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Cerina Vincent Actress

Cerina Vincent

Cerina's popularity skyrocketed after her role in the 2001 movie "Not Another Teen Movie", where she portrayed "Areola", a girl that walks around naked in public. Cerina soon displayed her assets again in the 2003 movie "Cabin Fever ", where she is topless in many scenes and is involved in sex scenes. Cerina's two performances surely are unforgettable, and hopefully we can watch her play in many more similar roles. Cerina is not just a hot body, she has more talents and attributes. At the age of four, Cerina Vincent began her career as a dancer, singer, and actress in her mother's ballet studio. In 1996 she became the Miss Nevada Teen USA pageant, and was ranked in the top 15 of the Miss Teen USA pageant. She began her work in television beginning with a memorable role as Maya, the yellow Power Ranger on Fox Network's "The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy," then later on in the MTV hit series "Undressed." She has has also made some TV appearances in "Malcolm In The Middle," "Felicity" and "Ally McBeal," and has been seen in a couple of the famed "Truth" anti-smoking TV commercials. Cerina made her independent feature debut in 1999's "Fear Runs Silent." Cerina was born on February 7, 1979, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

She is now currently working in 3 new movies, "El Intermedio" (2004), "Treasure of the Seven Mummies" (2005), & "Dead Evil"(2005).

Cerina Vicent: The Basics


Cerina Vincent, 22, makes a lasting impression as an all-nude, all-the-time foreign exchange student named Areola in the satire Not Another Teen Movie.


The 1996 Miss Nevada Teen USA moved from Las Vegas to Hollywood and soon landed the role of Maya, the yellow Power Ranger who wears little jungle outfits on TV's Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Since that show ended, she was a sorority girl in a love triangle on MTV's Undressed and another sorority girl on the pilot for Son of the Beach. Most recently, she was Francis' girlfriend on Malcolm in the Middle and a bitchy beauty pageant contestant on Felicity. Currently, she's shooting the David Lynch-produced thriller Cabin Fever. Did we mention little jungle outfits?


Her power yoga-toned body is so perfect, Cerina's been a character model for heroines of videogames. This hazel-eyed beauty of Italian descent is a welcome presence on any movie screen, TV screen or Xbox. Plus, we're big fans of Areola.

Cerina Vincent: Scream Queen

Playboy.com: In Not Another Teen Movie, you play a foreign exchange student named Areola who never wears clothes. What's that about?

Cerina Vincent: The joke is she's totally naked the whole movie, but nobody notices.

PB: Is that an exaggeration of Shannon Elizabeth's character in American Pie, or is it a commentary about Americans' perceptions of Europe, where there are naked women all over TV and at the beach?

CV: I think it's a little bit of both, but mostly it's spoofing the fact that the foreign exchange student in all these little teen movies always ends up taking her clothes off.

PB: What country is Areola from?

CV: She's the generic foreign exchange student. That definitely is spoofing Nadia from American Pie. We really don't know where her accent comes from since each line is in a different accent.

PB: Have you met Shannon Elizabeth?
CV: I met her a long time ago before this movie was even an idea. Hopefully she won't take it personally. It's not cruel, and it's all in fun.

PB: What was it like working naked on the set with so many people? Was it a closed set?

CV: A lot of the scenes I couldn't be in, because there's a law that you can't be naked on a set with anybody who's not 18. There are some people in the cast who aren't 18, so I couldn't do some of the group scenes. I didn't get to work with a lot of the cast, which was kind of unfortunate that nobody else was there.

Taking this role was a huge decision for me, and I didn't know whether I could do it. I hadn't done nudity before. I was totally naked, but something could always be covered on the bottom half. For instance, if I had a close-up, I could have sweatpants on.

PB: Do you ever walk around your house naked? How comfortable are you with nudity now?

CV: After this role, I go to the grocery store naked, I go everywhere naked. [Laughs] Definitely this role was a liberating experience. I'm much more comfortable with it now than I was before. Every role I worked on after Not Another Teen Movie is easier, because I'm just thankful to have a wardrobe. Bathing suit scenes are a piece of cake now.

PB: What is the premise of your next movie, Cabin Fever?
CV: David Lynch is the executive producer, so it's definitely got that twisted, horror dark comedy. It's about a group of friends going on a little vacation. It's not just a horror film. There's a lot of truth to it. It's about a real, flesh-eating bacteria that actually exists that I've seen on the Discovery Channel. The fact that there's a lot of truth to it makes it even more horrifying. I don't want to give too much away.

PB: How did you come to be Miss Nevada Teen USA?

CV: Initially, my mom forbade me to enter. Finally, she said, "Fine, if you want to do it you're on your own," so I raised all the money. I didn't think in a million years I'd win it because I figured you need to live this pageant life and live in the pageant world. I love to perform. I just did it to be on the stage. And then I won!

PB: Was it at all like the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous?

CV: It was when I went on to Miss Teen USA in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It's pretty cutthroat. There's a level of tension full time. You're all acting like you're friends and that you really love each other, but underneath it all every girl is judging the next girl and trying to eliminate who's not going to make the top 10 and who could possibly win. You're just competing the whole time.

PB: What can you tell us about behind-the-scenes rituals at beauty pageants, like odd applications of Spray Mount or duct tape?
CV: I picked up all sorts of stuff there. There is that grip spray that you spray on your butt to keep the bathing suit in place so it doesn't ride up when you walk. Girls tape their boobs up, or they have the most amazing padded push-up bras you could ever imagine. Then there are the girls who, every night, sit in the bathtub and they light candles and they listen to tapes: "You are the most beautiful. You're going to win. You are the winner. You can do it. Just believe in yourself." It's crazy, but there are some really wonderful girls, and I met some great people.

PB: What's it like living in Las Vegas? Are your neighbors all showgirls?

CV: My mom's a stripper. My dad is a dealer. We don't go to school; we go lay out at the pool all day at the casinos.... [Laughs]

No, we're just totally normal, but everybody thinks it's somewhat twisted and bizarre. I liken it to when I was little, I thought everyone in California went to Disneyland and to the beach every day. First of all, Vegas is the fastest-growing city in the nation. It's a brand-new city, and because of that everything is brand new. We have the second-best public school district in the nation. There's T-ball and Little League and soccer practice and gymnastics and dance classes and school and church like everywhere else. When you live there, the Strip is for the tourists. You can't possibly spend time there; you'd gamble your money away.

PB: Did you ever work in a casino?

CV: I did some modeling in fashion shows or conventions while I was in high school, to make money on the side, but that's it.

PB: Was there any actress in particular who inspired you to pursue the movies?
CV: I think I came out of the womb wanting to be an actress or wanting to perform, so there's nobody that inspired me in that sense. I'm really drawn to comedy. Cameron Diaz is great, but the person I admire most is Robin Wright Penn. I watched her growing up in The Princess Bride. I think that's my favorite movie. I thought she was the most beautiful, amazing thing ever.

PB: Do you have a boyfriend?

CV: No. I currently have men in my life, but not any one in particular.

PB: Do you date actors?

CV: I try not to.

PB: What kind of guys do you like?

CV: Secure guys with a sense of humor. In this business, you have to have a guy who's just secure with himself and understands the business and is supportive. And he's gotta have a sense of humor. He's gotta make me laugh.

PB: You're supposedly an amazing chef. Have you ever had a Nine 1/2 Weeks moment in the kitchen?

CV: No, I haven't had one of those. That could be fun. It would be kind of messy, though.

PB: Now that you've been naked in front of a crowd in Not Another Teen Movie, would you consider posing for a nude pictorial in a magazine like Playboy?

CV: Is that always your closing question? [Laughs] Since I just took off all my clothes in this movie, we're trying to work my career in a different way to not just be "the naked girl." I'm spoofing "the naked girl," I don't want to become "the naked girl" in everything. We'll see...maybe one day in the future....

Las Vegan Vincent back on big screen in 'Cabin Fever'

Not another nude scene.

That's been Las Vegas native Cerina Vincent's motto since 2001's spoofy "Not Another Teen Movie," in which she played a multi-accented exchange student with a curious, and perpetual, aversion to clothes.

After that cinematic foray, Vincent swore (at least to herself) that she wouldn't do any more onscreen nudity.

That is, until director Eli Roth came calling, hoping to cast Vincent as Marcy, the resident sexpot of the old-school horror outing "Cabin Fever."

"I didn't want to do nudity again," says Vincent, 24, "but this was a completely different movie."

And while she gets to keep her clothes on in "Cabin Fever" -- for the most part -- Vincent also spends considerable time slathered in make-believe blood, as a mysterious flesh-eating disease works its way through a group of vacationing college pals.

"It was challenging, working with the special effects and working on location" in North Carolina, Vincent says. "But it was so much fun."

Maybe not spending 14 hours a day "in the freezing cold and covered with blood," she concedes. But she and her fellow cast members "all bonded immediately."

They had to, considering Vincent's late arrival on the project.

The entire cast was in place and shooting was about to begin -- except that Roth still didn't have a Marcy.

Until the director caught a glimpse of Vincent in publicity photos from "Not Another Teen Movie."

After reading the script -- and immediately responding to the assertive, fun-loving character of Marcy -- Vincent auditioned via videotape. Two weeks later, she was in North Carolina with the rest of the cast and crew -- in time for a week of rehearsal before shooting began.

Vincent describes "Cabin Fever," which finished filming about a year ago, as a "throwback to the old-school stuff -- really smart and really funny and really dark," she says.

Although horror aficionados should be able to detect elements borrowed from "The Shining," "Evil Dead" and other horror classics, "it's definitely not a spoof," she notes. "It's very real -- funny, but not in a spoof sort of way."

It's a long way from her days in TV's "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy," where she did time as as Maya, the Yellow Power Ranger.

"That was my first experience on a series," she recalls. "We shot so many episodes, it was good in terms of time in front of the camera. It prepared me for bigger things."

Vincent's dreamed of those bigger things since her Las Vegas childhood, when she and her her cousin "would put on costumes and make up skits," she recalls. "I always knew I wanted to do some sort of performing."

Her unofficial television debut came at age 3, when her parents were busy videotaping her -- and her newborn brother.

"I threw a tantrum," she admits. "I wanted my parents to turn off the video (camera) so I could watch myself on TV."

The daughter of a retired Clark County employee and a dance teacher, Vincent "had a wonderful childhood" in Las Vegas -- a hometown that still prompts strange inquiries from colleagues, she notes.

"People say, `Oh my God, did you go to school in a hotel?' " she comments with a laugh. "People come up with the craziest ideas."

For the record, she went to Durango High School, where she reigned as homecoming queen. (Her 14-year-old sister goes there now; her brother turned 21 last month -- and Vincent returned to Las Vegas to join the family celebration.)

Vincent's performing career got an early boost when she captured the Miss Nevada Teen USA crown and represented the Silver State in the Miss Teen USA pageant.

Since arriving in Hollywood, Vincent has done guest shots on TV shows from "Ally McBeal" to "Malcolm in the Middle," along with some "Power Rangers" videos and the thriller "Fear Runs Silent."

And, after finishing "Cabin Fever," she and co-star Jordan Ladd worked for visionary director David Lynch, appearing in short "Darkened Room," which is featured on Lynch's Internet site (www.DavidLynch.com).

Lynch and Roth have collaborated on several projects, from the short films to an upcoming Broadway show. And Vincent "felt very lucky to work with him," she says of Lynch, whose creepy credits range from "Blue Velvet" to "Twin Peaks."

As for the future, "I'm being very selective" about new projects, she maintains, acknowledging that her sexy image can be a double-edged sword in the Hollywood wars.

"You fall into a certain category. Every actor does -- and this is mine," Vincent acknowledges. "But it's a very competitive, very difficult business," she continues. "A lot of this business is so completely out of my control."

Besides, having an image can work to a young actress' advantage.

"Of course, I would love to do a romantic comedy," she admits. But "I'm open to anything as long as the script's good."

Interview with Cerina Vincent & Samm Levine from "Not Another Teen Movie"

Will your "Power Rangers" fans appreciate this when they're old enough to see it?
Cerina: I think they're already old enough to see it, unfortunately. I don't know. I hope that they'll appreciate this.

Was it so long ago that the kids are now old enough to see an R-rated movie?
Cerina: Let's see, when was I in "Power Rangers." It was a year and a half ago, I guess, but the "Power Rangers" fans range from eight to 45, or eight to 15 and then 19 to 45 or something like that, so there will be some crossover I think.

Was part of this an attempt to get out of the kids genre?
Cerina: No, not at all actually. But I did think about that, like wow, "I guess I'm not really going to be a superhero anymore." Or parents aren't going to want me to be.

But how do they sell you on a character that's naked the entire movie?
Cerina: Well, it was a very difficult decision for me. I've never done nudity before. I never even auditioned for roles that had nude scenes in them. After reading the script, it is so funny. I am a fan of "American Pie" and I get to spoof Shannon Elizabeth's character. This role really stuck out to me before I even knew which role I was reading for, or auditioning for. I just thought it was so funny. It says [in the script] "Areola - she's totally naked the whole movie but nobody notices." And [it mentioned] all the different accents. I had to talk myself into it. My mom had to talk me into it. My manager -

Your mother talked you into doing nudity?
Cerina: Because I was like, "Mom, I don't know, be naked? I don't know." She said, "I think that this could be a good career move."

Did she tell you you have a beautiful body?
Cerina: Yes, she did. She's my biggest fan. I mean, she read the script and thought it was funny. It was her professional opinion too, I guess. But anyway, after doing it it was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. It was actually very liberating. I was so scared, I was so nervous about it and it ended up being great and it's all in comedy and in a sense I'm making fun of myself.

But casting agents will probably ask you to be in more roles with nudity. How will you handle that?
Cerina: Absolutely. They'll absolutely think because you've done it once that you'll do it again, but that's not where I'm going to go. I'm not gonna be the booby girl.

You and Samm are paired up to do interviews. Are you getting tired of hearing these questions, Samm?
Samm: I can't get enough of having her talk about herself naked. I'm the luckiest guy at this junket (laughing). Cerina and I had a scene together - a really funny scene that, unfortunately, is on the cutting room floor. Everyone will be able to see it when they buy the DVD. It is etched in my brain.

Cerina: The world needs to see it because it is really funny. It pulls everything together.

What happens in this scene?
Samm: It's the payoff of both of our characters a little bit. I really don't want to give too much away because I want people to buy the DVD and be surprised when they see the deleted scenes. It's a genuinely funny scene, with the payoffs of both of our characters' jokes.

Were the guys on the set friendlier to you when you were dressed, or when you were naked?
Cerina: Friendlier when I'm dressed. When you are naked, nobody talks to you. Nobody gives you any compliments. You're like, "Did that suck? Was that okay, hello?"

What did you study of the 80s or 90s teen movies?
Samm: I was always a huge 80s movies fan. For me, I had to watch more of the 90s movies to really get the whole gist of this film. I'd never seen "She's All That" until after I found out I got this part, then I thought I should probably see that. I loved all the John Hughes movies of the 80s - "The Breakfast Club," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," "Some Kind of Wonderful."

How did studying those help you to perform in this film?
Samm: I don't want to say I studied them so much as they are parts of my life as I was growing up. That helped in the sense of how to play the character with the mix between spoof comedy and a little bit of realism to it, to make the character my own. I had to watch a lot of the 90s movies, but I was already a big fan of "American Pie," which my character sort of spoofs. They have to lose their virginity before Prom, and Prom is Saturday during the first week of school (laughing).

Did you study the classic spoof films, such as "Airplane" or "Naked Gun?"
Samm: I'd always been a big fan of those. I thought the Abrahams Brothers sort of made the spoof movie an acceptable thing to do. Before them, nobody had tackled that. I think without them, we probably wouldn't be making this movie today.

Have you seen "Scary Movie?"
Samm: Yes. I try not to compare this movie to "Scary Movie." That one spoofs horror movies which has its own kind of audience. This spoofs just the regular teen movie genre, which I think more people can connect with. Teenagers and people who like horror movies - I know they do really well but I think it's a different group of people. I hope this movie can reach a broader audience.

Cerina: Because we are going back so far in spoofing the 80s teen comedies all the way up to what we are doing now, the audience will be a bigger group.

What other projects are you working on?
Cerina: I just got back from North Carolina. We shot David Lynch's "Cabin Fever." It's a horror movie about that flesh-eating virus. It's even more horrifying because there's a lot of truth in it. I just finished that. David Lynch is the Executive Producer. The film is like "Mulholland Drive" in that you see things that you're not exactly sure what they mean. You can have your own take on things. There's a lot of symbolism. There's the basic plot and then a lot of bizarre symbolism and you're not exactly sure what it means.

Samm: I'm working on a film right now. As of this moment it's called "After School Special." It may change, it may be called "Barely Legal." It's not an after school special, it's a film for theatres. I also did two episodes of the Fox show, "Undeclared." It's done by the same executive producer as "Freaks and Geeks."

Cerina Vincent: Cabin Fever

Eli Roth made it quite clear that somebody would have to appear naked in his movie Cabin Fever. It was a horror movie, and like the great ones of the ‘80s, it would have the nudity. Cerina Vincent was the good sport who indulged him. Having played a character in Not Another Teen Movie who was naked throughout the film, the few scenes in Cabin Fever must have felt restrained.

Vincent plays Marcy, whose boyfriend Jeff (Joey Kern) turns on her once she’s infected by the flesh eating virus. What a jerk. What kind of man won’t stand by his girlfriend in a crisis? That just disgusts me. She’s still hot when all her skin’s falling off, so I don’t know what this guy’s problem was.

Anyway, Vincent was a doll in person. She went hungry for the first half of our interview, not wanting to talk with her mouth full. But I insisted she eat. Anyone needs fuel for an interview.

If this happened to you, would you stand by friends or run like Joey? You know what? Honestly, I’m torn with this question because at heart, I really am a nurturer and I would want to take care of whoever I was with. But honestly, I also have this horrible fear of catching things. I’m kind of germ phobic. So, I have a feeling I just might be with Joey. It’s hard to say. I think that at the end of the day, we all need to save ourselves. So, that’s probably what I would do unless it was family. That’s a different story.

So boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t family? No, blood’s thicker than water, man. I mean, I hope one day that I’m in love that much that I- - actually, I hope one day that I’m never faced with this situation. But I really am germ phobic and I get really, really squeamish.

Has everyone asked about the nudity already? No, actually, I got that question maybe once, so go for it.

Were you reticent about doing nudity after Not Another Teen Movie? Absolutely. I didn’t want to do nudity again and especially no more teenage sex comedy nudity stuff. We, my managers and everybody, hassled Eli. There was a lot more that was supposed to be shown. My manager was like, “No, not going to do it. You’ll get an inch of ass crack and that’s it.” So they literally taped the sheets over my butt. I don’t want to be known as the naked girl.

Did you ever want to ask Jordan Ladd for support on the nudity issue? Oh, yeah, absolutely. At one point, we were so cold, we were going to ask Eli if we could rewrite the part so we didn’t have to be outside and we could do some bathtub scene in the cabin. We told him later, he was like, “Why didn’t you tell me? I totally would have gone for that.”

Was it fun that the later nude scenes end up being gross? Oh, it was so great. At one point, when I was doing the scene with Rider [Strong], he looked up at me and said, “This is so not sexy.” I’m like, “I know.” It was so much more than being nude. We were really focused on what was going on. By that time, our lives are falling apart, so it was much more than being nude. It was about the scene and the acting and oh my god, we’re going to die.

How did they do leg shaving? Our special effects guy was amazing and jus with the fake blood which is sugar water and some latex stuff. Actually, you can slap it on really quick and he was really, really good. It was really uncomfortable to wear though. It’s really sticky and the bathtub scene was nasty, really uncomfortable.

Was it more uncomfortable to wear or to watch? To sit in because I was sitting that bathtub, sitting in that water, freezing cold, nasty, dirty, chunky, bacteria infested – that’s what it felt like because I’m paranoid – water. And that was the most challenging part, having to let that go and act.

Can you watch it without flynching because you know what it is? It doesn’t because I know what it is, but if it were any other movie, if I hadn’t shot it myself, it would because I’m very squeamish. I get grossed out when I see roadkill on the side of the road. My knees go weak literally.
Are you concerned about appearing on internet pages? I don't know if concern is the right word. I guess at some point you really have no control over that. It was around, my Not Another Teen Movie stuff. It bothers me, but I think it bothers my brother in college or my 14 year old sister more.

Does he have friends coming up to him? Oh yeah. He’s suddenly gotten so protective, it’s hysterical. He had his 21st birthday party a couple weekends ago and I wanted to go home. It was 5:30 in the morning and I was exhausted. So one of his friends was going to give me a ride home. He was like, “No, no.” I’m like, “I’m going to die I’m so tired.” He’s like, “No, he’s not taking you home. No, uh-uh.” It was really funny. He’s my younger brother.

Were you surprised Teen Movie hasn’t led to more roles? Kind of neither here nor there. You never know in this business and Not Another Teen Movie helped me get Cabin Fever. Eli didn’t have a Marci and he was looking on the internet for girls I guess, and he came across some of my publicity photos from Not Another Teen Movie and then he got a script to me and I was shooting three weeks later. So it did help.

How do you feel about title "scream queen"? I think that I would consider myself one now, yeah. Because I did all the screaming. I like it.

Are you a Los Angeles native? No, I’m from Vegas. I moved right after high school.

To pursue the biz? Yep. I started college and then started acting.

Where? Merrymount just for a year and a half, and then I got on a series.

What do you do for fun around town? I just learned how to knit, so I’m excited. Because I’m really active and always seem like I’m going, going, going all the time. So I’ve learned how to knit and that’s actually a lot of fun because it forced me to sit down and relax.

Are you working on knitting clothes? I’m just on scarves right now. That’s all I’ve done.

Do you have any more roles lined up? At the end of the year, I’m going to start shooting this movie called Funeral Channel which is another sort of horror dark comedy. It’s really funny. That and I’m looking at- - not that I’m trying to be a scream queen, but there’s also another couple of horror genre things I’m looking at right now.

What’s your favorite horror movies? Poltergeist scared the sh*t out of me when I was in third grade. So after that, I had a really hard time watching horror movies because I’d get really paranoid in my head that things could get me. But now I have a whole nother appreciation for them after making one. So I am starting to get into them now a little bit more.

Did you talk to Eli about horror movies? Oh, yeah, a lot. We had a week of rehearsals before we shot so we knew exactly what we were getting into. He’s a huge horror fan, so that was nice to be able to pick his brain.

Are you offered different roles than your blonde friends? Mm-hm, absolutely. I think originally, Marcy was supposed to be the blonde and Karen was supposed to be the brunette, but I don't know. Eli saw it a little bit different after he found us. But there are times I go out for things and it’s “blonde bombshell,” and I’m like, “Okay, there’s no way I’ll ever get it.” But there are times that I have. You just never know.

It blows my mind they specify hair color. It’s lame, isn’t it.

Yes, but mainly because I prefer brunettes. Thank you. I actually have highlights now, so I’m a little lighter. But thanks for preferring the brunettes.

Did you ever hear from Shannon Elizabeth after Teen? No comment. How about that one? Her husband is an acting coach so I had met her before I did Not Another Teen Movie and we actually happened to be doing press at the same time because American Pie 2 was coming out. So I’d see her around every now and then.

I hope she’s not offended. I hope she’s not either. I don’t really know what she’s thinking.

Has Eli told you about his sequel plans? We know that he has a plan but we don’t know what the plan is yet.


Notable Screams: Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever was heralded as the savior of the horror genre when it was released in the fall of 2003. Writer-director Eli Roth promised that his film was a return to the old-school horror tactics of the 70s, meaning no CGI, relentless gore and plenty of nudity. Cabin Fever certainly had those elements, even if the film was ultimately a little too in love with itself for its own good, despite a completely bizarre (and enjoyable) right turn into surrealism in the third act. The villain here was a flesh-eating virus, and Cerina Vincent was the sexiest of its young victims, taking at least two different lovers before shaving her own skin off in the tub. However, we're unsure as to what brought about her ultimate demise - did the dog, um, eat her? Regardless of various unanswered questions, Miss Vincent deserves points for doing her horror-film duty (getting naked, having sex) before getting killed off. Cerina will continue her reign as a Scream Queen when she appears in Dead Evil (opposite the new Leatherface, Andrew Bryniarski).


Cerina Vincent: Celebrity Babes

What does it take to become a “scream queen”? Well, first you have to be a babe, and Cerina Vincent certainly fits the bill there. Also, and probably more importantly, you have to be willing to show some skin on screen. Again, Cerina proved in "Not Another Teen Movie” and more recently in “Cabin Fever” that she’s not afraid to step up and strip for the team. In fact, her sex scenes in “Cabin Fever” were pretty awesome.

Cerina started her career on the “Power Rangers” television series and has certainly come a long way since then. After guest starring in a number of other television shows and making her rounds in the direct-to-video market, Cerina still hasn't become a bonafide superstar, though we definitely think she has the potential to make a splash in Hollywood and recommend keeping an eye on her in the future.


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