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dermot mulroney

Dermot Mulroney, co-star of "The Wedding Date" Movie!

Dermot Mulroney grew up in Alexandria, Va., and went to Maury Elementary School. He played the cello in school and city youth orchestras and acted in children's community theater. He made his high school stage debut in an awful play called "Are Teachers Human" at George Washington High School. He graduated from T.C. Williams high school in 1981. His dad was a lawyer. He grew up with three brothers, Sean, Conor and Kieran Mulroney (now also an actor) and a sister named Moira. Dermot graduated from Northwestern University in 1985 and was a member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Sister Moira works in the Philadelphia DA's office as an assistant district attorney. Mulroney has been married to actress Catherine Keener since 1990. They met in 1987 when filming Survival Quest (1989). First child born, with Catherine Keener, a son named Clyde. Mulroney's younger brother Kieran Mulroney is also an actor. The brothers starred together in the John Hughes comedy, Career Opportunities (1991) with Jennifer Connelly and Frank Whaley. Mulroney and his older brother Dan are co-owners of 'The Double Door', one of Chicago's more popular music clubs. Dermot is good friends with Brad Pitt. Also plays double bass and cello on the debut EP of Rain and Summer Phoenix's band, Papercranes.


More Facts about Dermot Mulroney:

Born in Alexandria, Va., on Oct. 31, 1963.

In 1986, made his TV debut, "Sin of Innocence," a CBS TV movie.

In 1988, made his feature debut in Blake Edwards' "Sunset." He also joined Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Philips and Casey Siemaszko as the six cowboys of Christopher Cain's "Young Guns."

In 1989, starred in "Unconquered" (CBS), the true story of Richmond Flowers Jr., who overcame illness, a physical handicap, and the derision of his classmates to become a world-class hurdler and football star. He also played a gay man and the first character to die of AIDS-related illness in "Longtime Companion."

In 1990, acted with Sam Shepard in Michael Fields' "Bright Angel." Two years later, he had his first leading role in a feature, "Where the Day Takes You."

In 1993, portrayed the clueless boyfriend to Bridget Fonda's trained assassin in "Point of No Return;" wrote the song "Someone Else's Used Guitar" for Peter Bogdanovich's "The Thing Called Love" (also credited as song performer on it and four other tunes, as well as acting in the movie); and reteamed with Shepard, portraying the prototypical Shepard "son" character in "Silent Tongue." Mulroney also acted with Steve Buscemi for the first time in "The Last Outlaw" (HBO).

In 1994, had his first collaboration with director Tom DiCillo in the short "Scene Six, Take One," playing Wolf, the cinematographer, to Buscemi's director; second film with wife Catherine Keener.

In 1995, served as associate producer of DiCillo's "Living in Oblivion," an expanded version of "Scene Six, Take One." And played Wynona Ryder's beau in "How to Make an American Quilt."

In 1996, Mulroney reteamed with DiCillo and Keener for "Box of Moonlight," portraying a hostile grease monkey. He played a young upstart mobster in Robert Altman's "Kansas City;" Buscemi was also in cast. And he appeared briefly in Anjelica Huston's "Bastard Out of Carolina" (Showtime) as Jennifer Jason Leigh's sweet-tempered husband.

In 1997, portrayed the prospective bridegroom caught between Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz in "My Best Friend's Wedding."

In 1998, starred with Patricia Arquette and Don Johnson in the black comedy "Goodbye Lover."

In 2000, he shared the screen with film legend Paul Newman and Linda Fiorentino in, "Where the Money Is." Was cast for his first film with writer-director Alan Rudolph, "Trixie," co-starring with Nick Nolte and Emily Watson (in the title role).

In 2001, reteamed with Rudolph and Nolte on "Investigating Sex." Also appeared in Nicole Holofcener's "Lovely & Amazing" opposite Catherin Keener and Brenda Blethyn.

In 2002, he had a comedic turn as Jack Nicholson's prospective son-in-law in "About Schmidt." The following year, he was cast in Rose Troche's drama, "The Safety of Objects."

In 2004, starred with Josh Lucas in the dramatic thriller "Undertow."

Mulroney: The merrying kind

Dermot Mulroney is ``The Wedding Date'' in this week's new romantic comedy, in which Debra Messing's Kat forks over his $6,000 escort fee to have him as her date when her sister walks down the aisle.

What was really on Mulroney's mind earlier this week when he spoke with the Herald in an exclusive interview was not the film but whether he'd win a bet with Mike Myers. Myers gambled that Mulroney wouldn't be able to say to Star Jones on TV's ``The View,'' ``Oh Star, you're so right!''

``It's a hundred bucks,'' he said. ``So wish me luck.''

It's that fun-loving attitude that makes Mulroney appealing. Whether playing Jack Nicholson's slightly dim future son-in-law in ``About Schmidt'' or the title character in the Julia Roberts comedy ``My Best Friend's Wedding,'' Mulroney, 41, likes his job.

What research did he do to play dashing, dapper Nick Mercer, who's rated as Manhattan's top escort because he knows what matters most is matters of the heart?

``The truth is, none - other than watching `American Gigolo' on DVD,'' he said.``What you see, that's all I have to offer.

``This isn't the seamy side of being a male escort; this is a much more sanitized version. Kat doesn't have sexual designs on Nick. She just needs to have a guy on her arm to make an impression on her family for a wedding. Things go further than that because it's a movie.''

Nick shows Messing's hyperactive, work-obsessed Kat Ellis how to relax and find love. He also shows a stripped-down physique and bare butt, a reversal in an industry where such nudity usually is reserved for women. He doesn't mind one bit.

``I see it as a gender role reversal to a certain extent and was happy to be the guinea pig Because ``Wedding Date'' is directed by Clare Kilner and the crew was populated with women, Mulroney found his discreet nude shtick ``much easier to do with a bunch of women standing around instead of a bunch of guys. It helped my comfort level.''

So did Messing, the Emmy-winning ``Will & Grace'' star, as they filmed in London and rural Surrey.

``Debra and I had fun ribbing each other and gave each other crap all day long,'' he said. ``She's a hoot, game for anything and full of great ideas and so much energy. There's a zest there for life that comes across.''

It was strictly a working relationship for the two married stars. Mulroney has been with Catherine Keener (who co-stars with Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman in May's ``The Interpreter'') since 1987, when they met on a film. Married for 14 years with a 5-year-old son, Mulroney doesn't have any clever quips on why this celebrity union has survived and thrived.

``It's hard to manage with travel and conflicting schedules; it's hard work. But we've just been lucky.''

And if he managed to say, ``Oh Star, you're so right!'' in the show, which is scheduled to air today (11 a.m. on Ch. 5), Myers will find out just how lucky Dermot Mulroney really is.

Decent, bland 'Wedding Date'

Nothing you haven't seen before, but cast does fine. "The Wedding Date" is a sweet, mindless diversion that is reminiscent of dozens of other romantic comedies. You know the ones: someone walks down the aisle with all the predictable confusion, angst and wackiness the writers can wring out of that rite of passage.

However, this particular wedding-cake walk does feature the excellent comedic timing of Debra Messing and the charm and sex appeal of Dermot Mulroney, which will likely combine to make this film a hit with the date crowd.

Messing plays Kat Ellis, a New York City career woman who is preparing to attend the wedding of her half-sister in England. There's just one little problem -- she doesn't have a date for the wedding, and the best man at the upcoming event is the same guy who recently dumped her after seven years together.

Her solution is to hire a professional male escort -- sight unseen -- to go with her to London and pose as her boyfriend.

In real life this strategy would have resulted in a nightmare of a guy, one more hulk than hunk. But this being a Hollywood movie he turns out to be a perfect gentleman named Nick Mercer, played by Mulroney.

That's all you really need to know. The plot is paper-thin and will shred under closer examination. It's obvious first-time screenwriter Dana Fox has watched "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "My Best Friend's Wedding" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" way too many times.

British actor Peter Egan joins the always reliable Holland Taylor in playing Kat's parents, Bunny and Victor Ellis. Taylor, now a star of "Two and a Half Men," has played this slightly daffy, off-center mother role numerous times and has it down pat.

The nasty ex-boyfriend is portrayed by Jeremy Sheffield, a suitably good-looking cad. Amy Adams ("Catch Me If You Can") plays Kat's selfish half-sister, and another British actor, Jack Davenport, is great as the slightly clueless groom. And "Wedding Date" director Clare Kilner makes the most of the beautiful locations in the Surrey countryside of England.

It's a nice turnaround to have the man in a film being the sex object instead of the woman. Mulroney plays a great hooker with a heart of gold and even makes more money than Julia Roberts made performing the same type of role in "Pretty Woman." She only got $3,000 for her services; Mulroney's Nick makes twice that amount. (Of course, it HAS been 15 years.)

Messing doesn't stray too far from her role as Grace Adler in her hit TV sitcom "Will & Grace" so she's on firm ground here. Of course, the results are far from groundbreaking.

But this little romantic piece of fluff serves its purpose of being a total "chick flick," thereby filling a niche that always comes in handy around Valentine's Day.

Messing's And Mulroney's 'Date'

Debra Messing has established herself as one of television's most loved actresses in her Emmy-winning work on the long-running sitcom, "Will & Grace."

Now she's taken her talents to the big screen in the romantic comedy, "The Wedding Date," co-starring Dermot Mulroney. In it, she plays a dateless bachelorette who hires a male escort to pose as her boyfriend at her stepsister's wedding, where her ex-fiance is the best man.

As Kat, Messing is a successful and slightly uptight career woman who is trying her best to put a failed relationship behind her, but would rather die than go to her sister's wedding without a date.

"I think every woman can relate to the idea of encountering an ex and wanting to seem better off to be without them," Messing tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm.

Mulroney, as Nick, the escort, is a dreamboat. He knows exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. In the beginning, it's all about business for him, but Kat's curiosity and innocence slowly wear him down.

The actor claims to have enjoyed his brief moment of onscreen nudity. "It was fun, you know," he says. "It’s not often I get the opportunity to stand buck naked in front of someone as sweet and charming as Debra."

Messing, married and a new mother, says she takes vicarious pleasure in playing single women, such as the character in this movie and her role on "Will & Grace."

"There seems to be more spice when playing a single woman," she says. "Let's put it that way."

And she admits she has found it challenging to combine motherhood and work.

"Most people are working, whatever, either working mothers, working fathers," she says. "It’s just the way things are in our country now. So everyone just does the best they can. So, you know, I know that I’m luckier than most because I can take him to work with me on 'Will & Grace.' It’s wonderful to have him close by."


Dermot Mulroney Tries Not to Kiss and Tell in "The Wedding Date"

Interview with Dermot Mulroney at the World Premiere of "The Wedding Date"
Dermot Mulroney plays a professional male escort hired by Debra Messing to impress her ex-boyfriend in Universal Pictures' romantic comedy, "The Wedding Date." Talking to Dermot Mulroney in person, it's quickly apparent why Mulroney was chosen to play 'Nick Mercer', the smooth-talking, handsome escort who makes women swoon and men jealous. After casting "Will & Grace" star Debra Messing as the female lead, director Clare Kilner turned to Mulroney to set hearts aflutter. "Dermot's a great actor, in both drama and comedy. He gave the role of Nick such humor, class and substance that it's hard to imagine anyone else in the part. He was a pleasure to direct," recalls Kilner.

Though most of the films on Dermot Mulroney's lengthy list of credits are dramas ("Lovely & Amazing," "The Safety of Objects," and "Undertow" to name just a few), he's not exactly a stranger to the romantic comedy genre.
Mulroney starred opposite former romantic comedy queen Julia Roberts in "My Best Friend's Wedding" and next up he's got "Must Love Dogs" with Diane Lane and John Cusack.
Catching up with Dermot Mulroney at the World Premiere of "The Wedding Date," I had the chance to get the scoop on kissing scenes, working in England, and working with Debra Messing:


How was filming in England?

I enjoyed it very much. England’s a nice, nice, nice country. A good place to have a wedding. In fact, I’ve been to a wedding there before – not in Oxford. My American friend married a Brit so I actually went through this, come to think of it. I should have thought of this a while ago. I could have had some of those – what do they call them? – sense memories, or something (laughing).

And you play Debra’s date in the movie…

I’m Debra’s date from now, starting now, for all time. That’s the arrangement that we’ve made.

Why are you such a good date?

(Laughing) You’d have to ask Debra.

Why is she such a good date?

Because she’s fetching, she’s beautiful, she’s talented. [Pointing to Debra Messing] Look at her dress! She’s got it all. She’s got it all. No, I was real happy to be in the movie with her. I’d always seen her on the show and thought that she was dynamite. And she is.

Debra said she’s actually naked in this movie.

She is so naked in this movie you wouldn’t believe it! Of course her arm’s in the way and somebody’s hands. She ripped it out. I don’t know how to put it. That’s what she done did (laughing).

In keeping with the whole romantic theme of the movie, what is your favorite onscreen kiss?

Which of the girls did I like kissing the most? [Huge smile] Can’t answer that.

How about a favorite onscreen kiss involving someone else?

Oh crap, if I admit to having like a favorite wedding kiss then I admit to going to, you know, romantic movies and then what am I? I’d rather be in the movies than have to go see them. Can I be blatantly honest with you?

How about your kiss with Julia Roberts in "My Best Friend's Wedding?" Would that be your favorite?

Well, no – Debra’s my present favorite (laughing). My most recent 'Most Favorite' is Debra Messing – strongly. She’s a fantastic kisser. (Laughing) You should give her a try.

Dermot Mulroney: About Schmidt

From "Young Guns" to "My Best Friend's Wedding", Dermot Mulroney has taken an eclectic career path. The 39-year-old Virginian gives a memorable performance as Jack Nicholson's prospective son-in-law, in heartwarming comedy "About Schmit" - even if he does wear a wig...

How did you get involved with "About Schmidt"?

Well, I just heard that Alexander Payne was making his third movie, and I really liked "Citizen Ruth" and "Election". I auditioned for the part, I just made sure that I had a chance to be involved.

You're not someone who would instinctively be thought of to play quite a goofy character...

I agree with you. In fact, I wasn't sure what my chances were. I knew I could do it, but you're never sure if someone else thinks you can, so I was thrilled when I landed the role.

What sort of director is Alexander Payne?

Well, I had known him a little previous to this, just from events and so forth, and knew that he was not only really smart, but had a really low-key sense of humour. He speaks four languages and is a gourmet cook - he's one of those guys - so he doesn't really feel like he's got to make a big production out of being the director. In other words, his approach is real subtle, but decisive.

How did you prepare to play Randall? Was the hairstyle important?

It was. The script described him exactly as you see him, so I knew what I had to achieve when I was cast - it was just how to actually pull it off. It was pretty interesting whether to do a full wig... I did a combination of things. That was like solving a puzzle, which is often how I approach acting anyway. Other than that, the script was really clear. I did visit a waterbed salesman, just to find out what you're supposed to know when you're trying to pawn off this fading fad on people.

How was it working with Jack Nicholson?

It was really something else. Obviously I was thrilled when I landed the role, knowing that my scenes were opposite him. You imagine the scenes when I hug him, that kind of stuff is priceless, you can't help being a little bit excited going into the day you're shooting that scene.

Was there much of a social side to the shoot?

There was not. I thought there probably would be, considering his reputation, but he made a deliberate choice to stay in and read. Literally. I believe he was coaxed out to one dinner at a restaurant, while he was in Omaha, for probably three months. He kept his cards real close to his chest.



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