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Bridget Moynahan Actress

Bridget Moynahan

The 5"9 brunette beauty's most noteable role was as "Natasha" on the popular HBO series "Sex & The City." Kathryn Bridget Moynahan was born in Binghamton, New York, on September 21, 1972, and raised primarily in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. As a child she was a self-professed tomboy, excelling at sports. In high school she was the captain of her basketball team and chose to play soccer instead of attending drama class. As fate would have it, though, drama crept into her life as the years passed. Upon graduating from Longmeadow High School, Moynahan moved to New York City in pursuit of fame. She gave herself three years to find success, after which point she would reassess her life and perhaps go back to school. This proved unnecessary when she displayed a knack for modeling. Throughout the '90s she appeared in many fashion magazines, most notably Vogue, New Woman and Shape, as well as on the cover of Glamour. Her magnetic looks and fortuitous placement in New York were both factors in her winning her first big role in 1999, on HBO's successful series, Sex and the City. She portrayed Natasha, the woman who marries Mr. Big, the love of main character Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) life. Since playing Natasha -- on the show she is referred to as "the idiot stick figure with no soul" -- she has been greeted with malicious comments while walking the streets.

The exposure from her recurring role on Sex and the City led to movie roles. Her first three films were the indie flicks Whipped (starring Amanda Peet), Trifling with Fate and In the Weeds, all released in 2000. While not huge draws critically and financially, they were excellent experience for Moynahan's fast-approaching arrival in the spotlight. Bridget Moynahan became a star thanks to her portrayal of Rachel, the fire-breathing barmaid in 2000's chick flick, Coyote Ugly. The film was a huge success, despite poor reviews, and it brought a great deal of attention to the female-filled cast, which included Piper Perabo and Tyra Banks. While each actress seemed primed for more success at the time, many viewers perceive Moynahan as having made the most progress since.

In 2001, Moynahan appeared as "the other woman" in the romantic comedy Serendipity, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. That same year, Moynahan decided to challenge herself and auditioned for the "Tom Clancy" thriller, The Sum of All Fears. She was amazed and elated to find herself reading lines with Ben Affleck two weeks later. As CIA agent Jack Ryan's fiancée, Moynahan proved to be a wonderful presence as the film's only female character. It went to number one at the box office upon its summer 2002 release. Her star continued to rise with 2003's The Recruit, co-starring Colin Farrell and screen legend Al Pacino. She continues to live primarily in New York and was romantically linked to Scott Rosenberg, the screenwriter behind Beautiful Girls. She is currently at work on two more films: Hating Her, co-starring Selma Blair, and I, Robot, with Will Smith, are slated for a July 2004 release. Despite the exciting Hollywood life she leads, Moynahan admits to a real-life love for knitting. She's currently dating NFL Patriot Football Player, Tom Brady. Bridget ranked #86 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002).

I Robot: Bridget Moynahan

Bridget, your character Dr. Calvin, is a robot shrink – does that mean you have to put C3P0 on the couch?

Now that would be funny. No, Susan’s helped develop state of the art household robots and programmed them to behave like human beings. Except, according to her, the three laws central to their system mean they can never harm anyone. So she trusts them more than she does people. She believes they should be fully integrated into society. Will Smith’s character Del Spooner is a technophobe and thinks the exact opposite.

The central premise of I Robot is that a robot has contravened it’s programming and committed murder right?

Yes. Will believes Sonny [played by Alan Tudyk] has killed someone. I believe it’s a case of suicide and it’s my job to prove Will wrong - though ultimately our characters are mutually enlightening.

In reality would you have a robot as a household appliance?

Yes but I’d have a Version 4, which only functions to cook and clean. A Version 5 is programmed to become emotionally involved with you, reacting like another human being and I already have enough of those around me to deal with.

What’s your most invaluable household appliance and does it vibrate?

The only thing I use is a blender. For smoothies in the morning and margaritas at night.

Any appliance you can’t operate?

I’m a bachelor when it comes to appliances; I’m handy – I can fix them - but you won’t catch me using the vacuum.

Talking of men and cleaning [not] how was working with Will Smith?

He came into the press junket this morning and was making fun of my laugh and within seconds, the whole room was in stitches. The entire shoot was like that. I laughed for six months and it was painful. Plus he’s a consummate professional and I learned so much from him. How he does it whilst keeping everyone on set happy is a gift.

Do you get to kiss him?

No. And I don’t know why not!

So do you think he should run for presidency?

Will? Ha! I think about anybody should at this point. He impressed me so much in the running of his life, business, his commitment to his family and friends. So he is a role model and there are not many of them around. To have someone like him as a politician would not only be great - but unusual.

The other men you worked with on the movie were the robots - thousands of Canadian extras in green Lycra – how was that?

It was like a bad 80s music video – I’ve never seen so much fluorescent. And it was deeply disturbing to see so many men in TIGHT green Lycra.

So you were good at running around shooting them with your gun?

Not terribly. My character had never used a firearm in her life so she and I both learnt on the job. And because we had to shoot every shot three times – a layering device to be combined with CGI in postproduction - it was incredibly difficult to remember where and who you were shooting at. We had three sets us; for example we’d shoot once with the men in Lycra, once with just the actors and once with nobody.

Is sci-fi your bag generally?

No. I don’t watch it and I’m deeply scared of Star Trek ‘conventions.’

Not a blockbuster gal then?

I prefer smaller films. With pure SFX movies I walk away and it’s like you’ve just eaten sushi. You eat loads; leave and you’re still not full. But I Robot has intelligence, a human story line and heart enough to guarantee you don’t get lost in special effects. There are some very tender moments – do I sound like a bad 70s love song?

Yes but hey … so bottom line Bridget are you still stuck in the 70s or like your character Susan – computer savvy?

I love my IPOD and digital camera and I have a Blackberry – a phone, diary, address book and email in one. I use it to do my business and contact family and friends.

Ah but have you backed it up? Just in case you lose it.

Do not jinx me like that! My girlfriend slept over last night and just before we went to bed asked me to check I’d set my alarm. I swore blind I’d done it but sure enough it didn’t go off. See – jinxed.

That makes you a techno-f**k-wit doesn’t it? I only use my computer for email and I want to keep it that way. I think we should work on improving our human interaction not develop human possibility in robots.

And finally – what’s next for you?

I’m doing Lord of War with Nic Cage, Donald Sutherland and Ethan Hawke. It’s an indie film about international gun trafficking and it’s smart – a great script. I play Nic’s wife and am feeling deeply honoured at the thought of working with such a heavyweight crowd.

Moynahan's Breaks Ex-Lover's Heart

Sex And The City star Bridget Moynahan has upset her ex-lover Scott Rosenberg by getting engaged to Super Bowl champion Tom Brady after just six months of dating. The actress - who played Mr Big's wife Natasha in the raunchy comedy - dated scriptwriter Rosenberg for two years and news of her escalating romance with the New England Patriots' quarterback has cast him into a severe depression, according to gossip website Pagesix.Com. Rosenberg's close friend reveals, "He's extremely down. He always thought this thing with Tom was just a fling."

Bridget Moynahan: 'The Recruit'

Bridget Moynahan lucked out when she landed the role of CIA trainee Layla in "The Recruit."

Not only did the relative newcomer, best known as Mr. Big's soulless wife on "Sex and the City," get to play a feisty, fearless secret agent -- she also got to smooch Colin Farrell. And that, of course, meant that her look had to be tough, yet tender.

"Her character is a very strong woman who has done a lot on her own," explains makeup artist Sylvain Cournoyer, who let Moynahan's natural beauty do the talking.

"She plays a no-nonsense woman," explains hairstylist Jennifer O'Halioran, who had to make Moynahan look subtly sensational. "Her look is stylish, but practical."

Still, the secret is out -- you don't need heaps of products to look this great undercover.

You can't beat Moynahan's low-maintenance yet high-impact tresses, says O'Halioran. "She came in with long, dark brown hair, so the cut and color had a lot to do with her look," she says. "She needed to look sharp and crisp, but alluring. We decided to change her look completely, and she was wide open for it."

First, O'Halioran dyed Moynahan's hair to give her a more urban look, adding copper and deep auburn high- and low-lights. "The color that we added to it just brightened her up completely and gave her a lot of vibrance," says O'Halioran.

Next, she cut the star's hair, giving it layers around the top and back, with longer sides, so she could wear it down by tucking it behind her ears.

Once the basics were in place, O'Halioran then blew her hair dry with a flat paddle brush, adding Phytovolume Actif Maximizing Volume spray while it was still wet to give it body and volume, and help it hold its shape.

Once it was dry, she used a large curling iron to flip the ends so to give it more movement.

Finally, O'Halioran added a touch of KMS Molding Paste to keep the locks in place. "Her style is very easy to maintain and very updated," says O'Halioran.

Moynahan's makeup had to be every bit as understated as her clandestine CIA gig. That meant no attention-grabbing crimson lips, pink cheeks or heavily kohled eyes. "The director wanted her to be very natural," says Cournoyer. "He didn't want to see any makeup at all, so we had to go very, very light."

Cournoyer started out by applying Ben Nye theatrical matte base to match and even out her skin tone.

Next, he dusted on a touch of T. LeClerc fine-grained powder, followed by a light application of MAC matte blushes in either Taupe or Strada on Moynahan's eyes.

He then lined her eyes with MAC Bark eye shadow, which he also used to fill in her eyebrows.

Lastly, after defining her lashes with Maybelline Great Lash waterproof mascara, Cournoyer dabbed Pretty Pretty Odelia Face Salve on the actress's cheeks and lips to add color.

"Thank god that Bridget is gorgeous, in good shape and takes care of herself, so it was easy to maintain the look," says Cournoyer with obvious relief. "She has great bone structure and looks gorgeous without anything on her face, so we could get by with very light makeup."

Bridget Moynahan Talks About "The Recruit"

The notoriously secretive CIA opened their closed doors and gave "The Recruit" filmmakers an insider's view into the Agency. That inside look helped the filmmakers give their CIA thriller an authentic look and feel.

While at "The Recruit's" World Premiere, actress Bridget Moynahan spoke about the Agency, and working with her co-stars, Academy Award-winner Al Pacino and the increasingly popular Irish actor, Colin Farrell.


How difficult was it preparing for this role? The producers say the movie is supposed to be very close to the real CIA.
It is. But you know what? I hope they are getting more training than we got, but we were probably on a tighter schedule (laughing).

Did it surprise you the CIA was willing to help with the film?
Yes, but I think they have a very good handle on PR at the CIA so they are feeding us what the want us to hear. They are doing a lot that they don't want us to know about.

What's it like working with Colin Farrell?
He seems to be the hot new thing. He's fantastic. He's just got this incredible energy that is so rare in people, in general, and it's infectious working with him.

The director said he could see Colin Farrell being Al Pacino when he grows up.
Oh yeah? Then he's got a very nice career ahead of him.

Do you agree with the director's statement?
He's one of the single most talented actors I've worked with. He's got a very long career ahead of him.

And working with Al Pacino?
He's very methodical but he's also very free. He's Al Pacino. I'm just lucky to be in the same movie with him. I felt very fortunate to work with him. He's just a wonderful, free actor and he gave me a lot of allowances to be that way myself.

You and Colin Farrell have a romantic storyline going on in the movie. How did you handle the onscreen kiss?
It was great. We had a great time with the shoot. It went nice and smoothly. We were pals at that point and we just did it.

You seem to be a lot taller than Colin. How much taller are you?
Not much, I just have high heels on (laughing).

Moynahan Gets Steamy With Affleck And Pacino

Bridget Moynahan has had the pleasure of acting out steamy love scenes with hunky stars Ben Affleck and Al Pacino recently - and she loved it. The Coyote Ugly actress stars opposite Affleck in new spy thriller The Sum Of All Fears - and director Phil Alden Robinson insisted that all their love scenes be filmed in one day. The 30-year-old former model reveals she and Jennifer Lopez's new boyfriend found it an unusual process, explaining, "We had a good time rolling around, that's for sure. "But it's weird when the director says, 'Cut', and you have to sort of get untangled. You just get your bits back into place and gear up for the next one. It was more awkward than embarrassing. On the first day there was literally an introduction, then we sat down with a glass of wine and kissed." The lucky lady, who has also been in Sex And The City, has since managed to get her hands on Hollywood legend Al Pacino. Though, while filming The Recruit with the Scarface star she was considerably more nervous. She says, "I was so shy around him. I was like, 'It's Al Pacino. It's Scarface! But he's such a sweet man and he's so willing to fool around and drop lines like the rest of us. By the time we had to do those intimate scenes, we were so comfortable. We got on so well."

Coyote Ugly Dancing Girls: Acting Not Essential

Actresses Izabella Miko and Bridget Moynahan who play the dancing girls in Coyote Ugly (2000) insist their audition was so much fun because acting ability was not an essential requirement. And they enjoyed their interview so much they ended up dancing on tables with the crew. Moynahan explains, "They played the song `Kiss' from Prince and you just had to move. It was kinda funny. They sort of said just for a couple of seconds. And then five minutes later onto the next album, you're still dancing." Miko got so into the audition, she wound up dancing with the enthusiastic casting assistant. She says, "The first dancing audition I did with some assistant guy or something and he totally got into it so were like dancing together. I think I was dancing on the table by the end of the audition, but it was fun."



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