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Brad Pitt Actor

Brad Pitt

He's a star with qualities and possessions that are a fantasy to many, good looks, multi-million annual salary, sexy actress ex-wife(Jennifer Aniston) and huge mansions are just some of the examples. William Bradley Pitt was born December 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The oldest of three children, Pitt was an extremely active child while attending Kickapoo High School. Bill Pitt, a trucking company manager, wanted his children, Brad, Doug and Julie, to attend church regularly, and this is what young Brad did when he wasn't singing in school musicals, playing sports at school, or on the debating team. Although Pitt was always a movie buff, he decided to attend the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, to study journalism with a focus in advertising, and live the regular life of a college frat boy. Apparently, his love for film kicked in and Pitt decided to head for the land of aspiring actors -- L.A. -- two credits shy of graduating. His parents Bill and Jane were under the impression that he was heading to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena for fear that they would not let him go.

But Pitt was far from a student while in California. He was actually donning a chicken suit for El Pollo Loco and working as a limo driver for strippers. These odd jobs served to pay for acting classes, which eventually led to bit parts on the primetime soap Dallas, and the daytime soap, Another World. Soon enough he made his substantial feature film debut, in the low-budget thriller, Cutting Class. It was in this film that he met actress Jill Schoelen, with whom he had a short courtship.

After uncredited roles in No Man's Land, Less Than Zero and the made-for-TV movie Too Young to Die? (where Pitt met longtime honey Juliette Lewis), Pitt gained recognition in 15 minutes of screen time as lone roamer J.D. in 1991's Thelma and Louise. Obviously Pitt was not sentenced to a mere 15 minutes of fame, as the film roles began to slowly but surely pour in. That same year Pitt appeared in Johnny Suede, and in 1992 he co-starred with Kim Basinger in Cool World. After starring in Robert Redford's drama A River Runs Through It, Pitt appeared in crime-related films such as True Romance and Kalifornia (again with Juliette Lewis). But it was after his role in the epic Legends of the Fall that Pitt was branded People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1995.

Plagued by this title, Pitt was forever determined to associate himself with being a great actor, even though his roles in A River Runs Through It and Interview With The Vampire were praiseworthy. He wouldn't have to worry for long, as Pitt had many other opportunities to showcase his incredible talent.

He starred as detective David Mills in the thriller Se7en in 1995, alongside his sweetheart of two and a half years and former fiancée, Gwyneth Paltrow. That year he shone (in a disturbing way) as deranged Jeffrey Goines in 12 Monkeys, a role which garnered him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. He then appeared as a lawyer in the 1996 drama, Sleepers, and put on an Irish accent to portray an I.R.A. terrorist in The Devil's Own, co-starring Harrison Ford.

Pitt starred in 7 Years In Tibet (which is said to be his best performance to date) in 1997, and took on the role of Death himself in Meet Joe Black (which thankfully did not kill his career), alongside Claire Forlani. In 1999, Pitt made a cameo in Being John Malkovich. His portrayal of eccentric and intriguing Tyler Durden in the bloody Fight Club was outstanding, albeit difficult to watch.

Friends star Jennifer Aniston and the only man to be named "The Sexiest Man Alive" twice, finally tied the knot after a highly publicized long-term courtship, on July 29th, 2000. Now part of the $20 million club (his salary for Fight Club), Pitt can next be seen in Guy Ritchie's Snatch. Upcoming projects for one of the best actors of this generation include The Mexican, Ocean's Eleven (both with Julia Roberts), The Spy Game, and To the White Sea.


Brad Pitt wants to break from Hollywood prison

Brad Pitt is sick of his reclusive lifestyle and he's thinking about moving away from Hollywood for a simpler life.

Brad Pitt is sick of his reclusive lifestyle and he's thinking about moving away from Hollywood for a simpler life.

The movie hunk lives with his estranged wife Jennifer Aniston in a mansion they remodelled and, although he loves the place, it has become his prison.

Pitt says: "It's starting to get to me. I feel a little closed off from the world. I want to sit on my front lawn in a lawn chair and watch traffic go by."

Brad Pitt wants some fresh air!

Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt who recently split with his wife, 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston, has plans to move to the posh San Diego suburb of Del Mar.

According to Star magazine Pitt wants to move to the ultra- posh San Diego suburb of Del Mar when his divorce is finally finalized.

"I'm looking for a house in Del Mar right now," the Troy actor was quoted as saying.

"It's the oxygen! It's so clean down there," he added.

Brad Pitt finds his body double!

The mystery behind the Brad Pitt look alike who was spotted with a pretty blonde during the Olympics in Athens has finally been unravelled with the identification of the man.

Gossip columns were abuzz with rumours that the actor put on a disguise and was cheating on his wife when Aris Kontos was almost mistaken for Pitt and his pictures appeared in US gossip magazines.

But now In Touch magazine has tracked down the look-alike to prove that Brad really wasn't in Athens with a mystery woman that was Romanian-born Kontos and his girlfriend Nicki Dafoe.

Canadian model Dafoe admits she came clean about the true identity of the bearded shopper in tabloid snapshots, because she was sick of seeing pictures of her boyfriend.

"We don't want anymore of this gossip," she said.

Pitt and Aniston 'heading for divorce'

Friends and fans' hopes that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will reunite have been dashed, following reports the screen stars are well on their way to divorce.

The rumours of reconciliation started when the two, who split in January, celebrated Aniston's 36th birthday at a party at their Beverly Hills mansion on February 12.

And even Pitt's grandmother Betty Russell declared their split temporary, leading observers to believe that the absence of divorce attorneys was an added positive sign.

But now, sources tell American TV show Celebrity Justice that attorneys haven't entered the picture because Pitt and Aniston are using their business managers to work out all the financial details.

They'll only bring the lawyers in at the very end.

Sources also tell the show that the two stars, who have earned a fortune through their respective acting careers, have always kept their assets separate.

So while they're not expected to quibble over who gets what in their settlement, sources say that the only possible sticking point is their $17m (€13m) Beverly Hills estate which they both invested in to buy and improve.

Celebrity Justice reports that when the lawyers are brought in and the couple officially files for divorce, the marriage will end quickly and simply.

Model Trapped in Publicity Pitt

Model April Florio can't seem to get her story straight when it comes to Brad Pitt.

After reportedly dishing to Us Weekly on her so-called relationship with the star, Florio has changed her tune, saying that she only met Pitt once at a party and accusing the magazine of fabricating her quotes--despite the fact that Us claims to have the interview on tape.
In her interview with Us, which took place Monday, Florio, 22, allegedly stated that Pitt "was attracted to me" had once "tried to kiss me, but I shied away," and claims that she told him she was not interested in dating anyone "in the Industry."

She also claimed that the two had met up for a "three-day excursion last August" and that Pitt bought her a plane ticket to Los Angeles--all while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

But after Us Weekly broke the story about her supposed link to Pitt, Florio executed a rapid U-turn and went on record with other media sources, proclaiming herself the victim of shoddy reporting.

"The direct quotes that are supposedly from me in the magazine article are totally fabricated," Florio told Star magazine of her Us Weekly interview. "I met Brad Pitt only once, very briefly, at a party. Would he remember me? Probably not."

Pitt, for the record, also denies any love connection with Florio. "Brad does not know April Florio," his rep told Star magazine. "Could he possibly have met her at some time? Maybe, because he meets so many people, but he does not ever recall meeting her."

On Thursday, Florio appeared as a guest on CNBC's The Big Picture with Donny Deutsch to further explain her side of the Brad brouhaha.

In response to Deutsch's queries on how she could explain away Us Weekly's tape recording of her making the statements they printed, she suggested that Us Weekly had perhaps faked her voice for her portion of the recorded interview, saying that "they must have spoke to somebody else."

Deutsch expressed his doubt that the magazine would stoop to such levels of deception.

"So, I guess the only conclusion I can get from you, and I want to obviously get responses from them, is that Us just made all this stuff up and basically made up quotes for you and basically voice-recorded a conversation that's not you," Deutsch said.

"Right," Florio responded.

Deutsch returned to the issue later in the interview, stressing his incredulity over Florio's version of events.

"You're going to go oncamera and tell me--that Us magazine made up those quotes and, even though they say they have a recording of them, you're saying you never said any of those things," Deutsch said.

"I'm saying that," Florio said.

Florio told Deutsch that she signed an affidavit provided by Pitt's attorneys swearing that she never had a fling with the actor. Pitt's publicist has hinted that a lawsuit might be in the works against the magazine, if Florio's revised version of events is proven correct.

Florio went on to say that Pitt, at 41, was too old for her because he's the same age as her mother, which she said was "just a little weird for me."

The aspiring starlet, who is married, also said that her mother suffered a heart attack upon reading of her daughter's alleged association with Pitt in the pages of Us.

"She said she felt like there was some sort of numbing solution on her, and she freaked out, and she had my stepdad take her to the hospital," Florio said. "And it ended up she had a heart attack, and she's on a monitor right now at home."

However, Florio said her mother agreed with her that it was more important for her to appear on television to refute the Us Weekly story than to return home. Florio also vowed to Deutsch that she won't be milking the scandal to further her own career, and that she would no longer grant any televised interviews to discuss the story.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly's West Coast Executive Editor Ken Baker told E! Online that the magazine stands by its report.

"We conducted an interview with her. We have her on tape making the statements published in the magazine," Baker said.

"She did an interview. It was tape-recorded. A few hours later, she sat for a photo shoot. Our Miami reporter met with her in person, and she confirmed what she said in the interview. We took that extra step. What's being lost is the thoroughness with which we went after this story.

"We gave her ample opportunity to retract. If she regrets what she told us, that's unfortunate for her, and she can now retract what she said. But for her to claim we fabricated is wrong.

"Our primary function is to deliver the latest news on celebrities to our readers. Our fundamental purpose is to serve our readers, and that's what we did this week."

One thing's for certain--no matter whose version of events proves to be correct, Florio seems to have achieved her primary goal of racking up those sought-after 15 minutes of fame.

Notable Excerpts From New Brad Pitt Book

The new book about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (news)'s split came nearly as fast as you can say "Angelina Jolie."

The Us Weekly-published "Brad & Jen: The Rise and Fall of Hollywood's Couple" comes in at 202 pages and features chapter titles such as "The Ex Factor" and "Baby Talk." Now on newsstands, er, in bookstores, "Brad & Jen" includes some intriguing revelations.

_ In May 1999, the couple traveled to Spain and registered under the name Mr. and Mrs. Ross Vegas — an homage to Aniston's hit TV show, "Friends."

_ Before their July 2000 nuptials, Pitt contacted the late Jeff Buckley's mother, Mary, to get permission to use Buckley's music at their wedding. The pair listened to him while dating.

_ Brad was voted "best dressed" at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Mo. He also sang in the church choir.

_ For his 40th birthday, Jen gave Brad a silk-screened-on-canvas image of Steve McQueen's 1972 mug shot. McQueen is Pitt's all-time idol.

_ The couple often chatted by webcam when they were working in different locations.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston break up reaches London

The fallout from the breakup of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reached Madame Tussauds of London where a wax statue of the couple had to be broken up.
A wax replica of the celebrity couple had been the London attraction's first joined-together figures, holding each other in a tender embrace, the Sun reported Friday.

Now officials at Tussauds have had to spend $18,900 to replace one of Pitt's arms and Aniston's torso. Less intimate versions of the two were scheduled to go on display Friday.

"It was all a bit embarrassing so they had to change it," a museum source told the Sun.

Actress Denies She's Having Affair With Brad Pitt

April Florio denies she's the "other woman" in the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston breakup.

Florio is an aspiring actress who told her story on CNBC Thursday night. She's also married.
She said her mother had a heart attack after reading about the supposed affair with Pitt. Florio also denied that she admitted to the relationship in any interviews or is the source of rumors about her and Pitt.

Florio said Pitt is not her type. Besides, she said Pitt is the same age as her mother, 41, and that's "a little weird" for her.

Meanwhile, to see Brad and Jen at Aniston’s birthday party, you'd never know anything was wrong. Pitt helped Aniston turn 36 at the Beverly Hills house they both own.

One guest Told People magazine that they were "very friendly to each other." But the magazine said those close to Pitt and Aniston don't expect them to get back together.

Brad Pitt in the work

Brad Pitt - soon to suit up as Jesse James in a new pic - is attached to star in the curiously titled "Chad Schmidt," a new Steve Conrad script that has been sold to Columbia Pictures for more than $1 million, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Now how is this for a premise : It centers on a talented young actor who moves to Los Angeles in the 1980s to pursue his dream of movie stardom. The twist is that he bears a peculiarly strong resemblance to another up-and-coming actor named Brad Pitt. As the real Pitt achieves a dazzling level of fame, the fictional Schmidt, for all of his talent, becomes a comic uncastable joke. Ultimately, Schmidt must struggle to overcome the blow of abandoning his dreams and must make peace with the hard realities of life.

Assumingly, Pitt's playing both Schmidt and himself in the pic.


Brad's Birthday Bash For Jen

Brad Pitt has thrown a huge birthday party for estranged wife Jennifer Aniston - sparking yet more speculation they will get back together.

The Hollywood heartthrob, whose separation from the former 'Friends' beauty was announced last month, spent two days preparing the bash at the couple's Beverly Hills mansion and then stood side-by-side with Jennifer as they welcomed guests including Morgan Freeman, Mel Gibson and Cindy Crawford.

A source said: "They looked very content."

Earlier this month, it was reported Brad was determined to rekindle his romance with Jennifer.

The handsome actor was said to be desperate to win her back, after realizing how much she meant to him, according to Britain's Reveal magazine.

A friend said: "Recently, he's realized more than ever, that Jennifer is his soulmate. They're definitely not letting go of each other just yet."

"They made the decision to announce their separation, but they never said it was for good."

Brad's grandmother also claimed the couple would get back together.

Betty Russell told Britain's More magazine: "I'm sure this is just a temporary thing. Brad and Jennifer have too much love to throw it all away."

Brad Pitt Did Not Have Fling With April Florio


BRAD PITT and sexy model APRIL FLORIO have both denied an American magazine's claim they are enjoying a secret romance.

The OCEAN'S TWELVE hunk, who split from wife JENNIFER ANISTON last month (JAN05), claims the girl photographed with him on Los Angeles' Venice Beech by IN TOUCH magazine is his assistant - and he is not the man pictured with Florio in Greece, reports the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.
Florio has meanwhile told rival publication US WEEKLY, "I've never even met him."
In Touch's editors argue Florio's agent MIKE ESTERMAN confirmed in an email,

"She was with him and wanted it to be on the low down," but he now states he was referring to another man, not Pitt. He says his client wanted to keep things under wraps because, "She's married."

April comes early for Brad Pitt

It seems that April spells the right time for Brad Pitt to get over Jennifer Aniston.

The Hollywood hunk has been spotted with American Maxim model April Florio only weeks after splitting from his wife of four years, Jennifer Aniston.

The pair were snapped in a Santa Monica ice cream parlour earlier this week, while The Daily Express has reported they were introduced by Pitt's Ocean's Twelve co-star George Clooney.

Milking the connection for all its worth, Florio's agent gleefully announced she had been in Greece and California with the available-again heartthrob.


Brad 'n' Jen's flame is slow to go out

Not only are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston refusing to split with the acrimony and name-calling we've come to expect from our celebrity divorces, but now they're teasing us, too.
The New York Daily News reports that the world's most perfect couple are still wearing their wedding rings - and living in the same Beverly Hills house. Not only that, but Pitt and Aniston were spotted holding hands last week at LA restaurant L'Orangerie.

And sure to jump-start Aniston Bellywatch 2005: A pal tells Star magazine that Jen is going into therapy to overcome "fears about bringing a baby into a marriage she felt has been less than perfect."

Pitt's grandmother, Betty Russell, tells the tab: "The whole family is praying that Brad and Jen can work out what they need to."

But Aniston's buzz-killing rep, Stephen Huvane, calls the therapy reports "complete rubbish."

As for the dinner, he assures, "Nothing has changed regarding Brad and Jennifer's announcement of their separation. . . . They remain caring and loving friends."


Brad Pitt talks about "Troy"

Following a 2-year absence from the screen, it appears that the recently turned 40-year old actor is back with a vengeance, what with his starring role in the epic adventure Troy, and Mr and Mrs Smith, which he is currently shooting. Rarely one to participate in the proverbial print press junkets, the youthful actor, whose blonde hair has been cropped short, says that despite his busy work schedule, he and wife Jennifer Anniston have managed to spend the last couple of years spending some time together. "I didn't work at all for two years going into this film, so Jen and I got a lot of time together. We both accept this aspect of our business and we're glad to see each other when we can," Pitt says, smilingly, in a New York City hotel room. As he just turned 40, the actor also concedes that perhaps it is about time he set about starting a family. "Yeah, it's time. It's time," he admits laughingly, embracing the idea of fatherhood. "I think I'm finally at a place where I won't mess 'em up too much."

Pitt is an actor clearly comfortable with his celebrity and acting, always prepared to take risks, rather than follow a specific plan. Troy is one of those unique breed of Hollywood films that we rarely see, but Pitt, playing the doomed and tragic Achilles, revelled in playing one of literature's most extraordinary characters, and recalls that in developing his own take of the character, was able to draw parallels with his own life. "Fortunately, there's so much that can be done on The Iliad, that so many people have written about throughout the ages that I had a great well of information to glean from, so I culled the things that meant the most to me. It really wasn't that difficult, because he was a real isolated character who I guess was in search of self." Pitt adds that in relating Achilles to his own life, he suggests that "you can make parallels to fame, but it's not near to the extent of the Achilles character. But I could certainly draw on that, as well as the choice that he's offered in the beginning while always wrestling with: Is this crisis of conscience with the choice that he's made?" As to Pitt's own attitudes towards the 'fame game' with which he is well and ensconced, he denies its silliness and finds it difficult to discuss. "I don't find it silly, but as to the fame game, I don't know how to answer that. I certainly have been drawn to people or events and learned something about my life from it or emulated something. But it can easily go down the wrong road, when it becomes obsession."

Initially, Pitt recalls, he was not as keen to play Achilles as one might think. "When I first read the thing it seemed too obvious, in a way, in my addled brain. But then I quickly got into it." Obvious, he says, "because of the golden boy, or something." But the actor found his way, and managed to read the Homer poem in its entirety, rather than rely on Cliff Notes. "I actually read the whole thing because I knew this question was coming," he says laughingly. "When I started it, I really got into it. There's a reason why it's still around, as it's one of the great stories in a handful of stories and you've seen how many films and stories are derivative of it." Pitt says that he has thought long and hard about Achilles and his own sense of who this guy is. "There's a real telling line when he says, 'I want what all men want; I just want more.' There's restlessness and isolation in the guy. Whether he's running from death or trying to find himself in a personal glory, he's at a point where he's had that glory and that hasn't done it for him. The Achilles' heel, to me, is representative of his heart. It wasn't until Priam (Peter O'Toole) knocked some sense into him, with words instead of might, that he was then able to ride out the rest of his life with a personal understanding of the greater humanity and his own inner peace of mind." But asked about the actor's OWN Achilles' heel, the usually forthcoming actor shies away from a response. "I'm not going there. It's intimacy for all of us, which is pretty much for nine out of 10 of us around, right?"

Pitt may be 40, but fans of the star will notice a buffed up body in various stages of undress. Getting in shape might have been a big deal for the star, but he jokingly quips: "It's amazing what an impending midlife crisis will do for you, really. It got me motivated, having turned 40 in December." But seriously, preparing to train for Troy was tough on the actor. "It sucked and it was brutal. I started out about six months ahead, going in. It was four meals a day of protein and low-carb, it was quitting smoking, and it was two, three hours in the gym, getting to a point of absolute discomfort. After three months I finally started to enjoy it and on top of that we had sword lessons." For the record, Pitt's back smoking. "I picked it up again. I've actually picked it up, then quit, and then picked it up again."

All that plus big 40, an epoch in his life about which he is unconcerned. "I see it as a real badge of honour and really kind of enjoy it. No more excuses, you know? I can't blame anything on my parents, because I'm responsible for my mistakes and my choices," Pitt concedes. Pitt didn't splurge on anything fgo9r his fortieth, midlife crises not withstanding. "We were doing the fights on my birthday. I'd always said I was going to get something like a Rolls, then I got too into the energy conservation. No, I just came back and had a nice little quiet dinner with my friends and my wife. We had to do it after the fact, so it was a nice little dinner at home." No drunken revelry for this good, golden boy. "But there was wine," he hastens to add, smilingly.

As keen as Pitt is to start a family, he will have to wait until at least Oceans 12 finishes, which he is about to shoot. "It's really well done. Soderbergh is as bright as they come. It starts out where we left off. We're now on the run, Benedict (Andy Garcia) is onto us and we can't work anywhere because we're too hot. So we go to Europe." Shooting Oceans means he misses out on the big Friends finale party, and says his wife is sad to see the show come to an end but is embracing a new future. "She is really sad to see it go, in a way and knows it's a big change in her life. It's like when you left college; that era is over. She made some really, really wonderful friends and had some times that meant a lot to her, but it's also the excitement of embarking on the next era." Having worked together on one of the show's more memorable episodes, would the two work together on-screen again? "If you look through the history of couples who've worked together, the odds aren't with us, so it'd have to be really hand-picked."

In the meantime, one of Hollywood's golden couples looks forward to starting family, and occasionally indulges in board game playing. "We haven't gotten to play a lot of them, but we like backgammon."

Brad Pitt stars in ''Troy''

In "Troy," director Wolfgang Petersen ("Air Force One") tackles the ancient epic "The Iliad," in which the poet Homer wrote about Achilles (played by Brad Pitt) and the Greeks who laid siege to the city of Troy in hopes of retrieving the beautiful Helen, queen of Sparta, who had been stolen away from her husband. Hector (Eric Bana) is one of Troy's greatest warriors, and perhaps the city's greatest hope in defeating the Greeks. MTV News' Vanessa White Wolf sat down with the two opposing warriors to find out how they breathed new life into such an old tale.

MTV: First off, how do you go about taking a 2,700-year-old poem like "The Iliad" and make it interesting for kids who are forced to read it in school and who probably associate it with homework and quizzes instead of adventure and fun?
Eric Bana: What you do is make a great movie like this one so they don't have to go and read the book, they can just go and watch the movie instead. No, no, no, they should read the book, absolutely. Look, we were blessed, we had a guy who was an "Iliad" freak — David Benioff, the writer — so we started out in the greatest possible place by having someone who understood it write a screenplay. So it was the greatest possible start, and things just kept going from there.

Brad Pitt: I don't know because I was not force-fed "The Iliad" as a kid. But I'll tell you, reading it, I really got lost in it. It's great. You first have to accept the vernacular, because it's in a different voice than we talk in contemporary times. But once you start latching on to that, to the rhythm of that, the story becomes ... it's a universal story, it's fantastic. I would recommend it.

MTV: And having a lot of good-looking men running around and fighting, that probably helped too.

Bana: And beautiful women and great actors. I mean, yeah, it was a dream come true.

MTV: In an interview last year, before you started filming in Mexico, Eric, you said, "I'm going to beat the crap out of him. I'm going to kick Brad's butt." Did that happen?

Pitt: [He laughs.] Did you see the movie? Need I say more? Script rules, script rules.

Bana: Yeah, we did beat the crap out of each other, absolutely. The final fight between our two characters is, you know, something so physical that you can't fake any of that stuff. There's no [trick] photography, it's all kind of for real. You have to go for it, so we did. We did beat each other up, but that's OK, we're good enough mates to not worry about it. We made a pact: Let's just go for it.

MTV: Any injuries?

Bana: [He points to his nose.] I do have a little Brad Pitt scar which I'll take to my grave.

Pitt: Yes, he does have a scar. We had a deal. You know, we rehearsed this fight forever, and so we really decided ... We knew it inside and out, so at this point [we were feeling like,] 'Let's go, let's go, let's go have some fun. Let's go have at it.' We had a deal that we were going to have to pay each other if one of us got out of hand and hit the other. ... I hit him. A few times.

MTV: So you paid him?

Pitt: I had to pay him a lot.

MTV: And didn't you actually hurt your Achilles tendon?

Pitt: It's a true story. It's sad, it's stupid, but it's true. It's so wrong. It's such a bad headline.

MTV: Eric, when you were cast in this movie, "Hulk" hadn't come out yet and you weren't as well known. Was it daunting for you at that point to know you'd be working with Peter O'Toole, Brian Cox and Brad Pitt, and that Wolfgang Petersen would be directing?

Bana: It's the opposite, because what you're doing is putting yourself in the greatest possible hands and giving yourself the greatest possible chance, you know, and it kind of works because it means that you're working with some really great people and you're as good as the person opposite you. If you enjoy acting, it's all about what happens between two people, and, you know, we all really looked after each other in this film and felt that we were in really good company. And then on top of that you've got the conductor, Wolfgang, who is just the greatest, so we felt really strong making this.

MTV: Brad, what about you? Some people may have this idea that you're just a pretty boy instead of an Achilles, an epic action hero. Did that even cross your mind when you were approached for this movie?
Pitt: No, I'm on my own little guest. I gotta...You get a lots of scripts each year, and you find one that's interesting to you and you want to investigate. And I've just got to kkep on following that.


Media are still chasing Brad and Jen

It has been nearly a month since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their breakup, but that hasn't stopped the media from analyzing the couple's every move.
For starters: Where are they living? Not together, People magazine says. Pitt is ensconced at their $13.5 million Beverly Hills mansion; Aniston is holed up at a Los Angeles-area hotel. She's looking for a Malibu beach house near Friends pal Courteney Cox. So is Pitt, People says.

The couple had dinner Jan. 26 at L.A.'s L'Orangerie restaurant, but it was just a friendly evening out, not a reconciliation, People says.

Is there any chance they could reunite? "We are hoping they get back together," Pitt's grandmother, Betty Russell, 82, told People. "That's our prayer. They were so perfect together."

Brad's Gran Speaks Out

There's nothing like a spot of good news to perk up your day and what could be better than some exciting chat in the Brad and Jen saga.

Someone close to Mr Pitt has revealed that all is not lost for the golden couple of Tinseltown.
Brad's granny has spoken out about the split, saying she reckons they'll get back together soon, reports The Sun. But whether Betty Russell has insider info or she's just hoping that her famous grandson will patch things up with Jen is unclear.

"I'm sure this is just a temporary thing. Brad and Jennifer are beautiful people. They've always been so happy," she said. Betty went on to reveal that as far as she was concerned the break up was a real shock."It was like a bolt from the blue when he called to say they were separating. I was shocked. Brad never gave any hint that something might be up.

"They are both precious and have too much love to throw it all away. They just need to spend a little time apart before they realise how much they miss each other. I'm praying for it."

Betty made no mention of the reasons for the split - but is clearly leading the camp of those who hope the celebrity couple will reunite... And maybe that hope isn't so unrealistic after the couple were spotted having a cosy dinner in West Hollywood together - hand holding and everything - according to the Daily Mirror.


Brad Pitt may face battle

A BITTER court battle looks to be on the cards for former Hollywood golden couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Friends say a tug-of-war could develop over their fortune because they never made a pre-nuptial agreement.
Pitt, 41, and Aniston, 37, have promised to remain on good terms despite the break up of their four-year-old marriage. But observers believe their good intentions are unlikely to hold up under the strain.

One source said: "Lawyers are already giving them advice that is not in the other's best interest.

"That's the way it goes in Hollywood. A major row is on the cards. It's only a matter of time."

Industry pundit Harvey Levins told The People: "The word in the divorce community is nobody did a pre-nup. That's surprising because of the huge sum of money involved."

They are said to own a huge house, a ranch, a yacht, cars and a film production company.

Meanwhile Pitt's Me and Mrs Smith co-star Angelina Jolie has hit back at claims she had a part to play in the couple's split.

"I've been painted as the Wicked Witch of the West and a marriage wrecker. But all I've ever been to Brad is a shoulder to cry on," she said.

She hints that the reason for the couple's split was Brad's desperation to have children, "I was there to try to help him through his pain.

He longs to be a father and he's been in emotional turmoil for a long time because that hasn't happened for him."

The Pitt Split: In Their Words

The dust has settled slightly on the saga of Jen and Brad... with every Tom, Dick and Harry putting in their two cents worth.

But really, what does anyone except those involved know of the truth behind the split? Frankly, nothing. Instead we've collated quotes from those in the know, namely Brad, Jen and Angelina.

It's up to us now to make up our mind about who we believe...

The Official Line (Brad& Jen)

"For those who follow these sorts of things, we would like to explain that our separation is not the result of any speculation reported by the tabloid media - this decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration.
"We happily remain committed and caring friends with great love and admiration for one another. We ask in advance for your kindness and sensitivity in the coming months."

Jen On The Split

"Sometimes celebrities stay together and sometimes they don't. I don't think it has anything to do with Hollywood. There is a lot more pressure on Hollywood marriages, I guess you could say. But I don't think that determines the death of a marriage."
"I have an amazing group of friends who I've known since I've lived here. It's free group therapy."
"I was happy before I met him. So I don't really feel like I was missing something. I didn't even pray for love. I just knew that it would come when it was supposed to."

Angelina On The Split

"I've been painted the as the Wicked Witch of the West and a marriage-wrecker. But all I've ever been is a shoulder to cry on."
"Half the world believes we had an affair and that I'm the one to blame for his split. But the truth is I was there to try to help him through his pain. He longs to be a father and he has been in emotional turmoil for a long time because that hasn't happened to him."
"I did not sh*g Brad Pitt. No, absolutely not. I wouldn't sleep with a married man. I have enough lovers. I don't need Brad."

Brad' s Agent (On Brad And Ange)

"They have gotten close because they've been working together, but that's it."

Brad & Jen - A Brief History

Although there will be plenty of people around the world feeling good about the prospect of an available Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, their split is a tragic tale.

They were undoubtedly the golden couple of the golden town, with similarly coloured careers and personas - so what went wrong? We take a quick look back at their relationship and the rumours and chat that have followed Mr and Mrs Pitt...

The Quotes

After two years of marriage Jen said: "Everybody always asks if we're happy. Give me a break. We've been married two years. In Hollywood years, that's forever."

In May 2004 Brad revealed a more cryptic insight into his relationship with Jennifer when he said: "There is so much pressure from day one to be with someone forever - and I'm not sure that it really is in our nature to be with something for the rest of our lives."

A week later he came out to squash the ensuing chat that he and Jennifer were heading for a split, saying: "Jen and I are strong, no, I'm not in the doghouse. Everything is on the table and we discuss everything."

The Rumours

The first serious inklings that the Brad and Jen machine had problems was from banter during the spring of 2004 that Brad was getting a little too friendly with Angelina Jolie.

Staff at Los Angeles' Standard Hotel claim to have seen the pair kissing at the beginning of April, whilst the two were filming Mr And Mrs Smith. The rumours of an affair were so persistent that Brad issued a statement denying any involvement with Angelina.

But the most recent mutterings about the reason behind the break-up of the Pitts' marriage still involve Angelina.
The News Of The World claims they were told by a source that the marriage was over after Jen picked up a phone in her house and heard her husband carrying on an "intimate love chat" with Ms Jolie. "Jennifer went ballistic. Brad realised it was over," the paper reported.

The Children Thing

Jen's been known to boast about how good Brad was in bed and what a fabulous dad he'd be. In January 2004, she revealed that they were so desperate to have children they'd already built a huge nursery at their multi-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, adding: "We call it The Room. Brad's waited a long time for kids."

And in May that same year, Brad himself revealed their future plans: "A family? No question. We're heading that way. It's a natural progression for us, and it's time."

But this all came after earlier reports in 2002 in the Sun that the couple were going through a tricky patch because Jennifer was desperate to have kids and move away from Hollywood once Friends ended - but Brad wasn't so keen.

"Not only does Brad not want to move, he's not sure he wants to have kids," the paper reported a source as saying.

But that same year, Jennifer told the Daily Mirror about the couple's kid count: "I always thought two (children), but Brad wants seven," she said.

The Future

Of course if Brad suddenly hooks up with Angelina or Jennifer suddenly gets in the family way, then we might be able to hazard some more guesses into why they fell out of love...

'Calls Killed Brad'sMarriage'

Sexy telephone conversations between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the final nail in the coffin of the Hollywood hunk's marriage to Jennifer Aniston, it's reported.

The former Friends star heard their "intimate love chat" when she picked up a phone extension at her Hollywood home, says the News of the World.

"Jennifer went ballistic. Brad realised it was over," a source close to the couple is quoted as saying.

The paper says the phone call was just the latest in an intense relationship with Jolie that had been going on for nearly a year.

The marriage hit the rocks when Brad and Angelina played a married couple in the film Mr & Mrs Smith last February, it says.

Sources told the paper that they were acting as though it was the real thing and were always speaking on the phone in hushed tones.

"It has never been easy being married to the man who is held up as the sexiest, most desirable man in the world," they added.

The break-up comes amid rumours that the marriage was already falling apart over starting a family. The paper was told: "Brad never made any secret of the fact he wanted a family, but Jennifer refused, preferring to concentrate on building her movie career."

Brad Hasn't Been A Bad Lad

Brad Pitt has denied he is having an affair with Angelina Jolie. The News of the World claimed Jennifer Aniston's husband was having a relationship with his Mr And Mrs Smith co-star. But the paper's allegations were rejected by the 40-year-old's publicist, Cindy Guagenti.

She said: "The rumours are made up and stupid. "The people who made up this story have approached numerous other publications and it hasn't been published.

"I spoke to Brad just last week and was at his house as usual.

"He is not having an affair with Angelina Jolie."

Mr And Mrs Smith tells the story of a bored married couple who are surprised to learn that they are assassins hired to kill each other. As one insider joked: "It sounds like Jennifer's the one who's been doing the hiring."




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