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David Duchovny Actor

David Duchovny, co-star of the "House Of D" Movie!

Rocketing from obscure bit player to TV's resident über-sex god thanks to his role as FBI agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files, David Duchovny can claim to have had one of the 1990s' more remarkable career metamorphoses. Although his initial attempts to translate his TV stardom into celluloid success proved less than memorable, the tall, classically handsome actor has continued to enjoy a great deal of popularity, evidenced in particular by the countless estrogen-drenched internet shrines erected in his honor. Born in Manhattan on August 7, 1960, to a Jewish father and a Scottish mother, Duchovny did his undergraduate work at Princeton and then went on to pursue a Master's degree in English Literature at Yale. While working toward his degree, he began commuting to New York to study acting, and he was soon appearing in a few off-Broadway plays. His interest in acting ultimately eclipsed his dedication toward earning his degree, and Duchovny dropped out of Yale to pursue a career as a performer. He got his first break starring in a beer commercial, and in 1988, he made his film debut with a breathtakingly abbreviated appearance as a party guest in Mike Nichols' Working Girl. Work in a number of diverse and usually obscure films, including starring roles in Julia Has Two Lovers (1991), The Rapture (1991), and Kalifornia (1993), followed, but the actor was able to command a more steady paycheck from his TV work. Before The X-Files debuted in 1993, Duchovny was best-known to TV viewers as Denise, Twin Peaks' resident transvestite detective.

As The X-Files steadily grew from cult favorite to mainstream success, becoming recognized as one of the most groundbreaking shows of the decade, Duchovny also began to enjoy both industry respect and huge audience popularity. Dubbed as the latest in a long line of thinking women's sex symbols, it was only a matter of time before he returned to the big screen, and with the 1997 thriller Playing God he did just that. Unfortunately, the film, which also starred Timothy Hutton and Angelina Jolie, was a huge flop, and aside from starring in the successful 1998 X-Files movie, Duchovny re-focused his energies on portraying his television alter ego. He returned to the screen in 2000 in the romantic comedy Return to Me, starring as a devastated widower who finds himself falling in love with the woman (Minnie Driver) who received his wife's heart in a transplant. Later that same year, Duchovny announced that he would be greatly diminishing his involvement with The X-Files, dismaying both fans and any number of 20th Century Fox executives; fortunately for all interested parties, he subsequently reached a settlement with Fox and announced he was returning full-time to the show. Lamenting the X-Files departure from storylines based on his popular character and citing respect for his fans, Duchovny vowed never to return to The X-Files in early 2001, though he did not rule out appearing in future features based on the popular series. That same year Duchovny appeared as a humorous varation on his "Spooky" persona in director Ivan Reitman's sci-fi comedy Evolution.

David William Dochovny was born on August 7,1960 in New York, New York, USA. His nickname is Dave. His height 6' 1" (1.85 m)
David Duchovny earned an undergraduate degree from Princeton University and also earned a graduate degree in English Literature at Yale University. While at Yale, he began commuting to New York to study acting and was soon appearing in off-Broadway plays. In 1987 he abandoned his doctoral studies at Yale to pursue acting full time.

More fun facts about David Duchovny

His trade mark: Deadpan humor.

Puppy dog eyes.

Cleft in chin.

Frequently plays conspiracy theorists (The X-Files, Evolution, Zoolander, etc.)

Has filed a $25 million lawsuit against the producers and syndicators of "The X Files" (1993) alleging he's been cheated of his contractual share of profits from series.

Daughter, with Téa Leoni, Madelaine West Duchovny born. [24 April 1999]

Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. [1996]

Dated Sheryl Lee.

When he isn't in Vancouver to shoot "The X Files" (1993), he resides in Malibu, California.

Played scholarship-level basketball during some of his high school and college career. He is known to be a sports fan, and has appeared on MTV's "Rock n' Jock Softball Game."

Has a brother, Daniel Ducovny, and a sister Laurie.

Dated actress Perrey Reeves. [June 1994 to 1996]

His father's name is Amram. He is a Brooklyn-born publicist for the American Jewish Commitee.

His mother's name is Margaret. She is Scottish.

Duchovny means 'spiritual' in Russian.

He had an accident while playing basketball in high school which damaged his right eye. He uses dye to keep the pupil from dilating too much.

Is a vegetarian.

While at Yale, he was classmates with Jennifer Beals, whom Duchovny suggested for a part on "The X Files" (1993) (it eventually went to Gillian Anderson).

Was partially responsible for moving the filming of "The X Files" (1993) series from Vancouver to California.

Wife gave birth to second child, 7lb. 10-ou. boy, Kyd Miller Duchovny, in Los Angeles, 15 June 2002.

Has a stepbrother named Jonathan Sahula.

His father, Amram Ducovny, died on 23 August 2003 from heart disease.

Has an allergic reaction to metal which prevents him from wearing his wedding ring at times.

Was the subject of the song "David Duchovny" by Bree Sharp.

He kept three dogs and four cats as a child.

He does a very good impersonation of Jeff Goldblum, as demonstrated during his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

His personal quotes:

"I never, ever, ever cook. And I would never eat anything I might cook."

"I'm half Jewish, half Scottish. It's hard for me to buy anything."

"Privacy is something I have come to respect. I think when I was younger I wanted to tell everybody everything, because I thought I was so damn interesting. Then I heard the snoring."

"I've always been overly concerned about what people think which has resulted in a lot of inner turmoil. I try not to give a damn but inside I'm a huge ball of worry."

"If you're smart, you'll always be humble. You can learn all you want, but there'll always be somebody who's never read a book who'll know twice what you know."

"I'm frightened by the possibilities of my own lack of talent."

"I think I'm nice enough to look at, but I think people make a big deal about my appearance. I think it was like hypnosis, like all of the sudden everybody's been trained: 'OK, now cluck like a chicken!' 'OK, now say David Duchovny's handsome!' I mean, I was a normal-looking kid, and whoever you are and whatever you look like, there are always things you want to change. I just remember that I wished I was blond. And I wished that my nose were smaller and my lips were smaller and my eyes were bigger... you know, everything."

[On his role as Agent Fox Mulder on "The X-Files"] "It's pretty workaday, people don't seem to realize: You get up, you take a shower, you read the paper, you play Mulder." (from June 1998 "Entertainment Weekly" interview)

[About "The X-Files"] "I get tired of people asking if I believe in what's presented on the show. They don't ask the guys on 'E.R.' if they believe in euthanasia." (from Oct. 1997 "Chicago Tribune" interview)

His Salary:
The X Files (1998) $6,000,000

Britney Spears Forces David Duchovny And Tea Leoni To Leave Malibu


Hollywood couple DAVID DUCHOVNY and TEA LEONI are considering leaving Malibu, California, after BRITNEY SPEARS moved into a house nearby with husband KEVIN FEDERLINE.

The idyllic area has been besieged by paparazzi photographers since the TOXIC singer moved in two months ago (JAN05) - destroying the peaceful life enjoyed by other residents.
The X-FILES star says, "Britney moved in a couple of months ago, and since then it's been crazy.

"The other day I was walking to a restaurant and there were photographers in front, and they took a picture of me.

"I asked, 'What's going on?' and they said, 'We're waiting for Britney.' I knew they weren't waiting for me."

David Duchovny Reveals the Pain of Playing a Drag Queen

David Duchovny may not have to don high heels, plaster on the makeup, and dress to the nines for "Connie and Carla," but he has had experience playing a transvestite on TV. So when it came time for everyone else to get in drag for "Connie and Carla," did he feel bad about being left out? Duchovny answered that question and others while at the World Premiere of "Connie and Carla," held April 13, 2004 at Universal Studios in Hollywood.


You must have had great sympathy for everyone who had to sit through hours of makeup to become drag queens. What’s the toughest thing about playing a drag queen?
Well, I didn’t get to dress up as a woman in this film so I’m a little bitter about that. But the hardest thing is, from what I remember about “Twin Peaks,” is that no matter what shape you are in, your hose make you feel fat. Even if you’re in really good shape, and I was in really good shape then, and I’d put on those panty hose and I didn’t like what I saw. Then when I took them off, there were lines all over the place.

Were you at all jealous you didn't get to dress in drag and sing in "Connie and Carla?" Did you want to jump in?
With those guys? Yeah, I did. If I could sing, I would have pushed harder. But I can only dance.

How do you think Toni Collette and Nia Vardalos shape up as men?
As men? I think well. It’s hard for me, from my perspective of knowing them, it’s hard for me to get the right perspective and just see the film and think, “Oh, are they passing as men?” But I think they did a good job. I think it’s right on the right line.

It’s different seeing you in a broad comedy.
I like scripts. Whatever scripts that are good, I like to try to do. I like Nia’s writing a lot. I think it’s got a real strong point of view and it’s funny in a really kind of genuine and kind way, and that’s what I wanted to do.

Will we see you in more comedies in the future?
Yeah, I would hope so. It’s a script-by-script thing. I would love to. I enjoyed it.

What’s happening with “The X-Files” movie?
We’re trying to get everybody together and find out a date when we can do it.

Does it surprise you that people still care so much about “The X-Files?”
No. No, because everything – or most of the stuff that I see on television – all that reality stuff doesn’t really go deep.

David Duchovny on "Connie and Carla"

Nia Vardalos ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding") and Toni Collette ("Japanese Story") star as a couple of music-loving friends who go on the run after witnessing a crime in "Connie and Carla," a musical comedy written by Vardalos and directed by Michael Lembeck. Certain the bad guys won't find them performing as drag queens at a dinner theater in Los Angeles, Connie (Vardalos) and Carla (Collette) find themselves realizing their shared dream of making it as singers - though they never imagined they'd have to play men dressed as women in order to finally find success.

David Duchovny co-stars as Nia Vardalos' confused love interest. Even though Duchovny's character is the straight guy in the comedy mix, director Lembeck chose Duchovny partly because of his comic abilities.David is a warm, funny, beguiling guy with a bawdy sense of humor. This role gives him license to exhibit some of those qualities," explains Lembeck.


Is this character similar to you?
I don't know if it’s similar to me but what I like about the script, and the experience that I was thinking I might have, is I like Nia’s voice a lot, her voice as a writer. I liked her persona as a performer. I love the story of how “Big Fat Greek Wedding” just became a huge monster, whatever it was, for nothing. So I liked all those things and I knew the director, Michael Lembeck, because he’s a neighbor as well. So those two things just kind of cued me into the picture and that’s what I wanted to do.

I suppose there are [similarities], but in my history from “Twin Peaks,” I’m the one usually wearing the dress, which is what I would’ve preferred, but they wouldn’t let me. It’s been 15 years since I did that and my ass isn’t as good as it used to be.

Do you still have to box your way out of “X-Files”-type roles?
For sure. I’m always joking with my manager about how people always say to me, “I didn’t know you were funny.” It’s like, “I didn’t know you had a third arm.” Which wasn’t funny, you see, so obviously I’m not funny. It’s just part of the baggage of being on a show that was that big. It doesn’t make any sense to run from it or deny it. It just is what it is. I’m proud of “The X-Files.” I’m happy, happy that it made so much happen for me as a person, as an actor. I wouldn’t want it any other way, but it also brings these other barriers. If you look at it the right way, it can be fun to overcome because you can surprise people.

So how tough is it to be the ‘serious’ part of a comedy movie?
Well, that part of the film was very attractive to me in considering whether I wanted to be involved in the film. I saw the fun kind of Cyrano part of falling in love with a woman that you think is a man, [the] “Shakespeare in Love” part, and I thought that was fun and classic comedy set up in a way. But on top of that or below that was this relationship with the brother. I thought that was really interesting.

One of the difficult things in trying to do the performance that I think Michael Lembeck, the director, handled really well was to strike a tone in the movie, and in the performances, that could withstand or hold both the wacky comedy aspect but also the very real kind of family situation and two brothers coming together. I think it’s a testament to Michael and Nia’s writing and hopefully to Stephen [Spinella] and I having some basis of reality as actors as we’re working that the movie can have both those things. I think it’s nice when a movie can do both that kind of thing.

You have more experience than anyone else in this movie…
Yes, I’m glad somebody said it.

With being in drag...
Oh, with drag.

Were you able to give any drag pointers?
I tried, but they wouldn’t listen. They were real drag queens though. I’m just a dilettante, a dabbler. I’d done it on “Twin Peaks’ and really enjoyed doing the character, and thought I was decent at it. But these guys, they were real performers. I wanted to show them, I wanted the chance to dress up and dance and sing, but they wouldn’t let me.

Not even between takes?
Well, it’s really hard to all of a sudden bust out in a dress and a wig. It’s not something you can do, just give me 30 seconds and I’ll come back with my own drag name. No, it didn’t happen, but maybe if there’s a sequel – “Connie and Carla and That Guy.”
How did you get hooked up with this film?
They came to me to express interest but I think that they, as you were saying earlier, I think there’s always this kind of sense in which they wonder too, they thought I was funny, they thought I might be funny, but they wanted to see me be funny. So I went and I was really funny. Then we did the movie.

Did you audition?
I had to audition to be funny.

With similar actors?
There’s nobody similar. Come on, let’s be honest. I’m sure they were auditioning other guys, sad as it is to say. That was the process. I’ve always said that if I like something, I don’t care about auditioning. It’s not about just doing the parts that I’m offered or saying that I’m at a point in my life where I should just be offered things.
That would be great, but if there’s something that I have to prove myself for, there’s no harm in that. And I just look at it as rehearsal, because there’s so little rehearsal that we get to do in movies. They spend millions of dollars and then the first time these actors are saying the words to one another is on film, and it’s ridiculous, so auditioning to me is just like rehearsal time, which I like.

Did you do any drag research?
The “Twin Peaks” thing happened so quickly, that part was conceived of, I think, and definitely written for James Spader who knew the producers of “Twin Peaks.” And he for some reason had to drop out and they were desperately trying to cast the role. I think I came in on a Friday with an emery board. That was my big deal. That’s all. That’s what I did during the audition and it worked. And then I remember going home and Melanie probably remembers, my manager who was there when I was born by the way, I just remembered thinking, “Oh my God, I’ve never been in a dress or shaved my legs and now I’ve got to go do this on Monday.” And I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have to research. All I remember thinking why aside from sexual preference or liking to wear a dress, which I took as a given or not, why would a man want to be a woman? And I just felt, “Well, you get to be more spontaneous and open and friendly.” That’s kind of the approach I took. A very innocent, friendly kind of point of view.

How did you look?
Not good. I had good legs, but as Bill Murray said in “Tootsie,” “Don’t play hard to get.” That’s probably what I would be told.

Did you pull any pranks on the set?
I seem to remember that I gave Nia a Polaroid of my ass. I can’t remember why, or how I took it, because when you do it in the mirror, it flashes out and you don’t get anything. I’ve tried that 100 times. It was a whole ass thing. What happened was when I’d gotten to my trailer, they had already been up for like two weeks working and Nia had done something to my trailer, something bad. I can’t remember what it was, but I had to avenge it. I Saran Wrapped her toilet seat at one point. You know that trick? It seems clear and it’s not and then you, you know. But she never said anything about that, which leads me to believe… Well, we all know she doesn’t have to go. She’s perfect.

Are you a musical theater fan?
I hate it. No, I can’t stand it. No, I kept saying I could dance as long as you don’t tell me I’m supposed to be dancing. I don't know, I never was a big fan of musical theater. It was funny, when we did the big table read before, the week before we were going to start shooting, Michael and Nia and Toni had all these song cues and they had the actual song arrangements down and they sang. And at first, I thought, “Oh my God, this is going to take forever.” And it did. But I kept turning to Nia and I go, “That’s a really good tune.” And she was just laughing at me because it was all these really famous tunes that I was hearing for the first time and I was like, “That’s a really good song. What’s that from?” She was like “Yentl” or whatever. “That’s Cats?” If I had to sit through three hours to hear that one tune, I wouldn’t do it but the good thing about this movie is it seemed like they had all of the good tunes put together. It seemed to me. I’ve got no background in that at all.
Are people looking for the David Duchovny ‘less is more’ thing?
Well, I find that is a challenge when I can do that or try to do that. The only time I think I’ve done that recently, I did a guest starring role on Bonnie Hunt’s television show. I played this kooky, wacky character and I never do kooky and wacky and it was fun to try kooky and wacky. It seemed to work okay. Michael Lembeck actually, he’s a veteran comedy director, and I really had never worked with somebody like. I found it very interesting to be directed by him and he was very specific. It wasn’t so much energy, which is so funny because energy is like a curse word to me, because it just feels like you’re not doing it.

Just as a sidetrack, when I was directing this past fall and I was directing Frank Langella, I’m watching him doing a take and just thinking, “Energy, it needs more energy.” My whole life, I’ve heard that as an actor. I didn’t hear it before then. Nobody ever told me to have more energy before I was an actor, which is interesting, I think. So I’m walking up to Frank and I’m about to say, “You know what? It was great, it just needs more energy.” I’m opening my mouth and he says to me, “You know what I really like about you as a director? What I really like is you don’t say to me, ‘Energy, more energy,’ and that’s why you’re going to be a great director.” And I said, “Thank you, Frank. Let’s just talk about what you just did because it was perfect. I just wanted to come here and say we’re moving on.” So actors, certain actors that live in that level of performance, that’s not very demonstrative, we get sensitive about energy because we think we have an energy at a different level. But I know I’m not answering your question and I’m sorry.

[Michael Lembeck] really has a lot of skill and a lot of experience where I don’t in just performing comedy within a comedy. Because this movie has a style and a tone that I wasn’t going to make it my style and tone. I had to be in that style and tone and Michael really helped me with that. That was fun.

How do you work on getting the onscreen chemistry?
I think you know it when you feel it. When you’re working with a person, you know if you have it. I think if you don’t have it, it can be a drag but it’s kind of your job to create it. And you don’t want anybody to see you creating it because then you’re dead. So I don't know. It’s like a playfulness more than anything else. It’s not about sex or anything like that. It’s really about two performers who kind of get into each other’s rhythm. That’s sexy in a way because you’re saying, “Okay, I’m going to play with you on this level.” I think that’s what chemistry is. Or it can be people that really don’t like each other, they have chemistry, so it’s an odd thing. Tea and I having chemistry, obviously, I think we do in life but sometimes that’s a very sacred thing, without being pretentious. We’re married and we consider our chemistry sacred. So in a way, if we were to act, it might feel weird exhibiting this sacred chemistry and in a way, we might be more inhibited as performers with one another than we are as people with one another. Or it could be great, I don't know. But it’s my feeling that I would feel a little more inhibited showing people what I feel about this woman because I feel like that’s my business. Whereas I can fake showing how I feel about any other woman. That’s my show business.

Will there be another “X-Files” movie?
I think it definitely will happen. Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz are busy at work. They have an idea which they like and they keep threatening to tell me. I wish they would. They’re going to tell me soon. They’re just setting about writing it now, so we’ll be doing it in the next year.

How will your character develop?
I don't know if Mulder should develop. I mean, Mulder is Mulder. That’s one of the things I learned fighting for the last three or four years on the show trying to change the guy or give him a French accent one day. The nature of the character and what I eventually learned to love about him is he’s set. He’s set and he’s a great character. So the great thing about Mulder is we know what he’s going to do and we know what he likes and what he loves and what he hates. We’re just going to play with that, I’m sure.

Will it tie up the storylines?
I don't know. Not my idea but my feeling about the second “X-Files” movie was, since it’s going to come after the show is not running anymore - although it still seems to be running to me. People still ask me, “How’s the show going?” It’s just on all the time. It had to be like a stand-alone show with a really great part for a guest star, another actor who’s not part of the show. So apparently that’s what Chris and Frank have is a great “X-Files” idea with another actor or actress who can really score in a really great thriller/sci-fi role. I hope that takes the show towards the fans but also towards new fans. And Mulder will wear a dress, of course.

Duchovny Says 'X-Files' Movie To Start Filming Within a Year

David Duchovny indicated Wednesday that a second X-Files motion picture is moving closer to realization. The longtime star of the Fox TV series (1993-2002) told TV Guide's online site: "I think [the movie] definitely will happen. ... [X-Files writers] Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz have an idea they like. They keep threatening to tell me [about it], and I wish they would." Duchovny said that the two writers have just begun turning out the screenplay, "and we'll be doing it within the next year." The actor also disclosed that a "big-name" star will also be brought aboard for the movie, someone "who can really score in a great thriller/sci-fi role. ... So I hope that takes the [movie] toward the [TV show's] fans but also toward new fans at the same time."

Duchovny Eyes Move to Vancouver

Actor David Duchovny wants to quit Hollywood for a new life in Vancouver - so he can prove to locals how much he loves the Canadian city. Duchovny upset Vancouver residents in 1997 when he joked about the coastal city on comedian Conan O'Brien's show - prompting rumors that filming on his old series The X-Files was being moved to Los Angeles because he hated being in Canada. But after making a visit to Vancouver after a long absence to film his new comedy Connie And Carla, Duchovny admits he'd happily move north of the border. He says, "I made a joke about how it rained all the time there and I became like public enemy number one for a while. I'm starting to look for land up there to buy because I apologized all I could and it seems the only thing I can do is actually move up there to prove that I love it, which I do. So I will stop at nothing to actually show that I love Vancouver and I will move there if I have to and live the rest of my life in Vancouver. It's a beautiful city."

Duchovny: No Sex in the City

Actor David Duchovny promises fans will be shocked when they see him in hit TV show Sex And The City - because he keeps his clothes on and stays away from sex. The former X-Files star, 43, plays an old flame of Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie in an upcoming episode of the show - but there won't be as much action as fans of the racy series are accustomed to. Duchovny explains, "I play a high school boyfriend who comes back into Carrie's life. We rekindle, but I'm harboring a secret that complicates everything. I keep lots of clothes on! They were shooting a sex scene with Kim Cattrall while I was there. I didn't get jealous of that guy. Those scenes are embarrassing - especially as you get older, if you know what I'm saying."

Soderbergh's Saucy Trailer

Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is enjoying good laugh at the expense of the media, thanks to a naked David Duchovny. The Traffic director has released to America's top entertainment TV shows a steamy trailer of his much-anticipated new movie Full Frontal--but they can't show it. The R-rated clip features Duchovny's character trying to persuade a masseuse, played by Mary McCormack, to add an extra sexual service while he lies naked on a bench. Duchovny's film producer character suggestively asks his unwilling masseuse, "What's your philosophy on release? When was the last time you made $500 for 30 seconds of work? I need a release." But the saucy clip isn't the only thing that has upset censors in America - even the film's advertising campaign had to be reworked after the tagline 'Expose Yourself on August 2' on posters was deemed too suggestive. Studio bosses at Miramax changed the line to simply 'Coming August 2,' and issued a statement saying, "We were disappointed that we couldn't fully 'expose' our film, but we're happy to say it's still coming out on August 2nd." The film also features Julia Roberts, Catherine Keener and David Hyde-Pierce.

Duchovny Goes X-Rated?

Fans of former X-Files star David Duchovny may see lots more of the hunky star in his new movie. The actor will star alongside Julia Roberts, Blair Underwood and Catherine Keener in new Steven Soderbergh flick Full Frontal, and in one scene, Duchovny will be in a state of what the New York Post describes as "heightened awareness." Even though David reportedly used a fake member for the shot, and most of it allegedly takes place under a sheet, censors fought for the scene to be cut. But Soderbergh reportedly insisted on it staying in the finished film.

Duchovny and Leoni's New Baby

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have become parents for the second time. Former "X-Files" star Duchovny, 41, and Leoni, 36, his actress wife of five years, celebrated the birth of their new baby boy on Saturday. The child, whose name wasn't disclosed by the couple, was born in Los Angeles, weighing in at a healthy seven pounds, 10 ounces. The baby is the second in the Duchovny-Leoni clan, joining three-year-old sister Madelaine West. Duchovny has some time to play dad now that he's officially wrapped "The X-Files," reprising his role as alien-seeking Agent Fox Mulder one last time for the series' finale last month.

Tea Leoni Lashes Out At Rich Hollywood Kids

Stunning actress Téa Leoni has lashed out at spoiled rich kids in Hollywood. The sexy star, who is married to actor David Duchovny is sick of Los Angeles, and doesn't want to raise her children there. She says, "David and I have been talking about returning to New York because we don't want to raise our children in L.A. Something is missing there. We'd feel better if they could grow up around normal kids, not just around a bunch of rich Hollywood kids."


Duchovny To Star In X-Files Finale

The X factor in the final episode of The X-Files has been resolved: David Duchovny will not only star in the two-hour conclusion scheduled to air May 19, but direct another wrap-up episode set to air on April 28 as well. In interviews following the announcement on Wednesday, X-Files creator Chris Carter said that landing Duchovny for the finale was crucial to his plans to produce a series of X-Files movies over the coming years, although he stopped short of saying that Duchovny had committed to the features. Carter told today's (Thursday) Hollywood Reporter: "Everybody wants to do it, including the studio, but right now I don't want to get ahead of myself. I just want to finish the series."

Duchovny Willing To Return For X-files Finale

X-Files star David Duchovny is set to return to help wrap up the hit sci-fi series at the end of this season. Series creator Chris Carter says his desire to have Duchovny return to reprise his character, Special Agent Fox Mulder, for the show's finale, has moved closer to reality. He says, "David was open to it and now the legal and logistical complication of trying to get it done comes." The legal problems are Duchovny's law suit against the series, which is related to his share of revenues from the series. Carter adds, "I just have to make the show as interesting as possible, not just for David but for the fans." If Duchovny does return, it will represent a reversal of his previous stand on the series. As late as in November, he maintained he would not return to the TV series, but was open to possibly appearing in a second film spun off from the X-Files. Before Duchovny departed the show last year, Carter introduced new characters played by Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish, but ratings have slumped this season.

Duchovny To Return For X-Files Finale?

X-Files creator Chris Carter says that he has been in contact with David Duchovny to return to the show for a two-part finale in May and that "David told me he's open to doing it." In an interview appearing in today's (Friday) New York Times, Carter said that in upcoming episodes he is also planning to resolve some of the "conspiracies" that have been at the center of the show, especially one involving aliens and elements of the U.S. government. He also promised a second, "stand-alone" X-Files movie, unrelated to any TV plot, that will star Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

It Will Soon Be The Ex-x-files

After nine seasons, producer-writer Chris Carter has decided to ex-out his The X-Files in May, according to trade reports. In separate interviews with Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, Carter described himself as being in a "ninth-inning" situation and suggested that he intends to make a come-back from the low ratings that have plagued the series in recent "innings" -- particularly since the departure of former co-star David Duchovny. "My determination was to go out with a series of very, very strong episodes that are going to pull a lot of threads together from the last nine years," he told the Reporter.

X Minus X

The next X-Files movie will not include the TV show's long-running plot about aliens, the New York Post reported today (Thursday). The newspaper said that X-Files creator Chris Carter is close to signing a deal to make the second feature based on the TV series and intends to star David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the series' original stars, in it. It was not clear whether Robert Patrick, the new co-star of the television series, would be given any role in the feature. The Post quoted Carter as recently saying that he wanted it to be just a "good scary movie."

David Duchovny's Bad Bathroom Behavior

David Duchovny and Shaquille O'Neal have been nailed by American comedian Garry Shandling - for their bad bathroom decorum. Shandling has shared urinal facilities with both stars, and admits his toilet experiences with them have been far from pleasurable. He explains, "Duchovny was waiting behind me at the urinal with his pants already down - a big non-no, even in Hollywood. And at Staples Center, 7-foot-1 O'Neal was next to me at the urinal and missed everything. But he's very strong in close."

David Duchovny Paints With His Bottom

David Duchovny's been painting for charity - with his butt. The handsome actor and his actress wife Tea Leoni admit they get very involved in their artwork, and use the star's backside to raise money for good causes. Leoni says, "David and I recently did some butt painting for a charity auction. I call myself the paint loader. I apply different colours to his cheeks and then he sits on the canvas. I reload and he repeats. Sometimes I get to spank him a little to blend the colours. I defy anyone to say that David and I don't know how to have fun." Leoni is proud to reveal that one of Duchovny's paintings sold for $3,500 at a Los Angeles auction for animal rights.

Duchovny's Eye For Talent

Jennifer Beals missed out on a top role in hit sci- fi drama The X-Files because she feared David Duchovny was stalking her. Beals was offered the part of Dana Scully at the urging of her former Yale classmate Duchovny, who played Scully's partner Fox Mulder. But Beals turned down the part eventually made famous by Gillian Anderson, just as she had turned down Duchovny's advances when they were students. She says, "He used to follow me around and ask me for dates. I used to say A) I don't know who you are, and B) I'm living with someone and I think that's a problem. And then I got to this acting class in New York, and who's in it? David `The Stalker' Duchovny!"

Duchovny's Lifeguard Past

X-Files star David Duchovny started out his working life as a New York lifeguard - asking topless bathers to cover up. The movie star got hooked on saving swimmer's lives and carrying out beach laws on Fire Island while spending teenage summers with his grandmother. He recalls, "It was maybe the only badge I ever carried. I was a proper lifeguard from the age of 14, and I'd do that all summer. There was no topless bathing on our beach and they'd send the youngest lifeguard to go and tell the women to cover up. "You'd think that would be cool, but at 14 it was mortifying. I'd say 'Ma'am, you're going to have to put your top back on.' These women would cover their nipples with shells and claim they weren't being indecent. I mean the last thing a 14-year-old kid wants to do is get into a debate with a half-naked woman." But Duchovny also saved a few lives in his time on the beach. He adds, "Doing that part of it was a great accomplishment."

David Duchovny Will Not Return To X-Files

David Duchovny has vowed he'll never return to his hit show The X-Files - for the sake of the fans. Duchovny admits the security of a weekly television show was hard to walk away from, but he thinks returning to his role as FBI agent Fox Mulder would be unfair to the series and the loyal fans. He says, "When I came back at the end of this year, by necessity, by my choice of not being on the show full time, other stories and other ideas had to come center stage. And when I came back I felt somewhat peripheral. Mulder's story was one of three or four stories that were going on and it didn't feel like the same show to me. I feel that fans respect Mulder as the consciousness of the show and for him to come back like Superman's dad or whatever feels cheap to me. But it is hard to walk away. I miss Mulder, I miss the show. I miss having my own show."

Duchovny: He's The Ex-X-files Star

David Duchovny has vowed never to return to The X-Files, even in a cameo role. The online entertainment news site Zap2it.com quoted Duchovny as saying Sunday that he felt that the "consciousness of the show" had changed after he decided not to appear on it full time and that when the Mulder character returned "peripherally" this past season, "it didn't feel like the same show to me." The Web site further quoted Duchovny as saying that Fox did not offer him "anything in particular" to remain on the show, nor has there been any discussion of cameo appearances. "I feel that fans respect Mulder as the consciousness of the show and for him to come back like Superman's dad or whatever feels cheap to me," he said. However, the Web site noted that Duchovny is leaving open the possibility of returning to play the Mulder character in a theatrical sequel.

Duchovny Returning To Sci-Fi -- In Movie

David Duchovny has told a French Internet chat site that he will star in Ivan Reitman's comedy/sci-fi film Evolution, playing "a professor who is charged with saving the world from aggressive aliens." As reported today (Tuesday) by Britain's Empire magazine's online site, Duchovny will be starring opposite Julianne Moore, who is currently winding up work in the Silence of the Lambs, The (1991) sequel, Hannibal, in which she plays Clarice Starling, the character played by Jodie Foster in the original film. Asked about appearing in another sci-fi movie, Duchovny remarked, "I think that it's a transition that will take me away from the X-Files towards other roles."

Duchovny Will Appear In X Number Of The X Files

David Duchovny has indicated that he will appear in far fewer episodes of The X Files next year than previously, the online edition of Britain's Empire magazine reported Thursday. Asked at a London news conference how the show will deal with his absences, Duchovny replied, "That's not my problem, it's theirs." Empire said that Duchovny, who appeared at the news conference in connection with the British release of his theatrical feature Return to Me (2000), observed that the fuss surrounding his return to the series next season "was all about money." Duchovny remarked that he was wrong when he commented earlier that working in Hollywood is like working as a prostitute. ""I should have said it was like being like a kept woman. The powers that be don't want to fulfill your contract. Instead they throw baubles at you. 'Hey, we won't pay you your full fee, but here's a week in Hawaii!' I can afford to take myself to Hawaii. What I want is what we agreed on."

Question Mark Over Whether Mulder Will Stay With X-Files

Hit sci-fi show THE X-FILES will return for an eighth season - but David Duchovny is locked in last minute talks to decide whether he will be a part of it. Duchovny's co-star Gillian Anderson has signed on the dotted line to return with the programme, but the Return to Me (2000) actor is seeking more money and a less gruelling work schedule. His demands are also being complicated by a lawsuit he has filed against 20TH CENTURY FOX. The suit claims Duchovny was underpaid after the program syndication was undercut. Duchovny says, "I definitely could do another year, but I really don't know if it will happen. I've made my terms clear." Series creator Chris Carter says, "My contract connects me to the show for another season, I've agreed to do it either way with or without Duchovny." Sunday will see the airing of the finale for the seventh season - allegedly they have shot two episodes. Which one is shown will be based on Duchovny's decision to return. The first shows Mulder being lost in space, while the other keeps him safe on the ground.

Duchovny Signs His "X"

David Duchovny has agreed to return to Fox's The X-Files for an eighth season. Although terms of the deal were not disclosed, Daily Variety reported that he'll be earning between $350, 000 and $400, 000 per show for 11 episodes. In a statement, Duchovny also said that "all the business issues have been settled, " an apparent reference to a lawsuit he had filed against Fox and the producers of X-Files. Referring to the upcoming season finale in which his character is abducted, Duchovny said, "It creates great possibilities to take the show in new directions." Word of the signing came on the eve of Fox's planned unveiling of its fall-season schedule. The network is expected to make wholesale changes in hopes of offsetting this year's ratings plunge. Some seven new shows are expected to debut on the network this fall.

Duchovny: X-Files Owes Me A Fortune

Actor David Duchovny has spoken about his decision to quit his hit TV show. Despite earning $500, 000 per episode, the actor claims X-FILES makers FOX TELEVISION still owe him a fortune from syndication rights, and he is quitting the show to contest the dispute in court. He says, "I'm willing to take it all the way if I have to. I really feel I'm owed this money and they have done me over." Duchovny has not ruled out making another X-Files movie, but he vows he will not shoot any more television shows after the current series ends. He says, "I'll never, ever return to the X-Files on TV. It may continue without me. But for me it's the end - or it will be when my case comes to court."

Duchovny To Quit X-Files

X-FILES star David Duchovny wants to dedicate less time to the hit show - but bosses at the TV network he is suing are ready to replace him. Duchovny says he's unwilling to return to the show for an eighth season, a reluctance which he insists is "more about time commitment" than money. He says, "At this point in my career, I can't spend another 10 months this year or next year doing X-Files. I don't want to, creatively or professionally." But Producer Chris Carter is currently locked in negotiations with 20TH CENTURY FOX TELEVISION about returning the show to the Fox network, with or without Duchovny. The actor is currently in a legal battle with Fox for a larger share of profits from syndicated reruns, and a substantial pay hike. He has suggested he'd return for a much smaller number of episodes than the 22 customary for a season, but the studio wants him for an entire year or not at all - and executives insist they'll replace him if need be.

David Duchovny Dispels The MYTH That Actors Are Dumb

X-FILES star David Duchovny is planning to return to his old university to inspire a new generation of actors. The hunky actor graduated with high honors from PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, got his Master's at YALE (studying Literature) and says he intends to give something back to the institution. He says, "I called my old thesis advisor a few months ago and said can I come back and put together some students and I'll talk to them... We'll show the episode I wrote and directed and I'll act like I'm a filmmaker and we'll have a discussion and it'll be fun. She said she'd love to so I may do that."

David Duchovny Wishes He Could Mate Like An Insect

Former "X-Files" star David Duchovny loves every part of fatherhood - except how long it takes for a baby to be made. The Hollywood actor and his actress wife TEA LEONI both admit bringing up their little girl is a "challenge" but one they're loving. And when it comes to the question of having more kids, Duchovny has one hesitation - waiting another nine months for Leoni to give birth. He says, "I guess we'd like more, but they take nine months to bake. I kind of wish we were more like insects. Do it in the evening, have the baby two days later. That would be great."

Duchovny Chimes In

David Duchovny has called Fox's decision to air Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? a travesty. Appearing on Entertainment Tonight on Friday, Duchovny, whose own program, The X-Files also airs on Fox, said: "It was a travesty when it was popular. Now it's a travesty that it's a hoax." The actor also criticized quiz shows in general: "They just throw a million dollars at people and half the country tunes in. And what does that say about our country?" But he also admitted that he is one of those who tunes in.

Duchovny Attorney Slams Fox "Sweetheart" Deal

An attorney representing David Duchovny is charging that Fox-TV made "sweetheart deals" with its own Fx cable network that prevented Duchovny from receiving his contracted share of profits from the series. Peter Nelson told CNN Tuesday: "The problem began when the financial statements would arrive showing what the profits were on The X- Files, and to our surprise, after six years of the show being on the air as one of the most successful shows of all time, according to Fox, there were no profits, or virtually no profits." Ordinarily, producers make the lion's share of profits in syndication, but Nelson charges: "The biggest problem was that Fox never put the show on the market. Had Fox put the show on the market, we believe that the bidders would have bid the price up significantly."

Duchovny Is Still A Big X

David Duchovny says that he, along with most others connected with The X-Files is assuming that this will be the final season of the series although, if the possibility arose for him to sign on for another year, he "wouldn't say 'never' about anything." Meeting with reporters at the summer press tour in Pasadena, Duchovny remarked that he figures that the show could go on without his character, Fox Mulder. "Even if I was indispensable at one point, " he said, "I'm no longer indispensable. Nobody is indispensable. It's a brand name. It's Crest."


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