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Brittany Snow Actress

Brittany Snow, co-star of the "The Pacifier" Movie!

The adorable and cute star currently stars as "Meg Pryor" on NBC's drama series "American Dreams." Brittany Anne Snow was born on March 9, 1986. Her parents are John and Cinda Snow. At the time, Tampa Florida was their home town. At the age of 3, she posed for a Burdines print advertisement, and this began her career as a model. According to her father, John Snow, “She just took to it like a fish to water.” At the age of 6, her mother started taking Brittany to auditions for commercials taped in Orlando, in which she received several roles. She has lent her voice, and appeared in ads for McDonalds , Nabisco Thin Crisps, Disney, Kmart, and Busch Gardens. To date, Brittany has appeared in a total of 15 commercials. In 1993, around the age of 8, Brittany appeared on two episodes (her first TV appearances, besides commercials) of SeaQuest 2032. The SeaQuest show was cancelled in 1995. Brittany also had a role in “From the Earth to the Moon.” in 1998. In the fall of 1998, her parents hired a New York agent for Brittany. One week later, the agent sent the Snows a “GL” script. This lead to her role on CBS’s Soap Opera, “Guiding Light.” Brittany can not completely avoid getting special attention. She often gets fan mail and appears in national magazines. She also signs 8 x 10 photos of herself for fans throughout the nation. Even in school, her fame is evident. One day, while stopping by her math teacher’s classroom to get her homework, he reminded Brittany to bring him a list of the dates of the Guiding Light episodes she will be appearing in. She continued to live in Tampa even though CBS wanted Brittany to move to New York. The reason for that being is that Brittany's parents wanted to keep Brittany's life as "normal" as possible. Though after Brittany landed the role of Susan her life changed drastically. She was an honor student at Ben Hill Middle School and a regular on a daytime soap opera, her normal schedule was as follows:
1. Packs up to fly to Manhattan from Tampa on a weekend, with one of her parents.
2. Goes to her apartment for three days, while filming on Guiding Light.
3. Studies her homework during the night, and on weekends.
4. After filming, Brittany returns to Tampa (often took care of homework on the flight), and goes to school to take any tests.

Brittany loved playing Susan on Guiding Light. She loved the storylines and the trouble character was constantly getting into. Brittany has said that playing a role on a soap opera is great practice for an acting career. Brittany considers her role on "Guiding Light" her big break. Brittany was on Guiding Light from 1998-2001. Brittany left the show to pursue other acting opportunites. After leaving "Guiding Light" Brittany auditoned for some TV pilots in LA. She shot a pilot for a show called "Murphy's Dozen", based on a catholic family with 12 children, but the pilot never got picked up.

Good thing Murphy's Dozen didn't get picked up, because in May 2002 Brittany landed the role of Meg on "American Dreams", a role that has now made Brittany very well known. "American Dreams" is now doing very well it was picked up for it's 2nd season and has now been picked up for it's 3rd season. And with each episode we see Brittany's acting skills grow more and more as her character becomes more rebellious. Brittany had an interview on "The Other Half", in which Dick Clark said the moment he saw Brittany auditioning for the part of Meg, he said, "That's our Meg". Brittany's role on "American Dreams" has sparked many television interviews as well as magazine covers. Brittany moved to LA with her mom when she got the role of Meg. Brittany celebrated her 18th birthday with the cast of American Dreams. On an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Brittany said she is moving out of her mom's apartment and getting her own. Brittany has been dating actor Kyle Searles for over a year now. Kyle was on Moolah Beach and has appeared as "Mac" on 7th Heaven.

In February 2004 Brittany landed the role of Zoe (not confirmed character name) in the upcoming movie "The Pacifier", in which she plays opposite of Vin Diesel. The movie is set to be released in theatres sometime in 2005. One thing is for sure, Brittany Snow will not be one of those great actresses that just disappear, she's here to stay.


More fun stuff about Brittany Snow

Truth or Dare? Definitely dare. Truth is kind of boring Plus, when I play with my girlfriends, they usually already know everything!

Real World or Road Rules ? Road Rules. The Winnebago - oh, yeah! i like that they have to do those missions. On Real World, they just sit around and talk.

Contempo Casuals or the Gap? I like both. If I'm in a mood where I don't really care, I put on my comfy Gap clothes and be a prep for the day, but if I'm going to be something cool, I want to dress in more fashionable things.

Country or City? City. I grew up in Tampa [FL] and I like the liveliness of [the city]. I love New York!

DAWSON'S CREEK: Dawson or Pacey? Definitely Pacey. He's funnier. Eveerybody likes James Van Der Beek [Dawson], but I don't see it. I think his eyebrows are way too dark for his hair.

E-mail or Snail Mail? Probably e-mail.

Candy or Flowers? Flowers. But I like chocolates, too. It's the thought that counts.

Beach or Pool? The pool. I don't like all those creatures beneath my feet. I'm really a scaredy cat when it comes to stingrays and sharks and jelly fish. I love to lay on the beach and get a suntan, but I'd rather swim in the pool.

Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears? Backstreet Voys. I'm not totally in love with them. I don't have posters [of them] hanging all over my walls! I don't want to say anything against Britney Spears, but... I guess I will. I just don't like her voice.

What's A Worse Punishment: No Phone od No TV? No phone. [I talk on the telephone] all the time, especially when I come home. I catch ip on who's going out with who. I'm the gossip queen!

Comedy, Drama or Horror Flick? I like comedies; they always put me in a good mood. I like horror, too. Sometimes I go out with my friends, we get popcorn, rent a horror movie, and just get scared to death!

I Know What You Did Last Summer or Psycho? I Know What You Did Last Summer - it's a little more hip.

McDonald's or Burger King? I don't exactly know why, but I like Burger King's chicken nuggets better.

Dogs or Cats? Dogs. I've been nagging my mother forever for a tiny, whit dog with little nose that goes, "yip, yip."

Math or English? English. I hate math - hate it. We're getting ready for algebra. It's not hard, but writing and reading is just a whole lot more fun to me.

Vin Diesel And Brittany Snow Lighten Up In 'The Pacifier'

Action star VIn Diesel and TV actress Brittany Snow play against type in forthcoming film. Arnold Schwarzenegger did it. Sylvester Stallone sort of did it. So can action star Vin Diesel do comedy? Brittany Snow thinks so.

"Actually, he was really good," said the "American Dreams" actress Brittany Snow about Vin Diesel. "He played exactly what you would think and he's really hilarious. I think a lot of people will like it because he's dealing out of his norm, he's dealing with babies and a hormonal teenager who tries to kick his butt. It's really funny."

In "The Pacifier," Diesel plays an undercover agent who, after failing to protect an important government scientist, attempts to redeem himself by watching over his family.

"He's our bodyguard and he has to protect us from these crazy people who are trying to kill us," Snow added. "I'm a rebellious teenage girl who wears a lot slutty outfits and really makes his life a living crazy world." Adam Shankman, whose résumé includes "Bringing Down the House," "A Walk to Remember" and "The Wedding Planner," directed the movie, which Scott Alexander ("Agent Cody Banks," "Ed Wood") co-wrote. The film is slated for release next spring.

"The Pacifier" is Snow's first attempt at comedy, as well as her first movie made for the big screen. The actress has been in a few made-for-TV movies and spent three years on "The Guiding Light" but is best known as "American Bandstand" dancer Meg Pryor on "American Dreams."

Snow just started shooting the third season of the drama, which will find "Gilmore Girls" star Milo Ventimiglia joining the cast.

"[He's] my new love interest, which is great because I love him — not in that way, but I think he's an amazing actor," Snow said. "We've already worked together a little bit and he's amazing and so much fun, so that'll be interesting. And Ben Taylor, the son of James Taylor, is actually going to be on our show for a while and he's been amazing. We're getting more controversial and a little more dramatic, so that's always good."

The season premiere, airing September 26, will feature Brandy as Gladys Knight, singing "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." The following week will see Nicole Richie as a member of the Exciters, singing "Tell Him."

"She's an amazing singer and has never gotten to be seen, I think it was her first performance, so we were really, really excited," Snow said. "She was really excited too. We always love it when the performers really enjoy being there."

Snow said the show is working on bringing Usher, Michelle Branch and Tyler Hilton back. "And I'm pulling for Ashlee Simpson to come, because I love her and I think she needs to be on the show," she said.

"American Dreams" shoots until May, after which Snow hopes to make another movie.

Brittany Snow new action-comedy film ''Pacifier'' coming soon, March 2005

Vin Diesel redefines what it means to be an action hero in the heartwarming family action-comedy "The Pacifier." Diesel stars as Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe who, as an elite member of the world's fiercest and most highly trained force thought he was prepared to take on any duty no matter how perilous or impossible... until he tried baby-sitting. Assigned to protect the five out-of-control children of an assassinated scientist working on vital government secrets, Shane is suddenly faced with the juggling two outrageously incompatible jobs: fighting the bad guys while keeping house. Replacing his usual arsenal of wetsuits and weapons with diapers and juice boxes, Shane not only must battle a deceptive enemy but wrangle teen rebel Zoe (Brittany Snow), sullen 14 year-old Seth (Max Theriot), 8 year-old Ninja-wanna-be Lulu (Morgan York), as well as 3 year-old Peter and baby Tyler - not to mention their off-beat Romanian Nanny (Carol Kane). But while drop zones, demolitions and destroying enemy targets come naturally to Shane, he has no idea what tough really is until he pits his courage against diapering, den-mothering and driver's education. He's truly a SEAL out of water, and now it's up to this one-time lone warrior to take on the most important mission of his life: keeping a family together.



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