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Brendan Fraser Actor

Brendan Fraser, co-star of the "Crash" Movie!

A muscular, darkly handsome actor who defies easy categorization, Brendan Fraser has an enviable versatility that has allowed him to be equally convincing in comedies, dramas, and adventure films alike. The son of a Canadian tourism executive, Fraser was born in Indianapolis on December 3, 1968. Thanks to his father's job, Fraser and his family led a fairly peripatetic existence, living in locales as varied as Ottawa, London, Rome, and Seattle. During his time in London, Fraser became interested in theater and eventually enrolled in Seattle's Cornish Institute for training. After an early appearance in Dogfight (1991), Fraser got his break in 1992's Encino Man as a Stone-Age man unfrozen in modern-day California. He went on to gain audience prominence in diverse roles such as a Jewish football player in an all-WASP environment in School Ties (1992), a grunged-out musician in Airheads (1994), a Harvard student who loses his thesis in With Honors (1994), and a quirky baseball phenom in The Scout (1994). Fraser has been quoted in one magazine article as saying that he seeks out roles combining "silliness and sexiness"; his work during the second half of the '90s certainly reflected this. Particular highlights were George of the Jungle (1997), a witty satire of jungle adventure films; Gods and Monsters (1998), the acclaimed rendering of the last days of director James Whale, for which Fraser earned particular praise in his role as Whale's strapping gardener; the romantic comedy Blast From the Past (1999); and a big-budget remake of The Mummy (1999) that effectively showcased Fraser as a hero well-suited to old-school adventure. So successful were the extravagantly computer generated exploits of the revived Mummy franchise that a sequel soon went into production, resulting in the decidedly Indiana Jones-flavored The Mummy Returns (2001). Pitting Fraser against not only the fearsome Imhotep but the dreaded Scorpion King (wrestling superstar The Rock) as well, The Mummy Returns upped the ante in terms of action and special effects, providing audiences with even more summertime chills and thrills than its predecessor. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for 2001's ill-received Monkeybone which, despite an energetic performance from Fraser, did not fare in the theaters as well as 20th Century Fox had hoped.

Luckily for him, Fraser's career remained intact despite Monkeybone and the equally mediocre Bedazzled (2000) with Elizabeth Hurley. In 2002, Fraser starred in the critically acclaimed The Quiet American, which featured the young actor as Alden Pyle, a naïve American who travels to Saigon as part of a medical mission. Fraser would rekindle his penchant for the silly in 2003, during which he made an appearance as himself in the David Spade vehicle Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, and again in Looney Tunes: Back in Action with Steve Martin and Jenna Elfman.

More fun stuff about Brendan Fraser

Birth name: Brendan James Fraser

Height 6' 3" (1.91 m)

Spouse: Afton Smith (27 September 1998 - present) 2 children

Raised in Holland, Switzerland, and Canada

Educated at Upper Canada College in Toronto, the Actors' Conservatory, Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle

Engaged to Afton Smith, his girlfriend of four years. [October 1997]

Chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. [1998]

Whenever appearing in a Pauly Shore movie, he uses the character name 'Link'.

Born on the same day (December 3rd) as his wife Afton Smith.

Has dual citizenship: American and Canadian.

Speaks French fluently.

His and Afton's wedding was held in the garden at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.

He welcomed first child son Griffin Arthur on September 17, 2002.

While filming Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003), was terrified at having to hit Bill Goldberg. Goldberg constantly told him to go ahead and do it, telling him, "It's what I do for a living."

Attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington.

Second child, son Holden Fletcher, b. 16 August 2004

Is an aspiring photographer.

Shares a birthday with actresses Julianne Moore and Daryl Hannah.

Has recorded more than a few plays for broadcast on the radio, including works by Tennessee Williams and Eugene O'Neill.

He has three older brothers.

His Salary
The Mummy Returns (2001) $12,500,000
Bedazzled (2000) $10,000,000
Dudley Do-Right (1999) $4,000,000
The Mummy (1999) $4,000,000

'The Mummy' Set for Return Without Fraser and Weisz

The third installment of The Mummy franchise is set to hit movie screens - without its stars Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. The latest concept being developed for the latest flick would have ancient King Imhotep waking up "in contemporary times, with new stars" according to star Arnold Vosloo. Vosloo notes that Brendan and Rachel were last seen with a baby in The Mummy Returns and if they were to return, questions about aging their characters would have to be addressed. Vosloo says of the two previous films which were set in the 1920s, "In a weird way, we've kind of done that period. Taking the story to a different time would open up all new possibilities. It could even be set in the 1950s or '60s - whenever the Mummy wakes up."

Brendan Fraser's a Dad

The Mummy star Brendan Fraser is celebrating life as a daddy, after welcoming his first son into the world this month. The action hero and his wife, Afton Smith, are celebrating the birth of Griffin Arthur Fraser, who arrived on September 17, 2002 in Los Angeles, California. This is the first child for the couple, who married almost exactly four years ago after meeting on the set of the flick George Of The Jungle.

No Release Date Yet For 'The Quiet American'

A remake of The Quiet American, based on Graham Greene's 1954 novel and starring Brendan Fraser and Michael Caine, remains in a state of suspended exhibition following the Sept. 11 attacks -- one of the few productions postponed after the attacks that have not been reactivated. In an interview with the Melbourne newspaper The Age, Australian director Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games, The Saint, The Bone Collector) said that the problem lies in the fact that the $40-million film deals in part with how the U.S. sponsored what would now be considered terrorist activities in Vietnam in the 1950s. At one point, the American character Pyle, portrayed by Fraser, is revealed to be responsible for the explosion of a bomb in a public square in Saigon that kills mostly women and children. "The audience has to accept that the American character should be executed for crimes against humanity because he's a sponsor of terrorism," Noyce told The Age. "That's a big leap right now." The film is due to be screened at the Toronto Film Festival next month, but Noyce indicated that it may be just as well for producers Miramax to wait a while longer before releasing it generally -- until "time makes it more palatable." The original film version of the Greene novel, starring Audie Murphy in the Pyle role, was released in 1958.

Cher Wants Brendan

Cher is desperately trying to persuade The Mummy Returns star Brendan Fraser to play her leading man in her directorial debut The Enchanted Cottage. The 55-year-old singer admits she's smitten with the square-jawed actor and wants him to sign up for her remake of the 1924 Robert Young silent film. She says, "I just love him. The man is younger and plain-looking; the woman is a singer who gets in an accident and can't perform."

The Fraser Factor (Or Lack Thereof)

Judging from News Corp's quarterly report announced Wednesday, Brendan Fraser may wind up starring not only in the biggest hit of the year -- last weekend's box-office smash The Mummy Returns -- but also the biggest flop of the year, February's Monkeybone. The computer-animated feature, starring Fraser as a cartoonist battling a character that he created, reportedly cost $70 million and earned only $5 million. (In a remarkable comment, News Corp President Peter Chernin said during a telephone press conference Wednesday that Monkeybone "was left over from the previous administration [of ex-studio chief Bill Mechanic] ... and we've seen that loss coming for a long time.") The studio also took a big hit with the Farrelly brothers-produced Say It Isn't So, starring Heather Graham and Chris Klein, which, while not so costly as Monkeybone -- about $29 million -- nevertheless also earned just $5 million. News Corp said that operating income for its filmed entertainment unit was $46 million for the quarter, down from $95 million for the year-ago period.

Cast Suffer On The Set Of The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns stars Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz and Patricia Velazquez were forced to endure bad weather and multiple injuries during filming of their new movie. The cast had to contend with blinding sandstorms and torrential rains during the seven-week shoot in the Sahara Desert. It got so bad that 90 crew members were airlifted to safety in a Moroccan army helicopter. Director Stephen Sommers says, "It was like something biblical. It was a quarter-mile-high wall of brownness. Then it rained, and a river opened up." Luckily nobody was seriously hurt, and some of the Moroccan soldiers and horses got to be extras in battle scenes. But Sommers admits he was a far from good host for Fraser. He continues, "I blew up Brendan's knee, broke one of his ribs, and tore a disc in his back. Every once in a while, when you see a pained look on Brendan's face, he ain't faking it." He adds, "Rachel and Patricia will never be hand models. Their fingers are all scarred up from the film's spear fights."

Brendan Fraser To Debut In West End

Brendan Fraser is the latest film star heading for the London stage in an apparent search for respectability. Fraser, known mostly for his roles as dimwits in such films as Airheads, George of the Jungle, Dudley Do-Right and the just-released Monkey Bone, will reportedly appear in the role of Brick Politt in a West End production of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof -- a role created on the stage by Ben Gazzara and on the screen by Paul Newman. Fraser received critical praise in 1998 for his performance in the indie film Gods and Monsters.

Fraser Likes Them Young

Fans of Bedazzled (2000) star Brendan Fraser are ga-ga for the Hollywood hunk - and most of them are still in kindergarten. The 31-year-old goofball's roles in George of the Jungle (1997), Blast from the Past (1999) and box-office smash Mummy, The (1999) have won him a following made up principally of kids - and that's exactly how he likes it. He says, "They're the most loyal, perhaps the brightest, most well-meaning. When I'm in the airport, I feel this tugging at my leg and I look down and see this small child clinging to me. I look round and I know their parents are thinking, 'Why is my child holding onto that strange, tall man? Oh, I get it, it's that guy from the video that I put on to give the babysitter a rest'."

Brendan Fraser Goes Round Ireland with a Fridge

ComingSoon.net has confirmed that Brendan Fraser, who next stars in Paul Haggis' Crash, is in talks to star in an adapation of British comedian Tony Hawks' hilarious book Round Ireland with a Fridge, which will be the first feature by Velvet Pictures. The production company is planning a summer shoot.

In "Fridge," when stand-up comedian Tony is dumped by his girlfriend in favor of a money-grabbing rival, he is ready for a change in life. One drunken night he accepts a ridiculous wager to leave his snug home comforts and venture on a bizarre journey of a lifetime. Within thirty days he must hitch-hike around Ireland with a fridge. It's a silly bet. But from out of the silliness blossoms adventure, friendships and love.

"Just like the real Tony Hawks, [Brendan Fraser] is immensely likeable, has a wonderful gift for comedy and is impressively tall (6ft 3)," producer Claire Cottrell told us.

Velvet Pictures is producing the film with Nick O'Hagan of Giant Films, who produced Young Adam, Festival Express and Pandaemonium.

Round Ireland with a Fridge is a 'Rom-Com Road Movie' that follows this 'City Boy' as he trundles his loyal domestic appliance into the heart of a beautiful and magical country. It's a joyous, quirky yet thoughtful and fictional character-driven comedy.

"Round Ireland with a Fridge" is a bestseller in the UK and has been successful worldwide. It was serialized on BBC Radio 4 and continues to be translated and published in other languages. The book is also becoming the new travel companion for any visitor to Ireland.



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