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Colin Farrell

Possibly Ireland's hottest cinematic export since Liam Neeson got his kilt off in Rob Roy, Colin Farrell enjoyed a generous helping of trans-Atlantic buzz for his work in Joel Schumacher's 2000 military drama Tigerland. Previously known in his native Ireland for supporting parts in film and television productions, Farrell earned both industry recognition and international heartthrob status for his portrayal of a young drifter recruited to fight in the Vietnam War, winning over critics and audiences with talent, charisma, and his fearless assumption of a Texan accent. The son of famed footballer Eamon Farrell, Farrell was born in Dublin, on March 31, 1976. Growing up, he planned to follow in the footsteps of his father and an uncle, who was also a well-known footballer in the 1960s. However, Farrell's plans changed when, while he was still in high school, his sister enrolled in acting classes at Dublin's Gaiety School of Drama. His interest piqued, the nascent actor followed suit, signing up for classes at the Gaiety School and then making his film debut in a low-budget production called Drinking Crude before he even made it to the Gaiety's classrooms. Having dropped out of high school in order to pursue acting, Farrell dropped out again -- this time from the Gaiety -- after a successful audition for the Irish TV series Ballykissangel. Joining the show in 1996, he earned a degree of fame in his native country, which opened the door for further work in the U.K. In 1999, he could be seen in the family drama The War Zone, Tim Roth's directorial debut, and on TV in Love in the 21st Century, a segmented series that also featured such up-and-comers as Ioan Gruffudd and Catherine McCormack.

His first glint of overseas recognition came the following year, when Farrell was cast in a supporting role in Thaddeus O'Sullivan's Ordinary Decent Criminal, an Irish gangster drama starring Kevin Spacey and Linda Fiorentino. Criminal, which didn't fare well on U.S. shores, was quickly followed by Joel Schumacher's Tigerland. Although the low-key ensemble film, which was set in a Louisiana boot camp in 1971, received a lukewarm reaction from critics and audiences, Farrell's performance was the subject of almost ubiquitous praise. Quickly labeled as one of the most exciting new actors to be detected by the Hollywood radar, the young Dubliner subsequently found himself enmeshed in the distinctly American phenomenon of almost overnight success; before the year was out, he had secured starring roles in a number of projects, including American Outlaws, in which he starred as Jesse James alongside Scott Caan and Kathy Bates, and Joel Schumacher's Phone Booth, a thriller about a young man (Farrell) fighting for his life inside the titular enclosure. Although the long-delayed Outlaws did little for Farrell's career, far more ticket buyers were able to see the young actor alongside Bruce Willis in the somber POW drama Hart's War in early 2002. The following year, Farrell would continue to set his status as a talented Tinseltown newcomer in The Recruit before shedding his mane as the villainous Bullseye in the /comic book superhero film Daredevil (also 2003).

Stone: Farrell's a 'real man'

A crucial scene from Alexander was destroyed when director Oliver Stone carried the tape through an x-ray machine at airport customs.

Stone was forced to call on star Colin Farrell to reshoot the pivotal fight sequence in the historical epic - even though the Irish hunk was nursing a broken ankle.

But Farrell's willingness to work through the pain left Stone in awe of the actor's bravery.

The film-maker explains: "The worst catastrophe that happened to us was at the end of filming when we lost six miles of film.

"It was destroyed by an x-ray machine at an airport when we were going through customs. The tape represented around two and a half hours of filmed scenes. We had to reshoot a whole day of filming to recuperate a major battle scene.

"Colin was very brave attempting to film with a broken ankle. There is a re al man."


Colin Farrell stars in "Alexander"

With a glass of red wine in one hand and cigarette in the other, Colin Farrell unhesitatingly admits that stepping into the shoes of Oliver Stone's Alexander is not only his toughest acting gig to date but "maybe the toughest thing I'll ever do. There's not going to be many parts that pop up like it." Typically ebullient as he holds court in a Los Angeles hotel room, Farrell admits working with the often intense Oliver Stone, had their share of arguments on the set, but only for the good of Stone's ferociously passionate project. "You inevitably have conflict of how to get that interest realised and so in respect to that, we'd rub up against each other at times. Oliver's so smart, so articulate, knows the piece so well and loves it so much that it was never a bad thing. But he's a task master and he pushes and pushes you, regardless of whether you're in the crew or you're part of the cast and he pushes himself just as much, if not more. Like Alexander did, Oliver leads from the front and would never ask you to do something that he wouldn't do himself."

Conquering 90% of the known world by the age of 25, Alexander the Great (Farrell), who succeeded to the throne following the assassination of his father Phillip of Macedonia, led his armies through 22,000 miles of sieges and conquests in just eight years. Coming out of tiny Macedonia, Alexander led his armies against the mighty Persian Empire, drove west to Egypt, and finally made his way east to India. The movie concentrates on those eight years of battles, as well as his relationship with his boyhood friend and battle mate, Hephaestion and the often tumultuous relationships he had with two important women in his life: his mother, the power hungry and manipulative Olympias [Angelina Jolie] and his wife, the sexy, and domineering Roxane [Rosario Dawson]. Yet it is Alexander's bisexuality [a complete non-issue during this period] that seems to have attracted the attention of the press, about which Farrell is not surprised, because of the "boring world we live in. Everyone's so narrow-minded that they have to boil everything down to sex, just look at my interviews . stud, bad boy, so obvious," he admits, laughingly, yet quietly angry that those elements of Alexander are even being brought up. But I'm not surprised at all, because people have such a closed-up and linear way of thinking, a lot of the time, in respect to those things."

Alexander drank hard, fought hard and even loved at hard, and at the time, was a star, yet Farrell says there is not too much in Alexander with which the Irish actor could identify. "Because you need to find somewhere in you that can believe what he believed and can believe the things that he believed to be possible, is possible. You have to find something in yourself that can agree with his philosophies, so in that respect, I did. I read a lot about him, I thought a lot about him. I fell in love with him in many respects. But I found him to have had an incredibly sad life, and one filled with great glory, promise, achievement and massive wealth, king of the f----g world and could have anyone he wanted as a lover. But one hears stories of the isolation of leadership and how lonely it is at the top, because you're never going to please everybody, you're always going to have enemies, and you're always going to have to cope even if you have fans and supporters." Farrell disagrees that there are parallels between that life and that of a movie star. "No it's a different life, one that's far too easy. Sure I have my detractors and I have people that go well done, but you go in there and you start to diminish. For me if I went in to that kind of thing, seeing those kinds of comparisons, I would start to diminish the experience that was being him."

Colin Farrell is now at the top of Hollywood's food chain, an A-list star whose tough-minded Irishness has made him a refreshing favourite amongst the media. Never afraid of speaking his mind, he still handles the media with a refreshing honesty that rarely exists here, but says that he never planned it that way, that's just how he is. "Maybe if I did plan, I'd fall into the trap of then having some defence mechanisms. I just go to work and I'm asked questions about it and answer as best I can." This despite recent magazine stories that dealt with drug use and other facets of a private life that remain fascinating to his fans, but Farrell says that these days, he tries to be less candid about his private life. "I'll say it's great to be a Dad and all that stuff but I'll never talk about my son or about his mother at all. I never talk about anyone else's business or my experience with anyone else or never bring anyone else into my shit, but I've talked consistently, and repetitively about my past experiences, individually to me and what they meant at the time, the way they happened at the time and what happened at the time. I've done that to death, finished with that, so what are we going to talk about now? Oh yeah, I'd better talk about the work now."

Farrell has no regrets, he says, about the wild , carousing image that that we remember from the actor's earliest stints, an image not too dissimilar from the young Richard Harris and Peter O'Toole a generation earlier. "No regrets, man. This is damaging? I'm here five years later, man, have done the biggest film in my career and just finished working with Terry Malick, so it hasn't been damaging, but it was never cultivated. I haven't changed that much. I've been through a lot, so for me to stay the same, for any of us to stay the same in our lives, would be a shame. We have a chance to change and grow. It doesn't mean I don't get up to some mischief and that I don't have a good time and enjoy my life, but I've seen certain things that affect me in certain ways, and I hope I continue to change as we all should. Evolution shouldn't just be about time spans of a thousand years, but could happen in one person's life for them."

As for Farrell's professional future, one thing is clear: despite Pierce Brosnan's endorsement, there is unlikely to be a James Bond in bastard doing it as a joke because everyone's asking me now. , but there's certain things I don't want to de-mystify and Bond is one of them. I'll put my ten dollars on the table and watch Bond which I've been watching as a kid. I don't need to go there. Besides, they won't come near me as Her Majesty's Secret Service wouldn't have me on the payroll," he says laughingly. Farrell is also tipped to be in Michael Mann's feature version of Miami Vice but says that nothing is final. "I'm not even definitely in it. No, there's one guy, Jamie Foxx I believe, who is." But he has read Mann's script and loves what he sees as being a take on the classic TV series. "It's really brilliantly written, it's great, and goes deep into the undercover world. It's Michael Mann doing what he did, in a different way of course. His writing is heavy, tough and with some of the great dialogue he's written. He's a great film maker and he does this kind of genre thing so beautifully that it would be an amazing opportunity."

Colin Farrell stars in "Daredevil"

Described by his co-stars as a 'loveable Irish rogue', Colin Farrell has been linked with Britney Spears and Demi Moore, drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney and his vocabulary is more than a tad colourful, but the young star of Daredevil and the delayed Phone Booth is still an Irish lad at heart and remains happily unspoiled by Hollywood.

Colin Farrell has no qualms about ignoring the hotel's no smoking policy where we meet. Cheerfully lighting up a cigarette and clearly wishing the bottle of water he has been handed was laced with something a little stronger, one has the distinct impression that he's having a ball. Nothing phases this 26-year old Dubliner who is always in a perpetually good mood, calls everyone he meets 'lad' and doesn't give a 'shite' about playing the game, Hollywood-style. Yet in the last week, despite his growing success, the whole world has gotten to know Farrell more not because he is starring as the cheeky bad guy in Daredevil, but because of his much publicised relationship with Britney Spears, and the actor is only too aware of that, but Colin looks at the whole Spears thing with a certain downplaying philosophy. "She was one guest out of 25 that was there that night", Farrell explains denying that there's little more than that. "We're just mates and that's about it." The actor says that "it's not surprising" that despite a successful career and stable professional life, the whole world now knows Colin Farrell, not because of the work, but some seemingly trivial story revolving around Britney Spears. "It's not that shocking, really, because it's a crazy fuckin' world, what are ya gonna do?" Yet before he walked down that infamous red carpet with the singer, at the LA premiere of one of his latest films, The Recruit, Farrell admits that he had no idea what the end result would be. "I'm such a fuckin' idiot when I don't think and sometimes I just don't. So I'm sitting in a hotel with 25 of my family and friends who had come over from Dublin, and she was there talking to someone in the corner with HER friends. And I'm going: Isn't this fuckin' dandy, we're all together having drinks before the premiere. Then we all get out and as I do that I go: Oh, of course, of course, then it was a feeding frenzy. But until then I had no idea despite friends going: You manipulated little bastard of course you did, but I didn't. It's not that I'm dumb I just don't think sometimes," he adds laughingly.

Whether there's anything in the relationship or not, that hasn't stopped the British and Irish press having a field day, with reporters in Dublin camping outside his mother and brother's house just to get the real low-down. But since this kind of personal publicity is new, Farrell the reaction of Farrell's Dublin-based family is currently muted. "Like me, there's not enough there to react TO, really because it's all just new for them as it is for me. I've never been one for preparing to deal with things; all I can do is deal with what's an inch from my face, so we'll see what happens."

While Farrell's private life is on display, the actor's professional career and profile continue to grow, and he admits to being continuously surprised that he has achieved so much in so short a period of time. "You know, I got the shock of my life when I was told I was getting the chance to do Tigerland, and then when I got the next job I couldn't believe it and when I got offered Minority Report I thought: Are they on fuckin' drugs? Each step along the way has surprised me and I'm still not used to the fact that I get to sometimes choose bits and pieces and that I'm in a position of privilege as an actor that I'm in. It's shocking and surprising and I don't know why I was given this opportunity." The modest actor says that he owes his new found success "to a few thousand air miles and a lot of good luck."

That profile looms even larger as the comic book film Daredevil begins to explode in theatres. Based on the popular Marvel Comics character, the film revolves around Ben Affleck's Matt Murdock, blind lawyer for the underdog by day, masked vigilante by night. Farrell is Bulldog, one of the film's two bad guys. He says that doing a film like Daredevil brings out the kid in him. "It was a lot of fun, man, it was really was", he says with a genuine child-like enthusiasm. "It was a case of check your subtlety in at the door and just have a good time, "he adds, lighting up another cigarette. "I'd never done a job like this before because most of the characters I've played have been rooted in some kind of reality and had some struggle within themselves as they try to find out who they are and what their place is in the world. But THIS guy was just so black and white and such a fuckin' lunatic that I had a field day doing it." Unlike many of his Daredevil co-stars, Farrell was completely unfamiliar with the 1960s comic book, or most comics for that matter. "There wasn't much of a comic book culture where I come from, no baseball cards, nothing like that." That is until he met the film's writer/director Mark Steven Johnson, "whose blatant passion for the project, the comic book and characters was contagious and that was a huge reason why I wanted to do this piece because of him." Farrell's clear enthusiasm for Daredevil has to do, he says, "with the power of escapism and we all like to have heroes in our lives, whether it's a singer or a baseball player. These kinds of mythological heroes of folklore that are modern-day comic book heroes are an amazing outlet for escapism." The Daredevil character, however, is unique, says Farrell. "He's one of us, a man of the people, who is more human, pops painkillers and has scars all over his body. Sure, he's a vigilante searching for justice, but he also gets a fuckin' beating from time to time which is why a lot of people are such die-hard fans of this."

Farrell's over-the-top, snarling assassin in Daredevil is in contrast to the superficial publicist in the thriller Phone Booth, which was to be released following last September's premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Garnering strong reviews, Farrell has no problem with that movie's delayed opening. "You just want to get over it. More than anything you're going: You did that two years ago, let it fuckin' go out, see if anybody sees it and then put it to bed. But I had no problem when it was held over because there were people dying on the East Coast and it's only a fuckin' movie you know?" In the Joel Schumacher-directed thriller, Farrell stars as a slick New York publicist who picks up a ringing receiver in a phone booth and is told that if he hangs up, he'll be killed... by a menacing sniper, played by Kiefer Sutherland. Asked if he researched the world of publicists for the role, Farrell laughs. "I know enough of them, but his particular danger of the direction in which he was heading as a human being meant that in a few years he could have ended up as a pretty nasty fellow. That's not necessarily a publicist's disease. Anyone in this industry could be suffering from the problems he's suffering from. Besides, there are assholes everywhere in the world, some of whom I've met to draw from."

When Farrell isn't travelling the world making movies, publicising them or getting into hot water with the tabloids, he finds respite back in Dublin where he tries to visit at every given opportunity. Far from the frenetic world of Hollywood, Dublin "is my favourite city in the world, it's where I'm from, it's the only place that I truly consider home, otherwise I'm like a vagrant. The only fixed address I have is Dublin city." And Colin makes sure that he has his family around him when he's working, despite the tabloid reports and his legendary drinking habits, Farrell says that his folks "know that I'm an alright person and not a bad man. My mother would worry about me, of course, but she's a mother so what's she going to do? But she knows I'm just finding my way in the world, though she'd prefer it if I didn't say 'fuck' as often as I do, she'd like me to smoke and drink a little less than I do." Colin says he looks forward to returning home immediately after wrapping on S.W.A.T. Then it is back to work, from The Trojan Wars to Alexander the Great, Colin Farrell is well and truly on the way.

Colin Farrell: Smoking Gun

In "Phone Booth," Colin Farrell found himself surrounded by a small army of police officers (and one demented sniper), but in the new summer action flick "S.W.A.T.," it's Farrell who's wearing the badge. Between drags of his cigarette, the Irish playboy chatted with MTV about his "S.W.A.T." co-stars and his alcohol-free workout routine.

Q: You're becoming the hardest-working man in showbiz.

Colin Farrell: Becoming? I am! No, I'm not. It's all good fun. I've got a job I like.

Q: "S.W.A.T." is a big ensemble movie. Is it much different than doing a smaller pic like "Phone Booth"?

Farrell: I don't know how different it is, you know — you're sharing the story with everyone, it's a collective obviously, and that's what it was about and should have been about, and it was great fun. We had a laugh. And I was around a great bunch of actors; from Michelle [Rodriguez] to LL [Cool J] to Josh [Charles], Brian Van Holt, Jeremy Renner, Olivier [Martinez] and obviously the big man Samuel L. Jackson.

Q: I'm asking everybody from the movie to tell me what they learned about one of their co-stars, or what they found out about them from working with them. For example, LL said he called you Colin Greens and said you smoked a little bit. I don't know where he got that from. So, Sam Jackson ...

Farrell: Sam Jackson. What did I learn about him? I learned that he's one of the quickest-witted f---ers I've ever heard in my life, man. I learned that if you're gonna have a verbal with him, you'd better bring your tongue to the f---ing table 'cause he's fast.

Q: Is that right?

Farrell: Yeah. And he's as cool as they say. He's cooler than they say.

Q: All right, Michelle Rodriguez.
Farrell: Sweetheart. Yet the obvious is true — tough as nails, kick your head in, you know? Ripped my head off. Easy enough for her I'd say, but a sweetheart, man. Great heart. Generous, generous human being.

Q: All right, LL.

Farrell: LL ... got the best pair of abs and body, it's disgusting. He's got abs like a cheese grater. Again, good guy, man. I mean, you have perceptions of people. You see these people, you hear their music, you see their movies or whatever, and then you meet them and Sam is still as cool as I ever thought he was. Cooler. LL is as cool, all this. Michelle is still as tough. But you get to know them a bit, which is cool. You don't get inside their heads and you don't become close personal friends in four months or three months, but you get to know them and you find out about them. LL is a sweetheart, man.

Q: Right on. Well, did you get into ripped shape for the movie?

Farrell: Ah, are you kidding me? No, not at all.

Q: Did you drink during workouts?

Farrell: No, that would defeat the purpose. No, after. You gotta earn it.

Ireland's Farrell Riding High

Irish actor Colin Farrell is one of the fastest-emerging stars in Hollywood. In the months ahead, we'll see him in Joel Schumacher's Phone Booth and Spielberg's Minority Report. But first up, he handles the reigns as charismatic outlaw Jesse James in American Outlaws. Farrell recently talked to Paul Fischer in Los Angeles, about his attitudes towards fame and Hollywood.

Colin Farrell may be the hottest young thing to come out of Ireland in years, but the 25-year old Dublin-born actor admits to getting tired of the media labelling him as such. "Fortunately I don't have to live in it all the time", Farrell responds with thick Irish brogue in toe. "But it also gets a bit borin' talking about yourself really; it must be easier to find people who are much more interesting". As for the pressure he might feel being in this position, Farrell is further dismissive, "because a producer in this town would feel a lot of pressure every day and I was like that, I'd be a lot greyer than I am now. The only pressure I feel is to be as good as I can be in anything I do. "

Colin Farrell was "born and bred" in Castleknock in Dublin and continues to live in the city's Irishtown area where he has a cottage. He describes himself as "the baby of the family", the youngest of four children born to Rita and Eamonn Farrell. His father is a former footballer. Farrell quit school at around 17, or rather school quit him, as he recalls. "I was thrown out", he explains matter-of-factly, admitting that he was extremely lazy. "School just never held my interest, because I always knew, in the back of my head, that I was never going to be an accountant, mathematician or anything to do with academia at all. The only thing I thought I MIGHT do was write, but then, fuck that, I wasn't any good. I realised I just couldn't take school any more and got thrown out". Farrell began doing odd jobs, first in his father's newsagency, then in a bank and a men's clothing store, before he finally decided to try his hand at acting, despite his very working-class upbringing. "I guess watching films at a kid fuelled my interest". At first his dad laughed when Colin divulged his plans. I remember him asking me: "You want to be a fuckin' play actor? Is that a real way for a man to make a livin'? But he changed his mind when the first pay cheque came in". Now dad couldn't be more pleased.

Farrell started out as an actor in Owen McPolin's low-budget Irish feature, Drinking Crude, and his performance caught the attention of an agent, who signed him up. He joined the Gaiety School of Acting in 1996 and dropped out after a year when he got the part of Danny Byrne in the hit Irish TV series Ballykissangel. Then he played a semi-autistic 17-year-old on the London stage In a Little World of Our Own. That performance caught the attention of Kevin Spacey, who himself was treading the boards in London at the time, who suggested Colin play one of Spacey's criminal sidekicks in Ordinary Decent Criminal. But it was his breakthrough performance in Tigerland, a tight, gritty drama set in a Louisiana boot camp in the autumn of 1971 that took Hollywood by surprise - and by storm. Farrell's charismatic, star-making performance as Bozz, the cocky, rebellious soldier took the attention of critics. Farrell's "good looks and charisma speak well for a vital Hollywood career", noted Variety, while Entertainment Weekly commented: "charismatic Irish actor Colin Farrell's anonymous days will be behind him after this". Farrell found the world première of Tigerland "absolutely nerve-wracking - because I'd never seen myself on a cinema screen before. I was in America, working on the accent, when Ordinary Decent Criminal opened in Ireland. So I was on the phone to the mother and the sisters and they were outside the cinema in Dublin with the mobile phone and the champagne in their hands, telling me they had just seen it." Sustaining his Texan accent was the most difficult thing for him on the set of Tigerland, he says. "Hitting it every now and then was easy enough, but it took a while just keeping it going all the time and getting to the stage where you're not thinking about it one bit, when you can throw it away and you don't hear your voice anymore and you can listen to everybody else. I worked so hard on it. I put everything I had into it."

The film's critical success here in the US, led to a flurry of big movie offers. First cab-off-the-rank following Tigerland, is his starring role in the Western adventure, American Outlaws, in which the very Irish Farrell becomes the iconoclastic American rebel, Jesse James, in a film inspired by events, but not necessarily based on them. Making the film was the ideal fantasy-come-true for this young actor from Dublin. "As a kid, even back in Ireland, I knew who Jesse James was and all those characters, and I used to play cowboys and Indians, so to get the chance to play Jesse James in a Western is every kid's wet dream, you know? Farrell says that he resisted taking the part too seriously and decided against over-researching. "It wasn't about the research in this job, because it's a completely romanticised account of what went on; we weren't restricted to be confined to a sense of historical accuracy". But for added realism, Farrell DID choose to do his own stunts, "or as many as they'd let me, because I just felt it was nice to know it wasn't a stuntman doing it". These included some wild horse riding scenes. "I mean, you're 24 and someone asks if you want to go on top of a train and jump through a window and ride some horses, what's a fella to do then?"
Farrell is riding high. Next up, he re-teams with his Tigerland director Joel Schumacher for the tense thriller Phone Booth, "which was such pressure to shoot since we had to complete the fucker in 16 days, but it was an amazing experience. I owe so much to Joel; I'm sure we'll work together again soon". Then there's the big-budget Minority Report, in which he stars opposite Tom Cruise in a Spielberg-directed big summer movie. "You spend years watching a Cruise or Spielberg movie, and then you end up working with them. The first day on set I was shitting myself; I could hardly speak". But that soon changed, Farrell adds.

Refusing to live in Los Angeles, Farrell still calls Dublin home and remains close to his family. "My sister works as my assistant on most of my jobs and my folks have been out a few times. I'm looking forward to going back to Ireland and make a movie there". At least this fast-talking Irishman hasn't lost his sense of perspective.

Colin F's crimes against fashion

Colin Farrell's due to start filming his role as Detective James 'Sonny' Crockett in 'Miami Vice' in April.

Oscar-nominee Jamie Foxx will take the part of his partner Detective Ricardo Tubbs in the remake of the eighties TV series.

The show was as famous for its colourful clothes as its storylines and we asked Colin whether he ever wore anything like the infamously awful linen suits:

"I never went through the shiny suit, rolled up sleeves with no socks and slip-ons nonsense."

"But, I'm sure that I wore worse than that! Jesus, I wore bermudas and white suits and all that""

"They're updating the clothes in the film though - it's going to be set in today's world."

Colin brings 'Alexander' to Hollywood

Colin Farrell's new film, 'Alexander', shut down Hollywood Boulevard last night.

Thousands of screaming fans turned up for the premiere and Colin shocked everyone by being on his best behaviour.

His other co-stars Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto and Val Kilmer were also there, as was the director Oliver Stone.

Colin reckons his three hour epic has it all and promises it won't disappoint:

"Honour, betrayal, truth, faith, destiny, ambition, destruction, inner demons, family affairs - it's a huge story!"

Even though Colin is the star of the film, he admitted that he can't believe the stellar line-up:

"On the poster it's like - Jared Leto, Rosario Dawson, Val Kilmer, Angelina Jolie, Antony Hopkins - they've just packed the film with incredible actors and it was amazing to be around."

Angelina plays Alexander's mother - but her role hasn't gone down well with one member of her family: "She's definitely the strongest person I've ever played, she's very strong."

"She scares my son - my son has seen trailers and she scares him!"

Colin Farrell in new Pocahontas flick

Colin Farrell has signed up to star in a new version of 'Pocahontas'. The movie's called 'The New World' and is the story of English explorer John Smith.

Colin will play Smith in the flick, which is about the clash of European explorers and Native American tribes.

Farrell's sex scenes in 'New World' toned down

Alexander" star Colin Farrell had to re-shoot love scenes with a young actress for "The New World" because lawyers feared the footage infringes American child pornography laws.

In "Thin Red Line" director Terrence Malick's latest film, Farrell, 28, plays British colonist John Smith, who falls in love with a native American girl, played by 14-year-old Q'Orianka Kilcher, imdb.com quoted a report from gossip site The Scoop as saying.

"Farrell was told to get romantic and sensual but knew there was a certain amount of kissing involved.

"He played the scene brilliantly and he really put Q'Orianka at her ease.

"But when the lawyers saw the finished product they just flipped out," a source was quoted as saying.

Colin Farrell wary of relationships

Colin Farrell has revealed that the break-down of his marriage has made him wary of relationships.

The Irish hell-raiser was married to actress Amelia Warner for four months in 2001 and hasn't been in a serious relationship since.

He said in an interview with Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "I must have a problem. My last relationship was being married for four months. Maybe I was burned by that more than I know."
But the 28-year-old womaniser says he falls in love too easily.

He added: "I'm never scared of falling in love. That's the problem: I fall in love too easily.
What I'm scared of doing at the moment is feeling like I'm in love and making lots of promises.

Once I'm in love, I'm f***ed. I'll promise the world, because I really believe it at the time."

Colin Farrell: Angelina Jolie My Perfect Woman

Colin Farrell confessed that Angelina Jolie is his "perfect woman" at the London premiere of 'Alexander' last night (05.01.05).

The Hollywood heartthrob - who has been romantically linked to the pillow-lipped beauty - arrived with Jolie to promote the epic blockbuster, and admitted she was his ideal woman.

He said: "I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time but Angie's pretty close to my perfect woman. At the moment I am single but Angelina could well and truly be the right woman. She certainly comes close."
The two stars wowed thousands of fans who had waited hours to catch a glimpse of them both, stopping briefly to sign autographs before Farrell - who plays legendary general Alexander the Great in the movie - planted a kiss on his gorgeous co-star.

Angelina also admitted she has a soft-spot the hell-raising actor, before entering the cinema to watch the £80million movie directed by Oliver Stone - who she is also rumoured to have dated.
She said: "It has been mind-blowing working with him. He's really, really fun to be around. He's full of surprises."

Colin Farrell terrified of flying

Colin Farrell is terrified of flying. The Irish movie heartthrob has confessed he hates getting on planes because he is so frightened it will crash. He confessed: “I’m terrified of planes – they’re my greatest fear.

If I get turbulence I lose my mind. I don’t like being confined. I don’t like thinking about all the things that could go wrong.”

Colin Farrell's gay kiss in 'Alexander' was 'horrible'

Colin Farrell claims his gay kiss in 'Alexander' was "horrible".

The Irish actor - who is renowned for his womanising - says the man-on-man embrace left him in no doubt about his heterosexuality.

He revealed: "It was horrible. I mean, I've never had any doubts about my own sexual preference for women, but doing that scene was all the confirmation I could ever want. Not a pleasant experience!"
However, Colin - whose ex-lovers include Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore - says bisexuality was the norm in the days of Alexander the Great.

He explained to Britain's New magazine: "This bisexual thing is just an example of how different society was.
There wasn't any of the hysteria about sexuality. Sex was just sex in those days. Maybe we could learn something from that."

Meanwhile, Colin claims he spends all night partying to cure his insomnia.

The Hollywood heartthrob says the only reason he enjoys wild nights out is to make him tired enough to sleep.

He explained: "I have trouble sleeping at night. That's why I stay out all night sometimes when I'm out on the town. I know I'll have trouble falling asleep unless I exhaust myself."

Colin Farrell saw a psychiatrist for 6 months

Colin Farrell once saw a psychiatrist for six months. The hell-raising actor has confessed he underwent psychotherapy when he was a teenager because drink and drugs had left him depressed.

He revealed: "I saw a shrink when I was 18. I was doing too much s*** at the time and I had lost myself completely.
I saw him for six months. I went to his office and I may as well as spat s*** out. I just vomited for six months, once a week." Colin believes the psychiatrist was a huge help because he made him realise how self-destructive he was.

He recalled in an interview with Britain's Sunday Times Magazine: "I wrote down everything that I did, every drink that I had, every other thing, and he just went, 'You're wondering why you're depressed - have you read your shopping list?'

"He didn't say much, he just listened to me and that was grand. I just needed somebody to talk to."

Colin Farrell's movie-set hangovers!

Colin Farrell has blamed his American drinking pals for making him arrive on movie-sets with terrible hangovers.

The 'Alexander' star admits he loves going out to bars while working in the US, but claims too many people he works with just want to get drunk as quickly as they can - leaving him worse for wear the next morning.

He said: "I go to a bar in Los Angeles and friends are like, 'Come on man, lets do shots!' They cannot get the drink into themselves fast enough."
Despite his love of partying, Farrell, 28, insists he prefers going out to bars when he is back home in Ireland because he enjoys the relaxed atmosphere.

He added: "The Irish do drink a lot. But it's a better form of drinking. We go to the pub every night and we sit with friends.
We have a laugh and have six or seven pints, it's more social."

Colin Farrell's manhood stars in new movie

Colin Farrell is to reveal his manhood in his new movie - after it was chopped from a previous film for being too "distracting".

The Irish heartthrob has a full-frontal scene as the bisexual world conqueror Alexander the Great in forthcoming epic 'Alexander'.

But movie critics say that while that actor's manhood isn't small, it is far from extraordinary.
One commentator said after the Los Angeles screening: "It's nothing to be ashamed of - but people weren't gasping either."

Earlier this year, Farrell had been due to bare all in 'A Home at The End of The World' - but, after test screenings caused such a stir among the audience, movie bosses feared it would take too much attention away from the film's storyline.
A source said at the time: "All you could hear were gasps when Colin appeared in his full-frontal pose. The women were over-excited and the men looked really uncomfortable.

"It was such a sight it made it difficult to concentrate on the plot, so the decision was made to get rid of it." Director Michael Mayer also admitted: "It was distracting."

Colin Farrell lucky shamrock-covered underpants

Colin Farrell never leaves his trailer on the first day of film shoot without his lucky shamrock-covered underpants.

The handsome Irish actor has confessed he always wears the patriotic boxer shorts when he starts making a new movie.

He revealed: "They have these Irish shamrocks on them and it says 'Luck of the Irish' on the band, and I wear them on the first day of every film I do.
"They're my lucky charm. And if I don't have them with me I won't come out of the trailer - I'd shoot myself.

"They're starting to get a bit old now but I could never ever part with them."
Colin's lucky pants have obviously worked - he has starred in a string of hit movies since moving to Hollywood, including 'Minority Report', 'Phone Booth' and 'Daredevil'.

Colin Farrell: Bad Boy? I'm a daddy now!

Colin Farrell has dismissed claims he is a Hollywood bad boy - saying he is now a responsible father.

The Irish actor, who once boasted of a week-long ecstasy and cocaine binge, reckons he is just living the life of an average young man.

The heartthrob, whose love conquests include Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore, also reportedly claimed he could bed any woman he wanted in Beverly Hills.
He said: "I've had a lot of press about womanising but I've not done any more than your average 28-year-old who's single. My reputation is undeserved. I never come in drunk - there's too many people's hard work on the line. On my day off I might have a few beers."
The sexy star, who had his first child with ex girlfriend and model Kim Bordenave, last September, admits fatherhood has changed his outlook on life.

He is quoted by The Sun as saying: "I have a son now and I just want to make sure he's taken care of.

The first time you hold your baby in your arms, a sense of strength and love washes over you."

Meanwhile, the 'Minority Report' actor has admitted shots of his large manhood, which was chopped from his forthcoming film 'A Home at the End of the World', would have spoilt a 'tender' scene.

He added: "It's a beautiful, gentle moment and seeing a large willy would have spoiled it. I wouldn't have shot it if I had a problem with it being in."

Farrell To Improve Accent After Alexander Mauling

Colin Farrell wants to improve his elocution after the critical mauling he experienced for his thick Irish brogue in ALEXANDER.

The Dublin-born actor, 27, is reportedly furious director OLIVER STONE failed to supply voice coaching for his performance as the legendary warrior - and is determine to improve his accent for his next role in the film remake of eighties TV show MIAMI VICE to avoid future criticism.

A source tells Britain's SUNDAY EXPRESS newspaper, "He was known as 'Bejabers' on the set of Alexander because of his broad Irish accent.

"Colin had asked for a voice coach on Alexander as he was worried he would not be able to conceal his Irish trill, but his requests were met with silence.

"He made it clear to the director Oliver Stone that he could not rid himself of his lilt and thought it would be a good idea to get some coaching, but Oliver did not see this as a priority.

"There was ill-feeling and Colin felt as if he was hauled up for the most criticism.

"He was obviously sore about it, especially when Irish critics gave him a pasting. He is very upset that he has been singled out for ridicule."


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