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Angelina Jolie Actress

Angelina Jolie

Born June 4th, 1975, Angelina Jolie Voight, daughter of Oscar winning actor Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand, used her middle name as her last name (the French translation of beautiful), probably in order to succeed, independent of her father's success as an actor. At age 11, Jolie began studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, six years after making her film debut in Lookin' to Get Out, starring her father. Although her dream as a child was actually to become a funeral director, 16-year-old Jolie worked as a professional model in London, New York and Los Angeles. Musical groups and singers such as the Rolling Stones, Lemonheads, Meatloaf, and Lenny Kravitz would cast her in their music videos, and even brother James Haven Voight directed Jolie in his student films for the USC School of Cinema. Wanting to get even closer to pursuing an acting career, Jolie studied at the Met Theatre group in L.A., whose alumni include Ed Harris and Holly Hunter. Jolie's first foray into film was of a sci-fi nature, with a supporting role in 1993's Cyborg 2, which didn't even make it to the big screen, and a lead role in Hackers (1995), where she met future husband and British actor Jonny Lee Miller of Trainspotting fame. It should be noted that Jolie's performance was the only redeeming factor of the movie. Jolie and Miller's morbid wedding reception in 1995, where Jolie wore black and had Jonny's name written across the back of her shirt in blood, could have foreshadowed that their marriage would not last too long -- they were separated within the year and filed for divorce in 1999.

Her career as an actress, however, was flying high. She received critical acclaim in Without Evidence (1995), where she portrayed a drug-addicted teen; Foxfire, a 1996 Joyce Carol Oates adaptation, for her portrayal of a rebellious teen known as "Legs"; as well as in 1996's Love Is All There Is, for her role as an Italian girl in love with the son of her family's rival. In 1997, she joined the ranks of other known cast members with a supporting role in the box-office bomb Playing God, starring David Duchovny and Timothy Hutton.

Jolie's television roles were what gained her the ultimate respect among critics. She was honored with a 1997 Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination for her role as Cornelia Wallace in the TV movie George Wallace, co-starring Gary Sinise. But the best was only yet to come for Jolie.

She won her second Golden Globe for her role as model Gia Carangi in HBO's biopic Gia. Her intense role as the drug-addicted model who was diagnosed with AIDS was highly deserving of the Best Actress Golden Globe, Emmy nomination and critical acclaim it received. On the big screen, Jolie was well-received by audiences for her role in 1998's Playing By Heart, with Sean Connery, Gillian Anderson and Ryan Phillippe. She also played Billy Bob Thornton's seductive wife in 1999's Pushing Tin (the man whom she'd later lure away from long-time girlfriend Laura Dern), and starred opposite big leaguer Denzel Washington in the thriller The Bone Collector later that same year.

But it was her supporting role in 1999's Girl, Interrupted that showed audiences her dramatic skills, garnering her a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Crazily enough, Jolie showed up at the Oscars with her brother James and was kissing him as though he were her boyfriend. The two later denied rumors that they were engaging in an incestuous relationship.

In 2000, Jolie eloped with her Pushing Tin co-star Billy Bob Thornton, but after they adopted a Cambodian baby boy named Maddox Chivan Thornton Jolie, in 2002, the couple later filed for divorce. Their sexually-charged marriage was the subject of much tabloid fodder, considering the eccentric couple carried vials of each other's blood around their necks and would suck face anytime a camera was near them.

In 2001, Angelina was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Angelina has starred in a slew of films including Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) with Nicolas Cage, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), for which Angelina is proud to say she did her own stunts, Original Sin (2001) with Antonio Banderas, Life Or Something Like It (2002), Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003), and Beyond Borders (2003). In 2004, Angelina will be keeping busy starring in movies like Taking Lives, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Alexander, Shark Tale, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Love and Honor.

Angelina Jolie sizzles atop 'FHM' sexiest list

Move over, Britney Spears.
Actress and activist Angelina Jolie, 29, has been voted the sexiest woman in the world by readers of FHM, a men's magazine. Spears, who topped the "100 Sexiest Women" list last year, did not even make the cut for 2005. (Related gallery: Check out FHM's top 10)

FHM editor Scott Gramling blames the Spears snub on her marriage to Kevin Federline. "She was taken off the market. It broke the hearts of men 18 to 35."

Jolie, who was No. 2 last year, "is mysterious, outspoken, outlandish, very smart."

In the biggest comeback, Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher, 40, came in at No. 7; she last appeared at No. 55 in 2001.

Other ranked hotties: tennis star Maria Sharapova (No. 19); rocker Gwen Stefani (No. 30); the Olsen twins (jointly No. 32); Housewives' Eva Longoria (No. 38); and actress Roselyn Sanchez (No. 100).

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Interview with Angelina Jolie for Shark Tale

QUESTION: How weird was it being in a glass booth on your own, playing a fish?

ANGELINA JOLIE: Strangely it was fine. This film was so much fun to make. It took me a while ...I think on my first day I kept making up voices. I was doing Mae West, I was doing everything you could possibly think of. It took me a while to be myself and get into the character. It is a strange thing to do.

QUESTION: What did you use to help you?

ANGELINA JOLIE: I just had to take it seriously that she was being sexy... think a lot of naughty thoughts.

QUESTION: How did you decide on the voice?
ANGELINA JOLIE: It's kind of my bedroom voice...my phone sex voice (laughed). It's just a deeper side of my voice when I'm in a mood.
QUESTION: How did you cope with having breaks and then returning to pick up the character?
ANGELINA JOLIE: These films are such a credit to the people that animate them; the directors and the story board artists. It's like a big puzzle - if Will comes in and improvises something amazing for a scene we did, they might call me back in to understand what he did and how I might respond. They'll show you a story board or two to give you a sense that your fish is moving from here to there, or your fish is pinning another fish against the wall.

QUESTION: When did you start to see yourself in Lola?
ANGELINA JOLIE: Apparently my fish was one of the hardest to animate so I saw it last. They said that most people have a bad reaction when they see their characters. I think because my fish is so sexy I was very proud of my fish. I liked her. But I did see the difference. I was a bit embarrassed by the way she seduces.

QUESTION: Is it cool that you are going to be an action figure in all these toy stores?
ANGELINA JOLIE: I'm thrilled. I already gave it to my son. I got one early and he knows it's mommy. He picked my fish. I showed him all the fish and asked, ‘Which one's mommy?’ He went right to that one.
QUESTION: That must be a bonus that not only your son but every child will get a very positive message from the film?

ANGELINA JOLIE: I think so. There is a great message of honesty and friendship. I think it'll be nice.
QUESTION: Why is it that so many stars want to do animation?
ANGELINA JOLIE: Because we’re all just big kids. That's all we are. We are artistes. We grew up wanting to be part of the fantasy of the fairy tales and the stories. This is the most fantastic thing. And especially one of these films. Will said a very interesting thing...the classic animated films you remember forever. There is something about those old cartoons when you are a kid that resonate and you never forget them. It's a different special place, the cartoon.
QUESTION: So you are really part of the legacy of the new breed of classic cartoons?
ANGELINA JOLIE: I hope so. It's a great thing that my kids can enjoy it, and enjoy it when they are older; maybe watching it with their kids.

Angelina Jolie says she's super at lesbian sex!

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie who has admitted to being a bisexual, says that she knows what girls want and is an expert at lesbian sex.
"I absolutely love women and find them incredibly sexy. I have loved women in the past and slept with them too. I think if you love and want to pleasure a woman, particularly if you are a woman yourself, then certainly you know how to do things in a certain way."The Sun quoted the actress as saying.(

Angelina Jolie in Washington for Children Refugees

Angelina Jolie, who adopted a Cambodian orphan in 2002, is once again stepping in to help needy children. The "Tomb Raider" actress spoke up at the National Press Club in Washington on Tuesday, March 8 to promote the aid of young refugees, reports the AP.

About $500,000 of the $3 million she's donated to the effort will fund the National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children, which will provide legal aid to refugee/immigrant children entering the U.S. alone.

"I can't believe that any of us would expect that it's reasonable to send a child to face this by themselves," Jolie said. "I actually think it's cruel."

Jolie has been active in worldwide humanitarian efforts and has concentrated her attention in Cambodia, the country that she grew to love after shooting scenes from "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" there. She's donated $1.5 million to fund its nature conservation project, Cambodian Vision in Development. She is also a goodwill ambassador for the United Nation's refugee agency.

The 29-year-old actress may be a mother again soon. She says that her adopted son Maddox has requested an "African brother."

Jolie won an Oscar for her supporting role in 1999's "Girl, Interrupted." Her film credits include "Pushing Tin," "The Bone Collector," the "Tomb Raider" films, "Shark Tale," "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" and "Alexander." She next stars opposite Brad Pitt in the spy-romance "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," which will open nationwide in June.

Jolie likes her lifestyle now

UN ambassador, political activist, adoptive mother -- when will Angelina Jolie settle down and do what she does best, make movies?

"I always hoped that one day I would have a life that was more exciting than the characters I play," Jolie says. "Now I'm on the right track. My life has become as interesting to me as my work." The 29-year-old star -- whose next film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, co-starring Brad Pitt, is due June 10 -- frankly admits that she satisfies her romantic needs by having ongoing affairs with two men, whom she won't name. "I've been married so much in my life, I never really had lovers," she says. "So it's been kind of a fun time."

As a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jolie makes several trips a year to different parts of the world, which gives her a rare opportunity to visit children with broken lives. Recently, she spent time touring Russian hospitals filled with little Chechen refugees, and has said she plans to adopt at least one more child. "With every adoption, I save a child from the orphanage," she says, adding, "I guarantee you, my life is much more wild and free today than it was when I was in all the headlines."

Pilot Angelina Jolie notches up time in the skies

Having already earned her wings – she gained her pilot's license last year – lush-lipped actress Angelina Jolie is obviously keen to keep her hand in. The Alexander star was snapped this week notching up a few more hours in the air at an airport in southern California.

Angelina, who when not making movies or jetting the world in her role as a UN goodwill ambassador calls a small village in the Buckinghamshire countryside home, says her adopted son Maddox helped motivate her to learn to fly.

Explaining that Maddox is fascinated by aircraft she added: "If I could actually fly a plane by the time he's four, I'll be like Superman to him." That thought obviously proved a powerful spur, as the Tomb Raider star was able to deliver a flying trip to Cambodian-born Maddox a year early - as a treat on his third birthday.

Angelina also has more serious reasons for wanting to take to the skies, however. "My dream is to retire in a few years and help deliver food and get people from one place to another," she once said, referring to her contributions to international aid work.

Jolie's Cambodian project threatened

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Land encroachment in northwestern Cambodia is threatening the future of nature conservation efforts funded by actress Angelina Jolie, a beneficiary of her aid said.

Mounh Sarath, director of Cambodian Vision in Development, said some 1,000 people have recently settled about 3 miles inside a protected site in Pailin, a former war zone in Cambodia's northwest.
The new settlers, who moved in from other provinces about four months ago, have cut down the forest to grow crops, he said Monday.

Jolie is giving his group $1.5 million for its work to protect about 148,200 acres of forest in Samlaut and Pailin, former strongholds of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime that ruled Cambodia in the 1970s.

Mounh Sarath said the Pailin part of the project could fail unless the government takes action to stop land encroachment.

"The new settlers will attract more people to the area. Any expansion of new settlement will affect our conservation work," he said. "Our project might even fail."

Ieng Vuth, deputy governor of the Pailin municipality, acknowledged that there has been encroachment in the conservation area. He said authorities are now working on a plan to evict the new settlers.

The Jolie Shepherd

Angelina signs up for De Niro’s spy drama. After showing that she’s everyone’s favourite snake charmer in Alexander (sorry, Billy Connolly), Angelina Jolie has signed up for Robert De Niro’s spy drama The Good Shepherd.

Telling the story of the CIA over forty years from its founding, the film follows James Wilson (Matt Damon), a career agent. Naturally, under the stresses and strains of the time and the need for plenty of foreign travel, losing his memory (no, wait, that’s another Damon spy movie), exploding pens and bedding of enemy agents (so we assume, having watched the Bond movies), Wilson’s marriage falls into disrepair, and he begins to wonder whether it was wise to buy his wife so many pet snakes.

The film may feature De Niro as the older Wilson, at least in a voice-over role, and since it is currently set over 40 years it looks like both Jolie and Damon will be trying out the latest in aging make-up. The screenplay is written by Eric Roth, who wrote the screenplays of Forrest Gump, The Insider and Ali among others, and knows his way around suspense, while De Niro lowers himself into the director’s chair for the first time since 1993’s A Bronx Tale, not counting some uncredited work on The Score.

Meanwhile, Jolie can next be seen in Mr and Mrs Smith, opposite Brad Pitt, and Damon’s soon to appear in Ocean’s Twelve. Opposite Brad Pitt. Well, at least they’ll have something to talk about.

Jolie's job options

ANGELINA Jolie has admitted the whole 'saving the world' thing is a lot more interesting than making movies at the moment.

The Oscar-winning actress has found humanitarian work with the UN's refugee agency more fulfilling and interesting than her erstwhile day job.
"It's harder for me to go back to work now - I've had a few months off and I'm having trouble going back to work," the star of Girl, Interrupted and Tomb Raider told media at the World Economic Forum.

"I'm finding my time at home with my son and taking him around, and travelling to UNHCR programs or other parts of the world is just more fulfilling and more interesting to me. And I know it's more important."

All the same, she added, keeping near the spotlight is crucial to continued aid for people helped by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Jolie, who has spent four years as a goodwill ambassador for the UN agency, had carried out field missions to 20 countries, including Cambodia, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Thailand.

Angelina Jolie stars in "Alexander"

Unusually reserved but still an intoxicating presence, Oscar winner Angelina Jolie conceded that she was reticent to take on the complex role of Olympia, Alexander's power-hungry mother in the new Oliver Stone epic, because initially she didn't think she was up to the task of playing her. "Like most people, I couldn't understand the aspects of the mother, who she was, how that would work, and I didn't really know what the history meant and didn't really know her," Jolie said in a Los Angeles hotel room. "But I read it and really connected to her- I don't know what that says about me, "she adds laughingly.

Not one to do anything by halves, Jolie was required to spend some time handling real snakes for some vital scenes throughout the film, adding how important the snakes were in the context of her character and the times in which she lived. "The snakes are the essence of what certain things represent. She was a follower of the god Dionysus, aka Oliver Stone, god of chaos, but this was a time when women had no rights, were this vessel to have children and she was this first wife who had been locked away. So her son having power meant that they could live and he would succeed, so there was a lot about survival, therefore if I was at that time I think. I would be very similar."

Jolie has always emerged as a tough-minded individualist, but working with the intense Oliver Stone proved a challenge that the actress relished. "If you like to work hard, then you enjoy working with Oliver, but you just can't be relaxing or lazy in any way. You have to be so committed, and if you've got an idea for something, you've got to be able to back up why and fight for it and show him and I think you see it in the film. I think that everybody is just blood and guts out there and there's no hesitating, but we argued about things and he pushed me."

Jolie is reflective when asked to define Alexander as a film for today's contemporary audiences. "Since Oliver started this film so many years ago, as if the story took place so many years ago, there was no intention of any significance today, but clearly you can find significance if you take it apart and analyse it. To me the interesting thing in watching the film that I was most focused on - the man who says we're going to go to war being the one who was front and centre in the battle and the first to take the shots and bleed - I think is a different kind of leader and a different kind of way of approaching war. And I think it's interesting that Alexander is good and bad. There's no kind of total opinion about anything, saying this is how you should feel about this film. But I think the way he approaches, when he conquered Nara, he didn't change the culture and the religion, and he wouldn't allow his soldiers to rape women."

Jolie's Olympia is no easy character to define, but the actress says that she remains driven by her son, the true object of her ferocious ambition. "Some people say she's simply driven by power or, as she says, her fears. But I had come from a place that made the most sense to me that I also felt made her human. She genuinely loved her son and was like a tough father." While Jolie may not be as intensely ambitious as her character, she says that motherhood has shifted her priorities and doesn't necessarily work as hard as she once did. "I take a lot of time these days to travel and be at home with my son. The last three films I've done, I'm not leading in them, so I take a lot of time in between, but I just want to understand life, want to travel and want to be a better person and better mom. I just want to just do something good with my life." Including becoming as selective as she is in choosing film projects. "There aren't a lot of great things out there to do, and deciding not just to do things and try to make them. You do a film like this and you work with a great director and great words and great actors and you can feel at ease to just be a part of it."

Much continues to be written about Jolie, and the actress, smilingly, says she ignores most of it, "even if I hear there's a nice article, because I don't want that stuff in my sub-conscious. I love being an actress and work really hard when I've got a job, and I love a good film when I see it, but that stuff is not something that's important to me in life and not something I think about on a daily basis. It's not who I am, but I'm grateful I've had a career."

Angelina Jolie urges more humanitarian involvement

Going back to making movies isn't easy after doing something as rewarding as helping refugees, says Angelina Jolie, the actress turned U.N. goodwill ambassador.

Jolie, one of the celebrities attending the World Economic Forum , said acting cannot compare with the voluntary job she signed up for with the U.N. High Commission for Refugees in 2001.

"If I've had a few months I'm having trouble going back to work because I'm finding that my time at home with my son and taking him around and traveling to UNHCR programs or other parts of the world is just more fulfilling and more interesting to me and I know is more important," Jolie said Saturday.

"At the same time I know that by doing a film and making money and remaining in the public eye, I'm able to fund more programs and I'm able to bring more attention. So I know I have to do both. But it is hard to go back to work."

Jolie, who spoke to reporters a day after actress Sharon Stone raised $1 million from forum participants to fight malaria in Africa, said she thinks celebrities can serve a valuable role by publicizing the realities of world problems.

"We need the political will, and that often comes from the will of the people. So if celebrities or personalities can help to educate the people — not influence them, not tell them (what to do) — just tell them the truth about what's happening and let them form their own opinion, that will strengthen them and they will push their politicians."

She said business leaders attending the forum in the Swiss Alps are showing growing interest in helping the world's refugees.

"I met with a lot of UNHCR's business partners who have already been committing their resources and time," said Jolie, who is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

"There's quite a few."

She said the interest in helping refugees didn't need to be purely altruistic.

"Business people can understand that these are people that will be returning to the countries that were destroyed," Jolie said.

"If they have proper support and education when they're in the camps or support when they're back, they can make the country stable and maybe in the future they don't go into conflict again.

"It's smart humanitarianism," she said. "It's also smart business."

Can Angelina Jolie Really Save the World?

THE Rolls Royce of business conferences glides to its conclusion here today, capping a week of stimulating, high-minded discourse that makes the gathering such a hot ticket each year among chief executives, politicians, academics, journalists, the nonprofit set and the occasional celebrity.

Look, there's Angelina Jolie! Angelina, how is the world faring on the health and human rights fronts? Oh, my gosh! It's Bono! Bono, what needs to be done about African poverty? Hey, Richard Gere and Sharon Stone, how can we tackle the AIDS crisis?

But this 34th annual conference of the World Economic Forum also scored 23 heads of state, 72 cabinet-level ministers, and about 500 global business leaders. Among the attendees were Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain; Bill Gates, the Microsoft chairman; Viktor A. Yushchenko, the new president of Ukraine; Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the Google co-founders; former President Bill Clinton; Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the majority leader; and the South African novelist Nadine Gordimer.

Amid the panel discussions on global crises, technological innovation and effective management was a seminar, scheduled for Saturday, on "Star Power and Social Change." The literature for that one stated that "celebrities have become powerful advocates for social, political and economic causes" and asked this tough follow-up question: "What accounts for this trend?" (For executives who do not want to shell out $37,600 in annual membership fees and charges to attend next year's panel, here is one possible four-word answer: Because they are sexy.)

It is easy, of course, to take potshots at the forum, perhaps the only conference that bills itself as "Committed to Improving the State of the World." The world is, after all, a very big place. It is also easy to poke fun at a conference that advises invitees to monitor their own greenhouse gas emissions: the forum provided a handy formula to determine how much carbon dioxide each guest was likely to produce during the week.

Yet the Davos conference is not so easily dismissed. This year's agenda, gathered under the theme of "Taking Responsibility for Tough Choices," required attendees to consider topics as wide-ranging as world trade, pollution, poverty, globalization, American leadership, Islam and the Middle East, China's meteoric economic ascent, corporate governance, AIDS and other health care issues, financial corruption and weapons of mass destruction.

Moreover, many of the forum's 2,250 participants appeared to be fully engaged by its spirit and goals. Mr. Gere gave one of the gathering's most informed and passionate speeches addressing the AIDS crisis. Ms. Stone deployed her star power to great effect on Friday, rallying attendees at a poverty seminar to contribute $1 million to fight malaria in Tanzania. But beyond the high-caliber guest list, ambitious agenda, breathtaking Alpine setting and extraordinary food and wine, does the forum amount to anything more than Oscar-worthy hobnobbing?

"If we didn't exist someone would need to create us," said Klaus Schwab, the forum's founder and executive chairman. "Global challenges are not solved by business alone, by politics alone, by not-for-profits alone. They are solved by collaboration, and it requires a multi-stakeholder platform."

Business leaders, by far the forum's dominant cohort, as well as some academics and nonprofit leaders who attended, said the quality of the discussions made the event worthwhile.

The forum also allowed for those random moments when Michael Dell, the Dell Inc. founder, was suddenly standing next to you at the urinals; when Craig O. McCaw, the cellphone service pioneer, gently sidled up next to you at a reception; or when the currency speculator George Soros and the political guru David Gergen were at your shoulder, deep in conversation.

"Obviously, I see value in the conference," said N. R. Narayana Murthy, chairman of Infosys Technologies of India and co-chairman of this year's forum. "I don't know of any other conference that brings together politicians, artists, brilliant physicists, Nobel laureate winners and spiritual leaders.

"At Infosys we have a saying: 'You can disagree with me as long as you're not disagreeable.' And to me, Davos represents that. If you are open-minded you listen to others, and if you listen to others you become more open-minded.''

Angelina Jolie wants to adopt 2 more kids

Angelina Jolie has revealed she wants to adopt two more children.

The stunning actress, who adopted three-year-old son Maddox from Cambodia in 2002, says she is keen to add to her family - but wants one child to be Muslim and the other Christian to complement Buddhist Maddox.

She is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "I have a Buddhist son and I'd like a Christian and a Muslim child, too.

"But it's complicated. Because I'm not married and a lot of countries won't let me adopt."
Last month, it was revealed the Oscar-winning beauty - who has previously been married to actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton - had to delay adopting another child until next year after her attempts to gain custody of a Russian baby failed.

The 29-year-old star said she was going to wait another six months before going through the process again, as she didn't believe Maddox was ready for a sibling.

She said at the time: "I was going to adopt this other child in Russia, but it didn't work out, so I may adopt another in about six months. I don't think Maddox is quite ready for a sibling just yet."

Angelina Jolie set to adopt tsunami orphan

Angelina Jolie is set to adopt an orphan from one of the regions devastated by the recent tsunami.

The stunning actress, who already has a three-year-old son adopted Cambodian son, Maddox, has been so moved by the effects of the Asian disaster, she wants to visit hard-hit Sri Lanka to help and find a child she can give a loving home to.

She told American TV show 'Celebrity Justice': "I think if children need a home, to adopt them is wonderful.

I will be looking into orphans that have just lost their parents, but always wherever there's a need. So we'll see how big my family grows over time."
The Oscar-winning beauty - who recently shelved plans to adopt Russian baby boy after discovering it could take up to six months to get him - has made no secret of her desire to have a large family - saying she wanted a "rainbow of children from around the world".

She added: ""I prefer to adopt. With every adoption I save a further child from the orphanage."

Angelina, 29, recently went through the process of being evaluated by an agency so she could become a mother again.

She revealed at the time: "I always thought that when Mad started school and was a bit more independent of me, it would be time to introduce another baby. That's what I'm doing.

"I'm in the process of being evaluated as an adoptive mom. They're visiting my home, taking my fingerprints, all that stuff. It's very exciting."

Angelina Jolie Wants A Husband And A Father


Single actress ANGELINA JOLIE isn't just looking for a new husband, her next beau must also be the perfect father for her children MADDOX and GLEB.

After two failed marriages - to actors JONNY LEE MILLER and BILLY BOB THORNTON - Jolie is uneasy about launching into another full-time relationship.
She says,, "I don't know... having two sons, it's not just my husband, but it'd be Maddox and Gleb's father. So that's a whole other thing."

Angelina Jolie hits back Brad Pitt claims

Angelina Jolie has hit back at claims she had an affair with Brad Pitt - saying she would never sleep with a married man.

The Oscar-winning beauty - who was last week accused of having phone sex with the Hollywood heartthrob, which was said to have ended his marriage to Jennifer Aniston - admits that she did become close to Brad during the filming of their movie 'Mr and Mrs' but insists their relationship was purely platonic.

She reportedly told a close friend: "I've been painted as the Wicked Witch of the West and a marriage wrecker.

But all I've been to Brad is a shoulder to cry on. Half the world believes we had an affair and I'm the one to blame for his split. But the truth is I was there to try and help him through his pain."
Angelina, who has an adopted son, Maddox, also allegedly told her friend that she was comforting Brad over his disappointment at not having the much-longed for baby he wanted with Jennifer.
Her friend is quoted in Britain's Daily Star on Sunday newspaper as saying: "She's admits they became very close but they didn't have an affair. Angie's exact words were: 'I don't and won't sleep with married men - period.'

"Over Brad's desire to have a family, Angie told him that maybe Jen was holding off on parenthood because she didn't want to be an absent Hollywood mother. She gently warned him not to push Jen into motherhood."

Brad and Jennifer, who married in July 2000, announced earlier this month that they were separating after "much thoughtful consideration" but pledged to remain "committed and caring friends".

They denied claims anybody else was involved in the break-up although speculation was rife that Brad's relationship with Angelina, along with his desire to have children, had put a strain on the marriage.

Angelina Jolie: Descision To Cut Out Dad Right One


ANGELINA JOLIE stands by her decision to cut ties with her famous father JON VOIGHT - because all he brought to her life was negativity.

MIDNIGHT COWBOY star Voight infamously discussed his daughter's "serious mental problems" in the press and seriously criticised her morals in a note she read as she headed out on her first major UNITED NATIONS trip.

And the TOMB RAIDER beauty admits, at that moment, she knew she wanted the legendary actor out of her life.
She says, "On the way to Cambodia with the UN to go into a minefield for the first time, that's the day (he) handed me this letter to tell me that I was a bad person."

The actress also cites her marriage to BILLY BOB THORNTON as proof she's strong when it comes to ridding her life of destructive forces: "That's why it was easy for me to divorce and easy for me not to speak to my father. I don't regret it."

Angelina Jolie: I don't think of myself as voluptuous or even feminine.

Jolie Laughs Off Sexiest Titles

OSCAR-winning actress ANGELINA JOLIE is amazed she tops so many 'sexiest' polls - because she fears she has "angular" looks.

The stunning ALEXANDER star has topped a list of beauty surveys over recent years and her raunchy image has led her to be wrongly branded the 'other woman' in celebrity marriage break-ups - the most recent being the shock split between actors BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON.

Jolie says, "I don't think of myself as voluptuous or even feminine.
"I've always thought that I was too angular.
"In a perfect world, I would walk around with no shirt, in leather pants and boots and not think twice about it. I'd never comb my hair, be covered in tattoos and be thrilled."

Angelina Jolie Admits Her Mr Right Does Not Exist


Hollywood beauty ANGELINA JOLIE has given up searching for 'Mr Right' after accepting her ideal man may not exist.

After failed marriages to JONNY LEE MILLER and BILLY BOB THORNTON, Jolie is concentrating her energies on bringing up her young son MADDOX and enjoying the company of her two mystery male lovers.

Jolie explains, "I've come to realise there's a very strong possibility I might be raising my children by myself, and I have great lovers and friends, but not that great love.
"And that's sad you know. But better that than hurt somebody or go through another divorce."

Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell Get Up Close!
Angelina Jolie reportedly canoodled with Colin Farrell after the premiere of 'Alexander' - before allegedly spending the night with first husband Jonny Lee Miller.

The pillow-lipped beauty, who married the British actor in 1997, was said to have kissed co-star Colin - who recently described Angelina as his "perfect woman" - at the after-show party on Wednesday night (05.01.05), before heading home with Jonny.

A source said:" Angelina and Colin were in a private booth.They had a full-on kiss and were very touchy-feely and flirty. Jonny turned up before midnight and left with Angelina."

Angelina, 29, recently said she knew her marriage to Jonny wouldn't last -because they were both too young.
She said: "The first time I got married, I was young. I knew I wanted to be married and wanted to be his wife, and I wanted to know marriage, not juts a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. And it was a great experience; it enriched our lives. But we knew it wouldn't last forever."

The Oscar-winning beauty, who is now divorced from second husband Billy Bob Thornton, also said she didn't think she'll be getting married again in the near future. She added: "I don't think I'll be getting married again anytime soon."

Angelina Reveals Brad Pitt is a great kisser!

Angelina Jolie has revealed Brad Pitt is a great kisser.

The pillow-lipped actress has confessed she enjoyed locking lips with the Hollywood heartthrob in new movie 'Mr and Mrs Smith'.

She said: "Brad and I play husband and wife so there's some kissing. All I'll say is Brad's a great kisser. He knows what he's doing in that department."

The beautiful star, who has been married to Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, also said she would tie the knot again - if the right man came along.
She admitted: "I think it's wonderful when there's a dad in the house, but I think it's better to have no-one than the wrong person. And I don't want to make another mistake. But never say never."

Meanwhile, Jolie denied she is dating Colin Farrell and says they are nothing more than good friends.

She added: "The rumours we had an affair are completely and utterly false.

I wasn't there in the middle of the night so I don't know if he lives up to his reputation."

Angelina Jolie a Cambodian citizen?

Angelina Jolie is to become a Cambodian citizen.

The stunning actress, who has an adopted Cambodian son, Maddox, has been offered honorary citizenship by the country’s Prime Minister in return for all the humanitarian work she has done there.

Angelina, who is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, revealed: "I met with the Prime Minister and we spoke about the different things I'd been doing in the country over the last few years.

He said that they had given citizenship to two people on a humanitarian basis and offered it to me as well.”
The star is planning to accept the accolade next month and says she can’t wait.

She added: "I love the people and it's my son's country so it's a great honour.

I want to spend the day with the people there and have a celebration."


Angelina Jolie 'Sexy'

JOLIE NAMED SEXIEST WOMAN. OSCAR-winning actress ANGELINA JOLIE has been named the Sexiest Woman Alive by the American edition of men's magazine ESQUIRE.

The SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW beauty landed seven per cent of the votes by the glossy's editors and readers.
Fellow ACADEMY AWARD winner HALLE BERRY was a close second with six per cent, followed by newlywed pop babe BRITNEY SPEARS at number three.

In an interview with the publication, Jolie admits her image is "kind of wild or bad or weird or crazy. The tattoos, the blood, cutting myself - it's all very much who I am.

"If you knew me privately, you might think I was even wilder than my reputation.

But I'm also much softer. I'm a soft woman. Softer than people think."




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