, it’s more about the action. The way that he did it, and the cast that he had, it was kind of a given that it was going to be a good film.

MONET MAZUR: You kind of get your pick of what you want in a movie. There’s a little bit of everything.

Is it safe to assume that at least one of you is a villain?
JAIME PRESSLY: That would be me.

What was it like playing the bad girl?
JAIME PRESSLY: It was great because I got to change up the look for once. Everybody wants to keep the blonde hair and make me up like a Barbie Doll. I can’t stand that, you know? I’d rather be in flip-flops and a wife beater with my hair pulled back in a hat, quite frankly. It was great because I got to do the black hair thing and the pierced nose and the pierced lips. It’s nothing like what I’ve ever done before as far as my look was concerned, so I was really excited about it.

It’s easier to get into character when you don’t look like America Apple Pie, when they completely trash you up. I don’t mean trashy in the slutty sense, I mean trashy in the good sense. It was very sweaty for everybody.

MONET MAZUR: It was 110 degrees. We were trying to get touched up between takes and then I think all of us were like, “You know what? Stop it. Screw it. Let the dirt get in your face. Who cares?” She (Jaime Pressly) got a little air conditioning in between [takes] but my suits were one-piece that zipped up to the neck with long sleeves. I had about five because they’d take about two days to dry after a day of work.

JAIME PRESSLY: I had to go get my arms, because I have peach fuzz everywhere, I had to go get waxed - okay, that was fun (laughing) - so that they could put all the tattoos on my arms every single day. My hair wasn’t permanently dyed, it was airbrushed every day. I had to go in and it was like a three or four hour [process]. You’d have to go in 10 hours before you’d actually work just to get it all done. It was really time consuming but so worth it once you got all that on. All of a sudden, you felt like you were your character.
Tell me about the guys that you worked with.
JAIME PRESSLY: Martin Henderson, Ice Cube, Jay Hernandez, Will Lee…

How was working with Ice Cube?
JAIME PRESSLY: Cube’s great. He rode around on a scooter all day like a gang boy. Everybody was great. It was all guys and just us girls.

MONET MAZUR: It was a pretty eclectic group.

Was it fun on and off the set?
JAIME PRESSLY: We were on set so much that we didn’t really get to do anything off set. We had as much fun as we could but it’s really hard when you put an actor or any artist in a trailer and say, “Sit for 13 hours and then you’re going to come work for 10 minutes.” It’s just like, “Oh, for God’s sake.” You couldn’t take off your leathers. My leathers laced all the way up the front and the sides so I couldn’t take them off. Once they were on, you had to leave them on. In 110 degrees, you are just sitting there melting.

MONET MAZUR: You have these bulky motorcycle boots that you’re wearing, so that’s where all the heat is being held in.

Were you turned off on riding after this movie?
JAIME PRESSLY: I was turned off, like I said, two days before I found out I was getting the role. No, it was really fun. We had to start off on dirt bikes and work our way up to the Jesse James bikes that he made for us. I’ve got to say, I’d like to go back and get on one of those dirt bikes. I loved the dirt bikes. You can maneuver easier.

MONET MAZUR: When I got on my bike, I had a Triumph 660, which was like three times the size of me. I almost threw myself off the back of it a couple of times.

JAIME PRESSLY: They are so powerful.

Did any of you draw inspiration from characters in comic books?
JAIME PRESSLY: I can’t say that I necessarily did, but I can say that Joseph the director absolutely did.

CHRISTINA MILIAN: The director definitely did. I think we all have a little bit of action hero in us.

MONET MAZUR: A lot of the old school-like 80s “Romancing the Stone” - that kind of action comedy like, “I love you. I hate you. Shut-up,” sort of thing. We fused together a bunch of things from “Tomb Raider” to “Catwoman” to Gwen Stefani to Evel Knievel. There were a lot of “Star Wars” references to Martin Henderson’s character.

"Torque" is presented by Warner Bros. Pictures and is set for release January 16, 2004.

Jaime Pressly: A Good Southern Girl

Playboy.com: Did you get to kiss or fight Jerry Springer in Ringmaster?

Jaime Pressly: I didn't get to kiss him but I got to be in a lot of fight scenes.

PB: Any battle scars?

JP: Oh, yes. I'd leave the set with bruises and scratches every day. I play this white trash chick who slept with her stepfather and thinks Jerry is a god.

PB: Do you think Jerry could take Oprah in the ring?
JP: No. Oprah would take him. He's really a sensitive, intelligent, humble guy. He can't believe that so many people watch his show.

PB: What is it about Southern girls that drives men so crazy?

JP: We cook, clean, entertain, are very hospitable and we make our beds. It's how we were raised. We're like Pilgrims.

PB: The whole package, your boyfriend is lucky. Do you prefer your man in boxers or briefs?

JP: Definitely boxers. I like the Calvin Klein cotton ones. So cute.

PB: What's your best physical attribute?
JP: [long pause] My eyes.

PB: Have you ever been a bad Southern girl and "done it" in a barn?

JP: No. But once me and my boyfriend were at a friend's house and snuck out into the garage and "did it" in the back seat of their car. It was great.

PB: When you become as big as Demi Moore and have handlers and houses all over the world, will you have a body double employed to do your nude scenes?

JP: No way! I love my body. And if I didn't, I'd get on the Stair Master.

Jaime Pressly: "Not Another Teen Movie"

Was this a chance to spoof some of the straight teen roles you've played?
Deon: Of course, and the ones we've gone out for. We've auditioned for these roles a million times and been turned down a million times for the same roles in the non-spoof films.

Jaime: Here I'm playing like three of the characters that I didn't book but I got to the bitter end (of auditioning).

Which ones did you try out for?
Jaime: "She's All That" bitch, "Bring it On" bitch, the bitch - period. In all these movies, these bad teen movies, my character is made up of the movies in the last five or six years, not the John Hughes films. My character is so over the top, but it's just funny to me. The whole point of this film is people are like, "So, this is a teen movie?" No, did you not read the title? It's "Not Another Teen Movie." We're catering to the baby boomer generation as well because of the John Hughes films.

John Hughes isn't "baby boomer" though.
Jaime: No, they're not - they were our generation growing up in the 80s, however our parents watched them with us because it was the time when we were watching movies with our parents.

Deon: It was a time when, if you think about all the movies from before, you won't really hear parents talking too much about "She's All That" or "Bring it On," but they all remember "The Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Bueller."

But don't you think those are classics?
Jaime: That's why I said it would cater to the baby boomer generation, as well.

Deon: And that's the reason because the movies that have been written in the past five or six years have been typical, poorly written, "let's just stick with same concept, just get a good look on there" films. Adults hate them.

Jaime: And the crazy thing is - I don't know why the actors allow them to do it in the first place. They pigeonhole actors because they keep getting them to play, offering them the same role over and over and over, just rewording the same damn thing. It's really hard to say no to money but you have to. Everything happens for a reason. I did get all those characters because now I'm making fun of all those characters in one character in one movie. And I think our movie is 150 times better than all of them. Not the John Hughes films, I mean the ones in the last five or six years. They're awful.

Deon: That's the coolest thing because I play the token black guy and a couple of the guys who have played black guys in the movies are my friends. They're going to look at this like, "Damn, he's doing me" (laughing). But it's cool because the sad thing about it is, you can't remember them right now. You can't remember who they are, what their names are. But I'm going to be remembered forever for being the "token black guy." I didn't get any of the roles I was supposed to get, that I was supposed to be the token black guy. That's going to be the best thing about this role for me.

Jaime: We're setting the tone. We're trying to stop all the BS films, not single-handedly or anything. If the film does as well as we'd like it to, then I think it will definitely change a couple of minds, especially in the industry.

Did you get to make up any of your own catch phrases?
Deon: No, not really. They were all made up, it was just more like how to say them. I wanted to stay away from the real phrases we say today. I just wanted to make fun of it as much as we could. It can't be cool. It has to be bad.

Where did the "bitch" pigeonhole come from?
Jaime: Because of my deep voice and my street-like [aura]. I've been on my own since I was 15, so I've got that tough girl tomboy [thing]. I'm a Leo. People just didn't see me as this sweet, vulnerable, innocent girl. They saw me as the strong, tough whatever who could play the bitch well. And bitches are fun to play. They really are.

Did you get pigeonholed for erotic thrillers when you did "Poison Ivy?"
Jaime: Yeah, but I didn't take them.

How did you resist stuff like that?
Jaime: I didn't want to take my clothes off. It's easy to say no. I wasn't supposed to in the first film I did, "Poison Ivy." I was supposed to show the silhouette of my left boob while I'm changing, putting my shirt on and you were supposed to see me swimming in a G-string bikini, so you saw my butt. Now there's what? Six or seven scenes where you see my boobs and my butt. They tried to use lower frontal nudity at one point and I ran off set, called my lawyer. This is the very first film I ever did, okay. I was 18 and 19 years old. Knowing that I didn't know what I was doing at the time, I didn't know that I could say, "No, I don't want to do that. No, it wasn't in the nudity clause." I had no idea. My manager was new, who I'm still with. She was in Germany for the three weeks I was filming, so it was a big learning lesson for me and I don't regret it because I learned what I can and cannot do, what I do and do not have to do and what I can and cannot say no to. So, I learned a lot of lessons and unfortunately a lot of women get started in the business that way. It's unfortunate but true.

Would there be any circumstance where you might be willing to do nudity again?
Jaime: As long as it didn't have to do with some huge sex scene. As long as it's not "Poison Ivy," yeah. It's got to be the right movie, the right people surrounding me and the right script and character. I'm not afraid of it, I just don't want to use it for blatant like, "We need ratings, here's my tits." I'm not going to do that. That movie was strictly T&A and the only way to sell it was to show my T&A which is why they did that. I didn't realize all that stuff until after the fact, but now I know.

What about doing the cover of "Maxim?"
Jaime: "Maxim's" very different. "Maxim's" okay now because I had done two things on the inside of "Maxim." In the last two or three years I've been one of their 100 girls. It's become such a big ordeal, everyone has their top 100 girls. "FHM," "Maxim," "Stuff," all of them. It's quite ridiculous because I look in there and I'm like, "Okay, really? What is she doing there?" It's like "People's" 50 Most Beautiful People of the Year. You're like, "Who the hell is that and why on earth?" But I like "Maxim" because A) it's a good magazine. Great articles in it. It's kind of like "Playboy." There are good articles in it. There really are. Girls say yes to these things and they do these things on their own. No one forces them to. I'm not putting anybody down because they said so, just like Freddie Prinze said, "Sure, I'll go do the same part five times." They'll take the check, it's their deal. However, I did the cover of "Stuff."

Is it different being sexy in something like "Maxim" than doing a nude scene in a movie?
Jaime: Absolutely, because I'm not nude in "Maxim."

What was your experience like working with that magazine?
Jaime: They were trying to change the face of "Maxim" for the December issue or whatever and we did a Helmut Newton-type shoot where everything was black and white. It was the first time they'd ever done that, and the first short-haired cover they'd ever done. They wanted to put extensions on me and I'm like, "Well, I'll leave right now. I cut my hair for a reason. I'm not going to be in the bombshell category anymore. I don't want to be." People are going to put me in that anyway just because that's them, but I chopped my hair for myself, but also so that everybody would realize that I'm not trying to hide behind my hair. There's more to me than my long, blonde hair and my little dancer body. I want to be able to do other things and they were pigeonholing me so badly because of that, that is was ridiculous. "Maxim" is not a bad magazine. "Stuff" is not a bad magazine. I did two covers last year of "Stuff." They pigeonholed me into the second cover. It was one that I did with five or six other girls but we shot them individually and then they put us in for a movie. The movie never came out here. It ended up releasing in Europe. So, they pulled the thing but they wanted to use me on the cover instead, so they held it. Meanwhile, I was supposed to do "Maxim" to promote "Joe Dirt" and "Tomcats" and couldn't do it. So, they released "Stuff" at the wrong time calling me 'The Movie Girl of the Year' or something which is to make me feel better I guess about it.

What about "Playboy?"
Jaime: I did it when I was 20. I did a celebrity pictorial. I'll never do it again. I don't have a problem with other people doing it, it's just something I don't want to do for myself. I've been there and done that, you know.

Ever talk to Drew Barrymore or Alyssa Milano?
Jaime: I've spoken to Alyssa quite a few times. Drew I've never met.

Did she mention how she got over "Poison Ivy?"
Jaime: It came up because in the second one, I was her body double. That's how they found me for the third one. Every time Alyssa is reading Ivy's diary, she sees pictures in there, as she's reading it and imagining Ivy, that's me. You don't see my face, but that's me and as she's looking at all the pictures, all the pictures are me, because Drew wasn't going to come and do something like that. So then a year and a half, two years later - [By the way], I love Drew Barrymore. I think she's great - but no, a year and a half, two years later that's how they found me. They couldn't find a girl and they found my picture, an old picture and called me and said, "Are you acting or anything?" Because at the time I was modeling.

What's next for you?
Deon: I just finished doing this movie, "Van Wilder: Party Liaison" with Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid. That's about it, just waiting for that to drop.

Jaime: I have a development deal with ABC and Touchstone. We're developing a series that will be released in the Fall of 2002. And while we were shooting this film, I did a kids' film for my seven-year-old sister who cried and said, "How come I never get to see sissy do anything?" I did a kids' film with Jon Voight, "Unleashed," and it's a talking dog and the whole thing. I'm not the lead which is okay, but at least Jessie, my sister, will [see it]. She literally can't watch any of my stuff. "Jack and Jill" was past her bed time.

Jaime Pressly: Poison Ivy

"I hate that movie," Jaime Pressly said of Poison Ivy: New Seduction. "When I signed on, there were supposed to be two quick nude scenes. But when the producers saw me naked, all of a sudden I was naked in every scene. At the time I didn't know any better, and since I'm so uninhibited, I really didn't think twice about it. Now it's always on cable — a nightmare that won't go away."

Shortly after the film's release, Pressly returned home to Kinston, North Carolina. "I was in a bar, and everybody started singing that Coasters song 'Poison Ivy.' I just ran out the back door..."


Jaime Pressly: Picture perfect

A familiar face graces the cover of Tom Breitling's new photography book titled "Vintage Vegas."

That's actress/model Jaime Pressly, who has been dating the Golden Nugget co-owner since last spring.

They met when she walked into Breitling's office to pitch an idea.

"She came in to talk about doing a show -- she does choreography for a dance show," Breitling said.

Soon they were quietly dating, a relationship they managed to keep under the radar for months.

The book came about through Breitling's passion for photography. He's hoping it's a face that launches thousands of sales.

"I thought she'd be the perfect person for the cover," said Breitling, who bought the Golden Nugget with business partner Tim Poster.

Pressly will be appearing at the launch party on Friday night at the Golden Nugget pool area, along with the 14 models who appear in Old Vegas scenes and award-winning photographer Scott Duncan, who is the brother of NBA star Tim Duncan.

Breitling self-published the 96-page coffee table-style book, which goes for $50.

Jaime Pressly: Healthy, Stong, Brave

There's an amazing honesty about 23-year-old Jaime Pressly. As famous for her looks 5'5", 107 pounds, washboard abs, long blonde hair as she is for her portrayal of trailer trash (in 1998's Ringmaster), she minces no words. When talking about nude scenes and sex on screen, the former international teen model tells it like it is. Good thing too, since sex has figured into Pressly's roles one way or another. "I despise kissing scenes," she says. "Kissing is more personal to me than sex, so having to do such a scene on screen with someone you barely know can be difficult."

Although she's garnered a loyal if somewhat rabid following thanks to films like Poison Ivy: New Seduction, Blue Coyote and Best Actress, Jaime likes the simple things: hanging with her fiance, pro surfer Scott Rask, and having backyard bar-be-ques. These days she can been seen on the WB's fledgling drama, Jack and Jill, where she plays Audrey, the very limber Broadway dancer. Despite her sexy roles and an even hotter Playboy pictorial, Jaime describes herself as your average ocean-loving beach bum. We're not buying it either.

drDrew.com: Tell us about a guilty pleasure.
Jaime Pressly: I love cheese. And strawberries slathered in whipped cream. I also love greasy french fries.

drDrew.com: You didn't get your shape eating that. What are your nutritional staples?
JP: Lots of big green salads and meat and potatoes. My boyfriend eats a lot of filet steaks with a baked potato and a side of vegetables. I love pasta but don't eat it as much as I used to. I cut out a lot of carbs. I also eat a lot of fresh fruits,honeydew and pineapple are my favorites.

drDrew.com: Do you have any sort of regular exercise routine?
JP: I really hate going to the gym because it's like a meat market there. I like to do a lot of ballet barre stretches to keep my body flexible and toned. Ballet is about control of each muscle. I'm into my 19th year of dance; my mother is a dance teacher, so I've done everything from jazz to tap to ballet. I also swim a lot because I live at the beach, it's a great form of exercise.

drDrew.com: I understand you were a very active tomboy growing up in Kinston, North Carolina. How does that relate to your sexy image of today?
JP: I think tomboys are sexy in that they're strong, determined, and motivated. I used to play dress-up with the girls and "war" with the boys. My brother is ten years older than me and he was my idol. Everything he did, I wanted to do, so "war" was my favorite thing growing up. I loved playing with the guys.

drDrew.com: What do you look for in a man today?
JP: Scott has everything. I like somebody who can go into any situation and not know anybody, yet make himself comfortable and right at home. He had to be able to adapt to any environment. I am somebody who actually feeds off of other peoples' energy, so I like surrounding myself with people. Physically, I like somebody who gives a damn about his body, cares what he eats, and exercises. Scott is extremely fit at 6'3". Everything on him is fully developed and well-cut. That's what I like. He also has to be honest and not sugar-coat anything for me.

drDrew.com: Does he mind you hopping into bed and doing very sexy scenes?
JP: Scott's not an actor, he's a surfer. He has as big a problem with all that kissing as I do. It always look so real on screen, even though our crotches never touch when we're filming and I'm wearing pasties on my breasts. I put layers and layers on--if you just put one on, you might as well be naked.

drDrew.com: What about doing sexy poses for magazines?
JP: Being nude in front of a photographer doesn't bother me. I love being naked, who doesn't come home after a long day and just strip off? It's the best thing you can do. But doing a movie and being naked are very different.

drDrew.com: If you could go back and do something all over again, what would it be?
JP: I'd finish school. I was 14 when I moved out to California with my mother. I went to school at Costa Mesa High School for my sophomore year, but my parents were in the middle of a divorce. I was tired of being in the middle of it, so I went to Japan on a modeling contract. When I came back, I went back into independent study, finished my senior year, and went into junior college. I would like to finish college. I was a fitness specialist with a dance minor.

drDrew.com: The tattoo on your lower back, what does it represent?
JP: It's a blue Leo sign with a Japanese letter that means "healthy, strong and brave."

Jaime Pressly: One on One

Q: Do any of the characters on Ringmaster remind you of friends from home?
All of them remind me of someone, but for the record, I don't know anyone who has gotten pregnant by their stepfather!

Q: Between Jill, Barto and Mikey, whom would you rather be with, assuming they were real people?
They are all too cute to choose just one, and each of them is really great in different ways.

Q: You have the cutest toes. Are you ticklish?
Nope. Not anywhere.

Q: What was your movie Piñata like?
It was a four-week, challenging shoot that didn't end soon enough.

Q: What is it like on the set of Jack & Jill?
It's like a second family, so there are good days and bad days. But overall, I feel so fortunate to be there.

Q: What was it like to be in Maxim magazine? Were you comfortable in those suits?
I loved the piece and absolutely felt comfortable in the swimsuits.

Q: Are you really a dancer?
I grew up dancing. My mother was a dance teacher, so I was always taking lessons.

Q: Is it true someone gets shot at the end of the E! movie [Best Actress]? Who is it? Is it you?
Well, I can tell you that one of the nominees shoots the winner of the award, but as to who gets shot and why, I can't tell you that! Watch this Sunday!

Q: How did you get into show biz?
I pounded the pavement every day--worked my butt off. And I'm happy to be one of the lucky ones.

Q: What is the one thing in your closet that you can't live without?

My Doc Martens. If they are not in my life, I might not be able to go on.

Q: Do you like kissing Barto?
It's a pleasure!

Q: Are you religious?
No, but I believe in God and consider myself very spiritual.

Q: Are you friends with either Amanda or Sarah in real life?
Absolutely. However, we all have significant others and busy schedules, so hanging out off the set doesn't happen as much as we would like.

Q: What's Anthony Head like to work with? He is cool!
He was such a joy to work with. We had a lot of fun together.

Q: What can you tell us about your new movie 100 Girls? From the hype alone, it sounds excellent. Do you know when it's going to come out?
It's a great film, and I had a blast working on it. But as of now, it doesn't have a release date.

Q: Is there anything we can do to save Jack & Jill? I love the show!
Absolutely. Log on to the Jack & Jill Website off the WB site, and send as many emails as you can.

Q: Are Audrey and Barto the ones getting engaged?
I can't tell you that--you'll have to watch the show to find out.

Q: Who is your significant other, or is it a secret?
For now, I'm going to keep that to myself!

Q: Tell us about Jerry Springer.
He's a total gentleman, kind and really intelligent.

Q: What kind of men do you like?
I look for strength, common sense and a great sense of humor.

Q: What is your character like in Best Actress? Are you similar to her in any way?
She's misguided, and no one ever told her she's pretty without makeup. I think I am very different from her in that sense.

Jaime Pressly on teen movies

The multi-talented Jaime Pressly ("Joe Dirt") who studied gymnastics for 11 years, has a modeling background, is in the development process of her new television show, plays one of the leading roles in "Not Another Teen Movie" She describes her character as "a bitch on wheels." The Pace Press had the chance to talk to Jamie about her career and her plans for the future.

The Pace Press: I need to ask you something personal…

Jaime Pressly: Sure, sure go ahead.

You're not married, are you? (Referring to her ring)…No, this is my grandmother's ring; it's 60 years old. She just past away. I used to play dress up in it, and she left it to me. By the way, if you heard that I was…there is this man, I forget his name, he keeps saying he's married to me, it's on the internet…

Brodie Mitchell?

Yes, Brodie Mitchell!

I found that information on IMDB.com…

Who is he?

I was going to ask you that.

We have to look into that because he's literally everywhere telling everyone. Right his name down cause he's going to be dead tomorrow. (Laughs) No I'm kidding. Okay, getting back to the movie, what attracted you to it?

If you read a script and you're laughing out loud alone, you know you must do it. It was hilarious and they rewrote it as we went along and it was even funnier. Also for the last six years, I've been up for every lead bitch in every teen movie there was and it would come down to me and one other girl, and for some reason I just wouldn't get it. And the reason is, God was like, "no, no, no, trust me, your gonna make fun of all of them in a couple of years." And that's what happened; everything happens for a reason.

What were you like in high school?

It was kind of weird for me in high school. I went through my freshman year in North Carolina in a small town where everyone knew my family. So it was a great freshman year and I even got to go to the prom. The second half of my sophomore year I left and went to Japan on a modelingcontract. I came back and finished my junior year of high school and left and went to college and majored in Sports Medicine Fitness Specialist with Dance minor. Then I realized sports medicine was gonna take me seven years so I just started working in the entertainment business. I enjoyed college but I wasn't into the high school thing because I wasn't into the cliques. I hung out with everybody, even the gang members.


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