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Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale, co-star of the "Constantine" Movie!

Gavin McGregor Rossdale was born October 30, 1967 in Kilburn, London England. Gavin's family consists of his parents Barbara and Richard and an older sister Soraya and a younger sister, Lorraine. When he was 11, his parents divorced and Gavin then lived with his father, who is a doctor. As a teen Gavin was a self proclaimed punk, who used to put egg whites in hair and glitter on his stomach. Soraya got him into band like the Pixies and by age 19 Gavin was learning guitar. After a few failed bands, including Midnight, he met up with Nigel Pulsford in 1992 at a concert and soon after Bush was formed. By 1994 Bush had a record deal, and began touring in 1995. Thier first album, Sixteen Stone went platinum many times and they became one of the most popular British bands in American history, touring the world more than once and selling out almost every venue they played. 3 more studio and one remix album followed and each time they released something, Gavin has shown how much he has grown as a songwriter and as a musician. In the summer of 2002, Gavin released his first solo song "Adrenaline" for the movie XXX. Although it didn't get nealry enough play on the radio and on MTV, it did get more than the last Bush song. On September 14, 2002 Gavin married his girlfriend of 6 years, Gwen Stefani, in London. The wedding was one of three. In the works now is a solo project, backed by a band called Institue. This new band Gavin has formed will surely show the same success, if not more, of Bush.

Gavin Rossdale on "Constantine" and His Music Career

In the world inhabited by the characters in "Constantine," half-breed demons roam the earth unseen by all but a very select few. Keanu Reeves stars as one of earth's human inhabitants gifted (or burdened as the case may be) with the the ability to see demons and angels.

Ex-Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale plays Balthazar, one of the Satan's emissaries who delights in causing Constantine, and humans in general, to suffer.


How did you prepare for playing a half-breed demon?
I think the main thing was to just remove all conscience, all caring, all thought for anyone else and to be as reveling in someone else’s misery and pain as possible. So, basically, it was to be as inhumane as I could think of. And the words really helped do that because they’re so well written and it was so much fun just playing around and just treating John Constantine like a cat does a mouse.

How much of your own stunt work did you do?
Well, the stunt guy is whenever I’m flying through the air. You’ve got to give the credit to the stunt guys. But the rest of it from my own perspective, I was doing a lot of – most of – that because there wasn’t that much else actually. I’m just a slice, it’s Keanu’s film (laughing).

Did you learn to do the coin trick?
Yes, I did. A couple of months I carried the coin around and just would play with it whenever I could. Of course the chat shows that I’ve been doing, they all give me the coins to do the ‘roll.’ So I can still do it.

Now you've got two big movies in one musical family. What's that all about and are you planning to continue acting?
I know. It’s just the universe at play. You know, it’s like it gives you hope. It gives me hope because you could never plan something like that and it just goes to show that if you just keep your head down and just try and do your thing, sometimes magic happens.

Is it just keeping in line with the whole theory that musicians want to act and actors want to be musicians?
There’s definitely like this kind of obvious ring to it. But at the same time, if you hold out like we did for the movies that we thought were really good, I don’t know, maybe you get away from it being too like dilettantish. You’re just trying to do the real thing. Like for me [with] acting, I love to act and I find it very inspiring. And it was a case of waiting to find the right thing that I wanted to do and that wanted me.

But when all's said and done, you’re still a musician?
At the end of the day I have a record coming out in July that I’m mixing. There’s someone working for me on the music right now as we speak. I’m moonlighting right now, double-shifting.

You've got a fun moonlighting job.
It’s a great, high-class moonlight. I love it.

What else are you working on?
I have a new band called Institute and that comes out in July so I’m very excited about that. And I have another movie, “The Game of Their Lives,” that comes out I think May 22nd. I have a small part in that as well.

It sounds like you're keeping busy on the music front.
Very busy on the music front. In July I have the new record that’s coming out and then in August I’m going to go on tour probably for the rest of the year, until my wife or another movie comes along.

And at the end of the day, you’ve got to take care of your wife.
At the start of the day and at the end of the day, a happy wife is a happy life (laughing).


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