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Elizabeth Hurley Actress

Elizabeth Hurley

Born on June 10, 1965, in Hampshire, England, Elizabeth Hurley is the daughter of an army officer and an elementary schoolteacher mother. While growing up in Basingstoke, England, Hurley dreamed of becoming a dancer, which prompted her to attend a boarding school that specialized in ballet at the age of 12. Her attendance at the boarding school was short-lived, and Hurley then went through a different phase: the English punk stage. Although it must be hard to imagine the now glamorous Hurley with pink hair and a nose ring, she was a victim of early '80s punk fashion, since this was the thing to do at that time and place. At age 21, Hurley got her first film role in the 1987 film Aria, after having attended the London Studio Centre on scholarship. Hurley's role in the film Remando al viento (a.k.a. Rowing In the Wind) that same year also starred her future boyfriend Hugh Grant. One year later, Hurley received critical acclaim for her role as Christabel Bielenberg in the BBC miniseries, Christabel. Hurley gained some recognition in the United States for her role in the 1992 action film Passenger 57, starring Wesley Snipes. Although this was a Hollywood movie, she was still having difficulty receiving quality roles, and consequently returned to England.

Whoever said that clothing isn't important doesn't know about Elizabeth Hurley's claim to fame. Apparently, Versace did Hurley a favor by giving the statuesque beauty an unsold dress to wear to the 1994 London premiere of Hugh Grant's film, Four Weddings and a Funeral. The low-cut, risqué dress held together by safety pins became Hurley's ticket to stardom, as she made heads turn at the premiere. More attention followed when Estée Lauder signed Hurley to be the face of the international cosmetics company. And who could forget Hugh Grant's arrest, due to a one-night tryst with prostitute Divine Brown? Contrary to public belief, Hurley and Grant remained a couple, and together founded the production company Simian Films. Its first production was the film Extreme Measures, a 1996 thriller starring Hugh, Gene Hackman and Sarah Jessica Parker. If by this point, anyone had still not heard of Elizabeth Hurley, 1997's Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery -- the little movie that became a smash hit -- surely got her the recognition she deserved. With her comedic turn as agent Vanessa Kensington alongside Austin Powers, played by Mike Myers, Hurley was now seeing movie scripts roll in.

Several movie roles followed, including parts in 1998's Permanent Midnight, and 1999's My Favorite Martian, EDtv and Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me. That same year, Hurley worked as producer of Mickey Blue Eyes, which starred boyfriend Hugh Grant and marked the second film for Simian Films.

Hurley has continued to appear in smaller productions over the past couple of years, including 2000's The Weight of Water and Bedazzled, 2002's Bad Boy with Denis Leary, and Serving Sara, a comedy co-starring Matthew Perry. In 2004, Elizabeth can be seen in Method, in which she stars as a serial killer. After a 13-year relationship, she and Hugh Grant parted ways in 2000, triggering rumors that the breakup stemmed from a disagreement over having children together. Liz began a romance with millionaire movie producer Stephen Bing in 2001, and gave birth to a son, Damian Charles, on April 4, 2002.

Bing initially denied that he was the baby's biological father, claiming he and Liz had a non-exclusive relationship. DNA testing has since proven that Bing is indeed the child's father, although he and Liz are no longer romantically involved. Hurley is now currently dating Indian textile magnate Arun Nayar, and although they are reportedly engaged, the rumors have yet to be confirmed.

Liz Hurley Will Make A Top Wife

Liz Hurley will make the perfect wife, friends have revealed. The former model, who is reportedly desperate to marry boyfriend of two years Arun Nayer, is said to like nothing better than a spot of cooking, cleaning and decorating.

Close friend and former flatmate of the beautiful ‘Austin Powers’ actress, Birgit Cunningham, says the Indian businessman would be a lucky man if he asks Liz to be his bride.
She said: I think anyone would be lucky to have Liz as their wife. She was like a mother hen to the two of us who shared with her in Los Angeles.

She certainly doesn’t go partying the whole time. Her big things were re-upholstering, furniture, reading and cooking.

So obsessed is the star with homemaking, while her handsome lover considers their future together, beautiful Liz has confessed she is biding her time with a huge home improvement project.

She revealed: I’m extending my country pad by eight rooms and love to do it herself.

Liz bikini blether

Liz 'call me Elizabeth' Hurley knows how to create tabloid waves. And the snooty-drawers steak-snubbing beauty is in full-on 'still got it' mood in the Daily Star and beyond.

The bikini-filling upper-crust 'acting' person and pong-plugger does is snapped doing what she does best, lolling in smalls on a sandy outcrop.

It's a living.

This time the, ahem, story hinges on the lovely lady lazing around in the exclusive top people's resort of St Barts in the Caribbean.

As you do.

Here, the Hurley girlie is 'caught' modelling her new swimwear line, "Elizabeth Hurley beach".

The Star goes trouser-rubbing bonkers for Liz's big splash, blethering on about her "beach booty" and pictures of her "beach bum".

Highbrow stuff, as you can see.

Half a stick of celery for lunch every fortnight ladies, and you too can look this good.

Liz Hurley considering role in Harry Potter film

Elizabeth Hurley is reportedly considering an offer to star in the next Harry Potter film.

The Austin Powers beauty is said to be in top-secret talks with movie bosses about taking on the role of evil witch Bellatrix Lestrange, who plots to kill the young wizard in the fifth movie of the hit film series which begins shooting next year.

A movie insider is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "The producers have tried to keep details of the cast under wraps but they have always wanted someone beautiful and mystical to play Bellatrix - and they reckon Liz can pull it off."

Sources say the stunning Estee lauder model - who has a two-year-old son Damian with American movie producer Steve Bing - has yet to accept the part but is hammering out a deal with film makers about the movie which is due to be released in June 2007.
But mother-of-one Liz is said to be "excited" by the offer to star in forthcoming 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' -which may also provide her with the opportunity to reprise the role in future film episodes that the character appears in.

The 39-year-old actress would be the latest in a long line of stars to sign up for the film series whose previous cast members have included Oscar-nominated heartthrob Ralph Fiennes and 'Love Actually' star Alan Rickman.

Liz Hurley poses for a series of sexy shots

Liz Hurley has proved her controversial one meal a day diet is working - by posing for a series of sexy shots.

The beautiful model, who recently admitted she starved herself to retain her amazing figure, was photographed looking stunning on a Caribbean beach to promote her new line of swimwear.

Last month, Liz, who turns 40 in June, admitted she struggled with her weight ever since she had son Damian in 2002 and now had to control how much she eats.

She said: "I maintain my figure by eating very little breakfast, not too much lunch. Then only tiny little snacks in the day.
But really boring snacks like a banana or six raisins. The only meal I have is dinner.

"I'm on a good old-fashioned low calorie diet - I'm going to bed hungry."

The 'Austin Powers' star said she had to lose four stone after she gave birth to Damian and admits it was a battle.

Liz, who now weighs a trim seven-and-a-half stone, said: "It's horrible if you have to lose a lot of weight.

I remember thinking I had done so well and thinking, 'I look so thin again' - and when I weighed myself I was still 25lb overweight. That was a really depressing moment."

Elizabeth Hurley taking Hindi lessons

Elizabeth Hurley is taking Hindi lessons to impress her Indian boyfriend's family, sparking speculation the pair will marry.

The beautiful actress has been dating business man Arun Nayer since 2002 and has made several trips to his luxury mansion in Bombay.

Friends also say the model, who has a two-year-old son Damian, is planning to tie-the-knot in the vibrant capital this summer, in a ceremony which will coincide with her 40th birthday on 10 June.
The 'Austin Powers' star, who lives in London, is said to be so smitten with the city, she and Arun have been house-hunting for a second home close to his family.

A friend revealed: "She loves everything about India and thinks she should learn some Hindi."
Meanwhile, Liz has confessed she only eats one meal a day so she can retain her stunning figure.

She admits she has struggled with her weight ever since she had her first child three years ago and has resorted to going to bed hungry to shed the pounds.

She said: "I maintain my figure by eating very little breakfast, not too much lunch. Then only tiny little snacks in the day, like a banana or six raisins.

"I'm on a good old-fashioned low calorie diet - I'm going to bed hungry."

Elizabeth Hurley's Beach Strip Gets Director Arrested


Actress ELIZABETH HURLEY landed her director in trouble with the police in the United Arab Emirates, when she broke the law by stripping off.

Early in her career, the sexy star was touring the Middle East, performing in a play directed by veteran English actor LESLIE PHILLIPS - but forgot the Muslim country's strict anti-nudity laws during a spot of sunbathing on the beach in capital Abu Dhabi.
LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER actor Phillips reminisces, "I was directing a play and she auditioned for me, and she hadn't done a thing, just some modelling. I took that play all over the Middle East and you should have seen how the Arabs revered her.

"Only shame was I never got to sleep with her. Problem was there was always too much of a queue!
"Mind you I did get arrested - because she went to a beach and took her clothes off. I got arrested because the police said that, as the director of the play, I was responsible for her.

"I told them if I'd known that was what she'd been doing, I'd have been on the beach with her."

Elizabeth Hurley Diet Branded Dangerous

Doctors have warned Elizabeth Hurley that the diet she uses to stay in shape is ruining her health.
The actress has revealed she shed all the weight she gained while pregnant with 2-year-old son Damian by eating just one meal a day and going to bed hungry.

But using the diet over a long period of time puts Hurley at risk of contracting bone and muscle wasting conditions -- and may jeopardize her chances of conceiving another child.

Dr. Alan Stewart, director of London's Women's Nutrition Clinic, says, "Liz needs to increase her food uptake to at least 2,000 calories a day. Eating one main meal a day helps weight loss, but this should not be sustained over a two-year period.

"At [her weight and weight], Liz's BMI (Body Mass Index) would be 16 -- which is three points below the minimum for her age group. This means she is at risk of developing osteoporosis and reduced muscle mass. A low BMI also reduces fertility."

Elizabeth Hurley plans to wed boyfriend

British actress Elizabeth Hurley has reportedly become engaged to her current boyfriend, millionaire businessman Arun Nayar.

Sky News says that Nayar's divorce from his wife, Valentina Pedroni, has become final.

Hurley is probably better known for her personal life, which included a longtime relationship with Hugh Grant, and her stint as the model for Estee Lauder cosmetics than for her film and TV roles. She has a son, Damian, whose father, Stephen Bing, is now Nicole Kidman's boyfriend.

The Daily Mirror reports that Hurley told friends she is looking forward to her marriage, saying I love the pomp and color associated with Indian weddings.

Hurley goes to bed hungry

Actress Elizabeth Hurley in a drastic attempt to shed some kilo’s has admitted to eating only one meal a day.

According to Femalefirst .co.uk, the “Serving Sara” star says that she’s been battling the on set of a middle age bulge ever since she gave birth to her son Damian in 2002.

Hurley says that she goes without breakfast each day and only consumes snacks throughout the day. The only proper meal she has is supper and says that she goes to bed starving each day.

Hurley, who now weighs in at just under 50 kilograms, says that she would like to have another child so that Damian would have a playmate, reports Femalefirst.

Elizabeth Hurley 's Hunger Noises

THAT diet Elizabeth Hurley keeps talking about has come in handy for her new swimwear project. Entitled Elizabeth Hurley Beach, the new line of luxuriously beaded and jewelled bikinis, sarongs, mini skirts and kaftans will go on sale in selected Saks Fifth Avenue stores in March. "I've been personally involved in every single aspect of this collection," Hurley told Women's Wear Daily. "Design, fabrics, factories, fit, accessories, sales and promotion. I even went on a draconian diet to do the modelling." And when she says draconian, she really means it. Staying Liz-thin involves, she says, "eating very little breakfast, not too much more lunch. Then only tiny little snacks in the day - really boring snacks, like a banana or six raisins. The only meal I have is dinner."

Sir Elton is fiercely protective of Liz Hurley's son!

Veteran singer Sir Elton John was reportedly so furious with a scribe who lampooned his friend Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damien, that he considered shovelling pig excrement into her mail box.
According to ratethemusic, the 'Sacrifice' singer was infuriated with Britain's Mail On Sunday newspaper columnist Lauren Booth who described Hurley's son Damian as "facially challenged".

"I went mad when the press picked on Liz Hurley and her son Damian. Lauren Booth more or less said in the mail on Sunday, 'See what you get when you're a gold-digger, you get a facially challenged baby that reminds you for the rest of your life,' the singer was quoted as saying.

"It's disgusting. This is a child, a beautiful child. David and I were both enraged," he added.



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